How to do anal masturbation for men and what to look out for

There is a correct procedure for anal masturbation.

If practised incorrectly, it not only doesn’t feel good at all, but can also be detrimental to your health.

This article will show you the correct procedure for anal masturbation, with illustrated instructions.

Anal masturbation procedure

In addition to these steps, we will also introduce some precautions and effective anal sex toys to further enhance the pleasure.


Even beginners will be able to try anal masturbation smoothly if they read this article.

Attraction of anal masturbation

Do you know why many men are interested in anal masturbation?

If you look into it, you will find many things, for example, simple curiosity or the influence of pornographic videos.

But the biggest of these is the dry orgasm.

What is a dry orgasm?
  • Orgasms that only men can have!
  • More pleasure than ejaculation
  • Caused by stimulation of the prostate gland
  • Orgasms without ejaculation
  • Excitement does not diminish after climax


What man wouldn’t be interested in hearing that he can get more pleasure than ejaculation?

Anal masturbation is the most effective means of achieving this, which is why many men are interested in it and are thus researching how to do it.


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If you would like to know the procedure for anal masturbation itself, please continue reading.

Anal masturbation procedures

The following are the specific steps in anal masturbation.

Read carefully and follow the procedure as it is completely different from normal masturbation.

1. Anal cleaning

Both beginners and advanced users start with anal cleaning.

If you don’t clean properly, you may get faeces on your fingers and the odour will make you less aroused.

There is also a risk of infection if dirty fingers touch the penis, eyes or other mucous membranes.

  • Taking a dump
  • Filling the anus with water or cleaning fluid
  • Wait 5 minutes and defecate
  • Repeat 2-3 times

The easiest way to inject water into the anus is in the shower.

Remove the head part of the shower and apply the hose to the anus to inject the water.

This is made even easier if you have a cleaning solution that can be injected.

Once you have cleaned the anus, you can move on to the next step.


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2. Injecting Sex Lubricant into the anus

Once cleaning is complete, the next step is to apply Sex Lubricant.


Note that unlike regular masturbation, anal masturbation cannot be practised without Sex Lubricant.

Injecting Sex Lubricant into the anus reduces friction and makes inserting a finger less painful.

It is recommended to use Sex Lubricant with a high viscosity.

If preparation is difficult, just apply Sex Lubricant to the finger when inserting it.

3.Massaging and relaxing the anus

The anus is basically an organ specialising in excretion and is not used to having foreign objects inserted from the outside.

Therefore, it is necessary to massage and relax the muscles around the anus first, rather than suddenly inserting a finger.

  • From inside to outside
  • From outside to inside
  • Use your fingers in a circular motion
  • Press around the anus

While massaging, the anal muscles can be further relaxed by relaxing the body.

Massage in a comfortable position, breathe slowly and relax your body and mind before moving on to the next step.


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4. Insert finger or Anal toy

Once the anus is sufficiently relaxed, slowly insert a finger coated with Sex Lubricant.

Even if you have massaged it carefully, you may feel pain at first, so carefully move it in and out to get used to it.

Once you are able to piston somewhat smoothly, it is recommended to use the same amount of anal toy as the finger to increase the pleasure.

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These are the most popular anal Dildo products.

Afterwards, repeated anal stimulation will gradually increase anal sensitivity and pleasure.

5.Finding the best position

As you get used to it, change positions to add variety.


The pleasure of anal masturbation can be varied by changing the position, depth and angle of insertion.

Use the illustrations as a guide to try different positions and experience even more pleasurable anal masturbation.

You can also aim for a dry orgasm.

For more detailed information on how to do this, see this article.

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Cautions on anal masturbation

There are a number of precautions that must be followed in anal masturbation.

It is completely different in nature from regular masturbation and can be hazardous to your health if done incorrectly.

Be sure to remember these precautions

  • It takes time to feel pleasure
  • Use Sex Lubricant with high viscosity
  • Attach the condom
  • Do not use large anal toys at first

These details are explained below, so be sure to check and remember them before you start anal masturbation.

It takes time to feel pleasure

Unlike penile masturbation, anal masturbation does not provide immediate pleasure.

It inevitably takes time, as the pleasure gradually increases with experience.

If you want to feel pleasure from anal masturbation as quickly as possible, it is recommended to stimulate the penis and nipples together.

By stimulating the parts of the body that are easier to get pleasure from together than the anus, you can easily change your body constitution to one that is easier to get pleasure from anal masturbation.


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Use Sex Lubricant with high viscosity

Sex Lubricant is essential for using Anal toy.

As mentioned in the section ‘Injecting Sex Lubricant’, the anus is very sensitive and can easily be hurted if not protected with Sex Lubricant.

It is especially important to use a Sex Lubricant with a high viscosity and long-lasting stickiness when using it in the anus.

For example, this Sex Lubricant is recommended.

Low viscosity sex lubricant does not keep you moist, so you can’t get lost in masturbation.

It also costs money because you consume a lot of Sex Lubricant in one masturbation session.

Be sure to prepare Sex Lubricant with a high viscosity.

Wear a condom if you want to put your fingers in

As mentioned earlier in the section on ‘anal cleaning’, safety considerations are essential when performing anal masturbation.

Even if you clean thoroughly, it is not enough.

It can finally be said to be complete when condoms are attached to the fingers and anal toy that are inserted into the anus.

Although some may find it a hassle, wearing a condom saves you the trouble of cleaning your fingers and Anal toy.

Use condom to be safe and to immerse yourself in anal masturbation.

Beginners do not use big anal toys

As mentioned in the section on ‘Massaging and relaxing the anus’, it is not possible to insert a large Anal toy right from the start.

Even if you want to use an anal toy as thick as a penis, you have to step up gradually, starting with fingers and thinner anal toys.

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In the process of gradually increasing in size, it is a good idea to find your favourite Anal toy.


Anal toy recommended for beginners

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Anal masturbation is very different from regular masturbation in terms of the steps and precautions to be taken.

While it can provide great pleasure, it is also a very sensitive area, so it is important to take your time and enjoy it.

It is also recommended to use Anal toy if you want to get stronger pleasure.


If you would like to choose your own anal toy instead of the ones we have introduced so far, check out the Anal toy list from the banner here.