How to make indian male anal bigger? Methods and recommended toys


I want to dilate my anus before anal masturbation or anal sex. If you are not used to dilation and insertion, it may hurt.
I tried anal penetration, but it still felt uncomfortable. I’d like to know what items I need to dilate my anus.

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Anal masturbation and anal sex can provide a stronger stimulation than usual masturbation.

Men have a prostate gland in the anus, and stimulating it can help you achieve a dry orgasm, an ejaculation that does not involve a hand job.

You can feel the maximum pleasure of penile ejaculation for a long time, and there is no post-cum clarity after ejaculation.

In order to enjoy anal masturbation and anal sex, you must first dilate your anus and get used to the insertion with butt plugs.

Some people use their own fingers to dilate their anus, but we recommend using an anal toy that has been developed for this purpose.

What to watch out for during anal dilation


You need to know the precautions in anal dilation. Have a safe anal dilation.
It takes time to dilate the anus
Do not insert too hard
Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort

It is good to understand in advance that anal development takes time. Don’t be in a hurry to stimulate yourself in order to achieve an anal orgasm.

Especially if you are inexperienced in anal play, take your time and safely stimulate it with your fingers or an anal toy. Anal sex is a very sensitive area and can be hurted by heavy stimulation.

This is where bacteria can enter and cause STDs. Using an anal lube will make insertion smoother and reduce the risk of injury.

If you experience any discomfort or pain during anal dilation, stop immediately.


You can’t rush anal dilatation, so use sex lubricant and dilate your anus slowly.

What you need for anal dilation


I’d like to know what items are needed for anal dilation, besides sex lubricant?

Anal cleaning is always necessary when performing anal play. Cleaning is important not only for anal sex with a partner, but also for personal anal masturbation and dilation.

If you get stool on your fingers or anal toys, the smell will bother you and you will not be able to concentrate on dilating. Use the following items to inject clean water into your anus and expel the dirt.

If you are trying to insert a finger or an anal toy without sex lubricant, you will not be able to get it deep enough. If you try to force it in, it will hurt your anus.

Sex lubricant can help make anal penetration smoother and more pleasurable. Sex lubricant is a must for anal play.

Anal plugs have been developed for the purpose of anal dilation. If you are a beginner in anal sex, it is recommended that you start with anal plugs.

This anal plug is made of silicone material with a soft surface that is resilient and durable. The price is Rs780, the lowest in India, but you can keep using it over and over again.

Anal dildos and anal toolsIf you are still limited by your fingers, this beginner anal toy is for you.

It is made of silicone, just like the plug, and is very durable. It’s made of silicone and is very durable, and the thickness is gradual, so it’s good for beginners and intermediate users.

Anal dilatation procedure


Now you know what you need for anal dilation. But how do you use them to get the best anal penetration?


I’m going to take you through the steps of anal dilation. You should be able to grasp the general flow and perform anal dilation safely.

The following is the procedure for anal expansion.

Anal cleaning

Use an anal cleaning item to send clean water into the anus to drain out the dirt in the anus.

If you repeat this process several times, the water that is discharged will gradually become cleaner. For more information on anal cleaning, please refer to the following article.

The Right Anal Cleansing Method, Essential for Comfortable Male Anal Play
Apply sex lubricant to the anus

Once the inside of the anus is somewhat clean, the next step is to apply sex lubricant to the anus.

Anal areas tend to absorb water and dry out easily. You may want to apply a little more sex lubricant than usual.

If you feel any discomfort during the process of anal dilation, add more sex lubricant.

Lie down on your side

There are several recommended positions for anal dilation and masturbation, but lying on your side and holding your knees moderately is very comfortable.

It is not too hard on the body and you can easily reach the anus. You can actually lie down on the bed and see which position is more comfortable for you.

Massage the area around the anus

Massage the area around the anus before inserting a finger or anal toy into the anus.

Massaging the area will gradually loosen the muscles trying to close the anus, making insertion easier.

If you have trouble inserting your finger or toy into your anus because of the tightness of your anus, be sure to do this massage carefully.

Insert finger or anal plug into anus

Slowly insert your finger into the anus. If you are uncomfortable or afraid of inserting your finger, insert the anal plug from the beginning.

Do not insert too vigorously or forcefully.

Slowly insert and remove the anal plug

Once you are able to insert it smoothly, you can get used to opening and closing the anus by inserting and removing the anal plug.

STI’s original series of anal plugs are available in three different thicknesses. Once you get used to the thickness you are using to some extent, you can gradually increase the size.

You can also gradually expand your anus by increasing the number of fingers you insert.

Inserting the anal plug for a long time

Once you are comfortable with anal penetration, you can leave the anal plug in for a long time.

If you are a beginner, your hole is still too small and you may hurt it if you leave it in for too long.

Check your anus every half an hour or so while you are inserting the plug.


Take your time and dilate your anus safely. Once you get used to it, you will be able to enjoy anal play. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

Recommended items for anal dilation

We have now reviewed anal dilation. I have explained that I recommend using anal plugs for dilation, and there are a wide variety of anal plugs in India.


There are not only silicone but also metal anal plugs. Below you’ll find some of the most popular anal plugs in India.

The Indian anal fucker plug 1

  • Gentle fit for any anus
  • Lowest price anal plug in India
  • Durable and can be used again and again
  • Gradual increase in anal size

This is STI’s original anal plug at the lowest price in India. The Indian anal fucker plug 1 for inexperienced anal players is available for Rs780.

The silicone material allows for smooth insertion and fits into any anal area while changing its shape.

It is so elastic that it cannot be crushed no matter how hard you push, and it is durable enough to be used over and over again.

Metal anal plug [S-size]

  • Anal plug made of metal material
  • Enjoy the feeling of anal opening and closing
  • Good pressure feeling
  • Smooth insertion

With this anal plug, you can feel the hardness and pressure that only a metal plug can provide. The surface is smooth, so even beginners can easily insert it if they use sex lubricant.

It gradually gets thicker from the tip to the center. The deeper you insert it, the wider your anus will become.

The bottom part is embedded with glass that looks like a jewel, giving it a luxurious feel.

Anal Happy Pulgs Biginners Cork

  • Can be used to insert fingers or vibrators
  • Soft material that is gentle on the anus
  • Gradually thickens at the base

It is made of an anal-friendly material that allows even anal beginners to perform insertion without stress.

There is a pocket at the bottom where you can insert your finger or a vibrator for even more anal stimulation.

Once you get used to anal dilatation, it is recommended to use it with a mini vibrator.


So far, we have discussed anal dilation. Anal is a very delicate part of the body and forcing it in can cause hurt and the risk of STDs.

Before doing anal dilation, you need to know the risks involved in anal play.

Once you get used to anal dilation and insertion, you will be able to enjoy anal masturbation and anal sex.

Men have a prostate gland in their anus, and stimulating it can give them intense pleasure.

If you are interested in learning more about other types of anal play, please refer to the following articles. Each of these plays and procedures are explained in detail.

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