How to Use a Vibrator – Way to Have More Orgasms

There are two types of vibrators: those that you insert and those that you don’t. There is a little trick to using the insertion type vibrators.


It’s not like you can just shove it in and turn the switch on.

When used effectively, vibrators can help you develop your vagina and have more orgasms than ever before.
In this article, I’ll show you the basics of using an insertable vibrator and some techniques to enhance your pleasure.

  • I have never had an orgasm during sex or masturbation
  • I don’t really know how to use a vibrator
  • I want to bring my female partner to orgasm

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Types of insertable vibrators

There are many different types of vibrators, but the three types we will be using in this article are the rabbit type, the straight type, and the dildo type.

All of these are used by inserting them into the vagina, but there is also a type that is not inserted into the vagina.

The rabbit vibrator is the type with parts that look like rabbit ears, like this one.

You can use the dildo part to stimulate the vagina and the rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. It is also effective in developing the clitoris and the G-spot.

The straight type is a straight dildo type vibrator.

This type of vibrator is easy to use because of its simplicity, and I highly recommend it for vibrator beginners.

The dildo vibrator is a realistic dildo with a vibrator function.

As you can see, the shape is the same as the Realistic Dildo.

Vibrators like these that are designed to be inserted into the vagina are called insertable vibrators.

What to prepare before using a vibrator

Before using a vibrator, it is a good idea to have the following four items prepared

  • Condoms
  • Lotion
  • Tissues
  • Towels, etc.

A condom will reduce the deterioration of the vibrator and prevent bacteria from entering the vagina with the vibrator.

It is recommended that you always have lotion with you when you insert the vibrator into the vagina.


It’s a good idea to use a lotion when inserting a vibrator into the vagina, even though the vagina is always moisturized with vaginal secretions to some extent.

If the vagina is not sufficiently moistened, it can cause pain or even a wound.

Tissues or towels will also prevent the lotion from leaking out while using the vibrator and staining the surrounding area with vaginal secretions.

How to use a vibrator


Then, let’s continue with the explanation of how to use a vibrator!

As I mentioned a little bit at the beginning of this article, I’m going to show you how to use the straight type, rabbit type, and dildo type vibrators here.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I’m going to show you how to use the straight type, rabbit type, and dildo type vibrators. The basic instructions are the same, but I’ll also give you a few pointers on how to use each type.

STEP 1. Start with slow foreplay

Before you start using the vibrator, start with slow foreplay.
Using the vibrator while your body is sufficiently sensitive will increase the sensitivity of your vagina and make it easier to have an orgasm.

Touching the clitoris gently with your fingers, or touching the nipples, the inside of your thighs, your stomach, or any other part of your body that feels a little ticklish can also be helpful to enhance the feeling.

If possible, it is even better to feel a clitoral orgasm during this step. Once you have an orgasm, your body’s sensitivity will increase and it will be easier to get the sensation of internal orgasm.

It is also a good idea to keep your body warm and relaxed during foreplay.

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If your body is tense, it will be difficult for you to have an orgasm.

Take a bath to warm up your entire body, or use aromatic oils or other relaxing scents to create a relaxing environment. Don’t forget to create an environment where you can concentrate on yourself alone and not be disturbed by your family.

STEP 2. Stimulate the entrance to the vagina – the G-spot

Once you feel relaxed enough and your vagina has been wet by the foreplay, it’s time to move on to the next step.

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Next, it’s time to insert the vibrator!

Dispense the lotion onto your palm and apply it to the vibrator. It is recommended to warm up the lotion a little in your palm at this time, as it will reduce the distinctive chilly sensation.

After applying the lotion to the vibrator, slowly insert it into the vagina.

Do not insert the vibrator too far into the vagina at first, but stop when you are about 5cm from the entrance. This is the “G-spot”, which is the upper part of the vagina that is about 5cm from the entrance.

You can press the vibrator on the G-spot and turn on the vibration function.
While vibrating, try moving the vibrator or applying pressure to find the spot that feels good to you.

Even if you can’t have an orgasm at this point, you should be able to find out where and when it feels good for you as you go along.

Step 3. Try inserting the vibrator all the way in

Once you’ve gotten used to the feeling of the vibrator being inserted, it’s time to try inserting it deeper.

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It is recommended that you turn off the vibration function when you insert the vibrator deeper.

Do not move the vibrator immediately, but wait until the inside of your vagina adjusts to the shape of the vibrator. If you move it right away, it may cause pain.

STEP 4. Try stimulating the Portio

Once the vibrator is comfortable in your vagina, it’s time to try stimulating your portio. Portio is the deepest sexual zone in a woman’s vagina. It is a part of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina, and it feels soft and lumpy.

Normally, orgasms cannot be felt by stimulating the portio. However, there are cases where orgasms can be felt one day after continuous stimulation of the portio.


Vibrators are very effective in developing the portio.

Put the vibrator on the portio and slowly turn on the vibration function. It is important not to give strong vibrations at this time. Gently and slowly apply the vibrating stimulus.

Once you get used to the vibrations, you can gradually increase the intensity of the vibrations. At first, it may be difficult to feel an orgasm even when the vibrator is applied to the portio, but if you repeat this process, one day you will naturally notice an orgasm coming from inside.

Exactly the climax !? What is the orgasm you feel in Portio?

More orgasmic techniques with vibrators


Next, I’m going to show you some techniques to help you have more orgasms with vibrators!

The following techniques can help you have more orgasms when using vibrators! Whether you have already purchased a vibrator or are thinking of purchasing one, please check it out.

Warm it up

One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to use a vibrator is to warm it up before using it.

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Warming up the vibrator reduces its unique inorganic feel so that you can enjoy a more realistic feel.

How to warm it up is simple! Prepare water that is slightly warmer than human skin, and soak it in the water for a while. Be careful not to immerse the power supply part of the vibrator in the hot water at this time. It may cause a malfunction.

Most vibrators are not completely waterproof, but are waterproof for daily use, and can withstand a little sweat. Therefore, if you let it come in contact with water completely, water will enter the vibrator.

Use a Bullet Vibrator in Combination

When using an insertion-type vibrator, it is also recommended to use a valet-type vibrator together.

Bullet-type vibrators are small, simple vibrators with no cords.

↑As you can see, there are no complicated buttons or controllers.

If you want to use an insertion-type vibrator and a Bullet vibrator together, you can use the Bullet vibrator to stimulate other sex points while inserting the insertion-type vibrator.

↑In this way, using the Bullet Vibrator while inserting it will make your body more sensitive and help you have an orgasm.

Using it during sex

The vibrator can be used not only for masturbation but also for sex.


If you use it well, it can be a good spice to get out of a rut.

When using an insertable vibrator for sex, it is best to use it as foreplay before your partner inserts his penis. It can increase sensitivity sufficiently, enhance the atmosphere, and create a ‘most pleasurable feeling’ when your partner inserts his penis.

If your partner is suffering from premature ejaculation or ED, you can also use this technique to make sex more satisfying.

Mix up the insertion speed and strength

When you insert a vibrator into your vagina, you can make it more pleasurable by slowing it down.

When inserting the vibrator into the vagina, it is best to use a slow and steady rhythm, such as four quick strokes and five slow strokes.

Cautions when using a vibrator

When using a vibrator, pay attention to the following three points.

  • Use a condom during insertion
  • Keep it clean
  • Do not force insertion

It is possible to use a vibrator without a condom when inserting it into the vagina. However, if you insert the vibrator into the vagina with some kind of germs attached to it, the germs may enter through small wounds and cause inflammation.


This is why it is always recommended to put a condom when inserting a vibrator into the vagina.

Also, be sure to clean the vibrator after use and store it in a safe place.
After masturbation, you may feel weak and find it hard to stand on the sink.

If you just can’t bring yourself to do it, a quick wipe down with a sanitizing wet wipe containing alcohol can make a difference.

If you use a condom, you can reduce the cleaning process a bit, so if it’s too much trouble, you may want to make sure you wear a condom.

Lastly, do not force the vibrator into the vagina. Virgins and women who are inexperienced in sex have a harder time expanding their vagina. If you are a virgin or inexperienced in sex, your vagina is less likely to expand, so forcing the vibrator in can cause injury.

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Be patient and keep in mind to develop slowly and gradually.

Maintenance of vibrators

Vibrators should always be cleaned after use.
If you want to clean and maintain your vibrator after using it, do it in the following order.

Remove all batteries
Rinse the insertion part with warm water
Clean with soap and water
Make sure that there is no residue
Dry well
Store in a well-ventilated place away from other sex toys

Vibrators are sex toys that are powered by electricity. Therefore, cleaning the vibrator with batteries in it may cause a malfunction.

Also, when storing them, it is best to keep them dry and away from other sex toys. Many vibrators are made of materials such as silicone or elastomer, but these materials can stick together if they are stored in a state where they are attached to similar materials.


You can use the vibrator for a long time if you maintain it properly! Just make sure you don’t neglect maintenance.


What did you think? Have you mastered the ways of using and maintaining an insertable vibrator?
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