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  • “How do you wash the Masturbator?”
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  • “I want my Masturbator to last longer!”

This article is written for you. After all, you want to take good care of your purchased Masturbator, right? Depending on the Masturbator you purchased, you can use it over and over again for up to 50 times if you maintain it properly. However, if you neglect to maintain it, not only it will deteriorate quickly, but it can also cause irreversible problems such as STDs.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to wash your Masturbator to make it last longer and the importance of maintenance. If you read this article to the end, your Masturbator will make you feel good about yourself, many times in the future.


Your Masturbator will last a long time, depending on how you maintain it! Maintain it with the right knowledge!

What is the proper maintenance of Masturbator?

In the first place, Fleshlights and Masturbator is very famous as a toy for men, and I think many desi people use it as a partner for masturbation.

Also, those who have never used it and those who will use Fleshlights and Masturbator from now on can learn the risk of infection and the tips to keep the toy last by learning the correct maintenance method once.

Fleshlights and Masturbator can be used for a long time with the right maintenance, however, many people don’t know how to maintain them.

Masturbator are often made of elastomers and silicone, and if you don’t take care of them, they can break or tear if you don’t store them properly.

It is important to wash and sanitize the masturbator and dry it thoroughly to prevent bacteria from growing in the environment after use. In addition, due to the nature of the raw materials, adhesion and oil bleeding can occur, and they can become deformed, so the key to longevity is to store them properly and maintain them properly.

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Four steps on how to properly wash the Masturbator

So let’s get started with the steps on how to wash the Masturbator. Clean the Masturbator after use by following the 4 steps below.

  1. Spread the entrance of the Masturbator with your fingers and pour warm water into it.
  2. Carefully clean the area by injecting hand soap
  3. Wipe up the water with kitchen paper or something similar.
  4. Drying with a hair dryer

The key points of each procedure will be summarized below. I will also tell you what to do if you don’t have the appropriate tools.


Is it quite troublesome?


It’s very easy once you get used to it! Use it properly and make it last longer

1. Spread the entrance with your fingers and pour lukewarm water into it

First of all, pour lukewarm water same like your body temperature into the Masturbator and lightly wash out any semen or lotion left inside. Be careful not to scratch the Masturbator with your fingernails at this point. If you causes any, it can tear the complete masturbator and cause damage to the Masturbator.

2. Carefully clean the Masturbator by injecting hand soap

Once you’ve lightly washed the entire area, the next step is to pour hand soap or mild detergent into it and scrub it carefully so that you don’t leave any residue on it.

You can do this with body soap or detergent, but check the ingredients, as the presence of surfactants can cause a variety of problems (see below). Just getting rid of the lather is not enough to remove the dirt, so be sure to rinse carefully while scrubbing the entire area.

3. Wipe off the water with kitchen paper or other paper

If you store it with moisture left in it, it will develop a musty smell. If that happens, it’s no longer a good time to masturbate, so when you’re done washing it, wipe off the water thoroughly.

Since tissues and toilet paper are easily torn and increase the trouble, sturdy kitchen paper is recommended. If you don’t have any, used towels are fine, but try to choose clean ones.

4. Dry them with a hairdryer

The interior of the Masturbator is poorly ventilated and prone to moisture, so it needs to be dried carefully especially before storage.

After wiping off the masturbator with paper towels, use a hairdryer to dry both the inside and the surface of the masturbator.

However, the Masturbator is sensitive to heat, so be careful to control the temperature. If you don’t have a hair dryer, leave it to dry naturally for half a day in a well ventilated place.

Let’s keep in mind the precautions when washing the Masturbator

Have you figured out how to wash it? From here, we’ll tell you the precautions you need to take when washing the Masturbator.

  • Do not turn over the Masturbator. It cause damage.
  • Don’t pour boiling water on it.
  • Don’t use surfactants
  • Throw away the disposable Masturbator.

This is a point where you may do it inadvertently, so let’s check it out along with the reasons why.

Turning it over can cause damage

The Masturbator is much easier to wash when flipped over. However, depending on the construction, this can cause damage and shorten the life of the Masturbator, so this is not recommended if you plan on using it for a long time.

Although there are Masturbator models that can be turned over, they are still a burden, so if you want to use them as much as possible, it is better to wash them as they are.


Follow the precautions and wash safely!

Do not pour boiling water on it

Masturbator is sensitive to heat and may melt or deform when subjected to boiling water. As mentioned above, use lukewarm water when washing Masturbator and try to avoid hot air or keep it away from the hair dryer when drying it.

Do not use surfactants

Masturbator’s main ingredient is oil, so if you wash it with detergent or body wash that contains surfactants, the oil will be removed along with the dirt. This causes the Masturbator to shrink and harden, which deteriorates, and the feel and enjoyment of the Masturbator is reduced by half with each use.

Throw out the disposable Masturbator

It’s not a disposable Masturbator you’re washing now, is it? Sometimes people try to reuse disposable Masturbators, but this is extremely unhygienic and should never be done.

Reusing disposable Masturbators can increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, which is a big disadvantage. Be sure to throw them away and buy a washable Masturbator.

Dangerous! Why is it necessary to wash the Masturbator?

Some Masturbator users don’t wash their Masturbator right after using it, but wash right before the next use, which is absolutely not a good idea; if you don’t wash your Masturbator, the lube and semen left inside it and will feed the bacteria and create a strong stench. They won’t come off with a light wash, of course, and if you stick your penis in there, it can easily cause STDs.

If you’re the only one who suffers, or if you have a partner, you’re putting your partner at risk as well. Cleaning the Masturbator is not only for a long and comfortable life, but also for your and your partner’s safety.

Maintenance techniques for a cleaned Masturbator

A cleaned Masturbator should be stored carefully until its next use. However, it is important to give it adequate maintenance, as inadequate management can also cause it to deteriorate faster. Specifically, follow the four steps below.

  1. Use baby powder to reduce the stickiness
  2. Put the Masturbator back in the bag & box it was in
  3. Store in a place away from direct sunlight and heat.
  4. Provide occasional ventilation when there is a gap between uses.

Each of the steps are explained below. I’ve also included alternatives if you don’t have the tools I’m referring to, so you can start maintaining your Masturbator with what you have at home.

1. Reduce the stickiness with baby powder

As time passes, Masturbator will ooze oil and the sticky texture will change. This phenomenon is called oil bleed, and is inevitable due to the nature of the materials used in Masturbator.

To prevent this from happening, sprinkle baby powder on washed and dried Masturbator before storing it. Baby powder absorbs oil and moisture, and sprinkling it on the Masturbator will help prevent oil bleed.

It won’t feel sticky and won’t absorb lint and dust, which will keep it looking almost new. If you don’t have baby powder, you can substitute cornstarch or potato starch. At worst, you won’t lose your Masturbator even if you don’t have it, but be sure to practice it if you want to keep the initial feeling of goodness forever.

2. Put the Masturbator back in the bag & box it came in

Various methods of storing the Masturbator are used by different users, such as wrapping it in the bag or non-woven fabric that originally contained the Masturbator, or wrapping it in plastic wrap.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods, but the most recommended method is to return the Masturbator to the bag and box it was originally stored in.

This is the best way to store the Masturbator because it is sturdy and made of the right material for the Masturbator, as it was originally stored in it. If you have already discarded both the bag and the box, a breathable non-woven fabric is effective.

Store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight

As mentioned in the cleaning section, the Masturbator is heat-sensitive. Exposure to direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat will cause the heat-sensitive Masturbator to melt. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity, and store in a well-ventilated area.

4. Ventilate your Masturbator when there is a gap between uses

It’s a little tedious, but if your Masturbator will be spaced out until the next time you use it, take it out of the box from time to time to ventilate it.
Especially in the case of non-penetrating Masturbator rules, the moisture inside the Masturbator can remain even if you think it has been thoroughly dried out.

If you leave the Masturbator inside for a long period of time and then find that mold has grown inside, all the work you have done to maintain the Masturbator will be for naught. It depends on the temperature, but it is advisable to open the box of the Masturbator once a week to check the condition of the box.

Last longer with proper washing and maintenance!

A Masturbator is your partner and give you pleasure far beyond what you’ve ever masturbated before. However, depending on how you wash and maintain your Masturbator, it will degrade and break down without fully fulfilling its role.

If you treat it with care, it will be a waste of time when some Masturbators can be used 50 times in a row, depending on the Masturbator. It can feel like a hassle right after you’ve finished masturbating, but thanks to the Masturbator, clean it up nicely and store it in a safe place until the next time you use it.

To those of you who find it troublesome to wash the Masturbator

I can’t be bothered to wash it after using Masturbator. It is after you have ejaculated and felt refreshed, so I can understand why you would think that. If you want to save yourself the trouble of washing the Masturbator, you can use the Masturbator with a condom on.

You’ll save time washing it because it won’t be contaminated with semen, and you’ll also eliminate the discomfort of having to touch your own semen. If you don’t want to do that either, one option is to choose a Masturbator that is easy to wash from the start, such as one with a simple internal structure or a small size.


How was your experience with the Masturbator? If you follow these cleaning and maintenance tips, your Masturbator will continue to give you pleasure for years to come.

However, washing your Masturbator is essential to enjoying masturbation comfortably and keeping yourself and your partner safe. Don’t be afraid to take care of your Masturbator and continue to use it after you buy it.


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