Beginners! The first sextoys for men We really want to recommend to Indian men!

This article covers how to choose your first sextoys for men in India, how to use it, what to look out for, and recommendations for each category.

There are still not many opportunities and limited ways to buy sex toys in India. So, even if you want to try a sex toy for the first time, the information is too hard to come by. So, our staff at Sex Toys INDIA (who love Masturbators and have been using sex toys for 5 years) has carefully selected the best sex toys for Indian men.

If you are interested in sextoys, want to have better sex with your partner, or want to use a sex toy for masturbation, we hope you will stay with us until the end of this article.
You’ll find a really recommended, self-matching sex toy that you can buy in India!


We’ll help you find the men’s sex toys you really need!

The Easy Way to Choose Your First Adult Toy

If you’re choosing your first Adult Toy(sex toy), you should first choose one by purpose and situation. If you want to search efficiently among the vast number of sex toys available, it’s best to be clear on your purpose.

Do you want to use it for

You can jump to the topic in the shortest time above!

People use sex toys for different purposes. There are also different situations in which people use sex toys. Some people live alone, while others live with their families and don’t have a lot of alone time.

For example, if you want to have more sex with your partner, you would choose a sex toy that your partner would enjoy. Other options include Masturbators if you want to enhance your masturbation. If you live with your family at this time, it would be even better if the exterior of the Masturbators is not easily recognizable as Masturbators.
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In this way, it is easier to find your favourite sex toy when you consider the purpose and the situation of use. There are many variations of a single sex toy. There are many products in the same category. That’s why there are so many things to worry about, but it’s also fun. If you can find a sex toy that is perfect for you, your sex and masturbation life will be considerably enhanced.

Now, do you have an idea of what you want to use it for? Next, here are some sex toys for different purposes.


There are various sex toys to suit your purpose!


I want to make penis masturbation more pleasant, so maybe Fleshlights or Male masturbators!

I want to masturbate!

If you’re new to sex toys, we recommend you start with Male masturbator, which are designed to be used by men to masturbate and mimic a woman’s vagina, both meaning is masturbator.

Masturbators are available in disposable and reusable versions. The disposable version saves you the hassle of cleaning them after use. As men can tell you, they don’t feel like moving much after masturbation.

It is very easy and nice to throw them away as they are. However, they tend to be somewhat less cost-effective.

A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!

On the other hand, the type that can be used repeatedly can be cared for and used many times. Until about 10 years ago, Masturbators were quite fragile and would tear after one wash… until now. However, recent corporate efforts have been remarkable.

It’s no wonder that it doesn’t sag or change its feel even after repeated use! For this reason, we recommend that you buy Masturbators, the reusable type, now.

There are two types of Masturbators, penetrating and non-penetrating. The penetrating Masturbators are tube-shaped and easy to clean. Many disposable masturbators are of the penetrating type.

In contrast, the non-penetrating types are a little harder to clean, but the feel of the masturbators is similar to that of a real woman’s vagina because it hits the wall of the masturbators when you insert your penis and stroke it.

[10 masturbators] For your first male sex toy, We recommend masturbators!

If you’re going to use them for masturbation, you can focus on cost effectiveness first

Masturbators are a very cost-effective sex toy. While there are many sex toys that can only be used once, some Masturbators can be used more than 100 times if you use them long enough. How many times a year you enjoy masturbating is up to you, but even if you use Masturbators once every three days to masturbate, they will last for about a year.

The material used to make masturbators is called elastomer (an alternative to polyvinyl chloride), which becomes more flexible and reshapes itself as you use it, so that it adapts to your penis just like a real woman’s vagina. In fact, have you ever heard of a vagina changing shape while having sex with a female partner? This is what happens with Masturbators.

Even if you don’t love Masturbators at first because of their inorganic nature, once you see them gradually change into your own shape, you won’t want to part with them. If you are a man who values cost effectiveness, try Masturbators first.

This is really recommended if you are looking for price and durability. It is the lowest price and can be used many times!!


This toy really feels good. The moment you insert the penis, it going to Cum easy!!

Why Masturbators are a good choice

The reason why men in India should use Masturbators as their first sex toy is because it is easy to maintain and relatively easy to operate compared to other sex toys. It’s also harder to make mistakes because you’re the only one who can complete the process. There’s no need to adjust to your partner’s size or anything like that, so as long as you’re comfortable and it’s right for you, you’re all set.

Many Masturbators can be used by filling the Masturbators with lotion and then simply inserting your penis and stroking it. You don’t have to do anything special, so it’s very easy to do.

It’s also easy to maintain because after using it, all you have to do is rinse it off with lukewarm water and special cleaners or body soap and then dry it well. It would be nice to have someone close to you to talk to about sex toys, but it’s not always easy to do so. It’s hard to talk about these strains of topics.

So, if the first sex toy you touch is difficult to operate, you won’t want to use it. That’s why I recommend Masturbators, which are easier to use than the others.


I see, I wonder if Male masturbators are good at first?

How to choose your first Masturbators!

Next, here’s how to choose your first Masturbators – if you’re looking to try Masturbators for the first time, try to choose the following two things

  1. Choose Masturbators that are not too harsh in feel.
  2. Choose hand-held Masturbators that are large enough to hold

Let me explain the reasons in order, starting with #1. First of all, this is why you should choose a masturbator that doesn’t feel too harsh, but once you get used to a strong masturbator, you’ll need stronger stimulation to be satisfied. It can be difficult.

The next reason is to choose a size that can be held by 2 hands. There are three main types of masturbators: the stationary type, the hole type, and the doll type. The stationary masturbator is a masturbator that can be placed on the floor and used hands-free. The hand-held masturbators are hand-held and stroked, and the doll-type masturbators are larger dolls made to resemble real women.

Many of the installation and doll types are large and take up a lot of space in storage, and are often very expensive. Also, it’s quite difficult to manage the skeletons in them so that they don’t deteriorate. Therefore, if you’re looking to make your first purchase, the easy handheld Masturbators are perfect for you! They are easy to maintain and don’t take up much space, making them a great choice for families or people who live with others.

The prices of Masturbators in particular can vary quite a bit from one to the next. It is important to choose properly so that you don’t end up with a failure in your first purchase. How to choose Fleshlights/Masturbators that will never fail! The Best first pussy toy to choose!

If you’re new to this, I recommend this one.

Next, we would like to introduce to you some of our favorite Masturbators if you are new to Masturbators. Sex Toys INDIA has 126 different types of Masturbators to choose from, so you can choose from as many as you want. So, we would like to introduce 3 Masturbators that we selected as Sex Toys INDIA staff for beginners.

MEGAMI and Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential are a little bit big, but they are big enough for you to hold and stroke, so please take a look at the details of these Masturbators.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear

The first hidden pussy toy Clear is a Masturbators that is designed to look like a clear tube and not be recognized as a sex toy at first glance. It’s a little short, 10cm in length, and it’s designed so that you can only fit your penis inside.

The inside is in the form of fine folds, so you can feel the sensation of rubbing the folds when you insert it. This first hidden pussy toy Clear itself is quite thin, so rather than enjoying the pressure of the Masturbators themselves, you can use your hand to apply the pressure to your liking. The entrance is a little narrow, so it’s best to use it with plenty of lotion. The price is affordable and it is inexpensive and easy to buy for a type that can be used repeatedly.

Also, although it is a non-penetrating type, it is very hygienic because it can be flipped over for cleaning. Some of these Masturbators are easy to maintain because you can turn them over. With that in mind, we recommend The first hidden pussy toy Clear as your first choice for Masturbators.

Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential

The Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential is made of soft elastomers and weighs up to 400 grams, making it a realistic Masturbator. The Masturbators can be held in the hand for stroking, or placed on the floor for hands-free play.

The folds inside are spiral shaped, and the stimulation when inserted is wonderful. It can be used with any size penis, so it’s perfect for both large and small people! It’s a best seller that has been a top seller for years in a row at the distributor Hot Powers.

The stimulation and tightness of the internal structure will entwine with your penis and encourage you to ejaculate again and again. This is the best potential of this product, and you will want to use it for the rest of your life. But if you get too much into it, you won’t be satisfied with the real woman, so let’s keep it in moderation.

As for my personal experience, the moment you insert it, you are hit with a feeling of penetration like a real vagina. It’s a good size and you don’t get tired to stroke. The masturbation while wrapping a bath towel etc. and swinging a waist is also possible. If you combine it with VR, you can have a simulated experience as if you are really having sex. As for the stimulation level, it is quite high! I can fully recommend it as a first time toy.


MEGAMI is the Japanese word for goddess, and it feels like a goddess wrapped up in her, and at 760 grams, the soft texture will wrap itself around you effortlessly. You can hold it in your hand and stroke it, or you can use it hands-free on the floor. You can enjoy both vaginal and anal sex, and each of them gives you different pleasure.

The folds inside the vagina are called“Earthworm Sen(Earthworm like structure)” and you can enjoy the sensation of a thousand earthworms. This expression is unique to Japan, but the way to feel a pleasant sensation should be common in all countries.

You can enjoy it twice because there is a vagina and anus. Although there is no difference in the stimulation, the vagina has a wonderful internal structure and the anal part has a stronger tightening feeling. And the supple form that reminds you of a real woman’s body makes you feel as if you are having sex with a real woman. Once you use MEGAMI, you will be hooked.


All of them are attractive sex toys! I want all three! !!


We recommend starting with the cheapest ones!

Reasons to recommend Fleshlights

Fleshlights are Masturbators in the form of larger flashlights, and the reason we distinguish them in a separate category from Masturbators is because they are unique and well established as a brand among Masturbators. You may have heard of it because it is a well-known product.

It’s easy to camouflage the look of the product, so it’s easy to store even if you have a family member or roommate, and it’s also very durable, so it’s hard to sag even after repeated use. In some cases, you can use it more than 100 times if you take good care of it.

If you use it in the special case of the fleshlight, you can enjoy the moderate mellow feeling, and if you take it out of the case and apply pressure as you like, you can use it as a tight Masturbators. You can also apply air pressure to the case, so you can open and close the lid on the bottom of the case to feel as if you are being vacuumed.

Fleshlight is also designed to prevent vaginal ejaculation disorder when you have sex with a real woman. Therefore, it is designed to enhance your sex life with your partner as well as enjoy masturbation.

Fleshlights is exactly the basic type of Masturbators, so it is a must have product.

How to choose your first Fleshlight!

There are many Masturbators released in the Fleshlight series. They range from those made in partnership with famous porn stars, to those made to look like anal, to those made to look like mouths, and so on. While each one is attractive, the feel of each one can vary quite a bit, so you’ll be more satisfied if you examine them carefully.

If you want to choose your first Fleshlight, you should start with the standard series of vaginal types. The vagina type, which is characterized by a round feel, will fill you with just the right amount of stimulation without tightening your penis too much.

There are also quite a few different types within the Fleshlightseries alone, so you can already choose based on your intuition and preference. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed a special pleasure.

If you are new to this, I recommend this one.

If you’re new to Fleshlight, I recommend the FLESH LIGHT Vagina or the Flesh light Lisa Ann. The Fleshlight Vagina is made to look like a standard vagina and the Flesh Light LISA ANN is a tie-in with famous porn star Lisa Ann.

These two are the two most popular products in Sex Toys INDIA’s FLESH LIGHT category and they are both large enough to swallow a penis of any size.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

Vaginal Male Masturbator is a staple in the Fleshlight series, one of the first things you should try if you’re unsure about Masturbators, and it’s a very realistic product with a lumpy feel. The vagina of this Fleshlight series in particular will give you the sensation of a real woman’s vagina if you use a lot of lotion to stroke it. The weight is a bit heavy at 680 grams, but once you get used to it, it’s not too much of a concern.

The actual feel of this toy is a little less stimulating than the others, but still has enough ejaculation power.

But if the stimulation is too strong, it exceeds the stimulation of a woman’s vagina by far. It is a toy that looks and feels pleasing to the eye. Because of its size, it is not a problem even if you put it on the floor, and masturbate by swinging your hips because the stroke is hard. Moreover, because it is a penetrative type, it is easy to maintain.

Flesh light Lisa Ann

Flesh light Lisa Ann is a Fleshlight designed in conjunction with the famous porn star Lisa Ann, who is one of the most popular porn stars in the U.S. This Fleshlight allows you to have sex with Lisa Ann in a simulated way. The reality of the insertion point will spark your curiosity and imagination.

The weight is 586 grams, which is also a little heavy, but it is acceptable in the Fleshlight series. It is a little bit tighter than the FLESH LIGHT Vagina. There are also numerous warts on the inside, which can be a bit irritating to use.

If you’re looking for a slightly more exciting Masturbators to enjoy, the Flesh light Lisa Ann is a great choice. I would highly recommend this product to fans as well as those who are new to Fleshlight. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll definitely want to try other actresses’ Fleshlight!

I want my penis to grow stronger and bigger!

If you want to enhance your penis to be bigger and stronger than it is now, use a sex toy that has that effect. Cock rings and penis sleeves are a good example of this. Cock rings and penis sleeves are relatively inexpensive and easy to find among sex toys, and they are quite easy to introduce among the sex toys to use with your partner.

Other methods of physically enlarging the penis include Viagra and augmentation surgery, but both of these may have an impact on your health. So, you can easily increase the size of your penis with sex toys. Some of them have a vibrator function or have warts and folds that can increase the orgasm of the woman being inserted.
4 Penis Enlargement Method, How to Make Your Penis Bigger and strongerBest penis enlargement training method for Indian men, Explain with images!

Also, if you can increase the size of your penis, even if it is only during sex, it will help you to feel more confident as a man. If you want to increase the size of your penis, you should try sex toys.

Cock rings for both masturbation and sex are great for penis enhancement

Increasing your penis with a cock ring can help in both masturbation and sex. Originally used in the treatment of ED and erectile dysfunction, cock rings are a great product for men who want to have confidence in their penis.

It’s easy to use and you simply attach it to the base of your penis. By applying tight pressure, it inhibits blood flow to the penis, increasing erection time and preventing breakage.

Benefits of using a cock ring! Awesome cock ring advantages for Indian Men!

If you think that you can satisfy your partner more if you can keep erection for a longer period of time, or if you want to enjoy sex for a longer period of time without a breakage, then the cock ring is for you. If you want to enjoy sex for a longer period of time without having to break your dick, you should try the cock ring.

Why cock ring toys are the best choice

Cock rings are recommended for first time sex toys because they are easy to get and inexpensive. They are especially suitable if you want to use them with your partner.

Cock rings are also suitable for those who want to satisfy a woman with sex. Some of them have a vibrator function, which allows you to stimulate a woman’s clitoris at the same time while inserting your penis, making it easier for her to have an orgasm.

Especially in the case of a woman, it is often difficult to cum in the middle of an orgasm in the vagina (it has not been developed to the inside yet), and it is possible to cum by stimulating the clitoris while inserting the penis.

How to choose your first cock ring toy

When choosing a cock ring, choose one based on the length of the circumference of your penis when it’s erect. Most cock rings are not equipped with the ability to adjust the size of the cock ring. Therefore, if you don’t choose a cock ring that is the right size for you, you won’t be able to use it at all. It is best to measure the circumference of your penis when it is erect and choose a cock ring that is slightly smaller than that. Wearing a cock ring that is too tight can cause pain in the penis, so be careful.

The effectiveness of the cock ring will also depend on where you wear it. If it is attached to the root of the penis, it will have the effect of increasing the size of the penis (this is the most popular method of attachment), and if it is attached just below the glans, it will have the effect of increasing the glans.

If you wear it just below the glans, it will increase the size of the glans, and if you wear it around the midsection of the penis, it will give you a good stimulation during sex. It is recommended that you choose one based on the purpose of increasing the size of your penis, of course, but also on the effect you want to achieve with it.

If you are new to this, we recommend this one

“We told you to choose a cock ring based on the effect you are looking for, but there are so many different types of cock rings that it can be a little confusing. So, here are two recommendations for first time cock rings from Sex Toys INDIA.

If you are thinking of buying a cock ring for the first time, I would recommend you to try out the Smart cock ring for desi pink and New Viaring first. These two have become a big hit at Sex Toys INDIA and are simple to use and easy to use. Although they are offered in one size, both are stretchy and fit securely to the penis.

The Smart cock ring for desi pink has a vibrator function, so it’s ideal for those who want to amplify their partner’s pleasure. The New Viaring is a simple cock ring for those who want to try it on first to see what it’s like.

We’ll take a closer look at these two products next, so if you’re considering a cock ring, please take a look.

Smart cockring for desi pink

The soft and stretchy Smart cockring for desi pink is a cock ring with a vibrator function. It’s made to fit any size penis, making it perfect for your first cockring. The pretty pink color will also make women less wary. It is also suitable for use in masturbation.

All you have to do is push the switch button attached to the body to operate the vibrator. It weighs only 8g, and since it runs on button-type batteries, you won’t have to worry about the weight of the vibrator when you put it on. The price is affordable, so it’s easy to buy, and the cost performance is good in terms of longevity.

When the vibrator attached to the cock ring part inserts a penis into a woman’s vagina, the vibrator stimulates the clitoris, and a woman will feel an orgasm without a doubt. The vibrator stimulates her clitoris and she will feel orgasm. The Smart cockring for desi pink is also good for you to hold each other tightly while you play.

If you want to satisfy your partner with sex and make him or her feel better, Smart cockring for desi pink is the best choice for you. Smart cockring for desi pink is definitely worth a try.

New Viaring

The New Viaring is a simple white cock ring with two dots on it. The discreet look makes it easy to accept, even for partners who are not comfortable with sex toys. It’s a little thin, so you have to be a little more careful when putting it on, but that thinness makes it more natural. If you’re thinking, “I don’t like “how” sex toys,” you should definitely choose this one. Cock rings can be surprisingly unnoticed by women, even while inserting them, but with this product, you will be even less noticed.

Also, this New Viaring is made of the same material as condoms, so even if you or your partner has weak skin and you’re worried about skin irritation, you’re unlikely to have any skin irritation. If you’ve never been allergic to condoms, you can definitely use them. It is a disposable product, so it will cost you more each time, but it is more hygienic to use it.

If you want to try a simple cock ring, the New Viaring is the one to choose.

The Penis Sleeve (Penis Sack) is recommended!

A penis sleeve is a thick sleeve that can easily increase the size of a penis and has warts and folds to increase the pleasure on the part of the woman who accepts it. If you are not sure about the size of your penis or if you have premature ejaculation, a penis sleeve can reduce the stimulation to a moderate degree and allow you to play for longer periods of time.

The penis sleeve is like a thicker condom, so the man receives less stimulation from it. Some of them are from 0.5mm to 1 mm or more in thickness. However, since the size of the penis is increased, the woman who is inserted can feel more pleasure and the situation will be different from the usual.

Also, the penis sleeve is suitable for those who want to try out sex toys in secret, because it often goes unnoticed by the woman even if she wears it like a cock ring.

How to choose your first penis sleeve (penis sack)

Your first penis sleeve should be chosen for a purpose. There are three main purposes for wearing a penis sleeve

  1. To prevent breakage during sex
  2. To make your partner feel more comfortable
  3. I want to improve my premature ejaculation.

I will explain each one in turn.

Strictly speaking, the point of attraction is that “it is easy to continue having sex with a woman even if it is broken”. It is difficult to continue having sex with someone if it is completely deflated, but if you think “I could have satisfied her if I could have kept it erect a little longer”, then it is easy to continue having sex.

But if the situation is “I could make her happy if I could keep erect for a while longer”, you can make that “a little bit longer” come true. Also, there are many penis sleeves that have a cock ring integrated into them, so you can physically maintain an erection if you choose such a device.

Secondly, if you are using a penis sleeve to make your partner feel more comfortable, choose one that has warts and folds on the sleeve itself that will provide stimulation. It should give you a different kind of pleasure than a penis with nothing on it. You can also choose a vibrator that has a built-in vibrator for stronger stimulation and more pleasure.

Finally, if you want to improve your premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is caused by too much vaginal stimulation, which causes you to ejaculate uncontrollably, so you should choose a sleeve that is as thick as possible.

By choosing the right penis sleeve for you, you’ll be able to have better sex for both you and your partner.

If you’re new to this, we recommend this one.

If you’re new to penile sleeves, the following two are a great choice! CRYSTAL CLEAR DOTTED PENIS SLEEVES and BRAVE MAN are two of Sex Toys INDIA’s most popular penile sleeves, with a simple clear, dotted sleeve. This sleeve is designed to make the genitals appear stronger and larger.


The CRYSTAL CLEAR DOTTED PENIS SLEEVES, which covers the entire penis, is an exciting penis sleeve with warts all over the sleeve. It is made of a soft, stretchy material, so if you have an average to slightly larger penis, it will fit you perfectly. It’s not too thick, so it’s safe to use even if you have a slow ejaculation problem.

It looks pretty ostentatious, but these countless warts are specialized in pleasing women, and many women are addicted to it once they use it. If you’re in a rut when having sex with your partner, or if you’re looking for a way to give your partner a stronger sense of pleasure, why not give it a try?


BRAVE MAN is the perfect penis sleeve for men who want to make their penises bigger and stronger. It weighs a modest 73 grams and has an impressive presence when worn. It helps to balance the circumference and length of the penis. I thought it is difficult to install it because it is thick, but it fits surprisingly easily after putting on the lotion.

Countless warts are attached to the body, and the warts stimulate the inside of a woman’s vagina. The shape of the glans is elaborately reproduced and the realism of the penis is not lost even after wearing it. It is made of TPR material, which is safe and durable for the body and is flexible, so there is less risk of it tearing during cleaning.

It has a very good review rating within the Sex Toys INDIA site and is a great product to use for any man who is frustrated that his partner is not satisfied with sex.

I want to use it for anal

Are you interested in using a sex toy for anal sex? Men have an organ called the prostate, which can be stimulated by a finger or sex toy inserted through the anus. An orgasm with a well-developed prostate gland can be many times more powerful than an ejaculation. The sensation is so addictive that people who are beginning to develop their anal orgasms are all looking for stronger stimulation.

Anal Sex toys can also be used on women for anal stimulation. Women do not have a prostate gland, but they can experience a sensation similar to the pleasure of defecating, immorality and fullness. This one can be felt by men as well as women. Anal sex toys can be a great help for sex with your partner as well.

Are you interested in dry orgasms? Or…

The opposite of a dry orgasm is called a wet orgasm, which is the so-called ejaculation-induced orgasm. We think that ejaculation is pleasant enough, but doesn’t ejaculation inevitably lead to a wise man’s time?

This is inevitable in human biology, as animals that have finished mating usually instantly calm down to protect themselves and their families from other wildlife. (They are inevitably unprotected while mating.)

In contrast, a dry orgasm is an orgasm without ejaculation. It’s many times more pleasurable than a wet orgasm, . You can feel the pleasure without ejaculating, so you can cum as many times in a row as a woman can. On top of that, you’ll feel a pleasure that will make your whole body shake and lose strength. This dry orgasm takes quite some time to develop, but once you get the sensation, you can feel it smoothly.

Continuous prostate stimulation is essential for developing a dry orgasm. Next, let’s take a closer look at such prostate toys to help you develop your prostate efficiently. A guide to prostate masturbation and Dry orgasm for indian man!

Male prostate toys are recommended

To have a dry orgasm, you can use a prostate toy. You need to stimulate your prostate properly in order to develop it. Patiently touching the prostate gland and keeping it properly stimulated will help you to feel dry orgasms.

However, it is difficult and time consuming for a beginner to stimulate the prostate gland well. The length of time it takes to properly develop the prostate varies from person to person. If you are fast, you may be able to have a dry orgasm after two or three attempts, but if you are slow, it may take several months. What are the best anal toys for Indian men to enjoy prostate masturbation!

Also, in order to develop the prostate gland, you have to keep touching it patiently, not just stimulate it for a moment. You can stimulate the prostate gland with your own fingers, but it’s very difficult to stimulate it for 30 minutes. If you do that, you will get sore all over your body. That’s where a sex toy can help you focus on the sensations in your prostate and develop it more efficiently.

Tips on how to choose your first male prostate toy

Men who want to develop their prostate gland have a shortcut to choosing a specialized toy. Anal dildos (penis tension type for anal use) and anal pearls (toys that are shaped like a series of spheres) can also stimulate the prostate gland, but it’s a shortcut to choosing a product that can concentrate on the prostate gland.

One of the most famous prostate stimulation products is Enemagra. Enemagra is a medical device that was originally created in the United States to massage the prostate. It was distributed to the public and spread as a sex toy. Although Enemagra is the name of a specific device, there are many products that have been developed that are based on it, so of course you can choose one of them. Nowadays, all products are designed with safety as the top priority.

For first time users, we recommend this one.

If you’re new to prostate development, I would definitely recommend Analyzer Rosso and Labyrinth for your first time. These two are very popular within the anal category at Sex Toys INDIA. They have particularly good reviews, and both feature simple controls and beginner-friendly materials and shapes.

Analyzer Rosso is a little bit bigger and Labyrinth is a little bit smaller. Both offer precise prostate stimulation, but the Analyzer Rosso is the more stimulating one.
If you’re taller or have a bigger anus than others, Analyzer Rosso is the one for you. If you’re taller or have a bigger anus than you think, you might want to try Analyzer Rosso. If you want to know more about the differences between the different products, please go on to the next part.

Analyzer Rosso

The Analyzer Rosso is a simple, intuitive prostate toy. It has a handle that makes it easy to hold and insert. It is designed to be used by inserting the bullet vibrator that comes with it into a special part of the prostate. The vibrator is not designed to be inserted, and only the glans part goes into the anal area. So it’s very safe. You can remove the vibrator and wash it, so it’s very sanitary.

Apply plenty of lotion to the anal area and wait for a while after use without starting the vibrator. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the Analizer Rosso, it’s time to turn the vibrator on. You’ll feel a sensation like a bolt of lightning crossing through you. You’ll be hooked.


Labyrinth is another simple prostate toy. It’s a kind of anal dildo, but it’s specifically designed to stimulate the prostate. The palm-sized body is cute, but the pleasure you feel is unbelievable.

The bottom of the body is like a suction cup, so you can attach it to the floor, the wall of the bathroom, or any flat and smooth place. The smaller one, which is split in two at the tip, stimulates the prostate just right. The vibrator is also inserted from the bottom of the device.

The vibrator is battery-powered, so it’s simple to turn it on and off. It’s a little bit smaller than Analyzer Rosso, so if you’re hesitant about developing your buttocks, why don’t you try this one if you’re one size smaller?Male anal masturbation summary! Advantages and Disadvantages of Male AnalHow to make Indian men ejaculate by anal masturbation!

Do you want to have anal sex?

Are you interested in anal sex? Some people may be hesitant to hear the idea of anal penetration. In some cases, anal sex is still considered to be contraindicated. However, anal sex is becoming more and more accepted these days.

Of course, it is possible for two men to have anal sex, and it is also possible for a man to insert himself into a woman’s anus. And it brings great pleasure not only to the man who penetrates the woman’s anus, but also to the person being penetrated. We have just introduced prostate toys, but if anal sex is developed properly, it is possible to feel a dry orgasm.

If you want to feel an orgasm from anal sex, it’s essential that you develop it beforehand. For this, we recommend using an anal sex toy. Let’s try anal sex! Explaining how to properly perform anal sex.

Anal lube and beginner anal toys are the way to go!

The butt plug is one of the best anal toys for beginners. Butt plugs are plugs that are inserted and detained in the anus and are shaped like an anchor. There are various types with jewelry or mascots, and they are sometimes used as anal fashions. These are goods that are detained in the anal area to increase the diameter of the anal area and enjoy the feeling of defecation when they are worn.

The reason why butt plugs are recommended for beginners to anal development is because they are all relatively smaller and shorter in diameter than anal dildos, so they are great for anal development.

Anal is an organ made up of a muscle called the anal sphincter, which is responsible for opening up when an object passes through and contracting when it’s finished passing through (mainly the stool). Therefore, to develop anal, you need to keep the anal sphincter open and keep it open for a certain amount of time with the butt plug in place.

Lotion is essential when using the butt plug. Anal is an organ that doesn’t produce as much secretion as the vagina, so if you insert the butt plug as it is, you should feel a lot of pain from the friction. So, be sure to use plenty of lotion for the butt plug. At this time, you should use special anal lotion to prevent it from drying out and to make it smoother.

Tips on how to choose your first anal adult toy

When choosing your first anal toy, make sure you choose a smaller size. It’s also best to choose one made of soft silicone or elastomer. This is because the anus is a mucous membrane, and inserting a hard object into it before you’re used to it can cause damage.

The same reasoning applies to choosing a smaller sized anal toy. In some cases, using a large anal toy in an underdeveloped anal area can cause pain instead of feeling good, and in the worst case, it can lead to anal fissures (rupture of the anus), hemorrhoids, and even surgery. You may be thinking, “Well, why don’t you just choose a really small butt plug then? But the anal sphincter is a contractile organ, and if it’s too small, it will come off. That’s why it needs to be a certain thickness so it doesn’t fall out.

It is said that the first thing you can do when developing anal sex is about 2 fingers thick enough to be accepted without difficulty. So, it’s best to choose an anal toy that’s about 2 fingers thick to avoid failure. Depending on the person, it’s best to look for something between 2cm and 5cm in diameter.

If you are new to this, we recommend this one.

If you’re buying your first toy for anal, I recommend the Desi Anal Plug-wave and the Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S! Both are less than 5 cm in diameter and have a relatively short insertion diameter. Both of them are made of materials that are safe for the human body and are smooth to the touch, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the delicate, undeveloped anal area.

Again, please make sure you have plenty of anal lotion when you use these products. Using them together will increase the pleasure and help you develop smoothly.

Desi Anal Plug-wave

Desi Anal Plug-wave is a butt plug with three different thicknesses. The entrance is 18mm, the second one is 21mm, and the thickest one is 24mm, so anal penetration is easy to adapt to. The insertion diameter is 95mm, which is a little longer than the Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S, but it is easy to develop it because it is longer. It is better to insert gradually without inserting all of them at once because it is less damaging to the anus.

I recommend starting with this Desi Anal Plug-wave, especially if you are interested in inserting an anal dildo or penis as the next step.

Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S

The Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S is a fairly small butt plug with an insertion diameter of 4.5 cm and a diameter of 2.5 cm at the thickest point. I’m afraid of putting something in the ass! But I’m interested in it! But I’m interested in putting something in my anus,” you’ll have nothing to fear with this Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S. It’s shaped like a diamond, and it puts good pressure on the anal area.

This butt plug is one of the most popular products in the anal category at Sex Toys INDIA, especially for the beginners of anal development. People tend to pursue larger size anal expansion devices, but you’d be surprised that you can’t find smaller size ones even if you try to find them. It’s just the right size” and it’s very valuable.

Once you start developing it, you probably won’t be satisfied with this size, but it’s a very good product to use as a starter.


Did you find your first sex toy? If you have any questions about goods or playing, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions about the Masturbators, or if you want to use them for a particular play, we will be happy to help. We welcome such inquiries.

We’ve told you a lot of things, but the right choice is based on what you want to do.

Most men should try a pussy toy (Male masturbators) at least once! Of course, if you’re interested, I also recommend Anal toys, Cock rings and penis sleeves for penis enlargement and enhancement.

SEXToys India, the online site where you can buy sex toys safely in India, is here to support you in your sex life.

We hope that you will find a good sex toy and experience new and unexpected pleasures.

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