You know the adult toy you are looking for and need! – Recommended SEXToys Test

You want to find a sex toy but don’t know what to look for? Then this is the sex toy decision test for you!

Just answer the questions to find out what sex toy you need!

We hope you find the sex toy that matches you!!


You can pick and choose as you feel!

Recommended SEXToys Test

What is your gender? What is your gender?




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I am D, a staff member of STI and a sex toy master who loves masturbation. I have been living in Japan for more than 10 years, and I am working to spread my knowledge and experience of sex toys in Europe and the US to India, mainly based on my knowledge of Japanese sex toys. I also write a blog about my real experience with Fleshlights toys for men and Male masturbators. Plus lots of other toys I recommend! Follow me!