Physical Sextoys shop or Online? Where do you buy sex toys in India?

Do you know what is a sex toy? Did you ever use it? Yes or No?

We sex knows that most of the Indian know about sex toys but does not feel comfortable to talk about this topic.
Most of you have lots of confusion regarding sex toys whether it is legal or illegal in India and most of you also think that keeping the sex toys in the house or purchase it is a big crime.

But believe me, there is nothing like that. Keeping or purchasing sex toys is not a crime and it is completely legal.
If you want to know more about sex toys, you should read this article till end and gain knowledge regarding sex toys.


Buying and using sex toys is not illegal! Enrich your sex life with the right knowledge!


Right knowledge is really important! You’re the only one who can improve your sex life!

What is a sex toy?

What do you think? What is sex toys?
In a simple sentence, sex toys are an object which is used for sexual pleasure.

A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and may be vibrating or non-vibrating.


Most of the sex toys are used to stimulate human genitals. These sex toys are maybe vibrating and non-vibrating.

In general, sex toys are divided into several categories and subcategories. Some of the most popular categories and subcategories of sex toys are –

  1. Sex toys for men – Male masturbator toy, Sex doll, Penis sleeves, Cock ring, prostate massager etc.
  2. Sex toys for woman – Vibrator, massager, dildo, Strap on dildo etc.
  3. BDSM sex toys for all gender user – Bondage, handcuffs, spankers & ticklers, Blindfolds masks & gags, electro and medical fetish, chastity devices, bondage rope & tape.
  4. Anal sex toys for all gender user – Anal beads, anal dildo, anal vibrator, butt plug, douches & enemas etc.
  5. Miscellaneous – sexy lingerie, sex lubricant, sex games etc.


There are so many kinds!


You might want to check out your gender specific sex toys first!

Is it illegal to buy sex toys in India?

The Answer is “No!!”….sex toys are completely legal to buy in India because there are no such rules that say that sex toys are illegal in India.

Now a day, In India, sex toys are openly sold however it is unclear whether it is legal or illegal. In India, sex toys belong to the category “grey area of law.”

It means that it is not cleared whether it is legal or illegal.


Don’t worry. There have been no cases where people have been punished for buying sex toys.



The sale, advertisement, distribution and the public exhibition of obscene books, sketch, drawing of any other “OBSCENE” object, is illegal.

In 2011, The Calcutta High Court addressed the issue whether sex toys sold in India comes under the charges of “obscenity”.


So, if it is not cleared then it means that you can purchase it. For a long time, sex toys are openly sold in the street vendors. At that time, anyone can easily find sex toys in Delhi’s Palika Bazaar or Mumbai’s Crawford market.

But from the last few years, varieties of sex toys are sold from the e-commerce sites. According to some survey, almost 65% of male sex toys were sold and only 35% of female sex toys were sold.

What kind of sex toys are legal?

As you know that sex toys are in the grey category. So, it’s very difficult to put the category of legal and illegal sex toy.
But here we will introduce some of the legal sex toys which you can easily purchase from e-commerce sites.

Most of the vibrator sex toys are designed in such a manner that its looks and designed are completely different as compared to real things.

Egg vibrator – This vibrator toy is very small in size and maybe you can also see this vibrator in lust story movies. Now only lust story but vibrator sex toys are also used in Veere Di Wedding movies.

You can imagine that if these vibrators are openly shown on the big screen it means that it is legal. Not only egg vibrator but there are many massagers and Kawaii series product which is completely legal to purchase and to use in India.

Along with vibrator toy, BDSM products. BDSM products are also completely legal. You can find many different subcategories in BDSM products like handcuffs and rope. Handcuffs are a very popular BDSM sex toy and you can easily see it in many movies and also in the TV shows.

Anal toys, cock ring, penis sleeves these are also some of the toys which belong to the legal categories because its shape and structure are very far away from the real things.

In addition, related articles on legitimate sex toys are also helpful.

Is Indian sex toys illegal? What is a legal sex toy?

Can I buy sex toys in India?

Now you know that there is no general ban on sex toys in India, so you can easily purchase any of the sex toys without any fear.
There are two options to purchase sex toys in India – buy online or buy from the physical store.

Now a day, there are many e-commerce sites which offer varieties of sex toys. Sextoys-india. shop is one of them. You can easily purchase the sex toys from this site. There are many varieties of product available so you can purchase any product which you like the most.


It’s difficult to find the physical store in India. So according to me, purchasing online is the best option.

Buy at a physical store?

It is always good to touch the product and check it while holding it in your hand before purchase it. But it’s difficult to do the same things with sex toys because it’s very difficult to find a sex toys store in India.

I have never seen any sex toys store in India but after doing lots of research I found there are some stores available in Palika Bazar in New Delhi and Mumbai’s Crawford market which offers the sex toys.

But these stores have limited stock. They don’t have varieties of collection. If you know the particular type of sex toys which you want to purchase then you have to go to these shops and ask the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper does not show you different kinds of toys. The particular toy which you want the shopkeeper to show you only that.

It’s easy to purchase the sex lubricant and condom from an online store. but the condom and the sex lubricants are also easily available on the medical store.

People who are not living in Mumbai and Delhi, how they can buy sex toy on physical stores so in that case purchasing sex toys from online sites is the best option, even the people of Delhi and Mumbai can also buy sex toys from online stores if they want many varieties.


Yea! You can buy lube and condoms just about anywhere!


But I prefer online, it’s less embarrassing.

Buy online?

In India, sex toys are becoming so popular and the credit goes to the online store.

Purchasing sex toys from online stores are the best option, especially for Indian users. We all know that Indian people are very shy, so it’s difficult for them to purchase sex toys from the shop. So, in this case, purchase sex toys online are the best option for the Indian.

In India, there are many e-commerce sites which offer varieties of sex toys. It’s very easy to purchase sex toys from these sites. Any user can easily be ordered any product of their interest from these sites and do the payment as COD (cash on delivery) or pay with the credit card, debit card or net banking.


I know there are various sex toy e-commerce sites in India, like Thatspersonal, Snapdeal, imbesharam, Lovetreats… etc.


It seems that each website has its own characteristics, but all of them are safe to buy sex toys.

The people who live in the metro cities are familiar with the online purchase and they easily purchase the sex toys from an online store. Gradually the people who live in the ruler areas are also showing their interest in sex toys and purchase it. In the ruler areas, you can’t find any sex toys store. So for you, only the option is to purchase the sex toy from the online store.

How to Buy Sex Toys from SEXToys India

As we are taking about purchase the sex toys from online is best for Indian and there are many e-commerce sites. is one of them.

Yes! is e-commerce sites which offer varieties of sex toys, sexy lingerie, adult game etc. This e-commerce site is completely safe and kept all their customer’s information confidential.


It’s very easy to purchase any product from You just have to complete the three steps.

Add to cart

If you are interested in any product and want to purchase it then you have to click on that particular product. As soon as you click on the product image the particular page will get open.

We suggest you read the product description before ordering any product. After reading the product description, if you are satisfied with that particular toy then click on the button “ADD TO CART”.

Once you click on the button “ADD TO CART”, you have an option to “continue shopping” or “MY CART”.
If you want to continue, click on the continue shopping button and if you want to go to your cart then click on My cart.

Check How to use the cart page !

Sign up

In the second step, you have to sign up. If you are already a member then Fill your email id and password. If you are completely new, then click on the Register.

Once you click on the register you can see this page.

Here, you have to fill all the necessary information. After filling all the necessary information you have to click on the button “Check”.

Here, you can see your order information. If you have any points you can use those points and if you want to add some notes you can add it.

Check How to register in SEXToys India page!


After doing the rechecking, you can click on “Place order now”. As soon as you click the “place order now” you can see a box in your screen in which it’s written that “Please put a check in the checkbox and click the agree button”.

Unless and until you do not click the checkbox your order will not get complete. As soon as you click the check button and agree, your order will be placed and you get a unique order id.

Along with the unique order id, you can also see the customer care no. From that no. you can get a confirmation call. After confirming the order, your parcel will get dispatch.

Recommended categories in SEX Toys India

Every customer wants to spend their money in the right product. But for many users its very difficult to select the best product.

We sextoys-india. shop has many categories and subcategories for our customer. Here we recommended some of the best product for our male and female customer. You can easily select any of the best products from these recommended products.

Sextoys For men

Every man wants the best male toy for them and wants to enjoy their masturbation session with a more pleasant feeling. This only happens if they select the correct male sex toy.

Here, we help you to select the best sex toy. Hope, this recommended male sex toys fulfil your sexual desired and you enjoyed a lot.


Fleshlight is one of the best male masturbator sex toys. It is one of the most popular sex toys in India. Most of the men are aware of it.

The fleshlight is available in different structures. Some of the fleshlight provides you the real feeling of the pussy, some provide the feeling of the real anal whereas some provide the blowjob feeling because it designed in mouth shape.
You can select any one which you like the most.

Male masturbators

There are many male masturbator toys available in India. These male masturbator toys are different in structure, size, and shape.
In male masturbator toy, pussy toy, vagina toys, strokes etc. mentions. Some of the male masturbator toys are also available with the vibration function and moaning sound to give real pleasure.

Some of the male masturbator toys are very cheap whereas some are too expensive. You can select according to your budgets.


Male Prostate Toys

Male prostate toys are unique style sex toys which are specially designed for male and gay people. Prostate sex toys are used to stimulate the prostate and anal.

Most of the male use the prostate massager either for the medical purpose or for sexual pleasure.

Male prostate toys are available either with the vibration function or without the vibration function. If you have lots of experience then you can try with the vibrator prostate toy and if you are completely new then try simple prostate toy (without vibration function).

For Women

Most of you think that Indian women do not use sex toys. But it is completely wrong. Most of the Indian woman uses sex toys to fulfil their sexual desired.

Here, we recommended some of the best sex toys for woman. A woman can use these sex toys for their masturbation session and also with their partner. These recommended sex toys help a woman to reach the orgasm.
So, try these super fabulous sex toys and experience your first orgasm.


The vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys in India. has huge subcategories for vibrator sex toys.

Vibrator sex toys are available in varieties of shape, size and structure. Some are used for internal stimulation, some are used for external stimulation whereas some are used for both. Both means with a single toy, you can stimulate your vagina and clitoris at the same time. This type of vibrator is called the rabbit vibrator.

It depends on you which type of vibrator toy you want. According to your need to should prefer the vibrator toy.


Gradually, dildo sex toys are becoming more popular as compare to the vibrator in India. Most of the Indian women like to use dildo sex toys. offer varieties of dildo sex toys range from realistic to non-realistic and small size to extra large size. Realistic dildo is designed like the real penis, so most of the women like to use a realistic dildo to make their masturbation session memorable.

Sex Lubricants

Sex lubricant is a sticky type of lotion which is necessary to use before the sex or masturbation session. Not only for woman but all gender user should use the sex lubricant.

The main purpose of using sex lubricant is to reduce friction and make the penetration more smooth and easy. has varieties of sex lubricant from water-based to silicone-based. You should always select the sex lubricant which is compatible with your sex toys.


Here, I introduce the basic things about sex toys in India. Any user needs to know that purchasing sex toys is completely legal in India. There are no such rules which say that sex toys are illegal in India. So, keep your fear at the side and purchase the best sex toys of your life.

Once you decide to have sex toys then first you should decide which toy is best for you.
For men, fleshlight is the best product as it provides the very close feeling of the real pussy.
For woman dildo and a vibrator is the best option. If you like the real things than prefer the dildo otherwise vibrator.

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