[For women] Vibrator sextoy in masturbation for beginners, How to use it correctly

Are you interested in trying to masturbate with a vibrator toy?
When a woman masturbates with a vibrator, she can get beauty benefits such as making it easier to orgasm with her partner, relieving stress, and making her hair and skin shiny and beautiful.

This article will cover not only how to masturbate with a vibrator, but also the benefits of women masturbating with a vibrator, tips on how to choose a first vibrator, and the different types of vibrators for beginners.

A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!


We will introduce a vibrator toys that even beginners can use with peace of mind!

Benefits of women using vibrators for masturbation

First, a vibrator is a vibrating sextoys. Basically it is also famous as a sextoys for women, but it can also be used by men.

Nowadays, it is categorized into subdivided parts according to the point you want to stimulate, such as for clitoris, G spot, anal and nipple. Here, I will briefly explain how to use the vibrator with such many types so that even beginners can understand it.

First of all, there are three main benefits of using a vibrator when a woman masturbates

  1. It makes INSIDE orgasm easier when having sex with your boyfriend
  2. It’s a stress reliever
  3. The secretion of female hormones makes your skin more beautiful!

…and all of these things are great for women. It is especially pleasing to both women and their boyfriends that sex with your boyfriend makes it easier to orgasm.


Inside orgasm is said to be difficult to reach, especially without sex toys such as vibrators and dildos.

Because when sex with your partner feels really good, your relationship with your partner will be better, too. Also, even if you want to de-stress, in today’s busy world, you may not be able to make time for yourself as much as you would like. At such times, isn’t it tempting to be able to relieve stress easily by yourself?

What are female erogenous zones, clitoris, G-spot and portio?

Masturbation with a vibrator also makes you feel a strong sensation of pleasure, which releases female hormones that make your skin and hair taut and lustrous, and has the effect of suppressing your appetite, which also leads to beauty benefits.

The Complete First Orgasm Guide! To Types of Female Orgasms

It also makes it easier to orgasm when having sex with your boyfriend

Some of you may have serious problems with masturbation, but not with sex with your boyfriend. If you don’t cum from having sex with your boyfriend, sex may become a hassle for you sooner or later.

If sex becomes a hassle, it may eventually lead to sexlessness and in some cases, it may create a big rift in your relationship with your boyfriend. When you are married or in a relationship with the person you love, you want to maintain a good relationship. However, sex that is mutually satisfying is essential for this.

If you have sex that you really feel good about, your relationship with your boyfriend will be stronger and more stable. If you are having trouble getting it off with your boyfriend, I recommend that you to try masturbating with a vibrator to experience the sensations of the middle orgasm.

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If you feel more comfortable, it might be worth a try! But it’s embarrassing to use …

It’s a great stress reliever

Masturbating with a vibrator is a very effective way to relieve stress. Vibrators can provide stronger stimulation than hand masturbation, but strong stimulation is more likely to give you pleasure and make you more likely to have an orgasm. When you have an orgasm, dopamine, also known as a brain drug, is released. This dopamine, also known as a pleasure substance, is secreted and is a great help in relieving stress.

It also helps to maintain your health because the release of stress improves blood circulation and sleep and regulates the autonomic nervous system.

Humans are instinctively designed to feel beautiful about their health. So masturbation with a vibrator gives you pleasure, and an orgasm reduces stress, which helps you feel and look healthier in your body and mind.

Because it produces female hormones, it also has beauty benefits

Many people have heard that masturbation has beauty benefits by stimulating the release of beauty hormones. In fact, this is not just a matter of masturbating, but you must feel the orgasm I mentioned earlier. It is only when you feel an orgasm and female hormones are released. You need some solid stimulation to feel orgasms, but a vibrator is the perfect way to give you solid stimulation.

When you have an orgasm, a happy hormone called oxytocin is released, which activates the stem cells in the skin, which promotes skin turnover (rebirth) and cleanses the skin. Other than that, oxytocin also helps reduce subcutaneous and visceral fat. Oxytocin is a hormone, and it plays a role in the consumption of subcutaneous and visceral fat by increasing energy consumption in the brain.

Many women may be interested in maintaining their body style and beautiful skin. These are just some of the benefits.

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Does using a vibrator cleanse my skin? ?? Then I’ll use it!

What should beginners look for when choosing a vibrator

Now, you should know, what benefits masturbation with a vibrator can bring to a woman, let’s move on to the next point for beginners to consider when choosing a vibrator. The first two points to keep in mind when choosing a vibrator are as follows!

  1. Choose a smaller one at first
  2. Choose a waterproof vibrator

We’ll explain in more detail in the next section.

1. Choose a smaller one at first

The first thing you need to be aware of is that you should choose a small vibrator at first. I’m sure many of you reading this article are new to vibrators.

If a beginner buys a large vibrator from the start, they may not be able to insert it smoothly and their vagina may be damaged. If the first masturbation doesn’t go well, they will eventually stop using it because it doesn’t feel good.

If you are going to buy one anyway, I want a big one! It’s not hard to understand why you would think that, but try to hold back and make it a little smaller.

If you have a partner, you might want to choose something a little smaller than your boyfriend’s penis. That way you’ll have less risk of failure or injury!

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I don’t know how big it is even if I look online. If you are a beginner, you should insert it smaller.

2. Choose a waterproof type

Secondly, it should be waterproof. Since vibrators are inserted into the vagina, they are used in the vagina, and therefore get covered with bodily fluids when used. For this reason, it is necessary to clean it properly after use. You can wash it with water without hesitation if it is waterproof, so you can keep it clean and it is easier to manage than non-waterproof vibrators.

If you don’t take care of it and leave the fluid in it, germs can grow, and the germs can enter through minute scratches and cause unexpected problems. If you choose a waterproof vibrator, you can easily wash it and keep it clean, so it is recommended that you choose a waterproof vibrator at first.

There are various types of waterproofing, such as life waterproofing (life waterproofing type is a level of waterproofing where submerging in water is not allowed, but getting a little wet is OK), but basically, we recommend a completely waterproof type of vibrator. However, depending on the price range, it may be difficult to find one. In that case, you can use the waterproof type for life!

Types of vibrators for beginners

Next, we’re going to show you four beginner vibrators that meet the above points for choosing one! To find the perfect vibrator for you, you should think about what purpose you want to use it for (do you want to insert it or stimulate your clitoris, etc.) before you buy it.

The method of masturbation I’m going to show you later in this article assumes a Realistic Dildo Vibrators, which is one of the types of vibrators that are available and good enough. It is because the dildo vibrator is quite orthodox in the vibrator, and it is easy to feel the pleasure. However, by using various goods other than dildos, you can discover your sexual zones that you never knew existed.

Please use this as a reference for future reference.

Bullet Vibrator

The Bullet Vibrator is a vibrator shaped like a small bullet. They fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy for even the most novice vibrator user to try them out. Many of them can be used intuitively by simply inserting the batteries and turning the switch on and off.

This one is used by stimulating the clitoris rather than inserting it, so it’s safe for people who have little experience with sex and are afraid of insertion. It’s the best vibrator to try first. It’s also safe to use by inserting it into the vagina, of course. This Bullet Vibrator Silver is one of the most popular products in our site.

Bullet vibe silver

This one really looks like a bullet, doesn’t it? At first glance, it’s hard to tell that it’s a vibrator used for masturbation or sex. The size is 5.5 cm in diameter and 2.6 cm in width, and it’s really small, weighing only 28 grams. However, the vibration that comes out of it is quite powerful despite its small size. It is small, but it can be used even if it is inserted in the vagina, and, of course, it can be used to stimulate the clitoris and the nipple. The reason why the high versatility is the secret of popularity.

As a vibrator that simply enjoys vibrations, it may be fun to have one.

Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators are vibrators with a remote control. It is available as a wired or wireless one. As the name suggests, they are shaped like an egg and are small and light, making them easy to carry around. Many are simple, consisting of just a rotor and an exterior, and some have the appearance of lipstick or are shaped like a macaroon. The egg vibrator is easy to operate and very easy to use, so it is very popular among vibrators, and it is easy to get one because it is often on the market.

Classic Egg Vibrator

This Classic Egg Vibrator is recommended for first time egg vibrators. The controls are simple to operate, with an on/off dial switch, and the small vibrator, measuring 5.5cm x 1cm, vibrates with just enough strength to provide stimulation during masturbation. The motor noise is not too loud, so it would be suitable for those who have a roommate. It weighs only 38g (*excluding batteries).

Dual Pink Vibrators

The next most popular is the dual pink vibrator.

The Classic Egg Vibrator has a single vibrator part, whereas the Dual Pink Vibrator has two. It is also easy to operate, and you can use it by simply turning the dial switch on and off.

The main unit weighs 66 grams, and it is light here, too. It is a little heavier than the Classic Egg Vibrator (*except for the batteries), but since they are both within 100 grams, there is no difference to worry about.

Dildo Vibrator

Next, it is a dildo type vibrator. The vibrator means “vibrating” or “small massage machine”, but it may be the dildo vibrator that you think of first when you call it a vibrator in the adult domain. No, I don’t. The method of masturbation with a vibrator, which I will discuss later, is also introduced with the assumption that this dildo-type vibrator is used.

A dildo vibrator is a vibrator that resembles a penis and is basically manufactured and sold for the purpose of being inserted into a woman’s vagina. One of the most popular dildos is the Realistic dildo.

Realistic Dildo

The Realistic Dildo is the very penis itself in color and shape. The insertion part is 14 cm long and weighs 134 grams, which is just about the same as your current smartphone, so it’s not too tiring to handle with one hand. It’s easy to operate, and you can turn it on and off by turning the black dial switch at the base. This product is popular not only for masturbation, but also for couples, lesbian sex, and for male anal.

It’s the most orthodox form, so it’s also a perfect first vibrator for beginners to have.

Finger dildo

The next most popular one is the finger dildo.

The dildo has a finger-like part on it that also allows you to stimulate your clitoris while inserting it. The Egg Vibrator Dual Pink Vibrator I mentioned earlier can also be inserted while stimulating the clitoris as well, but this finger dildo is longer and thicker, so you can enjoy a different sensation. The insertion part is a little longer at 15 cm, but it weighs only 115 grams. You can enjoy it for a long time because your hand doesn’t get tired easily while using it.

It was originally developed for lesbian sex, but it is also recommended for masturbation. This one is a little bit bigger, so it’s better suited for people who have had sex before but have never masturbated using a vibrator, rather than complete beginners.

Vibrator for Nipple

As the name suggests, nipple vibrators are designed to stimulate the nipples. It can be used in masturbation as well as during caressing. MARO Kawaii No.6 is one of the most popular nipple vibrators

MARO Kawaii No.6

MARO Kawaii No.6 is a nipple vibrator made in Japan, in the shape of a cute rabbit. The rabbit’s ears vibrate, and you can put a nipple between the ears or press it against your nipple. You can also use it by inserting the ear into the vagina. There are three levels of stimulation and five rhythms of vibration, so it can be used in various situations.

You can use it not only for nipple but also for various purposes. Its cute rabbit shape does not look like a sex toy, so even if you have a family member or roommate who doesn’t want to know about it, you can still use it as an interior accessory. Even if you keep it as an interior accessory, strangers won’t know it’s a nipple vibrator. You can push it through and say, “It’s a character mascot.

What to prepare before you masturbate with a vibrator

Next, I will tell you about the preparation before you masturbate with a vibrator. I assume that the vibrator of the dildo type is used in masturbation this time. When you masturbate with a vibrator, it will be smoother if you prepare the following 4 items separately in advance.

Towels are used tolay down on the floor, bed and carpet to keep them from getting dirty.

Condoms are attached to vibrators. It is not necessary for valet, egg or nipple types, but it is more hygienic to wear one for dildos.

Lotion is used on a vibrator with a condom attached. When inserting the vibrator, the lubricating fluid makes it smoother, but it often doesn’t get as wet as you’d like when you’re doing it yourself. Therefore, you can make use of lube to make it smoother and make the vibrator insertion smoother.

Hot water is used to warm up the vibrator and the lotion, so a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius is good. It’s best to use about 50 degrees Celsius or so, which I think is a little too hot. If the temperature is too low, the water will get cold while you’re caressing them.

How to masturbate with a vibrator

Now let’s take a look at how to masturbate with a vibrator! You don’t necessarily have to do it this way, but if you do it in this order, your body will be more sensitive and you will experience stronger pleasure.

Prep in advance

Before you start masturbating with a vibrator, imagine and fantasize about your favorite situations to get your imagination going. It can be anyone you like, sex that felt good, or anything else. Take the time to imagine something you can get into. If you can’t visualize well, you can use porn, adult comics, books, or other books. The key is to take your time and warm yourself up sufficiently.

You should put lotion on the vibes and then start to masturbate with them, even if you are alone. There are plenty of adult videos for women these days, so it’s a good idea to check them out.

It is also important that your body is sufficiently relaxed to be at the point of orgasm during masturbation.
It’s even better to take a long, relaxing bath before masturbating with a vibrator, so that your body and mind are relaxed.

1. Warm up the vibrator

Once you’re sufficiently imaginative and you’re feeling good about yourself, the next step is to make sure your vibrator is warmed up. Many vibrators are made of silicone or glass. If you try to use it as is, it will feel cold. If you’ve just gotten excited and it hits your inner thighs, you’ll be disappointed.

How to warm up, you can warm up moderately by pouring hot water of about 50 degrees Celsius in a basin and put it in the basin. Otherwise, it is easy to wrap it in a steaming towel, and I recommend it.

At this time, we recommend you to warm up the lotion as well. It’s easy to keep the whole bottle together in warm water or warm it up in the microwave in a small dish for use.

And yes, don’t accidentally put the vibrator in the microwave and heat it up.. It will cause the vibrator or the microwave to malfunction, and if it’s done poorly, it could even short-circuit and cause a fire.

2. Caressing with your fingers to increase sensitivity

Once you have your vibrator and lotion ready, place the towel you have prepared under your buttocks.

This will prevent the bed and floor from getting stained with lotion and fluids. Once you’ve put the towel down and are in your preferred regime, you can now stimulate your nipples and clitoris with your fingers to further increase your sensitivity.

Even if you masturbate with a vibrator, the sensitivity of your vagina will be increased if you caress yourself.

If you’re not used to caressing yourself, you’ll feel embarrassed, but it’s okay. Pretty much everyone does it.

Women don’t have much opportunity to talk about masturbation with each other, but in fact, more than 90% of women have experienced masturbation. Please feel every inch of your body and find out what feels good. It’s important to know your sexual zones.

3. Apply the vibrator gradually from the outer labia

Once your body is sufficiently warmed up, attach a condom to the vibrator and apply it gradually from the outer labia. Do not insert it immediately at this point.

If there is a moderate hurry, the pleasure will be stronger afterwards, so be patient. Go back and forth to the entrance of the vagina to increase the sensitivity further. If you can adjust the strength of the vibrations, you can make the vibrations stronger or weaker.

If you place it directly on the clitoris, the stimulation is too strong, so blame it from the periphery first. As you continue to rush it, you will become more and more sensitive to the stimulation. You can’t take it anymore! When you can’t stand it anymore, the next step is to insert a vibrator. What is a clitoris? and the most comfortable way to masturbate your clitoris?

4. Insert it gradually while getting used to it

When your body is warm enough and wet, gradually insert the vibrator into your body. Don’t forget to apply plenty of lotion at this time. The key is to insert it slowly and not too quickly to the end. After the vibrator has been inserted to the end, you can move it as you like.

If you insert it shallowly, it will hit the G-spot (which is a sexual zone near the entrance of the vagina), and if you stimulate the G-spot, it is quite easy to cum, so it is recommended for the beginner who masturbates with a vibrator.

When a vibrator is inserted straight and deep as much as possible, it hits the portio (the sex zone in the vicinity of the G-spot), and it is called “inside orgasm” when it stimulates here and cum.

Since the portio is quite insensitive to stimulation in the sex zones, it needs to be stimulated regularly to develop. However, if it is developed sufficiently and you learn the sensation of mid-orgasm, you will be able to cum even if you have difficulty orgasming during normal sex. If you want to make sex with your boyfriend more exciting, you should develop it yourself.
[For women] Easy way to find G-spots with your hands and fingers[For women] How to make it easy to cum w G-spot for the first time

If my family finds out, I’m screwed! 3 hard-to-find stashes of vibrators

What did you think? Now that you have learned how to masturbate with a vibrator, I would like to introduce you to a recommended hiding place in your home where you can hide the vibrator without your family or roommates finding it! There are many people who are hesitant to use a vibrator because they don’t want to be found by others. Here are three places where you can hide your vibrator with no worries.

1. Suitcase

You don’t open your family’s suitcase, unless there’s something special about it. You may open it up to the closet, but you won’t find it unless it’s a rare occasion with a suitcase. It’s even better if it’s something that can be locked.

2. Inside the bag

Many people have more than one bag, whether for daily use or for work. To tell the truth, the inside of these bags can hardly be opened. If you are always acting very suspiciously, your family members or roommates may peek into your bag, but you wouldn’t think that there is a vibrator in your bag that you usually use, even in your dreams. You may think it is surprising, but in fact, the inside of the bag is a good place to hide the vibrator.

3. Makeup Pouch

Tucking the vibrator away somewhere bare is quite dangerous because of the risk of someone finding it. That’s why. If you put something between them, the risk of being found is greatly reduced!

That’s where I recommend a makeup bag. If you have a makeup bag, someone will never find it unless there is something really bad! If you have a small vibrator, we recommend storing it in a makeup bag.

Summary: Enjoy sex alone with a vibrator that’s perfect for you!

May your first time masturbation with a vibrator be a good one for you.
Masturbating with a vibrator has many benefits for women. Find a vibrator that you like and make your alone time better.

The beginning is the key to everything. If you don’t feel good the first time, you may not want to masturbate with a vibrator afterwards. However, if you can follow the procedure cleanly and patiently and develop the parts of your body that feel good to you, you will surely be able to masturbate better.

Since masturbation that feels good from the bottom of your heart contributes greatly to your physical and mental health and beauty, even if you have never tried it before, why not take this opportunity to give it a try?

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