7 common mistakes of vibrator masturbation for indian women

What if my family finds out when I masturbate? When you masturbate, what if your family finds you? In India, many people, especially those who live with their families, find it difficult to make time for complete solitude.

In this article, we will pick up seven common mistakes that occur when you masturbate with vibrators and introduce how to deal with them and preventive measures for each case. These are real-life examples of mistakes that have happened, so they are very reliable!

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I was masturbating with vibrator and my family came into my room!
Vibrators in my vagina and won’t come out! !

STI staff

Be prepared and know what to do in case of such an incident!

What is a female vibrator?

In India, the word “vibrator” has many meanings, but basically, women’s sex toys and women’s vibrators definitely convey the meaning.

Sex toys are still considered taboo, but basically it’s not illegal to buy and use them, and there’s nothing wrong with them.

And there are various types of vibrators, We at SEX Toys India also sell various vibrators.

  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Egg Vibrators
  • Realistic Dildo Vibrators
  • Rabbit Vibrators

There are many other types besides these, and if you are more interested, you can check them out here.

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Are you afraid of failing to masturbate with Vibrators?

However, you don’t want your family to find out about the Vibrators or get injured because you use a sex toy.

However, when you are used to masturbating with Vibrators and you are not careful, your family may find the Vibrators in an unexpected place, or you may use them in an unusual way to get stimulation and get injured. The last thing you want is to make a mistake and have people know you don’t want them to know.

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They’ll know you’ve been masturbating with Vibrators

To avoid such mistakes, it is important to tap into the sacrifices made by our predecessors here and prevent them from happening.

Case 1.A family member breaks in while masturbating with vibrators!

It’s a common pattern for family members to interrupt you while you’re masturbating with vibrator. Even if you remind them not to come in, for some reason they will come in.

As long as you live with them, there is no more control over it. It is quite hard to stop your family by letting them know the reality of Vibrators masturbation.

The way to prevent your family from coming in while you are masturbating to Vibrators

To prevent family members from coming into your room while you are masturbating with vibrator, we recommend hanging a plaque in front of your room’s door that states “Knock when you open it”.

No matter how much family members live together, they need privacy. If it still seems to come in without permission, you can put a blanket or a terrycloth over the lower half of your body when you masturbate Vibrators, so that it is not seen directly.

That way, you will be able to masturbate with some peace of mind.

The best time is to masturbate with vibrators when your family is not around, but in India where there are many families, such a timing is not so easy to do.

The excuse when your family finds out about the Vibrators

Even if your family doesn’t come in during Vibrators masturbation, your family may still find Vibrators in some way. It may happen that the Vibrators come out while you are cleaning up, or you may have fallen asleep and found them in the morning after you have finished masturbating the Vibrators. The following three excuses are recommended for such cases.

STI Girl

This is a massage machine.

It won’t work for anything that looks like a sex toy, but Barrett Vibrators and Egg Vibrators will barely get through this excuse. And while you’re at it, vibrate it against your shoulders, neck, etc., and it’s perfect – it won’t get through to family members who know what Vibrators are all about, but with this line of reasoning, Vibrators should look like a new kind of massage machine to the uninitiated.

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My friend gave me one.
Ask an imaginary friend to do something about everything that is inconvenient. Winning a prize, or something, is also effective; this type of excuse is recommended for family members who know what Vibrators themselves look like.

It’s also effective when you find something blatantly obvious looking, such as dildo-shaped Vibrators. It was given to me by a friend, so I have no choice. The key is to emphasize that it’s not your intention, but a friend’s favor.

STI Girl

What’s that? I don’t know.

This is a pattern that can be fooled. It’s unknown how far this will work, but if you have a lot of people coming and going in the room, such as friends, or if you have a lot of siblings, you may be able to disclose.

If the above two things don’t work, just say “I don’t know” already. Maybe it belongs to someone in the family, or maybe they left it behind when a friend came over.” again, it’s time for the imaginary friend.

An imaginary friend who is sacrificed to no end. In order to push through with “I don’t know”, you need to have the ability to make the audience believe that you really don’t know. Your acting skills are top-notch if you can push past the “I don’t know” part.

Case 2. Vibrators hidden away were found by my roommate

This is a case of a Vibrators being found by your roommate for some reason, even though you’ve carefully hidden them. I don’t know how they can unearth them, but somehow they find them.

It’s an amazing talent. If your Vibrators have been found, please refer to “What to do when your family members find your Vibrators” to help you get on with it.

To keep Vibrators in a place where no one can find them, you can use the following hiding places as a guide.

Where to hide Vibrators to avoid being found

There are three recommended hiding places for Vibrators that you can’t find

  • In a bag you carry around with you on a daily basis
  • In a locked carry-on bag
  • Inside of a cosmetic bag

You wouldn’t expect to touch your family’s everyday bags and other items that they carry around with them. You also don’t take a locked carry-on bag out of the house unless you’re travelling. If you lock the door, you can rest assured. It’s also hard to find in a makeup bag, so if you have small vibrators, I recommend hiding them in a makeup bag.

By the way, where do you hide your vibrators? The most popular place is under the bed or on the shelf, right? It seems that many people hide their Vibrators in this area if they have something incriminating to do.

Others are in the closet where they keep their underwear. In this way, you need to be careful about the place where you have the image of “some secret hiding place” in the common perception of many people because it is easy to be found at some point.

Case 3: The vibrators you bought do not feel good at all!

Vibrators are often purchased online, so you may not have a chance to see them in person before you buy them. When that happens, you may find yourself thinking, “This is not what I expected! What a case can happen frequently.

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But it’s not always easy to find a physical store in India.

In that case, try the following solution.

Didn’t you guess the Vibrators from the start? Use Vibrators after getting your mood up!

Do you use Vibrators when you are sufficiently excited to masturbate? Frankly speaking, it does not feel so good if you use Vibrators when you are not in a good mood. Also, if you do it yourself, don’t try to rush it and don’t apply strong force to it suddenly, you won’t feel good.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pornographic video, a comic book, a novel, or a fantasy about a situation you like… whatever it is, if you make yourself feel good enough before using Vibrators, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Not enough stimulation?

One of the most common reasons why Vibrators do not feel ‘good’ is because they are not stimulating enough, and if the Vibrators are too small or rechargeable, you will not get the stimulation you want and you will not be satisfied with the results It can end…

If you think you’re not getting enough stimulation, one way to do this is to buy more Vibrators.

If you want more stimulating vibrators, choose one that is powered directly from an electrical outlet or one that uses batteries. Also, among the battery-type vibrators, manganese batteries are more powerful than alkaline batteries.

Case 4: Vibrators have stopped coming out of the vagina

This is a common case with small Vibrators, that has been inserted into the vagina, gone straight into the back of the vagina, and has stopped coming out.

Normally, most of the Vibrators inserted into the vagina will come out over time. However, in some cases, it is possible for it to get completely stuck in and not come out. If that happens, you’ll have to go to the gynecologist to have it removed, so be careful.

Smaller Vibrators should not be inserted

To begin with, small Vibrators should not be inserted into the vagina. If you want to insert them, I recommend using a condom with them. If you want to insert it all the way in, the condom will serve as a clue so that it won’t get stuck. It is also recommended that you choose a vibrator that is large enough to be inserted into a condom.

STI Girl

“I want to feel stronger stimulation when I use Vibrators. So, in some cases, they insert themselves like this.

If you do insert it, I’ll wait for a while

In the unlikely event that you insert the Vibrators and they are completely in and can’t be removed, try waiting a while longer. In most cases, the vibrators will be discharged normally after a while. However, as I told you earlier, if the Vibrators do not come out easily after a while, it is better to see a gynecologist and have them removed.

You may feel embarrassed at this point, but you don’t know what kind of trouble you’ll get into if the Vibrators are left in there; the components of the exterior of the Vibrators may dissolve, and if any parts come off inside, it’s a big deal. First of all, see your gynecologist to have the Vibrators removed.


Be careful not to try to force it out yourself, as it can lead to injury!

Case 5. The neighbors will find out because you shout too much

Since Vibrators are highly pleasurable products, they are highly stimulating and may cause you to make too much noise and your neighbors may find out that you are masturbating.

It is true that the excitement and the pleasant sensation will be increased if you can make your voice heard as much as you want while masturbating. However, it would be embarrassing if your neighbors find out that you masturbated, even if it is between family members. It would be difficult to face each other for a while after they hear your masturbation voice.

If you want to make your voice heard while masturbating, we recommend you to deal with it in the following two ways.

Build a soundproofing system in your room

The best thing you can do is to build a soundproofing system in your room. A simple soundproofing system will do just fine.

Some of the easiest ways to do this are to stick a blanket on the wall of another room, a window, or a neighbor, or to put a bookcase on the wall next to your room. They prevent sound from being transmitted physically. You can also use a clothes wardrobe, for example. Anyway, imagine putting things on the wall side.

If there is something between you and the wall, there will be a big difference in the way the sound is transmitted. This method is also highly recommended when you are worried about your voice during sex.

In a place where it is difficult for sound to leak out, such as a toilet

Alternatively, you can also masturbate Vibrators in a place where it’s hard for sound to leak out, such as in a bathroom.

In the bathroom, you’ll certainly have privacy and you won’t have to worry about someone watching you. However, most of the time, toilets are shared among family members.

This means that you may be interrupted when someone else needs to go into the bathroom. So, if you feel the presence of someone else, you should immediately turn off the switch.

Case 6: Your roommate finds the vibrators after use

A case of Vibrators being found by a roommate after being used. This is also very common. To be honest, it’s probably even more embarrassing than before.

It’s even worse if they’re not cleaned up after use, because they are so tired after masturbating to Vibrators that they often fall asleep. You can sleep well after having an orgasm. However, if you leave the vibrators on, you may forget about them too, so be careful.

Wipe them off once and put them in a bag or other container

It is recommended that you wipe off any fluid or lotion on your Vibrators after using them and put them in a special storage bag. Therefore, you may not have any energy left to take care of your Vibrators. However, it’s better for you if you wash your Vibrators after use as much as possible.

If you still can’t start, at least wipe them off with a sanitizing wet wipe containing alcohol. It would be awkward if the unique smell of post masturbation is still there. You must avoid leaving vibrators unattended after use.

Case 7: Infection with Vibrators

This is a case of Vibrators being poorly managed and getting an infection.

STI Girl

Can I get an infection in Vibrators if I’m the only one using?

Yes, might be possible. One of the most common infections is Candida that can occur due to poor management of the vibrators when you are using .

Candida is an indigenous fungus of human beings (it is found in the body and is not harmful as long as it does not increase in number), and if you leave used Vibrators unattended, the attached fungus will grow. It does. It is also important to note that when the body’s resistance is low, the indigenous bacteria tend to get worse.

First of all, it is important to cure the infection first

If you feel an itchy sensation in your genitals or have an abnormally large amount of discharge and wonder if you have an infection, the first thing to do is to get rid of it. If you suspect that you have an infection, the first thing to do is to cure it.

In particular, Candida is not an uncommon disease, and anyone can develop Candida if their body’s resistance is low, even if they are not using Vibrators.

For this reason, there should be over-the-counter medications and other products deployed. Don’t be shy, see a gynecologist or buy the medicine from a pharmacy and get rid of it quickly. Also, don’t use Vibrators around with others.

Throw out the Vibrators that caused the infection

The Vibrators that caused the infection are a waste of money but should be thrown away. No matter how much you wipe them clean or disinfect them afterwards, they are not safe as long as the cause cannot be identified. Therefore, if they are still in use, it’s even more of a waste to dispose of them.

If you want to know more about the care of Vibrators, click here

A complete guide to maintenance and cleaning sex toys for women

Summary: We can prevent mistakes before they happen!Vibrators Prevent masturbation mistakes

The many mistakes that occur with Vibrators…

If you don’t take precautions, tomorrow is just around the corner! However, if you understand that there are cases where this kind of thing happens, the chances of making the same kind of mistake can be greatly reduced.

There is nothing wrong with masturbation itself, but not many people would dare to be open about it, right? However, if you live with your partner and your partner finds Vibrators, it may have a positive effect on you. Many men take a positive view of female masturbation. It might make the day’s sex more exciting!

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