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Anal sex toys including a vibrator, dildo, butt plug, strapon, Beads, used for stimulating anal in India.

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Anal sex toys

Anal sex toys

Anal sex toys are specifically made for those people who want to take pleasure inside of their anal or to take pleasure for their rectum. There are various anal sex toys are available for males and females to take sensation into their anus. These anal sex toys are classified as dildos, prostate toys, anal beads and butt plugs etc.

Usually, females use anal beads and butt plugs to get sensation into their anal but females also choose dildos most of the time for intimate sensation. Likewise, males widely use dildos and prostate massager to hit their prostate gland. Prostate massagers are available in various shapes and sizes so males may choose and play with it as per their requirement.

On the other hand, anal beads are made in series which starts to increase from its base part. Each bead offers sensation into anal of user and raises enticing level which cannot assume by other sex toys. Likewise, butt plugs are also used between butts. The user enjoys this butt plugs if they tired of anal beads. Mostly it is advisable that butt plugs should be used by experienced one only because these plugs are bit wider in texture.

So it may hurt if the user is beginners. Anal beads are quite easy to insert into anal but butt plugs are quite tough to insert even it may occur some pain too so insert it with proper safety and take pleasure deeply.

History of anal

Anal sex is not new, it has been followed by the Ancient Greek times. There are a lot of pictures of 510 BCE era that shows the anal sex and anal play. Ancient Greek men consider this anal as Greek Love who were in homosexual or pederasty relationships. Before the 1800s, the butt plug is invented and observed by a scientist. Anal sex is also mentioned in the Kama sutra scripture which is still followed by people.

What is Anal Play?

What is Anal Play?

Anal play is to stimulate anal, anal sex, and anal masturbation. Massage or to connect to anal sex, for men use anal dildo etc, there are anal masturbation to stimulate the prostate. Anal play is performed between a penis, anal toys and anal. Males and females broadly make anal sex or anal play because it provides variation in their sex life. In India, anal sex is almost common among couples and people are hugely trying this sex form to create variations in their sex life. Male and females really enjoy anal sex and quench their sex thirst.

Why do you feel good?

Although the anal sex is taboo, people love to feel it. It is unknown fact that near the anus and anal exit, there is a dense number of nerve ends. Due to this, people fell the sensation near the anus. It is one of the erogenous zones.

Even the inner part of the anus (rectum) transmit the stimulation to the internal vagina walls, so women love to feel anal. Anal allow double penetration. Where men have prostate gland inside the anal, so men love to stimulate the prostate gland and feel the P-Spot pleasure(dry orgasm).

Anal (rectal) washing

Anal (rectal) washing

Anal washes are essential for stimulating anal. It may not be necessary if you only stimulate the surface of the anal with your fingers, but if you are going to anal play such as Anal Massage or Anal Owner - Anal sex, Anal Ash (rectal cleansing) is necessary SEXToys India thinks . Feces and smells adhere to fingers and anal goods when there is stool in the rectum. In addition, you may be unable to concentrate with concern for bowel movement. It is a necessary ritual to gain pleasure in anal.

Whenever massaging anal or making anal sex it becomes advisable for both male and female to wash their anal first. Anal cleansing is a most important thing which should be made for taking anal pleasure. Douches and enemas are broadly used for cleansing anal.

These are a bulbously shaped product where water stores into it. The nozzle will be attached to it which is inserted into anal and then water will release cleansing anal. Water should be warm for deep cleansing.

If it is the first time to wash the anal, there may be some resistance. In that case you can clean the inside of the rectum easily by using Douches & Enemas cleaning goods such as MEDY No. 5 EASY PUMPS and Enema Clean. About 100 ml of lukewarm water is sufficient as a liquid for enema. Repeat several times until the excreted fluid becomes almost transparent, the fecal matter in the rectum almost disappears and you can fully enjoy a pleasant anal play.

When there is no bowel movements, the inside of the rectum is empty, so there is no need to force enema, but if you are worried about smell etc, you can remove the odor of the rectal entrance just by putting soap etc on your finger. In addition, the anal wash guts as before also serves as an applicator for injecting lubricant into anal and also for injecting lubricant to male masturbators etc. besides cleaning of anal. As a caveat, let's just use the anal in the anal only.

Rimming (Rim Licking)

Rimming (Rim Licking)

Do you know Rimming which is one of Anal Play? Rim licking or rimming refers to the act of licking anal. It is a technique to stimulate anal. There are various techniques such as licking the anal as massaging with the tongue and pressing with the tongue.

Rim licking or rimming may also do while having anal sex with an opposite partner. Rim licking is a kind of anal caress by tongue to stimulate opposite partner. Rimming may do after inserting anal sex toy or it may also do before inserting a toy. Rim licking stimulates well opposite partner that offers blissful experience to them which they never had before.

If you say licking with sex technique, you think imagining nipples and genitals, but play that licks anal is also very popular. If you have not experienced licking anal or licking yet, it may be an act to be experienced once. Because anal is focused nervously, you can sensitively feel the stimulation from the outside. You may be surprised if you are not used to stimulating your anal usually. Even if it is not pleasant at first, it changes to pleasure with the way of development.

Pleasant to lick anal (Rimming) is great if you think so, would you like to try it at the next sex? But to do that, anal needs to be kept clean. It is a shaving manners and it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. There is also a sheet-like support item called a dental dam for licking anal. This is a sheet of rubber. It is shaped like a condom cut into sheets. As its name indicates, as the name suggests, the dental dam is designed to prevent saliva from entering the teeth for treatment, but in recent years it is mainly used as a sex toy to prevent sexually transmitted diseases during cunnilingus and rimming Often it is. You may prepare something like this and do rimming. If you do not insert it in anal, rectal washing etc seems unnecessary, but there is no problem keeping it clean.

Rimming technique

Do you firmly rim before stimulating anal with anal toys etc.? Here is a basic simple technique.

First of all, it is a licking method which can be easily accepted by anal beginners. There is a standard way that you can easily lick it with your tongue as a way of licking anal. I stimulate anal with licking up and down. Even just gently licking you may feel someone who does not feel it in your usual anal. In addition, stimulate the anal so that it pushes with a tongue further with applying a little force. The anal stimulated by a hard tongue gradually becomes soft. It is felt as sufficient stimulation when licking for the first time even this alone.

Next is the way to lick at the centre part of the tongue. It is okay to stimulate a pinpoint with a tongue tip, but that is when the stimulation is too strong. In this case, lick a wide range at the centre part of the tongue. By using the whole tongue soft stimulation is transmitted to the whole anal and the buttocks. You can enjoy not only the anal but also the pleasure of the whole ass.

Advanced technique of rimming

As a technique for licking the anal, if the sensitivity of the anal grows until you feel a pleasure to some extent, try this advanced licking method. If you are already using an anal toy etc, this one might be better.

First of all, we talked about elementary level, but we gently and carefully lick anal with a tongue tip or lick it on the whole and relax. The next step is to insert the tongue firmly into the anus. Originally, anal is a part to be released, but by entering from outside it will be recognized as a new stimulus in the head. The stimulation of insertion which I have never felt until now will be remembered in the brain as sexuality as much as it is developed.

A person who has already experienced the insertion of a toy or inserting a fingertip also has a different feeling that the tongue comes into the body. It is input into the brain as a new stimulus. You can give further stimulation to your partner by further inserting the tongue, stimulating right and left, stimulating up and down, licking anal in three dimensions.

Anal Massage

Anal Massage

Anal Massage is an elementary foreplay in anal stimulation. Anal Massage is sure to be done before anal sex and Anal Masturbation and has the effect of softening Anal Muscle. If you insert an anal toy without doing anal massage, it will also cause injury and trouble. It is like preparatory exercise before exercising. Also, the anal massage itself becomes anal stimulation, you can also get a relaxing effect. Especially important for beginners without experience of anal masturbation or anal sex. It is essential to enjoy anal massage, dry orgasm and new stimulus to learn pleasantness by refining anal feeling, so explain its simple method.

Technique of anal massage

As a technique of anal massage, first of all, you can imagine rectal cleansing. But if you just massage it is not absolutely necessary. Afterwards, if you do anal sex or to use an anal toy, you should clean it. As an attention point to do anal massage, you should never force. Every time you make it yourself and partner, slow and polite movements and stimulation are important.

Of course, you can keep fingers clean and keep using condoms for fingers. Let's also cut nails for not hurt the rectum. Especially anal massage is a point to increase anal sensitivity and relaxation of anal, so if the anal gets stiff or closed, if you feel pain in anal, stop once and return to caressing the whole body again, Let's refresh and try again.

It is the way of anal massage, but first, take a lot of lubricant on your fingers and apply it to the anal. And first trying to massage anal from the surroundings as if drawing a circle while trying to draw out the power of anal first. I will slowly and carefully do so to extend wrinkles in anal. A lubricant is always supplemented so that anal does not dry out. Since anal is a very sensitive and sensitive organ, it is important to get used to it slowly without imposing excessive effort.

You can try inserting from the little finger when you do an anal massage for the first time. You slowly and gently insert my fingers in anal and you will try out it. you will try to habituate anal to the thickness of the fingers repeatedly for a while. Continue this until anal becomes completely familiar and you feel no discomfort. And the next step is to change your fingers or try out with the same size anal toy.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is more than an anal caress. Basically, anal sex means to penetrate the anus for pleasure. Anal sex is performed especially by penis and anal. But it can't do by individuals then they may also try some anal sex toys for anal sex. Males may take dildos or prostate massage.

On the other side females may bring butt plugs, anal beads and dildos for anal sex. Anal sex could be painful so penis or any kind of sex toy should be inserting very carefully not forcefully.

Male anal and female anal

Male anal and female anal

Male anal and female anal is almost same as used for defecation. The male anus has prostate gland but female anus does not have the same.

What is a male anal?

Male anal is obviously used for expelling out the stool. But male anal has a prostate gland and this prostate is able to give P-Spot pleasure to men. Anal sex toys are used into anal for hitting prostate gland.

Males feel the amazing sensation when their prostate gland hits by any anal toys. Male anal is very sensitive part of human body but sensation really becomes delightful after hitting at prostate gland that turns into dry orgasm at the end.

What is a female anal?

Female anal is also used for expelling out stool. Females really enjoy anal sex because there becomes no chance of pregnancy and of course most of the times females encourage their male partners for having anal sex rather than vaginal sex. Likewise, anal sex also provides variation to females if they get tired with same vaginal sex.

Types of Anal sex toys and characteristics of each

Butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massager, dildos and anal lubricant(lotions) are used as anal sex toys by males and females both. Butt plugs and anal beads are used into the anus to get pleasure inside.

Prostate massagers are used by males to hit their prostate gland that leads to dry orgasm. Sometimes dildos may also use by males and females to get thrilling experience inside.

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Anal map Beginners Anal Toys Douches & Enemas Anal Lubes Butt Plug Anal Vibrators Male Prostate Toys Dildos Condoms

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are broadly used by an experienced user to take pleasure into their rectum or anal. A butt plug is a major anal sex toy in perspective of females as well. If females do not have a male partner for anal sex then they may bring butt plugs to quench their lusty thirst.

Butt plugs are an amazing anal sex toy that provides another angle of sex. These butt plugs need to insert it into their anal at their own. Butt plugs are wider in shape that offers painful pleasure. It is advisable to use butt plugs only by experienced user else it may occur some pain on sensitive anal.

Butt plugs are available with several textures and sizes so a user may choose it as per requirement. A user may ask their opposite partner also for inserting into their sensitive anal. Black Golden Anal and The Bat Plug S-size are butt plugs you can try.

Anal Beads

Anal beads also work as butt plugs but it is completely different from butt plugs. Although anal beads also insert into anal like a butt plug there is a difference of texture between both. Anal beads are designed in series. Each bead has its own size. These beads start to get an increase from base part so the inexperienced user may easily use these beads at its upper part.

If a user is experienced then they may penetrate these beads till its base part else avoid to inserting inside. Each bead creates really erotic sensation inside anal which they cannot forget easily. These anal beads are available with various designs and sizes so the user may try many of the beads. Opposite partner may also assist to insert anal beads during foreplay sessions. Try Anal Pearl EX try in sex.

Anal Dildos and Tools

Anal dildos are also widely taken in use by a male, female of different ages. Anal dildos are used to penetrate into anal for taking satisfaction if the individual does not have a partner for sex. These anal dildos impersonate as a sex partner for use so they may quench their sex thirst to insert it inside. A user should use adequate size dildos to take pleasure. If a user is experienced then they may try long size dildos for anal. Begin with Anatick Blue and Analsist.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators are sex toys that vibrator toy and stimulate the anus pleasure. Anal vibrators are available in many shape and structure. even with many different functions. Different anal vibrators have a different way of vibrating pattern and different vibrating mode.

Some are rechargeable where some are battery operated. It is up to the user, that pleasure and what size they prefer fro anus. Anal vibrators not only used in stimulation, the user can use it in the anal penetration. Although it is slimmer so beginners can also use it. Aqua mall SW blue, Anal Check in Black is one of the anal vibrators that user can use.

Beginners Anal Toys

Anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massager, dildos, anal vibrators are most commonly used for anal pleasure. All these toys with small sizes may easily use by beginners for taking stimulation into anal. Beginners should use the small size of butt plugs, a prostate massager and dildos for their sensitive anal. Although anal beads are especially for the beginners.

If beginners use long size toys then they may feel some pain and inflammation on their sensitive anal. So avoid using long size anal toys. Beginners should start with small size toys then moves forward for taking hard and tough experience. Anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massage and dildos are available in small sizes for beginners so they may try these to add new toys in their personal sexual life. Hajimeteno Anal Red, Aqua Mall S snow are attractive beginner anal toy.

Douches & Enemas

Douches and enemas are used for cleansing anal. These are equipment which is used for medical practice. Generally, douches and enemas are used for the anal cleansing purpose. These are bulbous shaped equipment where water store inside. Nozzle attached with it to insert inside anal.

Then water pours inside anal through long nozzle after pressing silicone bulb. Douches and enemas are used as a liquid treatment to get rid of from constipation issues. Douches and enemas remove all dirt particles from colon or large intestine and provide freshness inside the body. Douches and enemas flushed out all the impurities of anal and provide fresh anal sex.

Males and females widely prefer these tools for cleansing their anal. This is an almost easy process to clean anal. Sometimes gases or airs except for water also inject into anal for cleansing purpose. Douches also include Top Syringe to clean anal.

Male Prostate Toys

Male prostate toys are used by males to hit their prostate gland. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that surrounds urethra tube and placed near to the rectum. Prostate toys are like butt plugs that are used to hit prostate gland for pleasure. These prostate toys are precisely hits the prostate gland and offers amazing ecstasy in rectum of males.

Prostate is a very sensitive part in males that could be hit well if penetrates this prostate toy in well manner. These prostate toys are available with many designs and sizes so males may use according to their needs. Prostate toys also massage precisely the anus part of males that also creates deep thrilling sensation into entire body of males. Labyrinth, Enemable Ex Type-a, Anastick Soft are the best option for men.

Oversized Anal Toys

Oversized anal toys are classified as anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, anal vibrators and prostate massagers. Both males and females may easily use these anal toys of oversize. People who are experienced not beginners may use these oversized anal toys. These anal toys are only designed for experienced users because these anal toys are of long and big size.

Beginners never use these oversized anal toys because it may lead to swelling on sensitive genitals or anal. Experienced users also penetrate these toys gradually as well as very carefully for taking real erotic pleasure. Users will get really unforgettable and incredible pleasure with Magnum Z oversized anal toys.

How to choose an anal toy

How to choose an anal toy

Anal toys are not difficult to choose. It all depends what you prefer for your very sensitive anal. Always scan properly the material which included while making particular anal toy then shapes and functions also matters for users because shapes should be enough as per anal size.

Likewise functions should be read through its manual book to avoid any kind of misguidance. It is better to choose small size anal toys if you didn't use these kinds of toys before.

Toy of Preparation for Anal

Whenever couples are going to have anal sex they should be aware about anal cleansing. There are lots of products available for anal cleansing. Check these anal douches & enemas for anal cleaning. Oshirinoana Kirei Kirei, Medy No.5 Easy Pumps, Enema Clean, Top Syringe help user for best preparation for anal.

Toy of Preparation for Anal

Anal Lubricant

Anal lubricant that are specially designed for anal penetration. Anal lubricants of silicone based or oil based are mostly preferred by users to avoid dryness in anal. These materials provide pliability while penetrating any toy or penis into anal. Lubricants avoid rigidness and offer the best sensation with a flexible touch into anal. Even lubricants avoid somewhat pain into anal so users may easily enjoy with these materials.

Anal Washer

Anal washers like syringes, douches and enemas are most compatible products for anal washing. These are medical equipment which is hugely taken for anal cleansing. In a syringe, water store inside the tube and inject it into anal.

Air will be compressed inside anal after pressing syringe. The syringe is the easiest and best way of washing anal. Extrusion type pump is also used for washing anal. The pump will inflate air or inject air for washing anal.

Finger sleeves

Finger sleeves are like gloves for the fingers. Mostly finger sleeves are used in medical practice, but the user can use it in anal sex as well. Finger sleeves prevent user to get an injury by nail and prevent unwanted transmission if bacteria. It is safety kit that user can use to prevent anal infection.

For beginners anal toy

For beginners anal toy

Beginners will use small sizes like small length and small width toys for their very sensitive anal. Beginners are almost not very familiar with anal sex so it becomes advisable for them to use only small size toys for their very sensitive part. If beginners got experience then they may try oversize toys but avoid all these if you are carrying enough experience.

For anal sex experienced person toy

Experienced person will buy anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massager, anal vibrators and dildos for their anal sex. The medium size of these toys will highly prefer by experienced people when they already used small ones. Anal sex gives a new experience to users and improves their personal sex life but it becomes painful most of the time for beginners. So these anal toys should be used after asking to opposite partner.

For advanced player anal toy

Oversized anal toys which are manufactured for advanced users. In other words, anal toys which are made for users who are already experienced but want tougher and hard experience in their sensitive anal then they may try advanced anal toys. These anal toys can be butt plugs, prostate massagers, anal beads, anal vibrators and dildos in a huge size for advanced users for the advance experience.

Usage and Note

Usage and Note

If you are interested in anal sex or beginner, but do not where to start anal? Here I guide you best usage and notes that you should follow during the use of an anal sex toy. The first thing that you should consider is the size of anal sex toys. The irregular size and forcefully penetration can damage the rectum. Although rectum has several nerve ends that make easy for you. First, arouse the rectum nerves, then go gradually.

As we know anal sex is unnatural sex and does not have natural lubrication like a vagina. So it better to use lubricant in the anal sex to reduce the friction between penis or anus or sex toy to an anus. Anal has a more chance of bacterial infection. To avoid unwanted bacteria breeding, should use the condom over the penis as well as over the anal sex toys.

Anal sex toys are available in any size and shape. As a beginner, you should try with the slimmer and smaller anal sex toy, whether it is anal beads, butt plug, anal vibrators, or something else.

Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Machine

Cleaning machine like Syringes, douches and enema with extrusion type or pumping type. You should clean the cleaning machine properly before use or insert in the anus. We use it to clean and avoid bacterial infection so it is essential to wash it with warm water.

Before use

It is advisable to clean anal toys first then wear a condom so anal toys will not get dirty. You may also try lubricants of better quality so penetration will not get rigid. You should also wash anal by injecting water inside anal before using anal toys. It helps you a lot to have anal sex because your anal will be clean then your experience for anal experience will also be clean and refreshing.

In use

It is important and noticeable to insert anal toys very carefully. Never try to make any forceful action into anal because it may lead to pain and also may get scratches inside anal. So use anal toys slowly or make movements slowly inside so you will get the best pleasure. You may try lubricants so scratches will not occur on anal.

After use

Always wash anal toys after using because it is compulsory as per safety. If you leave the particular toy after using and do not wash completely then bacteria may easily spread on toys and may cause harm to anal. So wash anal and also anal toys after use. You may try best quality soaps or only water for cleansing the anal toy.

Maintenance & Storage

Maintenance & Storage

It is important the maintenance and storage of anal sex toys after using because miscellaneous bacterial breeding occurs on these kinds of toys. These toys should be washing carefully with warm water so no bacteria could exist on a surface of these kinds of toys.

Maintenance, How to wash

Maintenance of anal toys is almost easy. You need to take warm water and pour it on the surface of the toy. Be carefully use only fresh and warm water to avoid degradation of the product. Never use any kinds of soaps to wash anal toys because it might be infectious for users. One more thing to remember is that do not wash such kind of toys which are not waterproof and also put away the vibrators from the water.

Storage method

After washing anal toys it is important to put it in a safe place. You might store anal toys in a dark room or place so nobody may take this for their own purpose because it is really harmful to you. But it is also important to store it where the place is get ventilated or do in other words put it where the air is not getting warm because it may degrade your anal toys.

Road to safe and secure anal sex

Road to safe and secure anal sex

Anal sex could be safe and secure if you ask your partner first. Never intend to make anal sex suddenly. The consent of your opposite partner is mandatory to make anal sex relationship.

It becomes painful so ask partner then try. Do not forget to use better quality oil or lubricant on anal for avoiding rigidness. You may also give anal massage to your opposite partner before having anal sex. Begin with small size and gradually extend the partner's anal massage etc. and patiently till it is the size of the penis.

Step 0, How to persuade the partner

Step 0, how to partner's husband

Anal sex can not be done alone by yourself. For that you have to persuade your partner. Usually anal is an organ which is used for excretion. Males need to convince their female partner first for anal play. It is advisable for males to not become impatient or don't be abnormal because anal sex is really a strange thing or abnormal thing for females.

Males should behave as natural and convince their female partner for anal play. You may ask your partner for variation in sex. Females will not get ready easily for anal play so males should start to caress them first. Males should caress their anal around to stimulate them. You need to take time so your female partner will not go to resist you. It all depends on timing. If you make fast you cannot convince your partner for anal sex.

One more thing is that your intention must be transparent towards your partner. If you have selfish reasons or abnormal ways then you can't make anal sex with your partner.

Of course, if the partner is the first time, you need to play with the correct knowledge of anal. Also, consideration for safety, do not push yourself, tell the partner why you are interested in anal. Your faithful feelings may be able to persuade your partner, but it may take a lot of time before then.

Anal must first understand that there are not a few women who excel excellence images are strong and willingly OK. The same is true when inserting men into anal. When you are inserted into anal, how do you allow anal to others? If you think about that, you should understand that you need a feeling of compassion and safety.

Step 1, Anal washing

Step 1, anal washing

Anal washing is an important thing for having anal sex for other health purposes. An enema is an equipment which is used in medical practice for cleansing anal. People face stomach issues like constipation problems so it becomes helpful for those patients to get rid of this. Please refer to Douches & Enemas and Lubricant Applicators etc. for methods and tools. At first I think that there is a sense of incompatibility until getting used to, but when inserting something into anal, it is better to wash it so that it can be played cleanly and smoothly.

You need to extract anal carefully because it's a very tight hole which is used for excretion purpose. The nozzle will be attached with enema that will insert inside anal then water will be poured slowly. Water must be clean and warm for anal washing. If water is not clean and warm then you cannot wash anal properly. You may also take help of douches, syringes or some pumps for washing anal.

Step 2, Prepare a sex lubricant

Step 2, prepare a lubricant

Prepare a lubricant first on your partner's anal. For anal one is better You may coat gently the lubricant on anal. If anal is dry then lubricant will play the best role for pliability. Coat gradually and carefully that will assist you to avoid rigidness.

This lubricant is also taking in use for vagina so no issues for using on anal. The good quality lubricant will be vicious in nature and will provide you with pleasure. Pepe SP Backdoor will be an amazing lubricant for anal and that comes with 360 or 150 ml bottle.

Step 3, Unravel the anal

Step 3, unravel the anal

First use forefinger or index finger to unravel. Then wait for a while. Now insert a middle finger into anal. Do it slowly. You may be stuck your fingers into anal for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Keep in mind never insert the finger without taking safety precautions. You must wear condom or finger sleeves on your fingers to avoid any kind of infection.

After unravelling the anal by fingers you may insert butt plug to spread anal more. HAJIMETENO Anal Red is the best anal tool that could be inserted easily into the tight hole. And if you want to keep that hole you should use butt plug which is good for keeping that. After anal gets unravel, you may insert penis. You should always use a condom to avoid infection when inserting anything into anal.

Step 4, Insert penis

Step 4, Insert penis

After penis gets loosen by beginner butt plug and fingers, you may insert penis inside anal after asking your female partner. You should use a condom over your penis and of course, do not forget to wear a condom while inserting penis inside anal.

Your partner will stick out her buttocks towards you. Now, this is the easiest position for you to pierce deeply the penis or any tool. Insert penis slowly. It may lead to pain if penetrate rigorously. Pleasure gradually grows gradually by doing anal sex correctly. Like the vagina from the beginning strong exercise is not permitted.

What you must absolutely protect

What you must absolutely protect

The protection should be taken as do not wear a condom if penis once inserts into anal. Bacteria may adhere on its surface so avoid. Amebic dysentery is a common infection which is widely seen in homosexual who likes anal sex.

Throw condom outside if inserted into anal and wash your hands completely. You always protect yourself during anal sex or penetration inside because it may cause some diseases or infections.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

We have a wide range of anal washer, douches, butt plug, anal vibrators, anal bead, etc. Check out some of the products and their review by our clients. These items should be used while having anal sex with a partner. It refreshes users at deep.

Analyzer Rosso

Analyzer Rosso is a male prostate toy which is used for arousing ejaculating duct, prostate gland etc. It keeps two stages corona neck on the tip. At the end part, there is a ring-shaped area to attach bullet vibrators as accessories. Users easily hold this prostate toy with the help of grip at its bottom part.

You may experience amazing dry orgasm with this prostate toy. It is a waterproof product so you may use it in the bathroom also as well as easily may wash this toy.

Where I actually used it was like this

Analyzer Rosso is really awesome massager for me to play with when I feel alone. It always fulfils my sexual fantasies which I ever imagined. It offers me deep and erotic pleasure in my rectum and hits also amazingly my prostate gland that leads to the satisfying end. Although it is my first time I love to use it in future as well.

Desire Swing

Desire swing is an anal vibrator with seven rings. Desire swing is almost same with other kinds of anal toys or anal vibrators but the only difference is seven rings. Every ring creates amazing and incredible sensation inside anal.

It operates through remote for offering vibration effects. Males and females both may easily use this vibrator for their sensitive anal. It is an ideal toy which may use alone or with a partner during foreplay sessions.

Where I actually used it was like this

Desire swing is really a nice sex toy which I always prefer for taking massage pleasure on my anal. I really enjoy with an anal vibrator because it creates unbelievable sensation into my whole body which I cannot be expressed in just words. It arouses me amazingly even my partner is unable to arouse me on the bed. But when I purchased anal vibrator I am really thankful for this to make my life more delightful.


Libido is anal vibrator which is made with silicone material. It is a penis shaped vibrator that can easily pierce into anal. The main feature of this vibrator is that it can easily affix on anywhere. So users easily may take intense pleasure without using their hands. Libido is a hollow-shaped product so you may insert vibrator inside and then start it after clicking the on/off button.

Where I actually used it was like this

Libido is a really awesome anal toy for me. I already used anal beads but now I was looking for something different for my ass hole. My friend recommended me for this big anal vibrator. I purchased it through online medium. Now, this anal toy is like my boyfriend who never left me alone. I quench my all sexual thirst with this lusty anal toy. It stimulates me as well as fulfil the penetration desire.


MEDY No.5 Easy pump is an anal cleansing tool with the squeezable bulb. This pump is made of ABS plastic materials. It removes all the impurities of anal and plays a significant role if the user is going for anal play. The nozzle of this product is so supple and sleek so it will not hurt you during insertion.

Where I actually used it was like this

It is quite a nice thing to clean the anal. At the first, it seems quite blur for me but when use it is easy to go to the anal hole. The straight tube easily instead and the pump was also good to handle. I use hot water in the pump. I never use any douche & enema for the anal cleaning. I first attempt with the MEDY No.5 Easy pump is too good.