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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
Anal Vibrators

Best anal vibrators and anal sex tools online. Cheap dildo vibrators for Indian anus at best prices.

Anal Vibrators List

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Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators specially designed to provide you powerful internal stimulation or vibrations for more intense orgasms. Anal vibrators are available in many ranges from small vibration to larger vibration, for beginner to lovers. Anal vibrators are slim in the shape for easy penetration. Anal Vibrators have a many vibration mode and produce vibration effect in the anus to stimulate you and provide you pleasurable sensation.

Men use Anal Vibrators for stimulate the prostate gland by hit up with vibrator and women to find their G-spot. Anal Vibrators can be use as solo as well as in foreplay. These anal vibrators are safer to use compare to regular vibrator. It is totally safe for rectal canal tissues. Unlike the vagina, the anus not produce naturally lubricated, so its compulsory to use lubricants. If you not use enough lubrication, you might hurt yourself or tear the rectal canal tissues.


  • Material: plastic, silicon, elastomer.
  • Size:small - large.
  • Color: Many colors.
  • Type: wireless, wired ,built in.
  • Vibe Mode: Various Vibration Mode Available.
  • Flexibility: Enough Flexible.

How to Use

First make yourself relax and comfort. When you feel completely relax, check the vibrator is properly working or not. If Anal vibrator is ready to use. Take Lubricant bottle. Always use high viscosity lubricant for anal penetration, it smoothen the process and make you feel comfortable. Put some lubricant to your anal vibrator and to anus too. Take a comfortable position and start insert the anal vibrator in the anus. Always start with slow vibration, if you are beginner in the anal penetration. When you feel comfortable and relax with slow speed, then speed up the vibration level. You may also use lubricant again, if feel pain or friction.


Avoid silicon based lubricant, if using silicon anal Vibration. Before use, check vibrator is properly charged or battery properly worked. If you find any holes or bits missing on the anal Vibration, avoid to use it. Always use after clean it properly. Use High Viscosity lubricant. Don't get over-excited and hurt yourself.

Our Views

Anal Vibrators are for beginners as well as experts, it varies many vibration mode. Its vibration mode can be easily handle according to their comfortable. beginners should go with anal vibrators, because it have vibration mode and slim shape to too, that it easy to penetration. Anal vibrators are compatible to all type of lubricants.