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Anal Vibrators

Best anal vibrators and anal sex tools online. Cheap dildo vibrators for Indian anus at best prices.

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Let’s try anal sex! Explaining how to properly perform anal sex.
How to properly perform anal sex?
How to do anal masturbation for men and what to look out for
How to do anal masturbation for men
How to make indian male anal bigger? Methods and recommended toys
How to make indian male anal bigger?

Anal Vibrator Toys??

What is anal vibrators

A vibrating sex toys for the anal lovers. It is fun to use anal vibrators toys in Indian anal play. What are the types of anal vibrator for men? How to use it? How women can use anal vibrator?. We are solving all the query related to anal vibrator here.

What is anal vibrators?

An anal vibrator is a vibrating anal sex toy that is designed for the anal stimulation and used by the men and women. In other words, anal toy is a unisex toy that can be used as sextoys for men or as sextoys for women . Especially, they are designed to provide a intense pleasure and stimulation to the prostate gland. By the use of an anal vibrator, men can able to feel the prostate orgasm. All anal vibrator comes with one single feature that they provide various vibration effect in the anus for stimulation.

Anal Vibrators are too different from the traditional vibrators, they designed to keep in mind safety. It has a flared base to prevent to lost in the rectum. It is totally different and smaller than the vagina vibrators. It is about 4-6 inches long and about 1 inch in wide because anus allows hard insertion as compared to a vagina. The thinner and slimmer structure prevent to tear the soft and delicate anal tissues of the anus.

Anal Vibrators can also use in internal stimulation as well as external stimulation like other vibrators. It can be battery operated or rechargeable operated. Although the features depend on the cost of vibrators.

Types of anal vibrators

Types of anal vibrators

Various type of anal sex toys that came with vibration features and satisfied the anal needs. Here they are:

Vibrating anal probes

The anal probe is a vibrator about the size of a finger. It is beginner anal sex toys and has vibrating feature although it is smaller than usual butt plugs. A beginner can try anal probes to enter in Indian anal play and make themselves comfortable with vibration. Anal probe vibrators may be narrower because their main function is to slide and vibrate.

Vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs, a vibration feature in normal butt plugs. This is made to stay in the anus to vibrate and stimulate the user. It fulfils the anal need with vibrations. It's advantage is that, it can be simply left in for anal during solo or partner's sex to receive multiple enhancements.

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Vibrating anal beads and balls

Anal beads with vibrating features. A number of beads and balls are joined together along the retrievable cord to a power control that generates vibration in it. Vibrating anal beads and balls not only used to insert and pulled out, it also generates various vibration level for pleasure.

What is feeling of vibration around the anus or in Anus?

The feeling of vibration in the anus and around the anus is always a pleasure. The vibration makes them feel arouse and end up with orgasm.

How to choose and use a correct anal vibrator?

How to choose and use a correct anal vibrator

There are also various kinds of anal vibrators. We think that we often do not know what to use at first. We show you how to use and how to choose.

How to Choose the Right Anal Vibrator for You

How to choose an anal vibrator that suits you is worrisome? There are various anal vibrators are available in a market that some worked for you and some not. A suitable one is safer and satisfying for you. Let's think about how to choose a suitable anal vibe.

For Beginners:

For Beginners:

For a beginner, thin shape and soft structured anal vibrator are suitable. Beginners Anal Toys etc. are also recommended. Such thin vibrators are conjunction, women can also use them in vaginal play with anal play. As a material, soft silicone material is good for a beginner, they feel soft and will enjoy the easy insertion. Consider the thin anal vibrator that's tip is thin and gradually thickened towards the base.

We also recommended anal vibrator that has rotor at the tip even with the thin tip. Likewise, a beginner can enjoy the first ever and unforgettable anal play. Such anal vibrator can also use over the nipple and clitoris. Let's fully use the anal vibrator to excite the body and start stimulating the nipple and clitoris at the same time.

While playing for the anal, suddenly do not put in the anal. Let's flow the vibe over the nipple, clitoris, neck, etc still vagina get wet for women and still men feel arouse for men. When you feel sexual active yourself and you're anal, then go for anal insertion.

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For Experienced

If you go through the beginner level and now you are experienced one, then you can choose heavy and thick anal vibrator rather than the thin anal vibe. The hard silicone material with uneven texture is also good for you. It is able to fulfil your desire that beginner anal vibe cannot do. If you ask about how to use, we recommended now you should try pulled in and pulled out the technique in the anal.

Try to make your anal expand. If you already expanded, then an anal vibrator with a rotor on the tip is also pleasurable for you. If you put in and let the rotor rotate in the anus and vibrator being vibrate, you can excite our anal and experience more pleasure.

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Out Of Stock

If you are pioneering anal

If you are pioneering anal

A woman can enjoy the anal play if she already has pioneered the anal sex. Man can also enjoy various angles in the anal. Although the level of pleasure is different with changes in an anal vibrator. You can choose from powerful electric swing, a vibe that paces up and down and vibes that ongoing vibrating function. Silicone is a highly used material for anal vibrators and good for humans. The corded and cordless are the option you can try. You can feel anal orgasm by controlling the vibration through the remote control.

The vibrator that rolls and vibrates parallelly, women can also use them in the vagina. You can use two vibrators simultaneously and can enjoy the dual fun at once. Now, many exclusive vibrators are made that stimulate clitoris, vagina and anal. Women can taste the stimulation of 3 places.

Let's choose an anal vibe that suits your size

From beginner to expert anal lovers, there are different ways to choose their anal vibrator but the main thing is the size. A size that suits you as a beginner or an expert. If you are a beginner and struggling with the anal, we recommend a thing that can be inserted into the vagina with a small head anal vibe and also stimulate the clitoris. Stimulation over the clitoris and other parts will also pioneer into anal.

For intermediate to advanced users, you will not feel satisfied unless you find a suitable full-fledged anal vibe. So choose an anal vibe depending on the degree of the pioneering of your anal.

How to Use an Anal Vibrator in Three Simple Steps

How to Use an Anal Vibrator in Three Simple Steps

The anal play is a quite hard insertion. You can make it easy with the correct way of use. Here are three steps to use an anal vibrator to feel the anal pleasure and reach to the anal orgasm. Let's begin.

Step 1: Stay clean.

Everyone knows that anal is the most sanitary part of the human body. To allow any anal toyes for anal sex, it is essential to clean yourself. There are ways to clean yourself and remove impurities from the anus. One of them is anal douching comes in. Anal douching like Enema Clean, MEDY No.5 Easy PUMPS, etc. By the use of anal douche and enema, you can flush out all the impurities easily. It is a slim nozzle with a pump container.

This slim nozzle is comfortable to insert in the anus. The pump container needs to fill with lukewarm water and squeezes the bulb after the nozzle is inside. These anal douches are available with different nozzle shapes and sizes. Such variations in the nozzles and pump bulb allow more comfortable cleaning experience.

Step 2: Apply Lube.

Apply Lube

As we know unlike the vagina, anal is not self-lubrication. It required lubricant. So before going to the insertion with an anal vibrator or any other anal sex toys, make sure to use good quality lubricant over the toy, anal hole and anal canal. Apply a generous layer of lubricant. Without lubricant or less lubricant can increase heavy damage in anal tissues. Instead of pleasant play, is will be a painful play for you.

The lubricant is the only option to make anal play smoother. If you feel difficult to apply lubricant deep in the anus, then you should use anal syringes like TOP SYRINGE. Fill the lubricant in a tube and push to inject it in the anus. This allows hand-free lubrication and deeper lubrication in the anus.

Step 3: Relax and play!

After get ready with the cleaning and proper lubrication for anal stimulation, time to take a comfortable position and began the fun. So get a comfortable position like on your back, sitting down, etc. Be relaxed and calm yourself first.

It is not ideal straight go with the high speed because anal is too sensitive and take time to accept the vibration and insertion. Always start with a low level of vibration with the little insertion and go with the buzz. You should change the position and angle of insertion until you experience a perfect fit for you. When you feel that now you are ready to bear more pleasure, then speed up and enjoy the thrust in the anus.

How do you handle the anal vibes after using it?

How do you handle the anal vibes after using it?

If you are confused about how to handle anal vibes after use for the longevity of anal vibrator and keep yourself hygienic clean, then there is a little description that might help. It is an essential note that shouldn't ignore by any Indian anal sex lover.

When putting on a condom

If you used a condom over an anal vibrator, then let's discard the condom. Because the condom has a lot of bacteria and Escherichia coli that can be harmful to you. Dispose it without touching it anywhere. Also, wash your hand with hygienic soap. Remember, also avoid to touch the hand that touches the condom, it may transmit the bacteria. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in a dustbin.

This is not it, now you have to clean the anal vibrator. You can wash it with soap or water. If your vibrators are not waterproof then wiped out dirt with a wet tissue. At last, keep your anal vibrator at a safe place.

When using an anal vibe as it is

If you use the anal vibrator without a condom, then how to store it, Although we cannot recommend using an anal vibrator raw. Still, you did, then clean the anal vibrator with soap. Make sure every corner is cleaned. After wash, wipe it with a clean towel or tissues. Put it in their bag, close the box and kept it a safe place.

Different function by anal vibrators

Different function by anal vibrators

User can find different types of function in the anal vibrators toys for men. Each function is able to give a different type of pleasure and stimulation.

Vibration function

The most common type of function is vibration, that the reason an anal toyz is known as a vibrator. While turn on the switch, the toy starts its simple function like a Smartphone does in the general mode. This vibration gives pleasure in the anal and vagina. It is also comfortable to a vagina and anal surrounding. Although, the vibration function is divided into multiple stages from low to high. People can find their comfortable vibration level.

Swing function

Swing function means the tip of the vibrator is free to rotate in a circular motion. Yes, the head of a vibrator rotates in 360 degrees and gives pleasure. A user can enjoy the rotation in anal and vagina. But it might be harmful if you do too hard and violently. Weak swing function is bearable by everyone, but it still depends on the user's demand. If you feel uneasy, do not force yourself for swing function.

Piston function

Piston function means an up and down movement in the main shaft like a penis movement done in the sex. A user can feel the same stimulation and pleasure as they feel with putting a penis in and out. It is perfect as a pseudo SEX. To use another type of vibrator can cause pain in hand and you feel tired, but the piston type vibrator(Thrusting Vibrators) is hand free. You can use it until you feel satisfied. Be careful with the length of vibrator if it is piston type.

Three places where anal vibrators works

Three places where anal vibrators works

Although the anal play is recognized for men, now a day's women can also use it. If women use an anal vibrator for anal, then they have an advantage. Women can enjoy anal even on the vagina and clitoris. Let's know how?


A vagina is just parallelly to the anal. The vibration in anal also transmits to the vagina. Women can also enjoy double penetration with an insert in both holes. The vagina and anal vibrate with an anal vibrator and hence the whole pelvic vibrate. Anal vibrator and anal play are most pleasurable for women than men.


As we know by the use of an anal vibrator, the vibration transmitted to the vagina too. A vagina is not one that feels an orgasm, but the clitoris also gets excited. Because the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zones. The bit of vibration is enough for the clitoris to feel excited and it is a pleasurable moment for a lady.


It is not bad for women to feel anal anymore. Women can enjoy anal too as men do. It just depends on the women, that she wants to or not. Women can use any type of anal toys, anal vibrator, anal dildo, anal beads, etc in anal. Women can even have sex with an anal toy inserted.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you are looking for some amazing anal vibrators, then here we are recommending you some that will match your sexual desire.


Libido, An anal vibrator with a suction end like Suction Cup Dildos. It is made by soft silicone material. Libido is a whole type dildo, that holds bullet vibrator in it. It is suitable for beginners because a beginner can easily tolerate the bullet vibrator vibration. Libido work on LR 43 three button battery.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought Libido because it has a suction base and free vibrator hole. I used it in my alone masturbation time. As it is a waterproof specification, I used it on the bathtub. I suck it on with suction cap and enjoyed a lot. First I begin with low vibration level and gradually increase with my excitement level.

Aqua mall SW blue

Aqua Mall SW Blue is anal vibrator with an attached remote control. It is special in structure and a beginner can easily use it. It has circular beads that can add excitement in penetration. Men can hit the intense spot easily because it is long in size.

Where I actually used was like this

Aqua Mall SW Blue is best for me. As I am a beginner in an anal vibrator. I liked its slim and long structure. I begin with the little slim insertion with little vibration and gradually increase it later. I used it with a partner and she controls the level of vibration. It is best for foreplay.

Anal Check in Black

Anal Check in black is for both. It has a realistic dildo with a separate vibrator. Women can use in vaginal and anal penetration and men can use in anal. It is up to the user that he/she want vibration or not. If yes, then connect the cord with the realistic dildo.

Where I actually used was like this

I always wanted a common toy for me and my partner. Anal Check in black is one for us. We used Anal Check in black in our foreplay. First I used it in anal penetration and my partner manages the vibration and later I stimulate my women's vagina and anal with vibration. I enjoy our quality time with Anal Check in black.

Desire Swing

Desire Swing is an attached remote control anal vibrator for the anal lovers. It has asymmetric texture, a number of circular beads are there. Its structure gives better penetration and its vibration mode gives better stimulation. Men can easily reach their orgasm.

Where I actually used was like this

I am an expert in the anal. Now I wanted some rough penetration or more pleasure, then I found Desire Swing. It asymmetric texture and structure satisfied me with the level of vibration. It's attached remote control is fabulous. I managed my own vibration step by step and reached to my P-Spot.