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Beginners anal toys?

beginners anal sex toys?

Anal is unnatural sex and have tightened tissue. It is difficult for beginners to perform anal sex. Are you one who is a beginner in anal play? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, we will help you to understand the anal play for the first time and also recommending beginner anal toyes for you.

What are beginners anal sex toys?

What are beginners anal sex toys?

While involving in the anal sex, men uses the varieties of things. Some men use their own fingers whereas some men use the different types of sex toys. The sex toys which men used during the indian anal sex is called the anal sex toys. In the market varieties of anal sex toyes are available in varieties of shape, size, style and textures. Men use the anal sex toys during the anal penetration for pleasant feelings.

Some of the anal sex toys are designed in such a manner that only beginner men can use it whereas some of the anal sex toys are designed in such a manner that only experienced man can use it. The anal sex toys which are desgined for the beginners only, are called beginner anal sex toys. They can includes anal beads, butt plug, anal dildo, prostate massager and anal vibrators etc but only in the small size.

Anal sex history and culture

The history of anal sex has various backgrounds depending on country and religion. Anal sex is an exhibit from the earlier beginning stage of BC. The way of anal to the pleasure is the place of collection of various sensitive nerve endings and transform into an erogenous zone paying little personality to sex. In this world, there are many people, men and women who like to involve in anal sex. Nowadays, anal sex is famous among gay couples too. Some of the people do not prefer anal sex because they feel embarrassed

Types of beginners anal sex toys

Types of beginners anal sex toys

As we know that, there are varieties of anal sex toys are available. People use different types of anal sex toys for a different purpose. The different types of anal sex toys which beginner can use are anal beads, butt plug, anal dildo, prostate massager etc.

Anal beads - Anal beads are designed in such a manner that it has multiple spheres attached to each other in a series. The size of the beads gradually increase. It is best for the beginners to enter in the Indian anal fuck. The beginner couple should insert the small beads of the anal beads first for the sexual pleasure.

Butt plug - Men uses the butt plug to insert into the rectum to enhance pleasure. A butt plug is designed in varieties of way. Some of the butt plugs are designed like a dildo toy, some are ribbed or wave whereas some design in such a manner that it has a thin tip, wider in the middle and a flared based. It is important for the beginner to start always with the small size butt plug.

Anal dildo - Beginner can also choose a small anal dildo for anal penetration. Most of the anal dildos are soft and can easy to insert.

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Prostate massager - Prostate massager is the anal sex toys which are only used by men. With the help of a prostate massager, men can stimulate their prostate. With the help of a prostate massager, men can also achieve the ultimate prostate orgasm.

By size and material

As we know that the beginner anal toys are available in varieties of size, shape, colour and textures. The beginner anal toys are made with varieties of material too such as stainless steel, silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, cyber skin etc. The material which manufactured company used to make the anal sex toys is either high quality or medical grade so that it is safe for the body and does not make any harm.

As a beginner, men should always select the soft material. Hard material is for expert users.

How to choose?

How to choose?

A beginner man can select any types of beginner anal toys according to their need and choice. If a user is involving in the anal sex for the first time, then should select the small size anal sex toys only. If a male partner wants to involve in the anal sex then they can choose the prostate massager. A prostate massager is an anal sex toy which is only used by men. A couple can also use the anal sex toys during the mutual masturbation to pleasure each other.

How they are different from other sex toys?

Anal sex toys are different from the other sex toys. People use anal sex toys only for anal penetration, not for the vagina penetration. Anal sex toys are designed in such a manner that people can easily insert the toys into the anal.

In shape and size

Anal sex toys are available in the market with varieties of shape and size. The different shape and size of the anal toys provide the different sensation in the anal sexual activity.

Beginners Guide To Experimenting With Anal Play

Beginners Guide To Experimenting With Anal Play

If a user is using the anal sex toys for the first time, then should perform some preparations first. Before using any of the anal sex toys it is important for the user to read the instruction which is given in the instruction manual and follow that instruction for easy penetration.

How to prepare for first anal?

Before involving in the anal sex, it is important for the user to clean their anal before with the help of anal douches. As vagina, anal does not produce its own lubricant, so it is important for the user to apply lots of personal lubricant before involving in the anal sex or anal masturbation.

Before we begin with anal play

Before beginning the anal sex, it is necessary for the user to know some basic information about anal sex. At the very first, you should clean your anal properly. To clean the anal, you can use the enema. After cleaning the anal, you should apply the anal lubricant. Apply the personal lubricant near the anal. If you are using any types of anal sex toys then apply the anal lubricant also on the surface of the anal sex toys.

Relax your PC muscles as much as possible

Relax your PC muscles as much as possible

It is necessary for you to get relax. If you are in tension then the anal become hard and can feel pain during penetration. So you should get relax and comfortable. At the very first, you should insert your fingers first and when it become comfortable then insert the anal sex toys.


If you are having fun with a partner, then it is important for both the partner to communicate with each other before involving in the anal sex, during the anal sex and after the anal sex. Communication helps people to get excited. During the anal sex, it is important for both the partners to know each other needs and limitations.

Importance of anal lube

While involving in the anal sex, an anal lubricant is very important. An anal lubricant is different from any other ordinary lubricant. A couple uses anal lubricant to reduce friction and make the surface slippery. Anal lubricant works for a long time so do not need to reapply it again and again. With the help of anal lubricant, you can enjoy better anal penetration with more pleasant feelings.

Add anal foreplay

Before involving in the anal play, it is important for the couple to spend some time on anal foreplay because it helps the user to get ready for penetration. If people spend sometimes in anal foreplay then the anal penetration becomes more relaxed and enjoyable.

Different types of beginners anal sex toys?

Different types of beginners anal sex toys?

There are such options available for the beginners to make their first attempt, not the last attempt. With the correct way and correct position, beginner can experience the better anal play.

Anal beads

An anal bead is a series of small sphere beads. All sphere balls might be the same in diameter or different in diameter. But the entrance has always the smallest bead, then it gradually increases. The beginner may start with the smallest one and whenever they feel high, go to the next one and gradually to the last one. The different sizes of beads give a different measure of pleasure. It is also flexible to use.

Animal Tail Toys

Animal Tail Toys are a dildo attached with the artificial long hair or animal tails at the base. It is unusual and unique in the anal toy world. Animal Tail Toy's dildo is too small in size so a beginner can easily use it. Due to its small size, such animal tail or pony is attached, so a user can pull out easily. Animal Tail Toys also known as Fetish plugs because it caters to sexual fetishes by its faux animal tail.

Narrow anal dildo

As clear by its name, a dildo with a narrow opening. Narrow anal dildo is suitable for anal penetration due to its thin diameters. Such dildo is made in various diameter and various material. Although it depends on the user what type they prefer. I recommended to start with the smallest diameter and with the silicone made anal dildo. Narrow opening might be simple or straight or it might be rigid with rings.

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Precaution during first anal sex

Precaution during first anal sex

The one who is not usual to the anal sex have to be aware. Following precaution, you should follow if you are a beginner in the anal sex.

  • Do not follow the video means the pornography.
  • Do not go with extra extreme size.
  • Do not compare the anus to the vagina, they are completely different.
  • Do not try alone all in the first attempt. Take help of your boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends.
  • If the insertion is too uncomfortable, do not continue the insertion process.

Position recommended for anal insertion

The position matters a lot in every insertion whether it is vagina or anal. Among them, Anal insertion is a bit harder and required a correct position to make anus ready to accept a penis or other anal toys. There are several anal insertion positions that might help you like Back position, Side Spoon, Cowgirl, Missionary, Backdoor Planking, Curled Spoon, Joyful Cowgirl, Tantric Yab Yum, Up From Above, Lap Dance, Standing Sex, etc. Remember, try and find a position that matched the two of you.

How to look after and how to be careful

How to handle after insertion and how to care for the first anal play. We assure you that you are not aware of it till now. Aware yourself with it.

Do not move immediately after insertion

Let's not insert anal toy at the first attempt like begging for me. You want pleasure from it, so considered it. Being beginner, we recommended using a good amount of anal lubricant. Do not use too much, it makes things slippery. Make your anus moisture and ready for insertion. Find where two people can easily come in. Caressing the chest and clitoris so that the inside of the anal becomes usual without changing the position. User became easy to feel and enjoy

Go slowly and steady as beginning movement

Go slowly and steady as beginning movement

Whether you are using male genital or some beginner anal toy, go slow and steady because it is a very first attempt. Just because partner feels comfortable, he/she does not have right to speed up the movement by their own. Forcefully insertion cause pain. Some user gets comfortable easily as a beginner, then speed up the movement will okay. Reapply lubricant if things get dry and it decreases the pain too.

Points to note when pulling the penis out of anal

There is a possibility that user can get hurt while he/she pulling out the penis or anal toy from the anus, So do that too slow. If you use a condom in the anal sex, Throw away the condom after wrapping in the tissue because the condoms are the same as when inserted into the vagina. Wash your anal toy after use for hygiene purpose.

Make first anal play easy with anal lube

How to look after and how to be careful

It is quite uneasy for the one who experienced anal sex for the first time. Does the user have some question like It is quite painful? Is it dirty? and It is impossible to do in anal? But the parallel user is aware that anal muscles are connected with the back side of the vagina or uterus, so it might be sensitive spot and pleasurable to stimulate or penetrate. To eliminate the resistance and make it smoother, suitable to use anal lube. A highly lubricated genital area allow smooth and painless penetration whether it is about vagina or anal.

What is anal lube?

Anal Lube is especially a type of lubricant that designed only for the anal play. As we know, anal does not lubricate naturally like the vagina does, So anus required some special thing. The special anal lube is high in viscosity and stays for longer over the anal areas. It makes the anal play completely hassle-free. It is comfortable at first anal play and does not miss the things. Anal lube helps users to execute a successful anal play with better experience.

How to use anal lube?

The way of using anal lube is the same as other lubricants. Take a comfortable position in which you can apply lubricant easily. Read all the instruction and opened it. Take some drop of anal lubricant over the hands and fingers. Rub both hands till it gets a little warm. Now apply to the anal area. Also, apply lubricant on the penis or beginner anal toy or anal plugs.

Anal lube with condoms

Anal lube is safer with condoms too. Although there is no such risk with anal play like STD and unwanted pregnancy, so there is no need to use a condom in anal sex. Still, if you want, you can use it. It is suitable to use silicone based anal lubricant with condoms.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Pick these anal toys if you are a beginner in anal sex or anal play. We recommended this product to you because we received a good review from our customers.


HAJIMETENO Anal Red is slime trim anal dildo for the beginners. It is made of high-quality material with the narrow starting. HAJIMETENO Anal is long in length so beginner uses it. A beginner can start and managing the length, where experts take full advance of its length for deeper pleasure.

Where I actually used was like this

I never have experienced anal play before, I tried first time because my boyfriend wanted to be. We try HAJIMETENO Anal Red. I just follow my boyfriend instruction quietly. At the start, it was uncomfortable with HAJIMETENO Anal Red but he performs well with foreplay, so after a bit practice, I started enjoying it and feel the anal play. It happened just because of such Anal plug.

Aqua mall S snow

Aqua mall S snow is small size anal bead toy. It is perfect for the beginner to become an expert. Because a beginner can start with smaller rings and can move forward as their experience and time. It is made of Silicone material, so a user can feel soft touch.

Where I actually used was like this

As I am new to the anal sex world, to chose Aqua mall S snow is my best decision. It makes my first attempt awesome and it is absolutely best for the 3-4 attempt. It also gives me pleasure by allowing multiple vibrations on the anal. Its high-quality material is also comfortable. I enjoyed the Aqua mall S snow experience very well.