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Butt Plug

Here is the Butt Plug you need if you like anal penetration. We offer a wide range of sizes, from beginner to large, in a variety of materials at great prices!

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How To Use and Cautions for Butt Plug for Beginners
How To Use and Cautions for Butt Plug
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How to make indian male anal bigger?
How to do anal masturbation for men and what to look out for
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Butt Plug in India

Butt Plug in India


What is the Butt Plug? How does it work?


It is used for anal dilation and insertion practice. We recommend using this Butt Plug first if you want to do anal masturbation or want to try anal sex.

Beginners should first become accustomed to insertion with an anal plug, and then you can use an anal dildo or anal vibrator.

Once the anus is developed, dry orgasm can be achieved.

The contents of this article are as follows

If you are interested in anal masturbation or anal sex, please refer to this article to familiarize yourself with anal penetration.

What is the Butt Plug?

What is the Butt Plug?

The Butt Plug is ideal for anal dilation and anal insertion practice.

The benefits of the Butt Plug include

Silicone material and metal types are very popular. They are gentle on the sensitive anus and can stimulate it without hurting it.

Beginners may feel strong pain if an anal dildo or penis is inserted suddenly.

Once you are accustomed to anal plug insertion, you can enjoy anal masturbation and anal sex using other anal toys.

If you are familiar with anal penetration and are interested in anal or prostate masturbation in the future, please refer to the following articles.

If you are not yet experienced in anal play, please continue reading to learn how to use and recommend the Butt Plug.

How to use the Butt Plug

How to use the Butt Plug

This section explains how to use the anal plug properly.

If you try to force insertion with just the anal plug, you will feel pain and worry about hurting the anal area.

  1. Anal Wash
  2. Anal Massage
  3. Apply sex lubricant
  4. Insert anal plug

Because the anus is an area where bacteria can easily accumulate, it must be cleaned before using an anal plug.

It can be easily cleaned by injecting clean water into the anus while using a syringe.

Once cleaning is complete, put on finger sacks or rubber gloves and massage the anal area to relax the anal muscles.

Apply sex lubricant and gently press around the anus with the belly of the finger to stimulate. Insert the finger into the anus, moving gradually from the outside of the anus to the inside.

Before inserting the anal plug, apply sex lubricant to the anus and plug. Since the anal area dries easily, a highly viscous sex lubricant is recommended.

Although anal plugs are designed to stimulate the anus, forcible insertion is dangerous. Insert it slowly and painlessly into the anus.

For more information on how to use the Butt Plug, please refer to the following article.

Butt Plug recommended at STI

Butt Plug recommended at STI

The following are the most popular Butt Plugs at Sex Toys India.

The shape and material of each product is different, so the pleasure you can get from it is also different.


STI original products are low price, high quality. You won't find them on other sites.

Indian anal fucker plug 1

The tip is thin and allows for gradual anal dilation without chipping the load on the anus.

It is made of anal-friendly silicone material, so there is absolutely no worry about hurting the anus.

This anal plug is quite popular among anal play beginners.


If you are worried about anal insertion, we recommend this item first. There is no need to worry about opening the anus all at once.

Desi Anal Player - 01

The thicker and thinner shapes allow you to enjoy anal opening and closing.

The neckline allows for a never-ending anal masturbation experience.

The surface is soft and fits any kind of anus.


You can enjoy the opening and closing of the anus as you insert it. The price is also reasonable at Rs 1149

Metal anal plug [M-size]

Because it is made of metal, it can be inserted with more pressure than silicone ones.

It can also be left in the anus. The feeling of a foreign object is rather addictive.

You can feel a sense of luxury and excitement that only metal can provide. The cool and hard feeling is an advantage that can only be felt with metal.

STI Girl

Metal is extremely hard and durable. It can be used for a long period of time without failure.

Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-S

This item is an anal plug made of silicone with a thicker nipple.

You can enjoy not only anal dilation, but also play with it left in the anus for a long time.

There is a sparkling stone embedded in the bottom. It gives a luxurious feeling even when inserted.


It is made of silicone and has a soft and elastic surface. It is quite popular for play in which it is left in the anus for a long time.

Anal Happy Plug w Black vibe

A vibrator is built into the anal plug. It can not only extend the anus, but also provide vibration inside the anus.

Ten levels of vibration can be sent by remote control operation. You can experience the best pleasure from the vibration alone without having to remove and insert the anal plug.


You can experience pleasurable sensations that cannot be experienced with fingers or ordinary anal plugs..



The Butt Plug is an item that should be used by anal beginners. It promotes anal dilation, and once you get used to it, you will be able to use anal vibrators and anal dildos.

If you want to achieve anal orgasm or dry orgasm, it is recommended to start with anal plugs without any difficulty.

STI also offers an anal plug set for anal beginners. It includes a thin anal stick and lubricant that can be easily inserted by beginners.

They are more affordable than individual products and allow even beginners to slowly develop their anus.

Please enjoy fulfilling anal masturbation and anal sex by expanding your anus with the anal plugs introduced so far.