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Butt Plug

Best buttplug for anal lover Indian couples.Cheap and best price butt plugs and tool online.

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Butt Plug in India

Butt Plug in India

Butt Plug is a sex toy that is used for anal dilatation and anal masturbation. Primarily, the Butt Plug is used for anal masturbation, but also for prostate masturbation, or as a preparation for anal sex.

The surface material is smooth, and when used with lubricant, the Butt Plug can be inserted easily, even for beginners in anal play.

If an anal beginner tries to use an anal sex toy that is too large or has a complicated shape that stimulates the prostate from the start, there is a risk of anal injury.

The anal is one of the most delicate parts of the body, so it is best to start with a small Butt Plug to get used to insertion.

Click here for Beginners Anal Toys

In this article, we explain what situations the Butt Plug can be used in and what problems it can solve.

We also recommend the best Butt Plug for anal masturbation. If you want to check out the most popular Butt Plug in India right now, check it out below.

Purpose of Butt Plug

Purpose of butt plug

There are many purposes for using a Butt Plug. If you're wondering if the Butt Plug is right for you, or if it's safe to use, please refer to the following list.

  • To enjoy anal masturbation
  • Preparation for prostate masturbation
  • For beginners to start anal play
  • Practice anal penetration for anal sex

With the Butt Plug, you can of course enjoy the pleasure of expansion and contraction of the hole while inserting it in and out of your anus. There are many people, both men and women, who enjoy the pleasure of having the Butt Plug in their anus.

There are also anal sex toys such as anal vibrators and anal beads, but they are actually too hard for beginners to enjoy. If you have never done anal masturbation before, that is, if your anus is not dilated, you may want to use the Butt Plug for beginners.

This toy allows beginners to start anal masturbation without feeling much pain or discomfort.

Men have a prostate gland at the back of their anus, and by stimulating that sexually sensitive area, you can achieve orgasms that cannot be compared to penile masturbation.

In order to stimulate this prostate gland, you need to use a sex toy that is designed and made specifically for it.

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However, there are actually not so many people who start from this toy, but the majority use the Butt Plug as preparation prior to prostate masturbation.

If you want to have a dry orgasm in your prostate, which is the ultimate male pleasure, you need to use the Butt Plug.

If you want to feel the best stimulation with a prostate device after dilating your anus with the Butt Plug, you can find prostate sex toys below.

You can also use the Butt Plug to dilate your anus on a regular basis to make anal play with your partner easier. In order to be able to insert your penis into the anus, you should practice insertion with the Butt Plug.

Let's check out how to choose the right Butt Plug, which is important for beginners who want to start anal masturbation and anal sex.

Points to consider when choosing a butt plug

How to choose a butt plug

Now that you know what a Butt Plug can do, let's review what to look for when choosing a Butt Plug.

Here are a few things to look for in order to choose the right Butt Plug for you.

  • Size and shape
  • Material
  • Price

The first thing to consider is the size and shape of the plug. If you try to use a Butt Plug that is too large, it will increase the strain on your anus.

If you are new to anal masturbation and are not used to inserting a butt plug into your anus, it is best to choose a butt plug that is one inch in diameter.

This will allow you to perform anal masturbation and dilation without feeling uncomfortable, even if your anus is not dilated yet.

Anal is a very delicate part of the body, so you should use a Butt Plug made of a material that will not damage your skin. The popular Butt Plug in India, which I will introduce later, is made of skin-friendly material and can be used without any problems.

Another important factor to consider is the price, which should be around Rs1500 to Rs3000. If you buy an item that is too expensive, you will be financially burdened if it does not suit your body.

After understanding the points to consider when choosing, let's look for the most popular and recommended items in India.

5 popular butt plugs in India

Popular butt plug

The following are popular butt plugs in India. They are all thin at the tip and gradually get thicker towards the base. These are the most popular butt plugs in India.

Producte Price Thickest Part
Desi Anal Plug-wave Rs1,600 1 inches
Desi Anal Plug-2step Rs1,600 1 inches
Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-M Rs2,200 1.4 inches
Pointed Anal Plug Rs2,240 1.4 inches
Indian Anal Butt plug Rs2,320 3.3 inches

If you are having trouble choosing a butt plug product, try choosing from the most popular ones in India. You will have a better chance of finding an item that will satisfy you.

Desi Anal Plug-wave

Out Of Stock

With a diameter of 1 inch, it is gentle enough for beginners, and the silicone material allows you to enjoy anal masturbation without feeling any discomfort or pain by using lubricant.

The thickness varies from the tip to the middle, so you can experience different pleasures as you insert it. You can feel the gradual stimulation of the anal passage as it opens and closes.

The handle at the base makes it easy to insert and pull out even when you are on all fours. If you are a beginner anal enthusiast, this is the perfect item for you.

Recommended points:

  • Anal play beginners
  • Anal masturbation
  • I want to expand my anus without pain
  • I want to start with a thin type
  • Skin-friendly material

Desi Anal Plug-2step

The tip of the plug is thin and the middle part is thick. It can be inserted slowly at the tip and thicker at the middle.

Try inserting the tip slowly at first, and if you want to get more anal opening pleasure, try inserting it deeper.

This item also comes with a handle to make it easier to insert and remove. It is made of silicone material, which gently touches the delicate anus and provides a smooth insertion feeling.

Recommended points:

  • Anal play beginners
  • Two levels of thickness change
  • Anal masturbation
  • Anal dilation
  • Skin-friendly material

Jeweled Desi Anal Plug-M

Out Of Stock

This Butt Plug is egg-shaped and made of silicone, so you can enjoy inserting it without putting stress on your anus.

The Butt Plug is egg-shaped and made of silicone, so you can enjoy anal penetration without stress.

You can also keep it in your anus for a long time, and wearing it for a long time will help expand your anus.

Once you get used to this size, you will be able to use other larger sex toys as well.

This is especially recommended for men and women who masturbate to anal sex and want to prepare for anal sex in the future.

This is a great tool for those who want to prepare for anal sex.

Recommended points:

  • Intermediate users who are used to anal penetration
  • Want an egg-shaped Butt Plug
  • Want to do anal masturbation
  • Preparation for prostate masturbation
  • Want to expand anal

Pointed Anal Plug

Out Of Stock

This item is thicker at the base and thinner towards the tip, allowing you to feel the pleasure of opening your anus as you insert it deeper.

This item also comes with a handle for easy insertion and removal. Like the other Butt Plugs, this one is made of silicone for a smooth insertion experience.

The tip is thin enough for even the most novice anal user to insert without difficulty. You can also use it as an anal sex toy.

Recommended points:

  • Anal play beginners and intermediate players
  • Want a Butt Plug that gets thicker as you insert
  • Anal masturbation
  • Preparation for prostate masturbation
  • Anal dilatation

Indian Anal Butt plug

This item is also thin at the tip and thickens at the base. It is flexible enough to be bent, so it can be placed in the anus and change its shape while stimulating.

It can be used with lubricant for smooth insertion. The thickness of the middle part is 3.3 inches, but the tip is thin enough for beginners to enjoy the insertion.

You can gradually expand your anus at your own pace, so it is suitable for both beginners and intermediate users who are used to anal penetration.

Recommended points:

  • Anal beginners and intermediate users
  • Want to masturbate in the anus
  • Anal dilation
  • Preparation for anal play
  • Practice for prostate masturbation

How to use butt plug properly

How to use butt plug

Before using the Butt Plug, be sure to learn how to use it. The anal area is one of the most delicate parts of the body, and you risk damaging it if you use it in the wrong way.

This section will explain the items you need to use the Butt Plug and the procedure for using them. We also introduce some precautions that you should not take.

Master the right way and enjoy comfortable anal play.

What you need

You will need the following tools to insert the Butt Plug into your anus.

  • Butt Plug
  • Lubricant
  • Anal cleaner
  • Towel

First, choose the Butt Plug that best suits your anal needs. If you'd like to go over how to choose and popular items again, please go back there.

You have to use lubricant because anal does not get wet no matter how excited you are. The anal area absorbs moisture easily and the lubricant will dry out over time.

You can get lubricant from Sex Toys India for as low as Rs199.

Whenever you insert a sex toy into your anus, you will need to clean your anus. This is because you can't concentrate on masturbation if the sex toy is unclean and smelly due to stool on it.

You can use the following tools to inject clean water into your anus and clean it.

The anal opening is small, so it is advisable to use a device that can be injected accurately.

If you want to use a lubricant, you should use a lubricant that will not stain the sheets or bed in your room. Always have a towel handy to avoid staining.

Procedure for using the butt plug

Steps to use a butt plug

Once you have all the necessary items, follow the correct steps to insert the butt plug into your anus. This will allow you to expand your anus and enjoy anal masturbation without any problems.

  1. Cleanse your anus
  2. Massage the area around your anus
  3. Insert the Butt Plug
  4. Gently pull it in and out

The first step is to use a special anal cleanser to inject clean water into the anus to remove dirt from the inside and around the anus.

Do this while on all fours or on your back. It is not possible to completely clean the area with just one injection, so the area around the anus should be cleaned two or three times.

After that, you will put lubricant on your fingers and anus and massage the hole before inserting the Butt Plug. If you are a beginner, your anus will be especially tense.

The more you massage and release the tension, the easier it will be to insert the Butt Plug smoothly into your anus.

Once your muscles at the anus are relaxed, insert the Butt Plug. Apply a generous amount of lubricant before insertion.

After applying the lubricant, insert the plug gently and slowly. Once the Butt Plug is in place, leave it there to acclimate.

If you move it right away, you will likely feel pain. When you feel comfortable inserting it, slowly pull it in and out to stimulate it.

If you want more details, this article is helpful.


Cautions for using butt plugs

There are a few things to keep in mind when inserting the Butt Plug into the anal. Since this is masturbation at a very sensitive area, the following precautions should be taken.

If you are too enthusiastic about anal play, it may have a negative impact on your body.

  • Always add more lube when it gets dry
  • Be careful not to overdo anal masturbation

The anal cavity absorbs moisture easily, and the lubricant tends to dry out during penetration. If you pull the butt plug in and out while it is dry, you may damage your anus.

If you feel any discomfort during insertion, you should suspect that the lubricant has dried up.

It is also not a good idea to overextend your anus. If you dilate your anus to the size of an normal anal sex toy, there is no problem, but if you dilate it too much, the muscles that tighten the hole will weaken and your body will not be able to hold back stool.

It is very dangerous to dilate your anus to the size of a fist. Please consider these risks while enjoying safe and comfortable insertion with the Butt Plug.

How to maintain your Butt Plug

Maintaining the Butt Plug

If you neglect to clean your Butt Plug after use, it can leave behind smudge and bacteria that can enter your body and cause infections the next time you use it.

In addition, dirtiness tends to accumulate around the anal area more than on other parts of the body, so be sure to maintain your Butt Plug after play. The maintenance procedure is as follows

  • Wash off the residue with water
  • Wash the entire butt plug with body soap
  • Wipe it off with a towel and dry it

The Butt Plug is made of silicone and can be easily cleaned with water and hand soap.

Even if you want to go to bed after anal play, be sure to wash it so that it is clean and safe to use again next time.


In this article, I have introduced in detail the benefits of the Butt Plug, the purpose of using it, and recommended items.

  • For expanding anus
  • For anal masturbation
  • In preparation for prostate masturbation
  • To get used to anal stimulation before anal sex

Butt Plugs can be used for purposes listed above, and we recommend it to people who want to experience these things. The Butt Plug has types that can be inserted easily even for beginners, and types for advanced users who are experienced in anal insertion.

If you are wondering that you want to experience the ultimate pleasure of prostate masturbation or anal sex, you should use Butt Plug as preparation to get used to insertion in the anal.

If you would like to check out the popular Butt Plug in India again, click here to check it out.