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Butt Plug

Best buttplug for anal lover Indian couples.Cheap and best price butt plugs and tool online.

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Butt Plug

Butt plugs are anal sex toys which is use to insert into butt which give you sexual pleasure. It will use to stimulate the butt or anus by insertion it in anus. Butt plugs are used by both man and women. Butt plugs is a device which is used for masturbation or during sex to make more joy. You can use it for masturbation at anywhere in any situation. A butt plug increase sensation level and stimulate the very sensitive back vaginal wall and the more sensitive gland present in anus by insertion of plug. It will give you pleasant experience and can increase sexual pressure.

It will give you leisure of anal sex which will give penis like feel because of it soft texture. Butt plugs are great to stimulate deep inside the anal nerve to give you instance sexual pleasure. People are use butt plugs for different- different reason some people are use it in foreplay some are use it for preparing the anus muscles for anal sex or some are using it for finding more pleasurable stimulating in anus. Men's are use it for prostate stimulation which will give them a instance intimate feeling. It will also use as sexual intercourse.


  • Material: Plastic, silicon, elastomer, rubber.
  • Size: Small - large.
  • Color: Many colors,like black, skin color, etc.
  • Vibe: Some items have vibe function.
  • Flexibility: Enough Flexible.

How to Use

You can insert butt plug in many way but first thing is, you have to take care of hygiene- clean the butt plug properly. Then apply little amount of lubricant to reduce friction and for more sexual pleasure. Then slowly start inserting the butt plug in anus take your time while inserting the butt plug. Give it race slow and steady to use new sensation in your body.


If you feel that it hurts you than stop it because anal sex or masturbation is some time cause of discomfort at beginning. Don't use silicone base lubes for silicone base butt toys. Use thicker lubricant always. Keep it clean with anti bacterial soap and warm water .Use safely.

Our Views

Butt plug is use to insert into anus for sexual pleasure or masturbation. It will enhance the sensitivity in anus wall or anus nerve will increase sexual pleasure. Butt plug use to foreplay also.