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Douches & Enemas

Best Anal douches and enemas.Cheap gay enema toys, anal enema bulb, shower enema, toys for the couple, adults.

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Anal Douches and Enemas

Anal douches and enemas tool is use to clean anus before sex for hygiene concern. Anal douches and enemas are use to ensure the butt clean before sex play, it is essential to clean impurities which is present inside the butt wall. Anal douches and enemas will give you fresh and clean butt sex feel.

Anal douches and enemas are use to clean nasty stuff which is present in rectum. Some peoples are use it before oral sex. Anal douches consist a rubber bulb lead to a thin pipe or tube with hole end of the tube. Anal douches and enemas are use before oral sex, gays and lesbians are more like to use it before oral sex. Anal douches and enemas is viable option for female or male for anal sex.

Anal douches and enemas offer you a quick cleaning of anal. If you want to experience mind blowing anal sex than use it. Some women are use it as masturbation for sexual satisfaction and replace it with real sex. Anal douches are present in different sizes and colors to give satisfaction to users need of level.


  • Material: plastic, silicon.
  • Color: almost transparent, white,black.
  • Object type: anal cleaner.

How to Use

First clean the anal douches and enemas for take care of hygiene to preventing from infection. Fill the rubber bulb with water. Do not use too much cold or too much hot water and do not use soap because soap is the cause of irritation in anal cavity . Then apply lubricant on anal cavity or douche tube to easy insertion of tube inside the cavity of butt. Then attach both part of anal douche (attach tube and rubber blub). After that insert it into cavity of anal, then release the water into rectum. Squeeze the bulb of douche for clean the rectum. After this process remove the douche.


Avoid cold or hot water use normal water for douching. Wash the douches before use it. Make sure you are using a lube for remove friction. Use it safely. Use anal douche 45 minutes before anal play. You will need to adjust the angle of your body according to way of using douches.

Our Views

Hygiene is very important during oral sex for not getting infected. So anal douches are use for cleaning of anal or use it as masturbation your anus.We introduce various kinds of goods etc. for washing firmly. Prevent clean infections with clean anal and start fun anal sex and anal masturbation.