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Douches & Enemas

Best Anal douches and enemas.Cheap gay enema toys, anal enema bulb, shower enema, toys for the couple, adults.

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Let’s try anal sex! Explaining how to properly perform anal sex.
How to properly perform anal sex?
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How to do anal masturbation for men
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What is Douches and Enema Kits?

What is Douches and Enema?

Anal cleaning is required before every anal sex. Don't you think so? A clean anus gives a better and safest anal sex to Indians. Here we are introducing anal douches and enemas kit that help you to clean your anus from the deep. Anal douches and enema is easy procedure to do. We know, now you are thinking that anal douching is safer to do or not? Well it is beneficial for all the user, beginners and experience if they follow correct way of how to do douching with water. We have a complete guide, beginner should also check precaution to enter in the anal sex with enemas and glycerine.

What is Anal Douches and Enema?

What is Anal Douches and Enema?

Anal douches and enema is a device which people used before the sexual activity. A user uses the douches and enema to clean the anal or rectum before anal sex and using anal sex toys. While involving in the anal sex, it is essential for almost every user to clean the impurities of the rectum which is inside the butt wall. It is also used to clean the nasty stuff. This whole process is known as anal douching.

Some of the people also use douches and enema before oral sex. Any people either men, women, gay or lesbian can easily use the douches and enema. If a couple wants to experience the enhance pleasure during the anal sex then they should use the douches and enema.

Douches consists of a rubber bulb lead to a thin tube which holds the end of the tube and enema is the solution that is filled in this anal douches. Anal Douches and enema that kind of sex toys are available in the market with different colour, shape, size and textures. In term of size means the quality of water it can store.

A user can select any of the douches and enema according to their need, choice and budgets. You can purchase the douches and enema either from the shop or from the online store. Also, available toys in the category of Douches and Enema not only used for cleaning the anal but also for injection of lubricant. It can be moistened the inside the vagina or male masturbator deeply.

Things to know about enema

Things to know about enema

An enema is the injection of liquid which men and women use to motivate evacuation. They use the enema to clean the anal. Enema has also many other benefits. If a user has full of shit and they are unable to remove it easily then, in this case, they should use the enema. With the help of enema kit india, user can easily get rid of it. It is also safe for the body, so the one who have sensitive skin can also use it.

A user can make an enema at their home also. To make the enema at home, you need water, glycerin solution, saline solution, citric acid solution, coffee thinning liquid etc. Any people can easily use the enema and can made it at home. Before using anal toys such as Anal Beads, Anal Dildos, Anal Vibrators, Butt Plugs, etc., you should use Anal douches & enemas etc to concentrating on the play after cleaning the anal. Anal douching is a first process of how to do anal sex that you should follow, if you have your anal sex toy.

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Is enema safe?

If a user uses the enema in a proper manner then it is safe, more effective and comfortable. In some of the case, an enema is also used for a medical purpose, so it is safe and does not make any harm.

What is glycerin?

What is glycerin?

Glycerin is a type of alcohol which is used in making the enema. It is decomposed by enzymes in the body like sugar. It is a material which is essential for drugs or medicine, cosmetics, food etc. It also helps people to moisturize the body. Glycerin has a moisturizing and softening effect which helps to make the skin soft. People use the glycerin during the anal sex to make the anal muscles soft and smooth. It can also work as lubrication in anus.

How to use Anal douches and anal enema?

How to use Anal douches and anal enema?

It is important for a couple to use the douches and enema in a proper manner. Before using any of the douches and enema, it is important for the user to read the instruction which is given in the manual. A user should use the douches and enema before involving in the anal sex so that they can feel the odourless pleasure feelings as well as clean feeling.


First, user should clean the douches and enema properly with water or antiseptic liquid to make it free from germs and bacteria. After cleaning the douches and enema, you should fill the rubber bulb with water. You should always use normal water. If you use too cold or too hot water or soap then it causes the irritation in anal. It is important for user to apply a personal lubricant. A user can apply the personal lubricant near the anal and also on the tip of the douches and enema. Personal lubricant helps to reduce friction and make the surface slippery.

Now, take a deep breath and lose all their tensions. There are situations where you have a partner and you do it without anyone's help, yet there are no real differences in fundamental position and strategy.

After lubricate the tip, should attach both the part of the anal douches (tube and rubber bulb).

Now, user can easily insert the anal douches and enema into the cavity of anal and once it inserted, release the water into the rectum. User has to squeeze the bulb of the douches to clean the rectum. At last, remove the douches properly. This is the way of how to clean ass before anal sex.

Suitable position for enema

Suitable position for enema

There are different positions to put the enema. The most common position is user should lie on their back with their knees drawn towards their chest. Some people lie on their side because they feel easier and they take more liquid. A user can select any of the positions according to their comfort and need.

How many minutes should I wait?

If a user uses the enema of glycerin solution then they can complete it with a single process. Let's endure at least 3 to 5 minutes. If the user keeps their time in a proper manner then it helps them in many ways such as softened faeces, etc and leading to smooth emptying sooner.

Tips for Enema

When injecting the enema into the anus, the pressure is applied from the vicinity of the anus to the rectum. In case, if the water or the glycerine remains inside the anal then there is a possibility that the strong urge may be held again in a few seconds. But after cleaning the anal, user should wait for 10 to 15 minutes to start the anal play. Time clearance is must in anal sex.

What does liquid use?

What does liquid use?

A user can also make the enema liquid at their home, if don't want to use market enema solutions. The ingredients of the enema liquid are lukewarm water, soapy water, saline solution, glycerin etc.

Lukewarm water

While making the enema, a user should avoid using the mineral water. You should always use lukewarm water. You should inject approx 200ml enema. More than 1 litre will increase risk.

Soapy water

Soapy water helps user in many ways. It stimulates the digestion tracts by alkalinity and advances peristaltic development. There is additionally a capacity to mellow the dung. Sensitive to the delicate intestinal mucosa slightly.

Saline solution (physiological saline)

Saline solution is suitable for cleaning purpose. It puts a small burden on the muscles and stimulation. User should always try with the thinner concentration. The range of the thinner concentration is almost 5 to 15 per cent.


Glycerin is a type of alcohol which helps to maintain the skin moisture. It also helps to stimulate the rectum, it strengthens in terms of having a bowel movement and making it easy to evacuate.


Along with this, there is also different types of enema is available in the market such as coffee, milk or cola enema. A coffee enema is recommended for the health. Milk or cola enema is one of the most popular enemas which is used by many people all over the world.

Tool type

Tool type

In the market varieties of anal doucher and enema tools are available. With the help of anal douches & enema tools, people can easily inject the enema and clean the anus.

Rubber pump type

Rubber type pump is generally made with rubber or silicone. It is designed in a simple manner and its injection part is thin and enters only a small amount. The water is put inside the pump and grasps it and injects it. While using this type of pump, a user should not inject more at the same time. This type of pump is especially recommended for beginner user because it places fewer burdens on the rectum and anal region.

Simple type with nozzle

In this type of anal douches & enema tools, a nozzle is attached. It is generally made of plastic material. A user can also use it for internal cleaning. This is compatible for both injection and cleaning. Treatment might be required, for example, the length and distance of nozzle is fairly, and when you relieve your hand from the injection, it goes in forward directly. User should keep this in mind.

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Rubber syringe type

It is a type of syringe which is made with the rubber. A user can put one side into the inside anus and one side into the washbowl filled with water. After that squeeze the pump in the centre and suck it up. A use should repeat this process and inject the enema into the rectum.

This type of tools is very easy to use and handle. While using this type of syringe or tool, intestinal wall can also be washed easily. It is one of the most balanced products.

Syringe type

Syringe type is generally plastic or glass type. It is available in the market with different size from 50mm up to 200mm. People can easily calculate the capacity of enema while using this type of syringe. Along with water, user also use it for injection of gel and lubricant, and it can be trusted by the range of application.

Rectal Irrigation

Rectal Irrigation is injecting the tap warm water into the rectum via anus and allows the water expelled out and cleans the anus as well as colon. When Rectal Irrigation tool are used in SM, the passionate side as well as the blame side is a place where you want to have skilled experience and knowledge. It is a feeling for professional anal cleaning use.

Shower enema

Shower enema is a special type of enema tools which help a user to flush out colon easily. To use the shower enema there is some method. A user can directly put the injection of mouth against anal. User can easily use and handle this type of enema tools. The beginner user should avoid using the shower enema.

Washlet enema

The people who regularly use the enema can prefer the washlet enema tools. It is used to clean the anal as well as the rectum. It is convincing that it is possible to state that such styles are also possible because the anal inside seems to be relaxed for about 3 days after the anal play.

Why enemas is necessary before anal sex?

Why enemas is necessary before anal sex?

Not absolutely necessary, but it is a good idea to use an anal enema before anal sex for hygiene purpose. We known anus is for poop and there are huge chances of having unwanted dirt in the anus.

So it is good to first clean the unwanted dirt and later enjoy the anal sex with fun. Anus also has massive amounts of bacteria, including many pathogens. This is also dangerous and can transmit from one to another, but douching and enema process make it safe. Anal enema is answer of what to do before anal sex for sure.

Precaution for safety

Precaution for safety

Anal douching and enema is not good to use for a long time and used on a regular basis. Strictly no to use it for two-three times in a week. If you find flowing blood, it may be due to deep insertion in the intestine and intestine causes blood. Blooding can leads to hemolysis and renal failure dangerous, so aware.

Douches and enemas absolutely not to do for.

  • At the point, when intestinal scarring and butt-centric hemorrhoids are available.
  • At the point, when women is pregnant.
  • At the point, when you are physical strength decline like during illness.
  • At the point, when there is a scar on the mid-region, for example, sutures
  • At the point, when having wound on the stomach.
  • At the point, when having stomach-ache, nausea, vomiting and vaginal bleeding. Heart disease person.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here are number of anal cleaning products that you can try before having anal sex. Let's know about some of them.

Oshirinoana kireikirei

Oshirinoana KireiKirei is anal douche that used to clean the anus before anal play. It is made of plastic so easy to insert and comfortable to use. It has a ball with a long nozzle that goes deep in the anus. It properly cleans the unwanted filth and stool from the anus. It is also recommended as medical treatment.

Where I actually used was like this

It is quite nice, even for the beginner because it has a thin nozzle that goes inside easily. I first use Oshirinoana KireiKirei with my partner. I usually try anal pump and douches, but my partner is a new one. But as it is best for beginner, so she felt comfortable. It helps me a lot in my first anal play with my loved partner.


MEDY No.5 EASY PUMPS is an anal pump that pumps out the dirt particles from the anus. It has a squeezable bulb where water can be store and work to pump out the dirt. It has a bearable nozzle. It can hold approx. 300 ml water to the clean rectum.

Where I actually used was like this

MEDY No.5 EASY PUMPS is two in one. I brought it for the lubricant injection deep in the anus, but I used it with water as well for rectum cleaning. It is easy to use and comfortable to use because it is designed in a sleek & thin size. Me and my partner both use it in our anal sex and satisfied with it.

Enema Clean

Enema Clean is anal cleaning pump. It has a plastic nozzle with a silicone bulb. Silicon bulb holds the water and pumps out and pump in the liquid. As it is made by silicon, it is flexible and works well. Plastic nozzle goes inside the anus without any difficulty.

Where I actually used was like this

I wanted some flexible anal douches, so I brought Enema Clean. It fulfils my need and makes my anal play clean. I used just before having anal sex with my partner. It works well for me that my fingers don't do. I like the Enema Clean experience. One day my partner also use this and she also loves it.


Top Syringe also used to inject water and lubricant in an anus. Top Syringe work by pushing the plunger part. Its insertion pat is only 5mm in diameter, so beginners can also use it. Mostly Top Syringe is used to allow lubricant deep in the anus. This lube syringe has finger grips for easy insertion.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought this Top Syringe for anal to inject the lubricant in the anal. A lubricant is easy fills in the tube because it has a removable plunger It is very convenient. With the help of Top Syringe, I inject the lubricant on the correct point even without any difficulty. Also, it is helpful for anus cleaning. I use it that way as well.