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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan
Male Prostate Toys

Best Male Prostate masturbation toys.Cheap Mens massagers,vibrators,masturbator for indian guys anals.

Male Prostate Toys List

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Male Prostate Toys

Male prostate toy is a prostate massager for males rectum. It is the anal toy which is used by man to give massage on their anal. Prostate massager is a kind of anal dildos, butt plugs or male P-spot massager which is mainly used to stimulate prostate gland. It is ideal for beginners too. Prostate gland is a semen storing gland which is located at the root of penis or a few inches inside the anal where difficult to reach with fingers. So we use prostate massager to reach at prostate gland easily.

When using prostate massager well it may lead to prostate orgasm which is also known as super-O. Prostate massager is used to give massage on prostate gland to release the filthy semen & clean semen. Prostate massager gives you an incredible & delightful anal orgasmic climax.

Prostate massager is made by silicon steel material which gives realistic fun & is available in curved shaft to reach at prostate gland easily. Prostate massagers are available in both vibrating or non-vibrating modes. Vibrating prostate massagers consists battery source which makes it bigger in circumference. If you are beginner you can use non vibrating prostate massager which is small in size & circumference.


  • Material: plastic, silicon, elastomer.
  • Color: Many colors.
  • Type: wireless, wired ,built in type.
  • Vibe: Some items have vibe function.

How to Use

Apply lubrications on your rectum to get flexible taste, during use of Prostate Massager. It may be discomfort for you if you don't use lubricants on it. Lie back on your comfortable position or take position on your hands or knees & gradually insert prostate massager. You can use with remote control also & It will be awesome if you are performing with partner.

But do it for small bit of time. Prostate massager can give you an unforgettable experience if you are using at first time. It might be quite painful for you but after that you will surely enjoy this variation. So use it very carefully. You need to insert prostate massager inside your rectum gradually so it will give you pleasure & will turn into orgasm if you are making masturbation too at the same moment.

Prostate massager comes with Flanged shape which makes it secure to insert inside your rectum & it will give you sensation during foreplay or anal play. After using this prostate massager you need to clean with fresh towel or tissue paper & allow dry air on your plug to store in a safe place.


When using prostate massager it is must to know how to use or remove the toy first or how it works. You must be ensure that these prostate massagers are of good quality & easy durable. Make sure that prostate massagers must be of larger size or having flanged shape so it will stay outside the anal or avoid unwanted insertion. These shapes makes prostate massagers easier to remove from anal.

Don't use prostate massagers all the time because it might damage your rectum route & get swelling onto rectum. So try it for a particular time.After using this prostate massager, you need to wash it. By keeping it clean your prostate massager will keep last longer & will work better. Finally, keep it secure into a dry place.

Our Views

Prostate massager is incredible to have foreplay or anal play & fun, it gives really an unforgettable experience for the amateur people who having intercourse or making love first in their life time. It is really ideal for beginners who never tried it before in their sex life. We must suggest to use prostate massager once in your life time to get enticing & tempting orgasm with masturbation.

It will be awesome always by men or women who wants excitement & sensuousness during foreplay or masturbation. Prostate massager will be awesome if you play to your partner with the help of remote control. It will definitely give you a real sex or finger job experience if you are alone or not having your sex partner, it will play a mesmerizing role in solo sex or masturbating just for you to get steamy orgasm.