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Male Prostate Toys

Best Male Prostate masturbation toys.Cheap Mens massagers,vibrators,masturbator for indian guys anals.

Male Prostate Toys List

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Male Prostate Toy?

What is prostate?

Prostate is mysterious organ. Prostate orgasm is unlike other feeling in man’s body. That not it, prostate masturbation also helps in dry orgasm. Who do not know how prostate massage and dry orgasm link, we will help you. It is pleasurable but men should know about its caution point especially beginners before involving in it. It is possible only by using prostate massagers and vibrating prostate toys that can be used by any men from beginner to expert, if they know how to masturbate with prostate toys.

What is prostate?

What is prostate?

The prostate is one of the most sensitive organs which is only available in men. It is a walnut-sized gland which is located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is located in front of the rectum. The main role of the prostate is the secretion of prostatic fluid. The secretion of prostatic fluid also helps to make the sperm and activate the sperm. The prostate has a varied role. The prostate is also a mysterious organ in male.

What is prostate massager?

A prostate massager is a special type of male sex toy and gay sex toys which they use to massage their prostate gland. Male people can use this male prostate toy either for medical purpose or for sexual pleasure(self prostate massage). For a medical purpose, the prostate massager is used to make the treatment of prostate enlargement by massaging the prostate.

Now a day, most of the men and gay people use the prostate massager for prostate masturbation. The male partner uses prostate toys to stimulate the prostate during sexual activity for pleasure feelings. Prostate massagers also help men to achieve orgasm. Male partner can easily use this male prostate toys with a partner or alone during masturbation.

Is prostate massage increase pleasure?

What is prostate?

Now a day, most of the male partner can prefer the prostate massage for sexual pleasure by prostate toys for men. The prostate massager can increase the climax by 33%. Male partner announced thicker erections with prostate incitement and almost 80% of female partner said they would like to rub their partner's anus. It is one of the famous massage sex in India that couples try. Male massager are also included in sex toys for couples.

A good place for prostate massage

Basically, the prostate massager toy is discovered for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy. But it becomes more popular as a sex toy. Men can use the prostate massager to stimulate the prostate during the sexual activity which provides a unique sensation and enhance regular sexual pleasure. Male partner can also use the prostate massager during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual need.

It is said that a female partner can feel the more pleasant feeling as compared to a male partner. During sexual activity, once men ejaculate, the pleasure ends. But if men use the prostate massager then they can enjoy the pleasant feeling for many times. Men can also use prostate massager to stimulate the penis normally. It is very easy for many men to use it because it is a dry orgasm without ejaculation.

What is prostate toys?

What is prostate toys?

Prostate toys is a special type of anal toys which is design in such a manner that it easily reach the prostate and only male partner can use it. With the help of prostate toys, men can easily stimulate their prostate. In the market varieties of prostate toys for men are available. Male partner can select any of the prostrate massage or toys for prostate masturbation according to their need, choice and budgets.

Why prostate toys is used?

It is a little difficult for men to stimulate the prostate with hands or fingers. So men prefer male prostate toys to stimulate the prostate gland. Male partner can use prostate toys during the anal sex or masturbation to stimulate their prostate. Male partner can insert the prostate toys in the anal and rub the prostate gland for sexual pleasure. They can also use prostate toys to make the treatment of prostate enlargement. Prostate toys also help men to achieve the climax or orgasm.

As beginner, it is recommended to use a pin point prostate stimulus. As beginners are new in the prostate stimulation through anus, so you should start with slow and small anal toys.

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Whereas, experienced men can do with their needs. They can even bear the bigger one as well as vibrating prostate toys.

If experienced men are not feel satisfied with the regular size, then they can check our over-sized dildo collection. It is exclusive in India, named Magnum Series. It is specially for expert users and anal lovers.

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What is vibrating prostate toys?

What is vibrating prostate toys?

As you know that in the market varieties of prostate toys is available. Some of the prostate toys such as Aqua mall SW blue, Desire Swing etc. is available with the vibration function whereas some are available without vibration function. The vibrating prostate toys have different types of vibration function and speed which people can easily change during sexual activity.

Even vibrating prostate toys is comfortable for dry people

There are many people who do not feel any pleasure when they use simple prostate toys. So they should go with the vibrator prostate toys. The vibrating prostate toys provide a unique and pleasant feeling for the people who do not feel at all. Male partner can not only use the prostate toys to stimulate the prostate glands but they also use it to stimulate the penis. In order to obtained the more pleasure feeling it is necessary for the men to stimulate the prostate gland for a specific period of time.

Prostate massagers and dry orgasm

Prostate massager and dry orgasm

During sexual activity when men reach to sexual climax but do not ejaculate then it is called the dry orgasm. During sexual activity, some of the men can easily reach the orgasm many times whereas some of the men cannot.

The men who do not easily achieve the orgasm should try the prostate massager. The easiest way for men to create dry climax by prostate irritation, but in addition to that, it can prompt dry climax by gathering experience with perineum incitement and others. One of the most important features of dry orgasm is that it will not be easy to repeat like women to reach the climax.

Using the prostate massager in India, men achieve the ejaculates orgasm several times. While stimulating the prostate gland, it is difficult for many people to stimulate it for a long time with their fingers, so they should use the prostate massager or toys. There is also a different type of prostate toy orgasm that induces dry orgasm by stimulating the prostate with a weak or strong current.

What is dry orgasm first?

When male partner reach the sexual climax but does not able to release the ejaculation from the penis or they release a very little amount of semen then it is called the dry orgasm. There are many reasons which cause a dry orgasm.

Causes of dry orgasm?

The dry orgasm will occur due to the many reasons such as certain medications like high blood pressure, enlarged prostate and mood disorders, diabetes, genetic abnormalities of the reproductive system, male hypogonadism, radiation therapy, retrograde ejaculation, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, spinal cord injury, etc. Some of the people make a surgery to remove the prostate glands which cause a dry orgasm. In some of the men, ejaculation occurs but instead of coming out from the penis it goes into the bladder.

Do you ejaculate with a prostate massage? Is that true?

Do you ejaculate with a prostate massage? Is that true?

Most of the people prefer prostate massage during sexual activity for ejaculation. Yes, men can enjoy the ejaculation with the correct stimulation of the prostate gland. When men ejaculate by stimulating the prostate gland then it is called the forced ejaculation or forced squirting. There are many people who hate to do forced ejaculation. It is done by stimulation the prostate gland after multiple erections. It does not lead to ejaculation if the prostate glands are not sufficiently developed. So it is important to developing the prostate first.

How to masturbate with prostate toy and how it differ

How to masturbate with prostate toy and how it differ

Most of the men prefer prostate toys during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual need. While stimulating the prostate gland, it is important for people to stimulate it slowly and smoothly for a certain period of time. With the help of prostate toys, men can easily reach to the prostate glands.

How to prostate massage with prostate toys

Before start using the prostate toys it is important for the men to use lots of personal lubricants. Men should apply the sex lubricant on the surface of the prostate toys and also near the genital area to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery. After applying the personal lubricant, massage the anal until the muscles of the anal are release and become soft. Prostate massage becomes easier if men do it with their partners. Men can massage the prostate gland by tapping, pushing or trembling.

Rectal washing

Rectal washing

Before involving in the anal sex it is important for men to clean the rectum. First, let clean the butt in a washlet. Some of the men also use the enema to clean the rectum. Men should repeat the process of drawing the washlet water after it has finished bowel movements and then drain it. The hole of the anus remains dirty unless men clean it properly with water. The prostate massager also stimulates the mucous membranes of the anus so to wash the hole of the anus is important. Once men can clean their rectum then they can easily involve in the anal sex or self prostate massage.

Foreplay stimulation

While involving in the anal sex, it is important for the men to start with the foreplay. If men immediately insert the finger or anal sex toys then instead of providing a pleasant feeling, it hurts. First men should caress the genital area and get relax so that the muscles of anal get loose.


After expending the anal hole with foreplay. Now, time to apply the personal lubricant near the anal and also on the surface of the anal sex toys or fingers and massage the anal. Men should massage the anal area from outside until the muscles of the anal become soft.

Now, men should slowly insert their finger. First, insert one finger. Once men get comfortable then insert more than one finger. Men can also insert any types of anal sex toys and massage it by tapping, pushing or trembling it.

When prostatic massage is not pleasant

When prostatic massage is not pleasant

Many men who use the prostate massager during the anal sex, do not feel comfortable at all. Such men do not feel pleasure, instead, feel pain. When men try to put the finger in the anal, they feel strange. If men want to stimulate their prostate with their fingers then it is a little difficult for them for the first time and hence feel pain. But if men try twice and three times then they get comfortable and can feel pleasure.

Caution of prostate massage

To involve in the anal sex, men should take some precaution for safety. It is important for men to cut their nails before involving in the anal sex otherwise there is a possibility that you get hurts. You should always use anal lubricant only. An anal lubricant is different from the other ordinary lubricant. If you put the finger or sex toys without massaging the anal then the sphincter muscle will be torn. In case, if men are using the silicone made sex toys then they should avoid using the silicone-based lubricant because silicone based lubricant damage the surface of the silicone made sex toys.

Actually, such danger.

During anal sex, if men use the prostate massager then it provides the unique and enhances pleasure. But if men regularly use it then it is a danger because many nerves are gathered near the prostate. Regularly using the prostate massager can seriously damage the nervous system. If men use their finger to stimulate the prostate then also it causes the problem. If men do, then it's their own responsibility to ensure safety and consideration while taking into consideration.

Prostate masturbation and sexual orientation

Prostate masturbation and sexual orientation

Prostate pleasure is the principal driver of male sexual intercourse. It is the same pleasurable as penis stimulation. Well, the production of pleasure on the prostate depends on the strength of prostate stimulation. Being too heavy and being too weak never produce pleasure. Strong pressure and stimulation can hurt too because it releases prostaglandins. Weak stimulation never works for anal and cannot produce sexual pleasure. A moderate and continue to stimulate work in the anus for prostate masturbation. However, prostate pleasure has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Heterosexual men can also enjoy prostate pleasure with their partner if they work for them.

Reaction by people

Prostate masturbation or pleasure is a varied person to person. There are also such men in the world that do not experience the prostate masturbation in their entire lives. Well, some of rarely peoples allow insertion in the anus. However, the research on men showed that men who experience anal sex said that prostate pleasure is real and significant. The prostate simulation may be climax known as "pre-climate", heterosexual and homosexual men agree with that this prostate climax is the same pleasant like a feeling of 2 seconds before ejaculation.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Let's look out some of our best prostate toy that you should use at once. This prostate toys surely gives a mind-blowing experience.


Labyrinth is a prostate toy that allows vibration too by putting on the mini bullet vibrator in it. It is made of high-quality silicone material and has exquisite curve structure that enhances the insertion fun in anal. The labyrinth is a suction type at the base, so a user can use it easily.

Where I actually used was like this

Labyrinth was something that I needed from long ago. It's suction part gives me self-pleasure freedom. Now I can enjoy anal play as my own. Labyrinth's vibration stimulates the glands and makes me comfortable very fast and its anal play is must safer and amazing.


Anastick is one a prostate toy, made with the safer material. Basically, it has two ends, one is soft and another one is hard. Anastick can be used by men and women. It is a simple curve body, so it easy and safer to use in the vagina as well. It stimulates P-Spot and G-Spot.

Where I actually used was like this

I always looking for that toy, that stimulates my women as well as me. Anastick makes it happening. Now, we can enjoy sex toy pleasure at the same time. Yes, we use a condom over for hygiene. I love to stimulate P-Spot with Anastick and my women enjoy G-Spot pleasure. It makes us feel orgasm.


ENEMABLE is exclusively for the prostate stimulation and prostate development. It is especially for men to reach their Prostate orgasm by simulating the P-spot. ENEMABLE has a curved body with a holding rig at the end. It allows deep penetration of the anus with multiple vibrations.

Where I actually used was like this

The remote control prostate vibrator is what, that makes me feel prostate orgasm at the first time. I first start with slow vibration but gradually I enjoyed it. Its soft silicone is flexible and allows so easy insertion. I experienced it's all 12 vibration one by one. It was a lovely moment with ENEMABLE for hard anal play.

Analyzer Rosso

Analyzer Rosso, a prostate toy for men. It is special in shape, it allows limited insertion because it has an extra side shaft. Analyzer Rosso is also operating by a mini vibrator that generates vibration by making men feel arouse for anal play.

Where I actually used was like this

Analyzer Rosso makes my anal play easy. It is a bit difficult to adjust the anal toy after insertion but Analyzer Rosso makes it possible. By holding grip at the bottom, I adjust it after insertion towards the P-Spot to reach to the prostate orgasm. I also enjoy the little vibration by mini vibrator.