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Oversized Anal Toys

Best Oversized Anal toys.Cheap anal masturbation pleasure toys, butplug gay toys, adult dolls, large vibrators.

Oversized Anal Toys List

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What is Oversize Anal Toy??

The anal sex toys which are larger in size is called the oversize anal sex toys. It is a special type of anal sex toys which is only used by experienced people. People can use the oversize anal toys to stimulate the anal during the anal sex or anal masturbation. With the help of oversize anal toys, people can easily satisfy themselves and enjoy the enhance pleasure. Of course, please do not do excessive attention and excessive force when using it, please use lubricant such as Anal Lubes firmly and hygienically.

How it is differ from other anal toys.

Anal sex toys are available in the market in varieties of size. The oversize anal sex toys are especially recommended for the experience people whereas regular size or normal size anal sex toys are used by any of the people, experience or beginner. There are various kinds of anal toy.

In our SEXToys India there are categories such as Anal Beads, Anal Dildos and Tools, Anal Vibrators, Butt Plugs, Male Prostate Toys, but there are various sizes such as normal size and oversized size. With the help of oversize anal toys, people can experience anal play enthusiasts more sexual satisfaction.

It is not for beginners. Why?

For the beginner couple, it is better to use the small size anal sex toys. If beginner couple uses the large size or oversize anal toys then they get hurt because they do not know till where they should insert the anal toys. For the beginner couple, in the market especially small size anal toys are available.

Types of dildos by their material

As you know that in the market varieties of anal sex toys is available. The dildo is one of the anal sex toys which people used during the anal sex for pleasure feeling. All the anal sex toys are made with varieties of material. The material which manufacture company used to make the dildo sex toys is stainless steel, silicone, glass, plastic, rubber, cyber skin etc. All these materials are either high quality or medical grade, so it is safe for the body and does not make any harm to the body.

Some of the people have allergy with some particular types of material so they should avoid using that material dildo sex toys. It is important for the people to select the right materials. People can purchase the dildo or anal sex toys either from the shop or from the online store. Now a day, it becomes very easy for many people to purchase the dildo sex toys. If people purchase the dildo sex toys from an online store then they do the payment via net banking, credit card, debit card or COD(cash on delivery).

Stainless Steel

The people who have experience can prefer the stainless steel made sex toys. This type of dildo sex toys is perfect for the temperature play. If people use this type of sex toys then it provides the unique sensation during the sexual activity.


The dildo sex toys which is made of the stainless steel is very hard, durable and smooth. Any types of people can easily use it. It also has an awesome weight. People can easily clean it with water. The dildo which is made of stainless steel is compatible with all types of personal lubricant. The people who have sensitive skin can easily use it because it is hypoallergenic.


The dildo sex toys which is made of stainless steel is very cold to the touch. According to the size of the dildo, its weight is heavy. This type of dildo is a little expensive when compared to another dildo. It is only recommended for the experienced people. The people who use the dildo for the first time should avoid using the stainless steel dildo.


Glass made sex toys is design to be beautiful as well as functional. The glass which is used to make the sex toys is super safe and medical grade tempered glass. People can easily use it without any worry.


The dildo sex toys which is made with glass is super smooth to touch. The glass which is used to make the dildo is safe and shatterproof. Aesthetically very appealing. It is designed in such a manner that it is very easy to use and handle. A couple can easily clean it with water after the sexual activity. It is good for the people who want temperature play. It is hypoallergenic, so any people can easily use it.


As it is made with the glass material, so some people get worried about how safe it is. During sexual activity, if people apply lots of personal lubricants then there is a possibility that the dildo sex toys become slippery because it is very smooth. Some of the glass dildoes are very expensive when compared to another dildo.


Most of the people prefer the silicone made sex toys for sexual pleasure. Silicone made sex toys is available in the market with varieties of colour. Any people can easily use the silicone made sex toys.


Silicone material is one of the most common and popular materials which most of the manufacturing company used to make the dildo sex toys. The silicone made sex toys is very soft, smooth and flesh. it is warm quickly to skin temperature. The people who have the sensitive skin can also use it because it is hypoallergenic.


Silicone made sex toys is only compatible with water-based lubricant. If people use the silicone based lubricant with the silicone made sex toys then there is a possibility that the surface of the silicone made sex toys get damage. The sex toys which is made with the silicone material need regular replacement.

Plastic (ABS,PVC)

Plastic is another material which is widely used to make the sex toys or dildo sex toys. A couple can easily use the condom with the plastic made sex toys or dildo.


The anal sex toys or the dildo sex toys which is made with the plastic or ABS or PVC is designed in such a manner that it is very hard and durable. People can easily clean it after the sexual activity. This type of sex toys is very cheap, so many people can easily purchase it. Plastic material sex toys are available in all kinds of anal toys.


The main disadvantage of plastic made sex toys is the smell of the plastic. The plastic made sex toys have rough edges or seams. Sometimes its constructed is also cheaply.

During use of oversize anal toy

Anal is one of pleasure organ in peoples, but it is unnatural. So anal require little are while using an oversized anal toy like how to choose an oversized anal toy, the correct way of use and precaution you should consider.

How to use oversize anal toy

As we known, anal is exceptional for the insertion, in the same way it is exceptional with pleasure. This is quite true that people hesitate to use anal play for the first time. And this hesitation is not so weird, it has a valid reason, you might have an anxiety of pain and you might not sure how to use.

But if you chose your anal toy correct and use it step by step then you can enjoy the taste of anal pleasure. You surely take time to feel comfortable in the beginning but later you will enjoy it. Here I guide you that might help you learn how to use an oversized anal toy and how to decrease the anxiety of pain with reducing the pain.


If you get nervous, your body also gets harder and hence your anal hole get closer. So try to keep calm and relax. For an anal stimulation and development, it is necessary to feel relax and for anal smoothing. Make your comfortable and relaxed by taking a shower or burning aroma.


Anal is an excretion orgasm and it has a number of unwanted things including poop. It is so unhygienic, even anal has a number of bacteria that might infect you. So it is better for you to clean it with the help of the enema process. Use enema properly and empty the whole intestines. Whenever you feel free, go for insertion.


It is very necessary to moisture the anal hole because anal does not lubricate like vagina did. The vaginal secretion fluid makes insertion smoother, so if you can use artificial fluid in anal your anal insertion also gets smoother. Use a sufficient amount of lubricant over the anus, so insertion pain reduced by decreasing the friction. Make sure use only high viscosity lubricant only.


Till now, it is also too difficult to insert an oversized anal toy in the anal. Now you need to prepare anus for the insertion with massage. Make your anus loosen by a message and make it develop little by little. Let's start, put a lot of lotion over the anus center and massage in the circular motion around the anal. Make anus comfortable by finger insertion and some uneven insertion stick. When you feel ready for the oversized anal toy, then go for it.

How to choose anal sex toy

There are different sizes of anal sex toy for the different level of users. There is nothing like that the beginner should go with the thin or slim anal sex toys, and an expert should go with the bigger anal toys. It depends on the situation of anal and anal development. Choose the anal toy sizes that suit you and your anal during anal development.

Well the choosing of an anal item, it also depends on the purpose of anal play. Anal sex toy categories are divided according to function, such as normal anal play, anal extensions, prostate stimulation etc. Choose your correct anal sex toy to bring a lot of pleasure.

Precaution used while using oversize anal toy.

To fulfill the anal insertion want is a bit difficult for the beginners. They are not ready to accept it in the anus. When it's about the oversized anal toy. A big no for the beginners. Only expert people should try it with a proper lubrication and massage. Do not insert all of sudden, first make anal tissue loosen by massage.

Recommendation of anal play

The charm of anal play is exhausted to feel the unknown pleasure especially by men. Same way, it is very exhausted to achieve it because the anal is 10 times tighter than the vagina. But the prostate stimulation is only achieved by the deep penetration. The recommendation for anal play is, do not get over excited because there are a huge chances of injury and pain without proper knowledge. First get an inbuilt it for the anal play.

Recommended Pickup Item

Here are a recommended oversized anal sex toys you should try, if you are ready to handle this extra size in the anus.


Magnum Z2 is an oversized buttplug only for the experienced users whether it is women and men. It is able to give deep and hard penetration that you never experience in your life. It is narrow towards the start, so an experienced user can first start with narrow, then gradually increase.

Where I actually used was like this

I used it for the first time when I get bored with the slim anal toys. I have been using anal toy from the last one year, now I am an expert in it. When I am not satisfied with the regular anal toy, then I start looking for an oversized anal toy. So one day I find Magnum Z and it fulfils and gives me hard penetration.