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Delay Condoms

Delay condoms best thick condom brands.Cheap female & male Delay condoms, small condoms online.

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Delay condoms?

Delay condoms?

Are you little fast in the bedroom? Want to stay more on bed for your partner?

It is not easy to stay more when you feel orgasm within a few minutes. But we are introducing the delay condom that might help you by reduce the stimulation. It is also helpful for men who have premature ejaculation problem.

Thick condoms and Benzocaine condom can be considered as long lasting condoms. We recommended only to try thicker condom, especially who never try Benzocaine contain condoms.

What is delay condoms?

Delay Condom is anaesthetic condom for a male to enjoy sexual intercourse for a longer duration. Delay condoms are not unlike normal Regular Condoms, they have benzocaine content inside them. Benzocaine is a desensitizing chemical that numb the penis for a few minutes, but it does not affect the vagina. If you are troubled by the size other than PE, Penis Enhancement Toys may help.

But we SextoyIndia, does not promote the benzocaine condoms as long lasting condoms in India. We believe that the thicker condom can also helpful. Delay condoms is that delay the ejaculation time and help men to enjoy the prolong lovemaking with the partner. It can be possible with a thicker condom too. High thickness Delay condoms reduce the nerve sensation in the penis and allow a man to stay on the bed for a longer duration.

High thickness long lasting condom came with the more thick texture as compared to the normal condom. The thickness of a condom is also helpful for men to delay premature ejaculation. Men can choose their suitable thickness with their sensitive.

What is delay condom for?

Delay Condom is especially for the male who is suffering from the premature ejaculation problem, its kind of male sex toy. Due to the premature ejaculation problem, men do not satisfy their women in sexual intercourse. It may cause a distance between the partner. But delay condoms are specialized for it. Delay condom can be a blessing for these men.

It helps men to stay on the sex for a longer duration as compared to the regular duration. Women can enjoy safe and satisfying vaginal penetration with delay condoms. Most of the delay condom contains Benzocaine, that deactivates or numb the nerve sensation in the penis and worked for men to stay long. But you can try thicker condom too for delay.Sex toys for couples are also helpful for satisfaction. Please see a link.

What is premature ejaculation?

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction in the men that affect their sexual life. This sexual compliant vary in every 1 person between 3. Men ejaculate sooner in sexual intercourse without even reached the climax session. A minimum penis stimulation and sexual act make men's semen expel and can spoil the sex.

Mechanism of premature ejaculation

The ejaculation of men depends on the autonomic nerves: Sympathetic nerve, and Parasympathetic nerve. This is the nerves that work 24 hours in the body to adjust the activity of the body's organs. In which Sympathetic nerve dominates when a body is active and parasympathetic nerve dominate when a body is relaxed.

As the night time, the work of "parasympathetic nerve" will strengthen. This is the relation between the autonomic nerve and ejaculation?

Men feel ejaculation when they switch from "parasympathetic to sympathetic nerve". So to improve the premature ejaculation, suppression of switching to this sympathetic nerve leads to extended ejaculation time.

To lead the ejaculation, we required excitement & stimulation. The control over the excitement and stimulation can control the ejaculation.

To prevent PE how delay condom work?

During sexual activity, men get excited easily. So the delay condom prevents penis to feel any stimulation and excitement in the sex. Delay condom works as a barrier and controls the switching of nerves from parasympathetic to the sympathetic nerve.

Climax delay condom has to desensitize chemical that numb the condom for some time to feel any of sexual stimulation. As a result, men do not feel ejaculation for a certain time. The premature ejaculation in men is quite common, but they can prevent it by delay condoms.

Every delay condom has benzocaine?

Every delay condom has benzocaine?

Yes, every delay condom has a little amount of benzocaine. Benzocaine is an active component in the delay condom. Benzocaine condom is beneficial to prevent PE (Premature Ejaculation).

What is benzocaine condom?

Benzocaine condom that contains a small amount of benzocaine, a desensitizing chemical inside the condom. Benzocaine condom is an easy way to deal with PE (Premature Ejaculation) and achieve longer sex. It works by reducing the sensation in the penis. Benzocaine condom is a temporary solution to common PE issues.

How work for ejaculation?

The sexual pleasure or ejaculation you enjoy in sex begins with the stimulation of nerve ends at the tip of the penis. The Benzocaine condom has reduced that stimulation of these nerves and nub the nerve for some time. By a decrease in the stimulation, men can enjoy the play longer and can reduce their speed to reach to the ejaculation.

Benzocaine condom secretly works for your PE (Premature Ejaculation) problem. Means your women will not even know that you are using a Benzocaine Condom. This is absolutely similar to a regular condom and feels like a regular condom to women. Now delay the climax and make your women satisfied with this amazing desensitizing chemical.

Benzocaine's good point in sex?

The main advantage of benzocaine condom is, it helps men in premature ejaculation. If you are men and looking to last longer sex or your partner want you to stay on bed for a longer time, then this benzocaine condom can boost your performance in the sex.

Benzocaine condom is easy to use. Just put on the condom and numbing substance will spread on the penis and start working. It has no risk to numb women sensation and pleasure. It does not transfer to your partner. Benzocaine condom works discreetly. Benzocaine condoms are absolutely safe for most people.

Caution of Benzocaine condom

Benzocaine condom is not safer to use by one who has an allergy to the Benzocaine substance. It may cause redness, itching, rashes, etc. The one who is not allergic to Benzocaine can also feel a tingling or itching sensation. It means that you have to stop using it. It doesn't suit you and your skin type.

The use of Benzocaine condom can increase the sex duration but it may reduce your pleasure during sex. Once you come in contact with the Benzocaine, it might difficult for you to feel the vagina. If you want to feel the pleasure and want to avoid the benzocaine condoms side effect, then you can try thicker condoms and penis sleeves.

Be careful while using benzocaine condom, do not touch the inner part of condom or unfold the condom from inside. It may bring the chemical to the outside surface or to the vagina. It numbs the vagina and can spoil the women's pleasure too.

Thick condom = Delay condom?

Thick condom = delay condom?

Yes, thick condom can be a delay condom. Delay condom is one that create barrier between penis and vagina and strop the sensation. So, no matter what is the barrier? Delay condom manufactured with thick texture can be a barrier and stop the direct sensation form penis to vagina. Thick condoms are helpful and suitable for one, who has allergic to benzocaine substance. It also helps in the PE (Premature Ejaculation) and for better sex like benzocaine condoms.

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What is Thick condom?

A thick condom that is thick in texture as compared to the regular condom. It is three times or thicker than a regular condom, like if the regular condom has 0.01mm thickness, then it has 0.03 mm thickness. A thick condom is available in varies thickness. The thickness of the condom can work to decrease sensation, so more thickness means more reduction of sensitive and more result.

How work for ejaculation?

Thicker condoms are used to delay the ejaculation and highly used by the men who have premature ejaculation issue. These condoms are thicker in nature and made with thicker rubber. Like thin condom increases the sensation for the penis, same way thick condom decreases the sensation and delay the ejaculation.

Thicker rubber creates a strong barrier, reduce the friction between the vagina and penis and reduce the direct sensation in sexual intercourse. Hence men can stay in sex for long duration and satisfied their women. Thick condoms are also good for one who want to feel extra safe in the sex.

Thick condom's good point in sex?

One of the easiest ways to stay on the bed and prolong the ejaculation is to put on the condom. The suitable one is only thick condoms. These long-lasting condom with higher thickness can work for your premature ejaculation and parallelly prevent you from unwanted STD(Sexually transmitted disease) problems. A thick condom is a tear-free condom. It decreases the chance of condom breakage in sexual intercourse. A thick condom is able to give you a safer and satisfying sex with a partner.

A thick condom is easy to use and easy to put off without any cure. It is thicker, so you can use it freely in sex time.

Caution of Thick condom

At the time of using a thicker condom for premature ejaculation, do not forget you want to enjoy the sexual play. So, it is good to use lubrication with a thicker condom.

Thicker condoms are more expensive than regular condom because it has extra latex material. Thicker condoms not only available in latex material, but other material like Polyurethane, Polyisoprene, etc. Choose a suitable one. If you are allergic to condom material then there is a chance that you feel itching and some redness on the penis and near penis area. Also, make sure with the size(length) of thick condom with a thickness of it.

How to choose delay condom?

How to choose delay condom?

When your goal is to last longer on the bed, then you required a perfect delay condom. Delay condom is also available in many sizes, effects, thickness, textures, etc like a regular condom. A perfect condom helps you to feel comfortable in sex and also good for health. A tight condom can harm the penis and lose one can spoil the sex.

By size

Like a regular condom, delay condom is varied with small to large size. The availability of condom size is important whether whatever the types of condom. Men are so choosy for their condom size according to their measurement of the penis. The unstable condom completely spoils the mood and sex play too. The small condoms are for snugger and a large one for rest. Men should first measure their penis size before purchasing any type of condoms from the market.

By effect

All delay condoms are used in men's premature ejaculation. It happens due to the presence of benzocaine in it. The percent of benzocaine gives a different effect and different numb level to men. The percent of benzocaine can be 3%, 4%, 4.5%, 5%. Among all, most of the delay condom has 5% percent. It is impossible to find a condom with more than 5%. The less percent of benzocaine in delay condom means you can feel the play and enjoy pleasure.

By thickness

Delay condoms are thicker than the regular condom. It is about three times thicker. It varies from 0.03 to 0.09 and more. It depends on you which thickness you prefer. The more thickness in delay condom means you are creating a barrier between the penis and vagina to real sexual pleasure. Men should choose their right thickness according to their sexual capacity.

Do delay condom required lubricant?

The requirement of lubricant with delay condom is depended on the benzocaine. If you delay condom contains the benzocaine powder, then you surely required it. If your delay condom has benzocaine gel, then it is not necessary to use a lubricant. Although you can use good quality lubricant if you want.

As delay condom has more thickness, so the friction between the penis and the vagina is also less. It is on you, whether you feel the requirement of lubricant or not. If it is difficult for you, to allow insertion then try water-based lubricant or silicone based lubricant.

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How to use delay condom?

How to use delay condom?

If you want that your delay condom work correct, then you required a correct way of use. Luckily you are in right place. Here it is how to use delay condom effectively.

Correct usage about delay condom

The delay condom came with more extra fun. It is not alike regular condom. To begin the sexual intercourse, first find your suitable delay condom. Bring delay condom that is comfortable for you. If it is your first time with delay condom, go with the same size as the regular condom. Usually, condom lasts for a long time, but it is your responsibility to check the expiration date on the box. Open the condom carefully. Do not use teeth or scissors, it may tear the delay condom.

You should roll the condom when your penis is erect or semi-erect. It is easy for you to put on the thick delay condom. Hold the tip of condom an place it on the glans(head of the penis). Now unroll the condom on the shaft to the base of the condom. If you find difficulty to roll down.

Use some drop of water-based lubricant and silicone water lubricant on penis and condom. It makes the way softer and reduce friction. When you have done with a condom, apply some drop of lubricant now. Now you are ready to have sex and enjoy long lasting sex play.

Caution of delay condom

As we know, delay condom has benzocaine content, a desensitizing chemical that gives power to man to enjoy the sex for a longer time. It numbs the men's penis. So make sure while opening and wearing the delay condom that women do not come in contact with benzocaine or benzocaine powder do not spread on the bed.

If you are thinking to use some lubricant with delay condom, then do not try an oil-based lubricant. Oil based lubricant increases the chance of latex condom breakage. Hence, it increases the chance of pregnancy and STD.

While putting a condom on the penis, make sure no air remaining in the condom. It also increases the chances of condom breakage. Men should be careful with their position and penis because he might feel any touch and pain due to the numbing effect. It might cause harm to you.

Maintenance & storage

Maintenance & storage

Using a condom is to protect you and your partner from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and unwanted pregnancy. If you want safe sex, then you should know about how to remove the condom and how to store. Give your best for a safe sexual play with a partner.

Removing method

The trickiest part of using a condom is to remove it. If condom leaks and a single drop of sperm get into the vagina, it spoils whole condom use in sex play. For safe sex, you should know the removing of the condom. You should remove the condom immediately after the ejaculation. It is difficult for you to remove with a soft penis.

During pull out the penis from the vagina, man or women should hold the base of the condom to keep on the shaft. Now stand up and remove the condom by rolling it down. Do not pull it with its tip. Dispose of the condom by wrapping it in the tissue and directly throw it in the dustbin.

Storage method

Store your condom in an empty box. It will preserve your condom and also keep your condom hidden. Make sure to store this condom box away from the sunlight and flammable thing. As condom is made of latex, so it catches fire easily.

You can store your condom in a sideway compartment of bed. It is easy to reach. You can take it immediately whenever you required or feel aroused. Likewise, you always have safe sex with a partner. Never store a condom in the wallet. Your body movement and body heat may destroy your condom. Always use a fresh condom in the sex. Open the condom package whenever you are having sex.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

For prolong and better sexual intercourse, you should try these recommended condoms. Let's known about them.


New GOKUATSU 1500 condoms are made by body safe natural rubber latex. It is one of delay condom with about 0.1mm thickness. Couples can enjoy prolonged sex with this delay condom. It is stretchable, so comfortable to use.

Where I actually used was like this

I used New GOKUATSU 1500 condoms and observed slight differences in the sex due to its thickness. I feel the thickness of condom and their presence in sexual intercourse with a partner. New GOKUATSU 1500 condoms enhance my time in sex. So I started using these delay condom in my every sexual intercourse with a partner.

Sagami 0.09dot condom 3P

Sagami 0.09dot condom 3P is a new series of Sagami Condom that has a better thickness for PE men. It is made by body safe material. With the 0.09mm thickness, these condoms have a dotted texture that allows the rigid feeling to the women.

Where I actually used was like this

I usually use a 0.02mm thickness condom, but using a 0.09mm condom is a lot of fun. Sagami 0.09dot condom 3P gives me prolong sex by minimal the degree of sensibility. It hid my premature ejaculation problem. My partner loves it dotted texture. She said me to try only Sagami 0.09dot condom 3P in our sexual intercourse.