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Extra Large Condoms

Best Extra large condoms for Indian huge dick. Cheap ultra big condom in the world.How to use big condoms.

Extra Large Condoms List

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Extra large condom

Extra large condom used to enjoy the sexual life and can be easily fit to your penis. Regular condoms not provide the large size of condom, even not provide comfort during sex. During sex some men face problem that condom are too fitted to their penis. Because Bigger and fat man have large size of penis. So, they need to big size of condom. Then Extra large condom are introduce in the sex market.

Extra large condom provide the large comfort and large size condoms. Regular condom create some problem like people feel uncomfortable and sometimes condoms break down. People says that regular condom are not properly work during the intercourse. They are not enjoy the foreplay. So, now they use the extra large condom to get satisfied sex. Extra large condom easy to use during intercourse process. Extra large condom provide the more enjoyable and more fit. Extra large condom are used people for amazing sex. It is not easily break during the sex session.


  • Material: Lutex.
  • Thickness: -0.03mm.
  • Diameter: -46mm.
  • Function: Lubricated, Big size.
  • Type: Extra Large Condoms.

How to Use

Many people use extra large condom, because it is easy to use and properly fit your penis. Before use the extra large condom, take your any type of lubricant. Take the some drop of lubricant and put the lubes on your penis with help your partner and rub the lube around your penis. Open the packet of extra large condom and pick the extra large condom by your partner forefinger and thumb and roll outside the your penis. Check the extra large condom, it is properly fit your penis or not.


  • Carefully, pick the extra large condom from the packet.
  • Extra large condom store at safe place in the your bed.
  • Carefully roll down condom in penis, don't tear it.
  • Check the size of extra large condom before use.

Our Views

Extra large condom used to feel the comfortable and enjoyable during the intercourse process. Extra large condom are perfectly fit the bigger or fatty person. Extra large condom gives you more pleasure during the sex session with your partner.