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Flavoured Condoms

Best Flavoured condoms.Cheap extra small,non-lubricated condoms and top large and XXL condoms.

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Flavoured condom?

Flavoured condom?

Do you love being sucked or having oral sex with partner?

If yes, it's good to try flavoured condom. There are many reasons to use flavoured condom, it not just adding a taste and fragrance in sex. It prevents you from STD too.

It is recommended to use types of flavoured condom only when you are having oral sex. Know about when to use flavoured condom and regular condom.

What is flavoured condom?

One of the most popular condoms sold in India is this flavoured condom. Aren't you bought one yet?

A flavoured condom is new in regular condoms. It is just like a regular condom with an edible and scented flavoured coating. Flavoured condoms highly used in oral intercourse with a partner. It is invented because the taste and smell of latex are not good, so flavours can make it more demanding. The flavoured condom can give enjoyable oral sex for the giver. The giver can make their desire flavour from the market because multiple flavours are available. It varies from strawberry to cola to chocolate, all human consumption flavours.

A flavored condom is extremely safe as a regular condom in the sex. It prevents a couple from STI in sex as well as in oral sex. Yes, many people think that STI is all about the vagina and anal penetration. When couples engaging oral sex, they will come in contact with blood, sexual fluids, skin, etc. But flavoured condom creates a barrier and enhance oral sex without worry of STI.

The flavored condom also works well with other sex toys. If you use it with a vibrator or dildo, you can use it and enjoy it without care about the smell of latex like latex condom.

Reasons for using flavoured condoms

Flavoured condoms give an extra delicious taste in sex with protection. Most the peoples use flavoured condoms just to bring flavour in licking and oral sex. There are many type of flavoured condom available in the market. Flavoured condom makes your environment fresh and makes it smell good.

Sometimes private parts are foul and can spoil the mood. But scented flavoured condom act as a deodorant on private parts and makes sex a pleasant experience.

Why were flavoured condoms invented for the first time?

The flavoured condom was invented for the first time because the flavour of a regular condom is not good. The flavour of a regular condom is rubbery and has a rubbery odour as well. Most couples did not indulge in oral sex. So flavoured condom came to enhance sexual pleasure for couples in their most romantic time.

Many flavours are there in the flavoured condom to enhance oral sex play. This gives you also a safe oral sex play and restricts the unwanted transmission of blood, sexual fluid, etc.

Types of flavoured condoms

Types of flavoured condoms

Flavoured condom comes in a variety whether in types of flavour or condom size. A couple wants a perfect size and flavoured condom to achieve a better and amazing complete sexual play. Let know about different types of flavoured condom.

Too many flavors.

As soon as the flavoured condom invented, types of flavoured have come. There hasn't been a single flavour which was left out, we have a number of flavours from strawberry to ginger. Couples can find every possible flavoured in the market whether it is achaari or cola. Complete your desire for sex with the fragrance of your favourite flavour and fruit.

Too many sizes

The regular condom has sizes like S, M, L, etc according to the length of penis size and circumference of the penis. In the same way, the flavoured condom has sizes. Man can find their condom easily just by the measurement of the penis and use it. A flavoured condom is like a regular condom with an extra flavoured feature.

What do Flavoured Condoms do?

What do Flavoured Condoms do?

Flavoured condoms are new in the saturated usage of traditional condoms. The flavoured condom adds fragrance in the play. The fragrance quickly turns on the tender mood. It makes sexual thing more interesting and intimacy. There is a number of advantages to using a flavoured condom in sexual life. Let's know about them.

Prevent STDs

Couples think that since oral sex is not penetrative, so there is no risk of STD/STI in oral intercourse. But it is not true. Oral intercourse also has chances to causes STD/STI. STD/STI can easily transmit through oral sex because mouth also has a mucous member.

While having oral sex, partners can come in contact with the infected semen, blood, vagina fluid, skin, etc. Hence flavoured condoms are designed to make oral sex safer. Flavoured condom makes sex safe and adds a new flavour to the play with varieties of flavours.

Make sexual experience even more vibrant

Condom manufacturer and industry constantly reinventing it to make it more worth-full in the sex and gives more sexual pleasure to the user. A flavoured condom is one of them. A number of flavours are available in it. Today, the colour of a condom is also varied with types of flavours like you find a strawberry condom in pink colour, chocolate flavoured condom in brown colour, etc. Couples experience better sexual play with these condoms and available at regular condom cost.

Enhance oral sex game

Enhance oral sex game

Flavoured condom gives a better experience in oral intercourse. The unflavored regular condom is rubbery.

Have you ever tasted regular condom? Yes or No, but it is totally not pleasant to taste regular condoms. Flavors of flavoured condoms are satisfying and make appealing for women to do oral intercourse on man's penis and do oral games.

It gives better oral play and a better taste & better smell of penis in the foreplay session. Do not worry, it is safer to use in oral sex. Flavoured condoms taste a little bit sweet because it has a good sugar level. With amazing flavour, flavoured condom make oral play safer too.

Keep unwanted pregnancy

Flavoured condom are alike regular condom. Couples can use them in penetrative sex as well. It works like other condom and restricts the transmission of unwanted semen in the vagina. Flavoured condom absolutely prevents you from unwanted pregnancy and STD's as well. Flavoured condom amplifies your love and sex life in every possible way. You should use a good quality lubricant with flavoured condom in penetrative sex.

Avoid smelly penis

Flavored condom is the best option for women who do not enjoy giving oral play to their partner. Some of women get turned off by the smell of pre-cum penis. But now women make their partner happy with their favourite flavour. It makes oral intercourse smell well and tastes well.

Women love the taste and smell of flavour on the penis while having oral foreplay. Flavoured condom makes women feel comfortable with penis because it taste good.

Do Flavored Condoms Taste Good?

Do Flavored Condoms Taste Good?

This is quite obvious that something is invented and gain a good position just because it is good in their work. Same rule follow in flavoured condom. Of course it is good in taste because it is invented to add a good taste in condom. Well this is not the condom that is flavoured.

There are flavoured lubricant and powder that is applied to the condom during production of flavored condom. Everyone has different taste and prefer different flavour, so lot of flavors are available like Mint, Banana, Cola, Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Apple, Orange, Vanilla, Bacon, etc. Flavoured condom has glycerin that is responsible for the flavoring or taste. It make it smells good and taste good. But avoid higher glycerin constraint condom.

When to use flavoured condoms and regular condoms?

Both condom has a different use. Use a flavoured condom when you are going for the exclusively oral sex with a partner. And use a regular condom when you are ready to penetrate the partner. You can use a flavoured condom in penetration, but it is not good.

Flavoured condom contains glycerin, high level of sugar that may causes yeast infection in the vagina or anus. So it is better to use a regular non-flavoured condom instead of flavoured one. Make sure you have erect or semi-erect penis when putting on the condom.

If you really want to use condom for vaginal or anal sex, then go with these regular condoms.

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Are they safe to use?

Yes, flavoured condoms are absolutely safer to use in oral intercourse even with the overload of flavours in it. Condoms are necessary in sexual life to prevent you from STDs. Flavoured condoms also do that it restricts the transmission of filthy fluid, blood, skin, etc into the mouth. You should use a flavoured condom every time when you are having oral sex. It has the same protection as a regular condom or non-flavoured condom and it is also not expensive. Hence you should not avoid flavoured condom in oral sex at any cost.

How can flavoured condoms affect your genitals?

Flavoured condom are originally invented for the oral sex. Its enhance oral intercourse as well, but it is not for vaginal sex or anal sex. Flavoured condoms are enriched in sugar because it is one that helps it to add taste and smell of flavour and make it flavoured condoms. But this sugar level affects the Ph balance in the vagina and anus and may causes yeast infection in the respective area.

Even though, we found that FDA organisation give approval on flavoured condom that it do protection against pregnancy and STD but also warn about the yeast infection. They said it is good to use sugar-less condom for vagina and anus intercourse.

Usage and maintenance

Usage and maintenance

A suitably flavoured condom gives you the best oral sex that you never has been experiencing. We guide you on how to pick a one and how to use it effectively that both partner equally enjoys it. Let's begin the knowledge.

How to pick a suitable flavoured condom

All men have different size of the penis. Some have a long one. Some have a small one. So the choice of a flavoured condom is also depended on the sizes of penis. First measure your penis length and width. Flavoured condoms are available in many sizes like flavours.

Once men get their size, they find their suitable condom. A perfect flavoured condom is comfortable on the penis and you can enjoy the oral intercourse comfortably. Along condom will slip off during the act and small one causes blood restriction in the penis.

How to use flavoured condom

After finding your suitable flavoured condom, the next step is to know the effective use of it. Bring a flavoured condom from the wrap carefully. Make sure your nail does not tear the condom. A torn condom is also not suitable for oral sex. Now tale flavoured condom's tip and place it over the glans. Properly adjust it over the glans and roll down it gradually.

Use your two fingers to roll down it to the base of the condom. As you use a flavoured condom for oral sex, there is no need to use a lubricant. If you are gone use it in penetration sex, then you should use a good quality lubricant, whether water-based lubricant or silicone based lubricant. Remember do not use the same condom in another sex play.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you want to enhance your oral intercourse with a partner, then you should try these flavoured condoms. Let's know about these recommended condoms.

RAMUNE Condoms

RAMUNE Condoms is a specially flavoured condom because it has a dotted texture. It gives double pleasure to the couples. Its flavour is unique like soda fizzy candy. Surely it is made of latex rubber, but it has a taste of candy.

Where I actually used was like this

My partner never feels comfortable to give a blowjob. I don't know why. Once I brought RAMUNE Condoms randomly that day is a golden day for me. She likes the flavoured of a condom and enjoys the oral intercourse between us. RAMUNE Condoms worked for me and make my sex life better. Now I used these condoms in every sex play.

Glamorous Butterfly CHOCOLATE

Glamorous butterfly CHOCOLATE is a famous chocolate flavoured condom. Women mostly prefer this flavour in oral intercourse with a partner. It is slightly sweet in taste. Its fragrance is good and makes the environment romantic.

Where I actually used was like this

My girl loves chocolate, so I brought Glamorous butterfly CHOCOLATE on the valentine. She gets surprised by these amazing flavours. We enjoyed our quality time. She loved the flavoured of a new blowjob. Glamorous butterfly CHOCOLATE work for us in our oral play as well as penetration.