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Small Condoms

Best personal extra small condoms for tight dicks online. How to use, wear condoms.

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Small condom?

What is small condom?

If you do not know whether your required small condom or not? Check How to know you required small condoms?

Right condom is as essential as condom is essential for sex. First, check above link. If you get sure about that you required a small condom, then we have check types of small condom.

What is small condom?

The small condom is a type of condom. Small condoms are also known as a snugger condom. These male toy condoms are suitable for the one who suffers with these problems during the sex like not having a fit sized condom, condom always slips from the penis, feel uncomfortable, insecure due to looseness in the condom. These problems happen due to the irregular size of condom because some men have a smaller penis size. So, the small condom came in market. Now men get their perfect fit condoms. Many verities of small condoms are available in the sex market. A small condom is discovered for perfectly fitting or wearing on genitals. It is just vice versa of a large condom.

Small condom gives motivation for the sex and can feels the better sexual experience. A small condom provides you a perfect size of condom for your penis. Small condom easy to carry in your pocket like delay condom, regular condom, thin condom and other condoms. Small condom used to prevent pregnancy and transmitted infections. Small condoms are safer to use with vibrators or dildos and even with masturbators.

Types of small condoms?

Types of small condoms?

Small condom varies with the types of material. Due to health issues, people prefer to use their suitable material in condoms. Let's check the material.


Polyurethane condom is a non-Latex condom. It is suitable for the one who was allergic to latex condoms. Except that, these condoms are thin and deliver the real feel of the vagina to men. This material of condom is highly safer to the skin. Even this material is used in the medical field for vessels. These condoms safer, flexible, tough and resistant in nature. They are odourless; do not stink like latex material.


Polyisoprene condoms are new material for condoms. They are safer to use and more stretchy than Polyurethane condom. It is a synthetic form of latex but does not have a latex-like smell. It is safer for latex allergic people. They are softer in nature, more elasticity and a better conductor of heat. It is good to use Polyisoprene condom in sex. It is compatible with every type of lubricant like an oil-based lubricant as well as Silicone Based Lubricant.


Latex is the most popular material of condom. It has been used from the years. Latex condoms have latex smell and cause irritation in the sex. Latex is the natural form of rubber. It is high in flexibility. If you want to use latex small condom, then do not use oil-based lubricant. Oil lubricant causes more friction and damages the condom during intercourse. Water-based lubricants are suitable to use with it.

Size of type(diameter)

Size of type(diameter)

Small condoms are available in different diameter. Every man has a different size of the penis and wants a different size of the condom. Various diameter help men to find their fitted condom.


Small condom with 24mm in diameter is the shorter type of condom. These sizes of condom are available in every type of material. Different men prefer a different type of material. Men who want this diameter in a small condom can find every type of material easily. Well, such condoms are difficult to find. Because they are lesser available.


Small condom with 31mm in diameter is a bigger type of small condom. These sizes of condom are available in every type of material. Different men prefer a different type of material. Men who want this diameter in a small condom can find every type of material easily. They are safer to use completely.

How to know you required small condoms?

If it is common for you to feel that condoms are much too long for you?, Did condom slip or fall off during intercourse? Do not feel comfortable with a condom, etc. If yes, then you required a small condom over your penis. It is an extremely common issue in men when they have a small penis. ?

According to SIECUS, condoms fall off from the penis in 0.6% to 5.4% acts of vaginal intercourse and may slip down from the penis without falling off in 3.4% to 13.1% of acts of vaginal intercourse. This happens because of the condom. It also affects the pleasure of sex. Such men should try small condom. They are also are labelled as 'Snug', 'Iron Grip' or 'Close Fit'.

How it is different from regular condom?

How it is different from regular condom?

Regular condoms are available in the market with the average size of the penis. They are suitable for the one who has an average penis size. But what about the small penis size? These people cannot use a regular size condom. They required a smaller than regular size to experience a better and safe sexual life with a partner. Smaller condoms are small in size as compare to the regular condoms.

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

It is about condom fitting, not penis size.

Semantics? Yes. It is absolutely not a frame to judge the penis size by a small condom. It is about and addresses the condom fitting on the penis. It is far from the human quality that its impacts on sexual satisfaction. However, condom fitting is absolutely essential. When you find the right fitted condom, you and your partner find the pleasure and sexual satisfaction. There is about 35% of people who face the problem with regular condom. They feel uncomfortable with loose fitting of condom on penis. If any of partner is worrying about the condom slipping in the act, you both will never enjoy the sexual play.

Small Condoms Usage and Maintenance

Small Condom can stay on place for men who have small size penis. Lets know about it and how they will use this snug fit condom. Here we describe you about snugger fit condom usage and maintenance.

How to measure yourself?

How to measure yourself

The average size of a penis is lies between 5.5 and 6.2 inches in length and between 4.7 and 5.1 inches in girth when men are fully erect. So now you have to compare your size with average size to let know your suitable size of the condom. You can use a string or fabric tape or ruler to measure the length of the penis and circumference of the penis. Let try a new way, Toilet paper roll test.

You can easily find an empty toilet paper roll in the corner of the bathroom. The circumference and hole of toilet paper roll are almost the same as the regular condom. When you are fully erect and your thickest part of the penis is fitted in the roll without any much effort means regular condom will fit you. If you feel plenty of space inside the roll, then you required snugger fit condom or small condom. If you feel extreme pain that means you are plus size and required a large condom.

If you are one of them, check large condom here.

How to pick a suitable small condom

After measuring your size, you will know the perfect size of a condom for sex. But the size of a condom is not enough. The material, texture, etc properties are also important. There are two types of material, latex or non-latex. If you or your partner is allergic to latex, then you should go with non-latex condoms. Different types of textured are available even in the small condom, ribbed & dotted. These textured add a rigid feel in sex and gives pleasure to women.

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Where do you find your best small condom ?

The small condom can be available on the online store or offline stores. Many men purchase small condom from the supermarket or nearby shops. It is a bit problem to find your smaller condom among all boxes. Some of the manufacturers simply state the small, trim, tiny words on the boxes, so the customer can find it easily. But it is a bit embarrassing to purchase small condom in front of the public for some men. You feel so, then you can go through online market and stores. You just have to select the category and analyze their cost and can purchase. It is completely private and confidential. Your small size does not come in front of the world because the online box will come with wrapping. It is up to you and your feeling whether you feel embarrassed for a small penis or not.

How to use small condom

How to use small condom

First of all, check the expiry date of your selected small condom pack. Open the condom packages and take out the condom. Open the condom wrapper. Remember do not use teeth, nail or scissors. It might tear your small condoms. Apply some drop of lubricant on condom and penis. Hold the condom tip on the upright to roll it down on the penis and to squeeze out any air. An air bubble can break the condom in the act. Now roll down the condom till the base of the penis. It is important to stay in the place.

How to remove small condom

Men can lose their erection soon after ejaculating, so remove the condom before penis get soft. It is a possibility that condom slips off after penis gets soft. Hold the rim of a small condom with one hand and use another hand to hold the base of the penis to avoid spilling. Now pull out the condom. Make sure you do not spill any semen part on the areas. Wrap the condom in the tissue and throw it in the dust bin. Wash your hand. Do not touch genital areas before hand-wash. The little amount of semen can spoil your whole hard work of using a condom in sexual activity.

Storage method

Let's know about how to store a condom to get complete knowledge about it. It is ideal to store a condom or small condom in the dark place means away from the sunlight and other flammable things. A condom is made by latex material and an excess amount of heat can break the condom. Store your suitable condom away from the water at a dry place. You can also use a tin box, a small coin box, etc. Never place a condom in your purse and back pocket. It tears the condom by the friction of your body movements, body heat, etc.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Are you looking for some snugger fix condom rather than a regular condom or large condom? Here we recommended some of the small condoms for small size penis.


Smart Boy is snugger fit condom means it is small in size as compared to the regular condom. It is about 31mm in diameter. The smart boy is made of latex and prevents couples from STD and unwanted pregnancy without affecting sexual pleasure.

Where I actually used was like this

The smaller latex condom is just perfect for me. My condom usually broke between the act, it is because of irregular size. My friend recommended me to try snugger condom. It fixed on my penis. Smart condom gives me a better sexual life. Now my partner feels safe while we are having sex. Smart boy 2000 is compatible with all lubricants type.

Just Fit Design S size

Just Fit Design S Size is one of the small condom. Men with a small penis can use it if they find a problem with normal size. Just Fit Design S size snug fit condom is 33mm in diameter and made with body safe latex material.

Where I actually used was like this

I faced uncomfortable sex due to condom fall done. It gets frustrating for me and my partner. One day I read about the small condom, then I realize my penis is not for regular size. So I brought this Just Fit Design S Size condom to try. We enjoy satisfied sex with protection and without any problem.