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Textured Condoms

Textured Condoms best latex condoms in India. Cheap ultra ribbed & extra dodts condoms online.

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Textured Condoms

Textured condoms are condoms with real texture and dotted gives you real feeling of immense pleasure while involving in sex with your partner. Textured condoms are use a ribbed & studded condoms perfect feel for sensual feeling around vaginal walls. Ribbed and pleasure condoms are a simple thin condoms and best alternatives for those use pleasure with ribbed. Ribbed and pleasure condoms are very popular among couples because they are thinner then ribbed and Polyurethane. Due to their better characteristic Ribbed and pleasure condoms produce more sensitivity and stimulation in penis and vaginal walls, that showing to much better effective orgasm.

You should wear this Ribbed and pleasure condoms(Textured Condom) to give real feeling of extra pleasure by its friction and rigidness to feel real sense of pleasure to your partner. The extra ridges are designed to simulated g-spot & provide extra pleasure sensation to you & your partner. Textured Condoms have stimulating texture best added tingling excitement feel. Textured condoms texture studded condoms have been essential to join extra happiness in the you need ribbed & contoured.

You bring to connect arousal & enjoyment feel to your sex life. Ultra Ribbed and dodts for more happiness is the real studded & ribbed condom with Textured condoms provide maximum sensation for male & female. Ribbed and pleasure condoms are simple to find to all sizes condoms.


  • Material: Lutex, Polyurethane,Sillicon.
  • Thickness: Regular-thik.
  • Size: Regular.
  • Function: Ribbed and dodts studded condom.
  • Type: Textured condom.

How to Use

Textured Condoms are extra ordinary ridges created to stimulate the G-spot and provide exclusive stimulation. Most of women are unable to orgasm from sexual alone; still a few find the perfect sensation pleasurable. Quality for stimulation & made bigger than standard condoms for perfect comfortable feel. Textured Condoms are extra ordinary Ribbed, studded & Dotted and Warming Lubricant for Warming Sensations.Here is a steps on how to use a condoms.

Textured Condoms are the man or his favorite can fit condom on the erect penis. It should fit the condom on before involving in sexual activity. One should roll is on the inner it define that condom is internal, It be in wholly cases & internal condom vagina or anus not to be used. It must be wrapped the outcome of the condom before fitting it on to fulfillment any air trapped at the base for a safely fit.

However are crushing the conclusion with single hand, It should fit the condom on top of the penis & turning it with the another and single shape provides extra stimulation for both you & your partners. Use only latex & water base lubricants. Textured Condoms comes off duration having sexual feel sex, do never use the same condom again.


Some women find the ridges & bumps painful. These are usually thicker than standard condoms, so any people looking for a thinner style might never a like the feel. Used condoms should be disposed of attentively in the trash can & never in the toilet. They should even use a new condom in such a synopsis. No, condoms are never able to be used again.

Our Views

Textured Condoms is a dotted & studded condom with dotted , ribbed on it. It help you to get smooth and comfortable sex, As it is ultra thin condoms too. Textured Condoms is join various taste in texture feel your life and make your natural.