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Shop different types of dildo like realistic dildo, glass dildo, strap on, suction cup and many more from here. Purchase the best dildo for your partner and yourself with discreet delivery.

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Dildo toy in India?

Dildo toy in India?

Want to use the dildo toys? Don't have an idea about the dildo types? Gradually, it becomes famous in India. If you know about the dildo sex toys then definitely you want to use it. Here you can get all the information about the dildo which help you to select the correct dildo. Always select the dildo sex toy according to the purpose.

Depending on your purpose select any types of dildo toys which you like most. But if you are a beginner user then it is better to start with the small dildo. Because the small dildo is easily used and handled by any beginner user. Dildo also help you to reach the inside orgasm.

Here, we introduce the basic information of the dildo toys. We hope you find one of your favourites dildo toys.

What is dildo?

*Click on product's image to know more about it
Dildo map BIG FIGHT LOVE Michinoku Dildo Ssize Michinoku Dildo M size My caiman Realistic Penis Extension CHINPOKO (pearl black) GLASS WONDER No. 3 GLASS WONDER No. 9 Michinoku Dildo [RIAJYU] Msize Pink CHOCOLATE LILY White Big dick Msize AIR DILDO WAVE Lsize Bocking Dockun EROTIC PARTNER Msize New JOY BELT Black

A dildo is a sex toy which is designed very similarly to the real penis. A dildo is a female sex toy that is made in the penis shape structure means it is able to give the penis pleasure to a woman. Dildos are used during the masturbation session or having fun with a partner. This phallic shape sex toy is made by various material like glass, rubber, ABS plastic, metal.

For the beginner, the rubber dildos are best. Rubber dildos are too flexible and easy to use in penetration of the vagina. Dildos are able to give the real pleasure and real feel of the penis when women's partner is not there. It is the best substitution of penis and one can easily reach the G-Spot pleasure or G-Spot orgasm.

Yes, dildos are especially for the vagina penetration but it is also suitable to use in anal penetration as well. Dildos are popular as women's toys, but it can also be used as men's toys. Dildos are sometimes used to stimulate prostate glands that only have men. The dildo is versatile in nature. Couples can enjoy the thrill and deep penetration with a suitable size dildo at the same time. The dildo has numerous option, what a couple or individual women can take it.

All dildos are easy to use and temperature compatible. Means it is safe at the room temperature as well as in the cool temperature. But avoid the direct sunlight on the dildos. Well, the metal dildo is safe in sunlight but rubber dildo, plastic dildos, etc are not. It is important to keep it on the safe and dry place so the user can enjoy the ultimate pleasure with dildo lifetime.

History of Dildo

History of Dildo

What you think, a dildo toy is a new object in the market? Absolutely no. A dildo is the oldest and fashioned sex toy and has been used around 30,000 years back. This phallus appearance toy is been around the long when there has been a penis. Like temples, gadgets, worship, Dildos is also a part of human history.

The first dildo is discovered in the Paleolithic era that it made by siltstone and used for self-pleasure. The stone age people, the Greeks are included in the history of dildos. Greeks women love to share their dildo. So the present dildos are going through various unimaginable shape, size according to the user's taste and experience.
Wikipedia as a reference.

What is the difference between dildos and vibrators?

What is the difference between dildos and vibrators?

As we know, sex dildos are most similar to penis shape whether vibrators are not. Vibrators are electronic device and need the power to pleasure the women. Women can use dildo whenever she feels arouse or sexually active. Dildos are a single shaft that works by the self-pressure, vibrators generate the level of vibration for pleasure. Vibrators are able to give multiples level of vibration and different pattern of vibration and swings.


Dildos are the non-electric type of sex toys that fulfil the sexual desire in women. The structure of dildos is most similar to men's penis. Like women love to enjoy the real men's penis, in the same way, women love to enjoy the dildo sex. Like Penis, dildo sex also gives the real presence of the penis and provides real fun to women.


Vibrators are included in electric type sex toys. This is the sex toys for the clitoris and vagina. Vibrators are not like a dildo that stimulate the only vagina. It gives pleasure in the vagina as well as on clitoris. Vibrators have a property to gives a different level of vibration on the clitoris for the most erotic pleasure. Rabbit vibrators are one of them.

The decisive difference between a dildo and a vibrator

Dildos and vibrators, both are women sex toys and work for the vagina penetration. Well, both have their own advantages. The one who wants to feel the real pleasure and realistic presence of the penis would go with the dildo. The one who wants to enjoy the clitoris stimulation with the vagina penetration would go with the vibrators. Vibrators are ideal for beginners in sex toys. A beginner can start with a low level of vibration because it has multiple vibration modes. Low-level vibration on clitoris help women to feel sexual arousal and dildo is for after arouse.

What about dildo vibrator?

For Indian women, we sextoys-india also introduce dildos with the vibration function. This type of sex dildo toy is available for those women who love the vibration function. We provide the remote control vibrator dildo for women. If women want then she can also use the vibrating dildo with harness belt.

If women want to use the vibrating dildo but not able to purchase it then there is an option for her to use the dildos toys with vibrating cock ring. Generally, vibrating cock ring is used with the non-vibrating dildos toys but you can also use it with the vibrating dildos.

Difference in size and materials and texture

Difference in size and materials and texture

There is enormous dildo available for vaginal insertion according to size, material, shape and textures, just an aim for a realistic model. The different textures of dildos are able to give a different feel.

Difference in size

The level of pleasure is varying with the level of sizes. Dildos introduce in under 16 cm to over 26 cm length. The regarding size of the penis can satisfy the passive women.

Small size (under 16 cm )

Small size dildo sex toys are generally less than 6.30 inches. It is suitable for the one who is the beginner in the vaginal play with dildo. It is small in size and easily bearable by the small vagina. Its length and width both are suitable for beginner users. It can also be used in anal sex because it allows soft and easy penetration. If you want to select the small dildo for your sexual pleasure then click here.

If you are new in the sex toys world then small dildo is the best option for you to start up. Beginner user can easily use and handle the small dildo. Small dildo is also available in varieties of shape and design.

We have various collection of the small dildo from realistic to the regular one. For girls, we have a realistic one to experience real feelings. If you also want to experience the real feeling of the penis then you should pick the realistic dildo Michiniku Dildo S size. If you don't like the real feeling then you should select the realistic penis extension chinpoko dildo. For the beginner user, we recently introduced some of the new small dildos like Michinoku dildo pink S-size. Once you get comfortable with the small dildo then move to the medium size dildo for better sexual pleasure.

Medium, standard size(16 cm - 20 cm)

Medium size dildo toys are available almost 6.30 inches to 7.87 inches. It is highly used dildo and recommended to the users. It is too familiar in nature and allows easy to find favourites texture, shape. If you are comfortable with the small size dildo sex toys then you can easily use the medium size dildo sex toys.

Want to try medium size dildo? Yes. Okay then make sure that you have some experience with the small dildo. If you select the medium size dildo as your first dildo then it is a little difficult for you to experience the pleasure. So, start with a small dildo and then move to the medium one.

According to the researches, the average penis size of the Indian men are approx 5.54 inches. If you want to experience the real feeling of the penis then you should select the medium size dildo sex toys. The length and width of the medium size dildo are very close to the real penis.

Most of the Indian women prefer the medium size dildo toys so that they can experience the feeling of the real penis. So if you are comfortable with the small dildo or you get bored with your small dildo then you should try the medium size dildo. Medium size dildo is available in varieties of material, textures, colour and design. You can easily pick any one of them for your sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Large size(21 cm - 26cm)

Large size dildo sex toys are available almost 8.26 inches to 10.23 inches. These type of dildos toys are specially designed for the expert user. It means that the user who have lots of experience with the dildos toys. Large dildo or huge dildos is recommended only for the expert user.

The people who have experience can easily use this large size dildo. It allows hard and deep penetration. The one who is not satisfied with the small and standard size, prefer this. Once the user gets the taste, they will addictive to this length because it pleasures the vagina with the cervix(portio) as well. If you have also experience and want to try something new then select any one of the large dildo.

We sextoys-india have a huge collection of the large dildo toys for sexual pleasure. The different types of large dildo are made with different material which provides different sensation during sexual intercourse. User can select any types of the large dildo which they like most.

Huge size(over 26 cm)

This type of dildo sex toys are specially designed for the expert user who has lots of experience. Its length is more than 10.25 inches. This huge size dildo is recommended for the super advanced users because it is bigger in length and in thickness too. Huge size dildo is too attractive for the right (expert) user. If you get bored with your regular dildo then try this one.

We brought MAGNUM Z series dildo toys for the expert user. If you are ready to insert something very large then select the huge MAGNUM Z series dildo toys and enjoy your penetration. This type of huge dildo is generally used by the porn star.

Difference in materials and texture

Difference in materials and texture

Various real touching materials like silicon, PVC, glass and metal etc. have been used to manufacture the dildo. The different material able to give different pleasure and comfort.


Silicone material is body-friendly materials. It has been used in medical purpose. Silicone made dildos are too safe to use and have no odour and high heat resistance. If you want the smooth insertion then you should select the silicone dildo.

While using the silicone dildo be careful about the lube. If you prefer the silicone dildo then avoid using the silicone lube because it damages the surface of the silicone dildos. In case, if you prefer the silicone lube with silicone material then your dildo toy get damage due to the chemical reaction between the silicone lube and silicone dildo.


Elastomer material is highly soft and able to give soft penetration. It is too flexible because it is high in elasticity. The user can use it in the first attempt as well without any high damage, even with less pressure.

Elastomer material dildo toy is compatible with all types of sex lube and condom, so you can prefer any one according to your choice.

PVC(polyvinyl chloride)

PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is low price material and too flexible while use. PVC is too soft to the touch and too soft in vaginal penetration. PVC material has an odour but it fades away with time. Some of the PVC material toy provides you the very close feeling to the real penis.

For example - Some of the PVC material toy like michinoku series dildo is made with the high quality PVC material which is very close the real one.


Glass gives a beautiful appearance. It is absolutely heat-resistant and temperature friendly. Glass is hard material and can able to gain different available colour with transparent properties.

Most of the user prefer the glass dildo for temperature play. If you want to involve in the temperature play or if you want to experience the warming or cooling sensation then glass dildo is the best option for you. Some of the user prefers the glass dildo because its maintenance is very easy. Glass material dildo is also compatible with all types of personal lube and condom so the user can easily select it for sexual pleasure.


Metal material is highly temperature friendly. It means metallic dildos give the different feeling as compare to ordinary dildos. It is better for the hygiene aspect. You can wash it even with the boiled water. It can be sterilized. The metal dildo is also easily used for the temperature play. But metal dildo is not for the beginner user.

Types of dildo and characteristics of each

Types of dildo and characteristics of each

We have varieties of dildo sex toy. Different types of dildo sex toys are used for a different purpose. You can pick anyone according to your need, choice and budgets. Check our highly selling dildo categories here to fulfil your sexual needs and enjoy it.

Harness Strap On Dildos

Harness strap on Dildos are hand free dildos. It has a dildo with an attached belt that worn around the waist. Basically, it is a lesbian toy. But another gender user like women or even men can also use it. Our Erotic Partner M size and Erotic Partner L size harness strap on dildo is easily used by the men or gay couple. If you want to penetrate your partner without using your hand then harness strap on dildo is the best option for you. Recently, we introduced some of the new and fresh harness strap on dildo.

If you had a dildo toy then you can also select only the harness belt. We have Ichimotu belt for the user who already has a dildo toy or the user who only wants the harness belt.

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are made by high-quality glass. The user can use it in masturbation or in sex to gain the warm and cooling effect according to the temperature. Check our best glass products, Glass Wonder No. 3 and Glass Wonder No. 9. These products look attractive with its transparent properties. The maintenance of the glass dildo is very easy.

We know that from last few months glass dildo become more famous so we brought some of the new glass dildo for our customers. Our new glass dildos are GLASS WONDER No.12 and GLASS WONDER NO.11.

Regular Dildo

Regular dildo that is in the shape of the penis. It is used in the sex with partner or masturbation. Our Realistic Penis Extension Chinpoko (pearl black) is highly sold regular dildo. It is small in size with real features. The user can keep in even in the pocket and carry in the travelling too.

If you get bored with the realistic one then regular dildo is best option for you. The regular dildo only does that much what you allow them to do. So if you want to try something different then you should select the regular dildo.

Large Dildos

Large Dildos are used for extra pleasure and satisfaction. It is extra in length as well as in girth and allows deeper penetration. My caiman, big fight (love) are some of our large dildos that fulfil the expert's sexual needs. A large dildo is available in a huge range.

If you really want to insert something huge then you should select the MAGNUM Z series dildo toys. This dildo is especially recommended for the expert user only. If you have experience with the small or medium size dildo then only go with the large dildo.

Recently we introduce many more huge dildo like [Made in Japan] Punitto Real Straight Dildo 20cm and [Made in Japan] Punitto Real Curve Dildo 20cm. It is a made in Japan toys and recently available in India also. Gradually it becomes famous in India also.

Silicone Dildos

Silicone Dildo is made of high-quality silicone material. It is best selling dildo category because silicone is skin-safe, soft and flexible for the penetration. Even silicone dildos are non-porous and phthalate free. Most of the user prefer the silicone dildo because it provides the soft and smooth insertion feeling. Our silicone made dildos are Chocolate Lily, Air Dildo Wave Lsize that you should try once. You can also use the silicone dildo with the harness belt.

Silicone dildo provides the very soft and smooth insertion feeling. But if you prefer the silicone dildo then you should avoid using the silicone lube.

Inflatable Dildos

An inflatable dildos are a special type of dildo that can be used by beginners and experts. The user can manage the size of dildo by yourself. It has a pump that can increase the length and girth of the dildo in the vagina. Bocking Dockun and Inflatable Dildo Penis Ver are one of the inflatable dildo that able to give full-up sensation.

Metal Dildos

Metal Dildos are made by body safe and high-quality metal. These dildos can easily get hot and cool according to the climate. Our Hangman is a metal dildo. It is curved shape so the user can easily insert it and enjoy the insertion in a better way. Hangman is also temperature friendly. If you want then you can easily use the metal dildo for temperature play. If you select the metal dildo then the maintenance becomes easier. You can also sterilized the metal dildo.

Non-Realistic Dildos

Non-realistic Dildos are like a regular dildo. It has a shaft that used to penetrate. Non-realistic dildos are available in many ranges from different sizes to different shapes. White Big dick Msize is one of the non-realistic dildo that you can try for first time. We also introduce White Big dick Lsize for our customer. It is the new and fresh product of our sites. But this new dildo is only recommended for the expert user.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are lookalike a real penis. It has a glans, testicles balls and even the penis veins structure. These dildos are able to give real penis feel and pleasure at once. The realistic dildo provides the real feeling of the penis so most of the female customer prefer this dildo during their masturbation session to satisfy their sexual needs. Our New Scramble penis and Michinoku Dildo M size are manufactures like a real penis. These are realistic dildos that give real fun.

If you also want to experience the something different or something like a real one then you should try the realistic dildo. Realistic dildo becomes more famous in India. After analyzing the popularity of the realistic dildo we sextoys-india brought some new realistic dildo for our customer. Our new realistic dildo are Real Great, Michinoku Assault No.1 and My one match game dildo. Michinoku Assault No.1 is a Michinoku series dildo sex toys so if you are comfortable with the Michinoku series dildo then you can easily pick this dildo sex toys.

Small Dildos & Probers

Small dildos are for the beginners. Beginners can start the dildo fun with the small dildo. It is portable dildos, the user can bring it in their pocket or bag. Michinoku Dildo S size is one of small dildo & probers that is pocket-friendly. It is also known as a mini dildo because it is small in length and girth.

If you also want to involve in the sex toys world then small dildo is the best option for you. You can pick the small dildo for easy startup. We have a huge collection of small dildo. Pick the best dildo and start your first penetration.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos allow hand free penetration. Suction dildos have an extra suction cup at the base of the normal dildo or didlo. Users can plug this suction cup on the wall, floor, wherever she/he wants and enjoy the penetration pleasure. Michinoku Dildo [RIAJYU] M size Pink is one of suction cup dildo. It is made with the body safe materials.

Suction cup dildo is the best option for the masturbation. If you want to use your dildo toys for masturbation then you should pick the suction cup dildo. We sextoys-india have a huge collection of suction cup dildo. So pick the best dildo for your masturbation period or for partner play.

Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos are lesbian dildos but along with the lesbian another gender user also used it. It is too long than a regular dildo. Double ended dildos allow double penetration at the same time, in single user or two users. These dildos are too flexible and moldable as well. Our product "Soutou Kakka Honey Short" is special double heads dildo, it's one end has small girth and another one has bigger girth.

Double ended dildo has two head on both the end. You can insert any of the head. With the help of double ended dildo or dong toys, couple can easily stimulate each other at the same time. You can use the dong toys for anal-anal penetration, anal-vagina penetration or vagina-vagina penetration. Double ended dildo is the best for the couple who want to stimulate each other at the same time.

How to choose a dildo

How to choose a dildo

If you are confused to find your size for better stimulation. Here is a guide that helps you to find the suitable dildo form the various dildos that gives you extra stimulation and erotic pleasure. You should always select the best dildo for you.

Standard size of dildo

Let's know about the standard size of common dildo and how sizes of dildos varies according to the different penis sizes.

Standard size of world penis

The standard penis sizes is different in various countries, in India it is 10.2cm. Check another foreign country as well, USA 12.9cm, Japan 13cm, Australia 15.7cm, Italy 15cm and the larges one in France 16cm. These all sizes is at the time of erection stage.

Standard Indian penis size

The standard penis size of men in India is in between 10-13 cm. The penis size depends on various factors like climate, plateau and generations of country and their living culture.

Choose from size

As an above study, the size of Indian penis is very close to the Indian average dildo. For a beginner Michinoku Dildo S size is best. It is the average size of the realistic dildo that is perfectly suitable for beginners. Michinoku Dildo S size has 139mm length almost 5.51 inches with the 24mm girth or 0.98 inches. It is very comfortably to insert the 24mm. Most of the women love to feel the presence of an artificial penis in the vagina. This dildo toy is soft because it is made with body safe and soft material.

Choose by preference of stimulation

Choose by preference of stimulation

The points of priority in dildos toy will change with what kind of stimulation you want? The hard and big is not the key to better stimulation. Some feel pleasure with soft and small too. It depends on the person.

Compression in the vagina! (Feeling of texture and size)

User who wants pressure in the vagina with a good volume can select the desi python 6.5 inches. Desi python 6.5 inches is suitable for Compression in the vagina. It is large and soft to put pressure. Along with this dildo there are many more.

Thrusting Piston! (Texture and ease of handling)

User who wants rigid textures for the mind-blowing thrusting movements can select the desi thrusting dildo 9 inches and Glass Wonder No. 9. It helps them. It allows a high degree of hardness cervix(portio) stimulation or vaginal friction.

Point blame! (Shape and ease of handling)

User who wants to feel the point pleasure means G-Spot pleasure can select the chocolate lily. Our Chocolate Lily is moderately curved that the broad point can hit the G-Spot easily.

Soft material, irregular stimulation! (Uneven shape and texture)

The shape and material it matters for deep orgasm. The user who wants to feel the irregular stimulation means every thrusting movement in the whole vagina. Air Dildo Wave L size is one that allows soft and skin warmth pleasure with uneven pleasure.

Choose the dildo for sex

Choose the dildo for sex

If you want to use the dildo for sex with your partner then you should select the dildo which maximizes your sexual pleasure with your partner. If you and your partner both want to stimulate at the same time then you should select the double-ended dildo. If your male partner wants to penetrate you then you should select the hollow strap on dildo. Male partner can easily use the hollow strap on dildo. If you want to penetrate your male partner anal then you can select any of the strap on dildo. So first, decide which type of penetration you want and according to your preference, select the best dildo for sex and enjoy your quality time with your partner and also with the dildo.

Choose the dildo for your masturbation session

For your masturbation session, suction cup dildo is the best. You can easily used and handle the suction cup dildo and enjoy your masturbation session. If you select the suction cup dildo, then you easily mount it on the smooth and used it without involving your hands. At that time, you can use your hand for another purpose such as for external stimulation etc.

How to make a dildo at home with household things?

How to make a dildo at home with household things?

In India, there are many users who are not able to purchase the expensive dildo just for fun. For that user homemade dildo is the best option. It means that you can make the dildo sex toy easily at your home from the household things. If women or girls want to experience the feeling of the dildo sex toy but not able to purchase then they can prefer household things like cosmetic products, stationary things, fruit and vegetables etc. While using this household thing as a dildo sex toy, the condom is necessary. Women or girl ought to use the condom with the homemade dildo sex toys.

It is very easy to use the household thing as a dildo sex toy. For example - If women or girl use cucumber as a dildo then first they should clean the cucumber with water and after that with the help of clean cloth make it dry. Once it gets dry then apply the condom. Apply the condom in the same manner as men wear it in his penis. Women can also use a rubber band to fix the condom on the vegetable. After that women or girl can easily use it as a dildo sex toy.

Usage and notes

Usage and notes

Although dildo toys are simple structure and easy to use for the users. But for the beginner's user, it is a bit difficult and he/she will aware of the way of use and notes so they will comfortable with dildo anytime. I suggest the simple use of dildo especially for the beginners.

Simple Usage

A simple dildo toy can able to give the various pleasure but with the best way of dildo use. Of course, there are multiple techniques to use the dildo. While using the dildo, don't forget to use the sex lube. Sex lube helps to reduce the friction and provides the smooth insertion feelings. Let's known them.


When it is used for the first time, it is strictly big no for the sudden insertion. Women's body wants time for sensitivity development in the vagina. So let's start with some stimulation and caressing. Active your mood for the dildo sex. Stimulate the nipples and clitoris, then allow small insertion with dildo toy. Let's continue as little by little. Go with the pleasant wave. Little by little insertion makes you expert and gives a most erotic experience.


When it is your third or fourth time with the dildo, then you are considered in the medium category. Now you are no more required caressing and stimulation the nipple. But of course, clitoris stimulation might help. Allow dildo penetration according to your vagina acceptance. Go to the Portio(cervix) and enjoy this internal pleasure by rotating the dildo in the vagina.


As an expert in the dildo sex, you should try different types of the dildo toy for more erotic pleasure. The rigid textured dildo with high diameter gives you enough pleasure. Insert the dildo in the vagina and try to go to the G-Spot. The G-Spot orgasm is the most pleasurable spot in women. The broad and big shaft in dildo is highly recommended for the advanced users.

Practice with dildo

Practice with dildo

Practice with dildo definitely helps you to reach the orgasm. You must hear that "practice make perfect". Practice makes anything perfect. If you are a beginner user or intermediate level user and does not feel comfortable with the dildo then you ought to do some practice with dildo.

During masturbation, you can use any types of dildo sex toy to learn a lot about your own body and your sexuality.

At the first or second attempt maybe you do not feel comfortable but at some point in your life, you definitely found it useful.

So while practising with the dildo, you should do some preparation. Include good quality sex lubricant, condom etc. in your play. If you start with the small dildo then it becomes beneficial for you.

Do whatever makes you feel happy and relax. First, stimulate the external body part and then move for the dildo insertion. It helps you to reach the orgasm.

Easy way to achieve the inside orgasm with dildo

Achieving the inside orgasm is not easy for every woman. You can rarely hear to any woman who says that she can achieve the inside orgasm just from penetration.

If you really want to reach the inside orgasm then you should do some practice with your dildo. It is a little difficult to reach the inside orgasm for the first attempt. But you know that practice makes perfect.

To reach the inside orgasm or vagina orgasm first you should start with the external stimulation. You must get relax and stress-free. Stimulate your clitoris with your finger and try to achieve the clitoris orgasm. Without the clitoris orgasm, it becomes very difficult to reach the inside orgasm or vagina orgasm.

Once you achieve the clitoris orgasm then move to the next step. Try to find your erotic zone. At the time when you find the most sensitive zone then try to stimulate it with your dildo. If you can find the erotic zone then no need to get upset. You can stimulate your G spot also to achieve the inside orgasm.



The caution you should follow before, after and during use for the better and safely dildo sex or didlo sex. Below are the attention that you should know.

Before use

Even the new purchased dildo sex toy or didlo toy has dirt particles. You should wash or sterilize it in the warm water or clean with a wet tissue to remove the attached fine dust and dirt.

In use

It is recommended to use a condom even over the dildos. For easy insertion, use lubricant. It is okay to use if it is water lubes. If you have silicone or oil-based lube then be careful about your dildo material. If you use the silicone lube with silicone dildo then your toy gets damage. In the same manner, if you use the oil-based lube with the latex condom then your condom will break during the penetration. So be careful about the dildo material, condom, and lubes. If you do not feel comfortable then stop using the dildo.

After use

Wash the dildo again with water, after use. Don't keep the multiple dildos at the same place, wrap them in cotton first.

Maintenance & Storage

Maintenance & Storage

Dildo are absolutely washable because dildo does not contain any motor like a vibrators. Even you can sterilize it in warm water.

Maintenance, How to wash

Basically it is okay to wash the dildo with detergent water or without. Clean every part of the dildo carefully. Wipe off all moisture with the soft tissues. Never use air drying or any other hot object on dildo.

If you have a vibrating dildo then be careful. You can not submerge your vibrating dildo into the water. In this case, it is better to prefer the toy cleaner.

Storage method

Avoid to store all the dildo at one place, the soft material and silicone material will react and can damage the dildo. Strictly no to direct sunlight.

How to buy dildo in India?

How to buy dildo in India?

So, once you decide to use the dildo for sex or masturbation then first you should purchase the dildo. The big problem is how to purchase and from where to buy dildo in India. Most of the Indian's are very shy in nature and they can't feel comfortable to talk about sex toys. Buying the dildo is very far. But if you decide to purchase then also it becomes very difficult for you because you can't even find the proper shop of sex toys in India.

Now, only one option you have and i.e dildo buy online in India. You should purchase the dildo from the online store. There are many e-commerce sites which offer varieties of dildo sex toys. You can easily purchase the dildo from the online store and do the payment via credit card, net banking or COD(cash on delivery).

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Check our highly satisfying product in dildo category. I recommended to you to visit this product once and also use at once for maximum sex pleasure.

My caiman

My caiman is big and amazing as per our view. It has good quality material, so it hasn't any smell and comfortable to lick without any resistance. The colour of dildo and thickness of dildo is the same as shown in the picture.

Where I actually used it was like this

My caiman is extremely suggested for the nympho women. It is difficult to use by inexperienced women because it has 5 cm glans with a thick and long shaft. This dildo is also suitable for the hand free sex because it has an suction cup on the base. It is irresistible for advanced people.


The first impression after seeing the GLASS WONDER No. 9 is Beautiful. The glass surface is too slippery and also lotion grow better. Even without lotion it goes with slurry. There is no other product is beautiful then this glass dildo.

Where I actually used it was like this

Glass Wonder No. 9 is uneven designed glass dildo. The uneven structure gives uneven stimulation during the vaginal insertion. Due to its hardness, it is suitable for the anal play as well. It will gives sensibly stimulate on the intestinal wall and the prostate gland. These is highly temperature friendly.


Air Dildo Wave Lsize is inflatable silicone dildo. It is easy to adjust the air in and out. This silicone dildo is too handy. It does not smell like other dildo and can use it with confidence. It absolutely looks like it.

Where I actually used it was like this

Air Dildo Wave Lsize is silicon dildo that can adjust the hardness of dildo by pneumatic pressure. By twisting the center of the main body and removing the bottom cover, the silicon parts will appear though which you can adjust the size of dildo. It is excellent maintainability.

Bocking Dockun

Bocking Dockun is too soft to use and enable the soft feeling. It is attractive but it will burst if inflate too much. It is absolutely perfect for the vaginal penetration and anal penetration, the little smell do not effect in penetration.

Where I actually used it was like this

As it is inflatable, so can used in vagina as well as in anal by adjusting the hardness of dildo by a suction cup and an air injection type pump. It's 19 cm size and 5.4 cm thickness gives women a satisfied sexual pleasure and sexual life with its soft and smooth texture.