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Regular Dildo

Best Realistic regular dildos at best price in India. Dildo for desi couples, women and men.

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What is Regular Dildo?

What is Regular Dildo?

If you get bored with your realistic dildo then regular dildo is the best option for you or if you want to try something different then select the regular dildo. The regular dildo is the ultimate do-it-yourself sex toy for the women. The dildo doesn't give extra pleasure like a vibrator. The motion and movement you do with the regular dildo sex toys, it only delivers that. Dildos only do what you make them do. It is a straight or curved shaft that doesn't have vibration or extra feature. Regular dildos are one of best sex toy for women. The user should wisely choose their dildo. The perfect dildo size and shape is key to the whole process.

Regular Dildo v/s other dildos

Regular dildos and other dildo work in the same way, just to fulfil the women desires. Regular dildos are most similar like real penis whether in size and shape. Regular dildos are available in the regular or average size of the penis. It is not too big or small in size. A regular dildo can be used by the beginners without any worry because it is available in the regular size. Other dildos have special texture, shape, size and some other properties such as strap on, glass dildo, huge dick dildos, etc. These dildos required experienced to use in a more effective way. But regular dildo can be used by both; beginner or experienced.

Material used for regular dildo

It is important for you to choose the best material. A different material gives different pleasure and different feel. There are varieties of material that frequently used for the dildo. Let's known about them and find your suitable one.


Rubber material is one of cheap material, so rubber dildos are most too expensive. Rubber dildos are extremely soft in touch and use. Rubber is mostly used to make traditional and realistic dildos. Due to its soft texture and real structure resembles the presence of the penis. But rubber material is porous i.e. it is not easy to clean. It has tiny pores that hold the dirt and difficult to wash off.


Jelly material is most similar to rubber material in touch, but their toys are more squishy and pliable. That's why jelly dildo gives a more realistic feeling and pleasure as compared to the cheaper rubber dildos. The jelly material is also porous in nature, so recommended to use condom over the dildo. Jelly toy required more care means should carefully be handled because it is not solid as rubber dildos.


Silicone material is very smooth and comfortable for dildo manufacturing. Silicone dildos are highly selling category in the dildo. Silicone material is extremely safer to skin and very smooth and comfortable for the use. Silicone material is non-porous in nature. The user can clean it even with the water, even boiled water. Although silicone dildos are one of the best, it shouldn't be used by the silicone based lubricant.

Synthetic Skin

Synthetic skin or Cyberskin material is closest to the real skin. It is soft and smooth in touch and feels realistic while using. Cyberskin material is highly used in fleshlight and dildos. Synthetic skin or Cyberskin material is very porous in nature and being fragile too. Proper cleaning is necessary for you to use Cyberskin dildos or any sex toy.


Latex dildos and toys are made by rubber. Latex is one of the forms of rubber. Like rubber, latex toys are also porous in nature. The one who is allergic to latex, it is good for them to stay away from these kinds of toys. Latex dildos are smooth and flexible to use. The one, who is not allergic to it, can take advantage of it at the cheap rates. It is suggested to use a condom with the latex material and avoid oil-based lubricant.


Glass material and glass dildo are new in the sex toy world. Glass dildos are non-porous in nature and can be washed by the dishwasher or cleaned with soap and warm water. Glass material has a special property that it is temperature friendly. It gives a warm and cool touch to the erogenous zone during use. Before using your glass dildo, carefully check that it does not have any sharp edges or broken. Sharp edges can hurt you.

Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel dildos are also new. It is safer for internal play because it has a smooth texture. It is also non-porous in nature and temperature friendly. Surgical Steel dildos are too hard and non-flexible. It will not break easily, even if you throw it. These metal dildos can be washed with the dishwasher and warm water or in a mixture of 10% bleach and 90% water to fully disinfect.

How to buy regular dildo

Regular dildo has two major points that a user can consider while paying for it. It is an essential thing do not compromise with it. Let know about them.

With Size

How to buy regular dildo

If talking about the size for the dildo, it means both the length and the girth of the dildo (How long and how thick). Both measurement matter a lot. The correct length and girth give well good penetration. As the entrance of the vagina is most sensitive and required a little care. Some women like to completely fill whether some not. If you are not sure about your size, think about how many fingers you can take during intercourse. Still, you are not sure, then you should go with the small size of regular dildo first.

With Material

Various type of material is available in the regular dildo like rubber, plastic, glass, metal, latex, wood, silicone, leather, cyberskin, etc. Every material has its pros and cons and their own style, firmness, rigidness, flexibility and purpose. Women should consider every small thing while choosing material in regular dildo. Some of the material is unsafe for the body and can hard to clean. It is totally on the women to find their suitable one.

How to use regular dildo

The correct way of using regular dildo is necessary for the ultimate sexual pleasure. From the beginning to the climax, the below description might help you to enjoy with slow to the deep insertion.

Setting up the mood

How to use regular dildo

Setting up the mood is essential, so that you and your vagina get relaxed. Take a comfortable position to relax. The second thing is the natural lubrication. It is tough to push the dildo immediately. You can set up the mood with some dim light, scented candles, play some good music, etc. Reading the erotic story, watch some porn, some caressing by the partner, little foreplay can also make you lubricate. Still, you use bottled lubricate, it is not bad. Double trouble lubrication is good for the play. A turn on mood makes insertion easy and can reach to climax. You can easily select any of your favourite lubricant.

Various Technique

Keep things slow and steadily. It can be uncomfortable by all of sudden insertion or thrust. The gradual increase and breath make it easy. From shallow to deep, don't ignore the body comfort. Play around the depth, go with rhythm to that direction where you feel scream.

Deep Thrusting

For the deep thrusting, you need to go to the deep straight in the vagina and occupy the entire vagina length to the G-Spot vibrator. Deep thrusting is only done by the long and hard regular dildo. The hard dildo does not mean rough rigid. Make sure to go with only less rigid, because it going inside the vagina. The hard dildo is essential because softer one is difficult to insert in deep.

Short and Shallow

You can do short and shallow penetration by your regular dildo. You just have to angle the tip of the dildo to the tip of the vagina. For this, a regular or straight dildo is enough. But to focus on the G-Spot, use curved tip regular dildo.

Pressure play

Pressure play can be gentle or hard. You can experiment with the gentle pressure to hard pressure or something between this. It depends on the user, where they find their pressure play. You can also try squeezing and relaxing your pelvic muscles or vaginal muscles for extra tightness and extra pleasure.

Move that body

Keep movement during the use of regular dildo is good for you and your pleasure. Don't be afraid to lift your hip up and down. It is okay and good to thrust with your body in the, in the same way, thrusting with partner.

Good vibrations

If you like to have vibration in the sexual intercourse, then you can embed small vibrators, magic wand, finger toys, clitoris toys, etc between the toy and the clitoris. The sensation with the vibration is going up and stimulation is to the climax. You will surely love the combination of vibrator with dildo, as most of women did.

Guideline should noticed while using dildo

Here is some of the important guidelines if you are using dildo or thinking to try dildo.

Dildos are far much better than the household items. Dildos are made to keep things in mind that it will be gone inside the human's most sensitive zone. It is one of the safest options to use for sexual pleasure over the other phallic shape household things.

Cleaning is one of thing you should consider. It is as important as fun for hygiene and safety. An unclean dildo causes a lot of bacteria and can affect the user with the Sexual Transmitted Disease. The user can use sex toy clean or Luke warm to wash the dildo after and before use.

User should follow one toy, one hole, and one time. Avoid, even stop switching between the vagina and anal. Switching can lead to bacteria transmission. If you want to use both penetrations, wash the dildo or cover it with the condom every time.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Are you looking for the regular dildo for the ultimate solo sex pleasure? Here we are suggesting some of the best regular dildos that might help you.

Realistic Penis Extension CHINPOKO (pearl black)

Realistic Penis Extension CHINPOKO is one of the regular dildos in 102mm in size and 31mm in diameter. It is a small dildo for beginners. It just has shaft part means it doesn't have balls part like a real penis. But the texture of dildo is realistic like real glens and veins. To wash and store this small dildo is so easy.

Where I actually used was like this

It is small size dildo and perfect for it. It is flexible and bendable. I insert it without any problem. As a beginner, it worked for me to enter in the sex toys thing. Yes, it is my first try with the sex toys. I enjoyed the experience and suggest to other beginners too.

Michinoku Dildo S size

Michinoku Dildo S size is small size dildo about the 145mm in length and 33mm in diameter. It can be comfortable for beginners. Michinoku Dildo S size is one of the realistic dildos that gives real feeling to the women while insertion in the vagina.

Where I actually used was like this

I used Michinoku Dildo S size. It was my first dildo or can say first sex toy. It was comfortable for me to use even as a beginner. As I saw Michinoku Dildo has series. Now, I am using S Size. After a little experience, when I required a bigger one. I would like to go with L and M size in future. Michinoku Dildo series is available in the phallic colour, so I liked this feature too.