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Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos for simultaneous insertion, best dildos for lesbian and male anal at low prices!

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Double ended dildo?

What is Double ended dildo?

Speaking of Double ended dildo, the use in the lesbian comes first, of course, you can use Vagina to Vagina, Vagina to Anal Anal to Anal. Here we will introduce you to various types of Double ended dildo and how to use and select Double ended dildo.

What is Double ended dildo?

Do you know about the double ended dildo? Don't know? No need to worry. We are here to explain you everything about the double ended dildo such as types of double ended dildo, how to use, how to maintain and store etc. A double-ended dildo is a sex toy that allow double penetration with a single dildo. It doubles the fun too. It can be used in solo masturbation for double penetration or with a partner for single-single penetration. A double-ended dildo is too long as compared to the other dildos, so you can use those toys for like anal toy, making more deeply.

It is also known as dong dildos or dong toys. Both ends of a dildo are a structure in the way that easily goes to the penetration area. Both penetrative stimulators come separately and fixed on the single shaft. Double ended dildos have both side penetration edges.

It bringing orgasmic happiness to you and your partner. It is best for double side penetration lover. Double dildos are particularly developed for double penetration in vaginal as well as anal at the same time. It is necessary for you to use the personal lubricant with the dong toys. You can easily select any one of your favourite lubricants. Make sure that the lubricant which you select is compatible with the material of the dong toys. Along with the personal lubricant, if you want then you can also use the condom. Select any of the condom which you like most. You should use two condoms on both ends.

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Double ended dildos vs. other dildos

Double ended dildos have double power like its name. It doubles the fun. Double ended dildos are double in length as compare to the ordinary dildo. It is available in more than 11-12 inches. Due to its length, it has the power to give deep penetration or dual penetration to the user.

A user can use to vagina to vagina, vagina to anus, anus to anus. It can be used by men and women. Dong dildo is also available in vibrating form like other dildos. The vibrating motor is inbuilt in the dildo that turns on the dual penetration vibrators for users.

Why lesbian couples prefer dong toys?

Why lesbian couples prefer dong toys?

Double ended dildos or dong dildos highly famous in the lesbian couples because it gives pleasure to both partners simultaneously. Lesbian is a relationship between two women. It is difficult for them to enjoy at the same time.

Usually, they satisfied each other one by one, but dong toys give them the power to enjoy sexual intercourse at the same time. It is up to lesbian couples, which type of intercourse they want whether vaginal or anal intercourse. Dong toys perfectly work for both and give orgasm in the vagina as well as in anal.

Can we use it for solo penetration?

Yes, a user can use it for solo penetration. Double ended dildos are not only restricted to the double penetration. If a user wants, they can use it as an ordinary dildo for solo penetration whether vaginal or anal. A single woman can satisfy her orgasm alone too with dong dildos. If you have a flexible dildo, you can use both ends by yourself in the vagina and anal.

What kinds of Double ended dildo are there?

What kinds of Double ended dildo are there?

Double ended dildos are available in many materials, features, structure, etc so a user can find their desire one. Let's know about them.

By material

Double ended dildos come in wide array of martial from soft to hard, from cheap to expensive, etc. Different material is able to give different pleasure to men, women and couples. You should select your material according to your body need. Soft material is suitable for beginners and hard for experts. Different materials are:

Jelly rubber

Jelly rubber material is highly soft in nature. Double ended dildo made with jelly rubber is perfect for beginners. It is bendable and a user can fold it in even C-Shape. The user can change the shaft shape. Jelly rubber is safer to skin and affordable to every person. It is not too expensive. To clean jelly rubber dildo is tough, take care of this.


Silicone material is one of the best material for all sex toys. Double ended dildo made by silicone is bit expensive but worth full to spend. Silicone material has excellent non-porous properties means it is easy to clean before and after use. Silicone dildo can be soft or hard. A user can find their suitable one.


The rubber material is slightly hard than jelly rubber but it is soft in nature. Beginners can use rubber made double headed dildo without any difficulty. The rubber material is also porous in nature. It required proper clean before and after sexual activity. Such dildo is flexible and easy to penetrate. We have a huge collection of rubber double ended dildo. You can easily select any one of them.

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The glass material is hard in nature and its double-ended dildos are recommended only for the expert user. Glass material is smooth in nature and gives smooth and plain touch in penetration. Glass dildo has special properties that it is temperature friendly. It delivers a warm and cool effect while using. It is completely non-porous material.


A plastic material is soft and smooth in nature and it is affordable for everyone. Double ended dildo made by plastic material can be used by beginners and experts. Such dildos are porous. So clean it properly. A plastic material is safer to skin because it is phthalate-free material. A user can use it if they have allergies to latex smell.

Different way to use it

Different way to use it

The different sexual configuration that can be performed by the double ended dildo is here. These all way to use or configuration depend on user choice, which type of pleasure and orgasm user want.

Vagina to vagina

Vagina to vagina configuration is obvious done between two women. This sexual configuration allows dual penetration in both vaginas at the same time. Mostly it is used by lesbian couples. The two vaginas penetration with double ended dildos gives an orgasm to both partners simultaneously.

Vagina to Anus

Vagina to anus configuration can be done between men or women. It gives vaginal penetration to one partner where another partner enjoys anal penetration. Couples use it in their sexual intercourse to fulfil each other sexual desires.

Anus to Anus

Anus to anus configuration can be done between men or women and men or men. It gives anal penetration and an anal pleasure to both the partners. Such sexual configuration is highly famous in gay couples or bisexual peoples. With the use of double ended dildo both the gay partners can achieve P-Spot orgasm. If you want to know about the P spot or P spot orgasm then please check Male Prostate Toys category.

Double ended dildo Usage and Maintenance

Double ended dildo Usage and Maintenance

If you are thinking to try a double ended dildo, then you should know about their Usage and Maintenance. Usage will help you to carry it and maintenance help you to keep it longer. Let's start:

How Double ended dildo work?

It's pretty simple to know about how double ended dildo work. One end of double ended dildo goes in one hole, where another goes in another. Two women can use it in vaginal penetration. Likewise, if one partner moves, another one feels the sensation. One may use it in a vagina and another in anal. Two users may use it anal penetration. It is up to the user, what penetration they want. Many women use it in double penetration. One end goes in a vagina and another one goes in anal. But it is possible if you have a flexible and bendable double ended dildo.

It also works as a strapless strap-on. When one partner wears it, it will stay in place without even any harness. Double ended dildo can also be used with a harness. The double-ended dildo is attached to harness, one partner will wear it with penetration and aiming another end to another hole, vagina or anus.

Women can use Double ended dildo in solo masturbation. It keeps vaginal masturbation and anal masturbation separate and makes it secure. Women can use one end for vagina and another end for anal. The double-ended dildo has the power to give deep penetration to the men or women.

How to use Double ended dildo

Double ended dildos can be used for single play or dual play. If you want single player, then you can use the separate end as a handle. Lie on your back and extend your legs on the bed. Insert one end of the double ended dildo smoothly, slowly, then bend the other end of it up almost you to use as a handle & manage the thrust of it.

Curve the dildo into a 'U' shape & rest it opposite to a surface with every end facing upwards. Crouch over it, gently manages prime into the anus & the other into the vagina, if you want dual penetration. Bring all your desire on a bed to reach to orgasm.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Using Double ended dildo is necessary, in the same way, to keep it clean and maintain is also necessary. Here we will guide you the best way to maintaining your play and keep it clean.


A lubricant is always necessary for every sexual act. It is not just about using a double ended dildo. Lubricant dildo and yourself. It helps to reduce friction and make the surface slippery. So that you can feel the smooth insertion feelings. It is good to use water-based lubricant because it is safer for all material. Silicone based lubricant is not safer to use with silicone dildo and silicone double ended dildos.

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Keep It Clean

It is ideal to wash before and after every single sexual act done by double ended dildos. You can use warm or cool water to wash off, it eliminates the germs and bacteria and prevents it for future use. Using a condom over double ended dildo keep you save. You should use two condoms on both ends.


Double ended dildos or any other dildos are available in any material, so it is not good to keep all dildos at single place. If you want, you should wrap every dildo separate because there is a chance the material react with each other and damage your favourite one. Keep your double ended dildo always at a dry, dark place. Away from flammable things and excess sunlight.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Some suggested double ended dildo for women and lesbian that work for them. It is one of the best. You should check them once.


SOUTOU KAKKA HONEY SHORT is double ended dildo for women. It is a unique one because it's one end is small and another one is bigger. Men can also use it in anal penetration from the smaller end. It is 270mm in length and having a diameter of about 36mm and 21mm.

Where I actually used was like this

I am a lesbian couple and always wanted such long dildo. I and my partner liked SOUTOU KAKKA HONEY SHORT. It is very flexible to use and enjoy its dual penetration. The way its structure, it gives us real feeling and real pleasure of penis. The glans and veins resemble the penis feel throughout the sexual play.


MAGNUM Z 26 is big dildo toys from MAGNUM Z series. It is 12 inch in length. MAGNUM Z 26 is available in attractive black colour and highly selected by lesbian couples. It both ended are designed in the glans part and its texture is rough to give ultimate pleasure to the user.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought MAGNUM Z 26 to achieve deep G-Spot orgasm. I tried my dildo but MAGNUM Z 26 worked for me. It gives me the ultimate G-Spot pleasure in masturbation. Once I also used it with my partner, because it double ended. We tried dual penetration first time and enjoyed it.


MAGNUM Z 27 is big dildo toys from MAGNUM Z series. It is about 12inch in length that is sufficient for dual penetration. It is also available in black colour and has a structure with glans and veins. Its glans and veins provide real touch to the women, men.

Where I actually used was like this

I tried such sex toy first time with my husband. We brought it because my partner wants to use dual penetration with me. We used it vagina to anal and anal to anal. We loved MAGNUM Z 27 and enjoyed sexual intercourse. It is also suitable for deep vaginal penetration.


MAGNUM Z 25 is big dildo toys from 30kinds of MAGNUM Z series. It is available in black colour. It is one of dong dildo that is simple. It both end parts have a glans structure but its shaft is plain. Beginners can use it comfortably.

Where I actually used was like this

Being bisexual, it had been great fun for me to use MAGNUM Z 25. It soft but hard material works for me and my partner and gives us a mind-blowing orgasm. It has enough length for use, we both used it at the same time. I loved MAGNUM Z 25 and will suggest t, my friend, too.