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Inflatable Dildos

Find the Best Inflatable Dildos at SEXToys India. For pressure stimulation, air type dildos are the way to go!

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Inflatable dildo?

What is Inflatable dildo?

Inflatable dildo that can be inserted and then inflated. The stimulation of pressure makes it even more exciting. We will teach you the types, how to use, and how to choose Inflatable dildo, which can change the hardness and volume by air pressure.

What is Inflatable dildo?

Now a day, gradually Inflatable dildo becomes famous in India. An inflatable dildo is a type of the dildo sex toy which inflates by squeezing a hand bulb or hand pump. It is a unique style of dildo sex toys which are easily used by any of the people. People use this toy because they easily insert it into their body at regular size and after that, they expand for the ultimate sexual pressure. This toy is easily used by any gender people such as men, woman, gay or lesbian. People used this dildo toy either for anal penetration or for vagina penetration. This inflatable dildo is used in the same manner as other dildo sex toy used. People use this dildo alone or with their partner.

There are varieties of inflatable dildo available in the market. An inflatable dildo is generally made with the latex or silicone material. Both the material which is used to make the inflatable dildo are either high quality or medical grade so it is safe for all types of skin. The inflatable dildo is available in different colour, shape, size, style and textures. Inflatable dildo is also available with the vibration function. People can select any of the inflatable dildos according to their need, choice, and budgets.

Where can I purchase the Inflatable dildo

Where can I purchase the Inflatable dildo

In India, it becomes easy to purchase the inflatable dildo or any other sex toys. People can easily purchase it either from the shop or from the online store. It depends on them.

From shop

People can easily purchase the inflatable dildo from the shop. In India, there are only a few shops which provide the dildo and these shops are available only in the metro cities. So the people who live in a metro city can easily purchase the inflatable dildo from these shops. But it is a little difficult for people who do not live in the metro city. So most of the people prefer online store to purchase the inflatable dildo or any other sex toys.

From Online store

In India, most of the people are very shy in nature. They do not feel comfortable to purchase the inflatable dildo from the shop so they prefer the online store. There are many e-commerce sites which offer the varieties of the inflatable dildo. So people can easily purchase their favourite inflatable dildo from the e-commerce sites and do the payment via credit card, debit card, net banking or COD(cash on delivery).

Easy choice for beginners

An inflatable dildo is the most common choice for the first timer. Beginner user can inflate the dildo according to their choice and used it for the deep penetration. The user can easily push it as far as it will go before pumping it up. The differentiation between the slight tubing and wide swelled test is not quite the same as some other sort. Most of the inflatable dildo is made with soft materials so beginner people easily used and maintain it.

How to use Inflatable Dildo?

How to use Inflatable Dildo?

If people want to experience the pleasure feeling then they should use the inflatable dildo in a proper manner. People can easily use the inflatable dildo either for the anal penetration or for vagina penetration. It depends on the user which type of penetration they prefer for their sexual pleasure.

Setting up the mood?

Before involving in sexual penetration, it is necessary for the couple to set their mood. If people are in tension or they are worried then there is a possibility that instead of pleasure feeling they experience the pain. So before involving in sexual penetration, people should get relax and comfortable. It helps them to experience pleasure feelings. People can also do some decoration in their bedroom.

Apply lubricant

People should always select good quality personal lubricant. They should apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the inflatable dildo and also near the genital area. It helps to reduce friction and make the surface slippery so that people can easily insert it. If people want to involve in the anal penetration then they should use the anal lubricant only. The anal lubricant is different from the other ordinary lubricant and it works for a long time.

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Along with the personal lubricant, if people want then they can also use condom. If you used the condom then your inflatable dildo toys do not get dirty and it becomes easy for you to clean it. You can easily select any of your favourite condom for the inflatable dildo.

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Insert and place in your preferred sports

Once people apply the personal lubricant then they should pump the dildo to make it inflatable. When the dildo toys are inflatable then try to insert it into the anal or vagina. After inserting the dildo sex toys, people can also adjust it according to their comfort zone.

At the point when completely inflated, the dildo can't generally be pushed in and out, it will need to remain set up like an attachment. You can push the dildo; however, the state of inflatable will change as it moves between points of pressure from inside your body to open space outside the body.

Do your sexual activity?

People can easily use the inflatable dildo either for the masturbation or for the sex with the partners. Any gender people either men, woman, gay or lesbian can easily use the inflatable dildo sex toys. Most of the male or gay user wants to stimulate their prostate so they prefer the inflatable dildo during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual desired. A woman and lesbian also use the inflatable dildo to achieve the mind-blowing orgasm.

How to maintain and store the Inflatable dildo?

How to maintain and store the Inflatable dildo?

It is necessary for the people to clean their inflatable dildo before and after every sexual activity to make it free from germs and bacteria so that it does not make any infection. To clean the inflatable dildo people easily use the water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid. Once you make your dildo sex toys clean then used the clean clothes or dryer to make the dildo sex toy dry. After that, wrap your inflatable dildo with a clean cloth. Always store your inflatable dildo sex toys in safe, cool, and dry places. Keep it away from the children.

Attention point

While using the inflatable dildo, people should take some precaution also. The couple should always select the personal lubricant which is compatible with the material of the inflatable dildo. For example - If the inflatable dildo is made with the silicone material then they should avoid using the silicone-based lubricant because silicone lubricant damage the surface of the silicone made sex toys.

If you are using the inflatable dildo for the first time then it is necessary for you to read the instruction and follow that instruction. During sexual intercourse, people should always insert dildo sex toys slowly and smoothly. In case, if people do not feel comfortable or they feel any types of irritation then immediately stop using it. Never share your personal inflatable dildo with other people.

Recommended Pickup Item

Check our highly satisfying product in inflatable dildo category. I recommended to you to visit this product once and also use at once for maximum sexual pleasure.

Bocking Dockun

Bocking Dockun is an inflatable dildo. People used it to insert into the anal or vagina. During the sexual activity first, insert it into the anal or vagina and then use the pump to make it more large and thick. Bocking Dockun is available in the real skin.

Where I actually used was like this

It is an inflatable dildo so it becomes easy for me to adjust the length and thickness of the dildo with the help of the pump. While using this dildo sex toy, I easily get satisfied. I used this dildo for both anal as well as vagina penetration. With this inflatable dildo, I also used a good quality personal lubricant.


INFLATABLE DILDO PENIS Ver is also an inflatable dildo in which dildo part is made with the high-quality latex material and the pump part is made with the silicone material. Any people can easily use and handle this dildo sex toys.

Where I actually used was like this

When I used the INFLATABLE DILDO PENIS Ver for the first time, it really provides me the unique pleasure. It is very easy for me to adjust it. As I completed the sexual intercourse I used the quick air release button to release the air. It is very easy to take the dildo out after completing the sexual intercourse. This dildo is very easy to use and handle.