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New Product Sex Toys List

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Large Dildos

Here is a list of super huge dildos, We sell huge dildos for advanced users, which are variously called Big dildos, Large dildos and Huge dong.

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How to choose dildos in India and What sex toys to buy with dildos
How to choose the best dildos in India!
How To Use Dildo? Indian Guide to Dildo 2021
Dildos can make your body more pleasurable.
How To Clean Dildo ? The Complete Guide for Indians
How To Clean n Maintenance Dldo?

Large dildo?

large dildo?

If you are looking for stimulation in masturbation, the large dildo is the perfect choice.

The dildo is much larger than the average penis size and will give you pleasure like you've never felt before.

STI Girl

With an ordinary dildo or penis, this experience is impossible.

Would you like to experience this stimulation?

This article details the size and appeal of large dildo and its popular products.

To be the first to know about the most popular products, click on the links below.

Size of large dildo

Size of large dildo

SEXToys India handles dildo with a length of 6.5 inches or more as large dildo.

The average Indian male penis is said to be about 5.1 inches long, so that makes it quite large.

STI Girl

In reality, very few men have penises comparable to the large size dildo.

The difference between a dildo the same size as the average penis and a large dildo side by side is obvious.

It is a sex toy that offers a very stimulating experience and is preferred mainly by advanced users.

Advantages of large dildo

large dildo?

There are many different types of dildos, but the large dildo is one of the most popular.

STI Girl

This is mainly due to these advantages that only large dildo has.

The benefits of each are discussed in more detail below.

Pleasant sensation without moving

A thicker dildo, such as the large dildo, can provide pleasure simply by being inserted into the vagina.

STI Girl

The pleasure of having your vagina filled with dildo cannot be experienced with any other sex toy.

With a small dildo, you may have to move it so that it hits the sexual zone to get pleasure.

Large dildos provide intense stimulation and pleasure without the need for such efforts.

Can stimulate deeper

At the back of the vagina is a sexual zone called the portio.

It is said to be the ultimate pleasure for women, as it provides intense pleasure through continuous stimulation.

However, a small penis may not be able to reach deep into the vagina and stimulate it.

STI Girl

A large dildo will reach the portio with no problem.

If you want to experience the ultimate pleasure from portio, we also recommend the following articles.

Popular as an anal dildo

Large dildos are often used for anal masturbation.

This is because, unlike the vagina, the more experienced a person becomes with anal masturbation, the larger the dildo can be inserted.

STI Girl

The larger the Dildo, the stronger the pleasure from the pressure.

The small Anal toy is not enough and the Large dildo is chosen for its strong stimulation.

For more information on how to perform anal masturbation and the procedure, check out the following articles.

Large dildo popular in SEXToys India

large dildo?

Here we introduce SEXToys India's popular large dildo along with its features.

The size and shape of each is completely different from each other, so you can choose the best dildo for your purpose.


Once you have found the dildo you want, click on the link to check out the product details.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6.5 [L-size]

XXX Indian Dick Man 6.5 L-size

If you are looking for a Dildo that is a little larger than average, this is the one for you.

It has a very realistic shape and the glans is designed to be large, providing a stimulating insertion sensation.

The slightly warped design is perfect for stimulating the G-spot, providing a numbing sensation.

STI Girl

You can develop your sexual senses while masturbating.

Large dildo is easy to handle even for first-timers.

Realistic Desi penis dildo [XL-size]

Realistic Desi penis dildo XL-size

For those who want big size in both length and thickness, this dildo is the perfect choice.

In addition to its size, which is well beyond the average penis, it also has a suction cup for a variety of enjoyment.

At 1.8 inches thick, it is the thickest in SEXToys India and promises the best stimulation you have ever experienced.

STI Girl

For big size lovers, this is truly an ideal modeling.

With such size and functionality, only SEXToys India offers it for under Rs3000.

Realistic Desi penis dildo Straight [XL-size]

Realistic Desi penis dildo Straight XL-size

If length is important to you, this dildo is the best choice.

Unlike other dildo, it does not have balls attached to it, so the insertable portion is longer, and its length is as long as 8 inches.

The glans is small and the thickness is average for its length, so it is recommended for those who like to stimulate the depths of the penis.

STI Girl

This is the longest Dildo in SEXToys India.

Because of its gradually thickening shape, many people use it as an anal dildo.

Notes on the use of large dildo

Notes on the use of large dildo

For those of you who are thinking about purchasing large dildo, I would like to let you know a few things to keep in mind.

These are very important things to keep in mind when using large dildo.

Each of these precautions will be explained in detail.

Be sure to use Sex Lubricant!

All of the large dildo sizes are well above the average penis.

Even if you are used to inserting a dildo or have had sex before, we recommend using sex lubricant.

The consistency of sex lubricant reduces friction, making insertion smoother and less painful at the same time.

STI Girl

Order with us for comfortable dildo masturbation.

Be careful when inserting

Even if Sex Lubricant is used, insertion should be done slowly, taking sufficient time.

If you are using it on your partner, it is especially important to talk to him or her and check with him or her as you insert it.

If there is pain, do not overdo it and use it as long as it does not cause pain.

STI Girl

It is important and involves trust with your partner.

Always clean before and after use

Dildo should be washed before and after use, and should always be kept clean.

If a Dildo is used with bacteria on it, there is a risk of vaginal or anal irritation.

To avoid this, it is important to clean and store your Dildo properly.

STI Girl

To learn more about how to wash and store dildo, please read the following article.


The large dildo provides more intense stimulation than a normal penis can provide.

Because of its large size, it must be used with care, but once you get used to it, you will enjoy more pleasure than you would from sex!

STI Girl

I highly recommend this product to users who want an exciting experience.

In addition to large dildo, dildo has a wide variety of other products.

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