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What is Non-Realistic Dildo?

What is non realistic dildo

Non-Realistic Dildo is popular for those who don't like realistic dildo designs. Here we will introduce you how to select and use Non-Realistic Dildo with various materials and shapes.

What is Non-Realistic Dildo?

If you want to try something new or something different then you have an option to use the non-realistic dildo. Non Realistic Dildos is non-phallic shape dildo whether straight or curved. It is especially for one who wants something different. Sometimes people, either men and women are looking for real pleasure toys, means realistic dildo, but sometimes they really want the complete opposite. The Non-Realistic dildos are perfect for them. It is one of exciting option for sex toy lover that fulfil the sexual desire with best ever sexual sensations.

Non-Realistic Dildo can be simple or dotted, can be straight or curved, can be vibrating or non-vibrating. There are a lot of options available in the non-realistic dildo. A user has to find a suitable one. The interest towards the non-realistic dildo is increasing day by day. It does not resemble any sex toy or real phallic structure, so it is easy to keet it at home and keep it private.

Non- realistic means non-phallic dildo? Is it deliver less pleasure?

Absolutely, a non-realistic dildo is a non-phallic dildo. There are a lot of people like lesbian and some men and women who are not interested in cock so they prefer non-realistic dildo.

They want to enjoy the play by competing against the real thing in sexual life. Sex and satisfaction are not restricted to only hard erect cock. The non-phallic dildo also delivers the same level of pleasure to the user. It is not less than realistic dildo or cock whether in pleasure or satisfaction. People who love the idea of a sex toy, surely love the ideas of the non-realistic play.

Types of non realistic dildo

Types of non realistic dildo

Various non-realistic dildo made by different material like rubber, PVC, silicone, metal, glass, etc. Here we are describing two features available in the non-realistic dildo.

With Suction cup

Suction cup in non-realistic dildo gives a hand free dildo and hand free fun to the user. The suction cup is attached to the base of the non-realistic dildo. This suction base dildo is easily fixed on the floor and wall easily.

Non-realistic dildo with suction base is perfect for the solo masturbation. Masturbation gets worst if the user's hand start hurting. But suction cup gives the power to use without hurting hand and having fun for a long time. A user can use it to continued time.

With vibrating features

Non-realistic dildo with vibration feature makes it ultimate dildo for women. Its kind of Vibrators toy. The vibration feature is very in a different non-realistic dildo. Some have fixed vibration speed, some have a level of vibration speed, some have different patterns of vibration.

A user has to choose one that helps them to reach ultimate orgasm. Non-realistic dildo with vibration surely gives you an unforgettable climax in the masturbation and sexual intercourse. Vibration excites the sensitive nerve ends and arouse the user's mood for penetration and play.

Why choose non-realistic dildo?

As we know, a non-realistic dildo is completely opposite of real things. It keeps your sexual life and sex toy interest private. Non-realistic dildo is a sex toy that not looks like our own body part.

It is something straight and curved, but not in the cock size. It is a common issue in user that they want to hide their sex toy from the world. If you such concern too, then choosing non-realistic dildo is best. No one recognizes the shape of a dildo and your interest.

Non Realistic Dildo Usage and Maintenance

Non Realistic Dildo Usage and Maintenance

If you are thinking to go with a non-realistic dildo for the sexual play, then you should know how to use it in sex and what to do before and after sex. The Usage and Maintenance keep you and your non-realistic dildo safe.

Before sex.

Before sex

Before involving in the sex with any sex toy, it is important for couples to know about the basic things, How to choose suitable non-realistic dildo?, Which size is correct for you? etc. It depends on your sexual needs and your desires.

Choose material?

Non-realistic dildos are made by a different type of material like rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, cyber skin, metal etc. The different type of material is able to give different types of touch and feel to the women. The rubber material is extremely soft to use and perfect for the beginners.

Where metal is extremely hard material and perfect for the strong sex & penetration and only for experts. The choice of material is to depend on the user and their experience and needs. A user just keeps in mind their sexual desire while choosing any non-realistic dildo.

Small, Medium or Large?

Every person has their own desire and own acceptance level in the sex. So, there are three basic sizes are available in non-realistic dildo commonly:

The small, medium and large. A small dildo is small in length and diameter. Where large is large in length and girth.

The different sizes of non-realistic dildo give different level of penetration and fun to the user. For beginners, the small and medium size is suitable and for experience user large and extra large is perfect.

Do you want strap on?

Strap in play is a little bit different than regular sex play. Strap on play gives hand free masturbation and sex play to the couples. If you are thinking to use a strap-on, then you have to choose a non-realistic dildo that fit your harness.

Strap on is commonly famous in lesbian couples. There are sizes available in strap-on dildo too, so you can select your desired one. Anything with wide base and balls in dildo can easily fit the o-ring harness and give you mind-blowing sex to the lesbian and couples.

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During sex

During sex

When couples or singles are ready with their desire and suitable non-realistic dildo, it time to involve in the sexual intercourse. Prepare yourself and achieve orgasm with these three steps:


Lubricate make your intercourse smooth and soft. It is good for you to use any type of lubricant when it comes to penetration. You can go with water-based lubricant and silicone based lubricant. A great choice is a water-based lubricant, it works with all type of dildo material.

Silicone based lubricant is not safe to use with silicone made lubricant. Use your decided lubricant on your dildo and over vagina & clitoris before penetration. It is also good to massage clitoris and vagina wall with go for penetration.

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Slow and little insertion.

Before go for the little insertion, test your non-realistic dildo on the outside of your body. Stimulate and massage your external parts such as nipples, anus, vulva and labia. It makes you feel arouse and makes you feel comfortable. If you want then you can also use some vibrator toy to stimulate the external body part.

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Tease your sensitive part and build them to get ready for penetration. When you get aroused, allow slow insertion at first. Take notice, how it feel?, Is it difficult for you or not?. Observe your reaction. If you feel comfortable and it is painless, go forth.

Go forth to climax.

Once you get comfortable with a slow insertion of a non-realistic dildo, then slowly and steadily increase the level of insertion. Gradually increase in the penetration, can give your ultimate pleasure. Try to go deep down in the vagina to the G-Spot.

You can do what you want to do now. Give strokes to enhance the pleasure. The deep penetration with full speed of strokes reach to ultimate climax and give G-Spot orgasm to the women. On the continued use of your dildo, try one bigger one after some time to increase sexual pleasure.

After sex

After sex

To keep the non-realistic dildo & toys for longer and use it for a long time, we have to maintain it and clean it properly. Here we guide you some of the tips that you should follow after sex for your favourite non-realistic dildo.


It is one of the essential things that you should follow, wash your non-realistic dildo or another dildo after every single sex. Well, how to wash dildo is depend on types of material.

Soft material dildo should be wash by cold water and hard material dildo can be wash by cold and hot water. There are porous in the dildo that holds the dirt particles and harms the dildo. So be careful to clean this porous. It is difficult to clean out soft material dildo completely. If you are using soap for washing, then you should use fragrance-free soap only.


The non-realistic dildo is always kept in the dark and dry place. If you recently wash your dildo, do not store it. A little moisture in the non-realistic dildo can damage the toy. Kept it in a dry place for sometime till it gets completely dry. After that, store it in a dry box.

If you have a number of dildos where non-realistic or realistic, do not place them together. If you want to store them at a single place and in a single box, then you should wrap every dildo in tissues or cloth bag. Sometimes, a material of dildos can react to each other and damage the dildo.

What is the attention point of Non- Realistic Dildo?

What is the attention point of Non- Realistic Dildo?

A non-realistic dildo is one of a personal thing, a user shouldn't share their dildo with other people. It can increase the chances of STD or infections. It is ideal to use a condom over every non-realistic dildo or any other dildo before going for the penetration.

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If you are a beginner with a non-realistic dildo, you should take time and insert slow in vagina or anus. It works for you and gives you pleasure. Precaution is better than cure, so follow all written instruction on product' box. One important thing, if your product is made by silicone material, avoid silicone based lube to use.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Let's watch out some of the non-realistic dildoes for having fun with non-phallic shape sex toys.

White Big dick M size

White Big dick M size is Elastomer made dildo for women. It is 185mm in length and good for vagina penetration. It is not in the colour of cock, instead of in pure white colour. It is flexible to use, even beginner feel comfortable.

Where I actually used was like this

I was looking for some penis shape but not in penis colour. The same colour highlight the penis structure, so one of my friends recommended White Big dick M size from this site.

I loved White Big dick M size. It fulfils my demand and desires. White Big dick M size best for the vagina penetration due to its length and diameter.


CHOCOLATE LILY is non-realistic dildo made by high-quality silicone material. It is used in the vagina as well as in anal play because it is soft in touch and flexible to use. It is about 163mm in length, that enough of any sexual play.

Where I actually used was like this

I used CHOCOLATE LILY and liked it a most. I randomly found it on the Google when I search for some silicone dildo. I brought it because of its shape and attractive black colour. It is easy for me to keep it. Its non-phallic shape complete my desire without let know other.


GLASS WONDER No. 9 is non-realistic and glass dildo. It is 175mm in length and made of high-quality material. Its texture is so soft and plain to use in vagina penetration. It is completely waterproof, a user can use it in a bathtub and shower.

Where I actually used was like this

GLASS WONDER No. 9 is luxurious dildo that why I brought it. Its dotted texture I liked the most. It gives me better vaginal penetration and a better climax in my solo masturbation because its length goes deep to the G-Spot. Its structure is completely private and easy it kept in a bedroom.