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Realistic Dildos

A variety of realistic dildos, including real penis shapes, with suction cups, double heads and huge real penises, can be purchased cheaply and safely in India. >>Go to Check out the details of category

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Realistic dildo in India

Realistic dildo in India

If you are looking for a dildo that provides sex-like stimulation, Realistic dildo is the perfect choice.

It looks and feels just like a real penis, allowing you to enjoy masturbation as if you were having sex.

STI Girl

This is one of the most popular categories in SEXToys India.
  • Want stimulation similar to that of the penis
  • Practice sex
  • Use it for anal masturbation
  • Get aroused by its appearance

It is popular among users for a variety of purposes, including

In this article, we will introduce its Realistic dildo and its popular products in detail.


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What is Realistic dildo?

What is Realistic dildo?

Realistic dildo's greatest feature is that every detail of the penis is realistically reproduced.

The appearance of the skin, the unevenness of the blood vessels, and even the wrinkles of the ball sack are reproduced, so you can enjoy masturbation with a realistic sensation.

Many of them are made of silicone, and their elasticity and texture are close to that of a penis, making them very realistic and comfortable to use.

While maintaining a realistic shape, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and appearances, so you can enjoy choosing the one that best suits your taste.


For more information on how to use it, please refer to this article.

Advantages of Realistic dildo

Realistic dildo attraction

Realistic dildo is one of the most popular categories among the many sex toys.

This is due to the following advantages of the Realistic dildo

The benefits of each are detailed below.

Realistic modeling heightens excitement

Realistic dildo is a detailed reproduction of the penis, which not only looks but also feels just like the penis.

STI Girl

Just looking at and touching the Realistic dildo can increase excitement.

The excitement, which is not available in other dildo, enhances the pleasure.

Satisfaction beyond sex

The penis fades quickly after ejaculation and cannot be inserted for some time thereafter.

STI Girl

Unlike the penis, however, the realistic dildo does not ejaculate or atrophy.

You can enjoy the insertion until you are satisfied.

Stimulation similar to that of a real penis

Realistic dildo also carefully reproduces the shape of the glans and the blood vessels of the penis.

STI Girl

The fine stimulation felt upon insertion is also very close to that of the penis.

You feel pleasure like sex.

SEXToys India's recommendation realistic dildo

Here are three of SEXToys India's most popular realistic dildo products.

Each of these Dildos has different characteristics and charms.

If you find a dildo that interests you, click on the link to learn more about it.

Realistic Desi penis dildo [M-size]

Realistic Desi penis dildo msize

The Realistic dildo is the best in function, size, and appearance.

The slightly larger than average size allows you to enjoy stimulating masturbation.

The suction cups allow for hands-free masturbation, cowgirl position, and back insertion.

STI Girl

It is the number one choice in SEXToys India.

One of the attractions of this product is that it is of such high quality and yet can be purchased for less than Rs2000.


XXX Indian Dick Man 5 [S-size]

XXX Indian Dick Man 5 ssize

If you are looking for a smaller Dildo, we recommend this one, which is slightly smaller than average.

It is suitable for women who have never had sex before or for women who are new to dildo.

Although it does not have a suction cup, it is lightweight at 150g, so you will not feel any stress when using it by hand.

STI Girl

The price is less than Rs1000, which is unbeatable for a dildo of this size.

Even those who have the slightest concern about using dildo can use it with confidence.

Realistic Desi penis dildo [S-size]

Realistic Desi penis dildo ssize

If you want something different and stimulating from other dildos, this is the one for you.

It is a little different from other Realistic dildos in that it has an unusual design with an uneven surface.

Because of its unusual appearance, it looks like it is for advanced users, but its size is average, so beginners can use it without problems.

STI Girl

The lumpy texture is also favored by anal masturbation enthusiasts.

Recommended for those who want to try a completely different feel from the penis.

What to look for when buying realistic dildo

What to look for when buying realistic dildo

For those of you who decide to buy dildo, here are a few things to keep in mind


Knowing these things will help you use realistic dildo comfortably.

Each of these points is discussed in more detail below.

Secure your stash

Be careful if you live with a family member or loved one.

Realistic dildos have a very realistic appearance, so anyone who sees them will immediately recognize them as sex toys.

If you are discovered, you will feel very awkward.

To avoid this, you need to prepare your stash in advance.


For those of you who felt the need to avoid realistic dildo, this is the place for you.

These are not easily identified as sex toys, so there is no need to worry even if they are spotted.

Buy Sex Lubricant together

If this is your first time using dildo, we recommend that you order sex lubricant with it.

When using dildo for the first time, many women cannot insert it well due to nervousness.


Sex Lubricant can make insertion of the dildo smoother and less painful.

Its unique consistency also enhances the pleasure of insertion.

If you want to use Dildo safely and comfortably, please purchase sex lubricant together.

Big size is for advanced users

The big-sized Dildo is popular because it provides more stimulation than the penis, but it is only for advanced users.

Some women may not be able to insert it, and there is a risk of injury if it is inserted too forcefully.


If you still wish to use it, be sure to prepare the Se Lubricant described above and insert it carefully.

If not, we recommend that you take it easy and gradually increase the size from the average size.


Realistic dildo is a dildo with a realistic shape.

Neither ejaculating nor deflating, Dildo will give you more pleasure than sex.

Please buy it and experience masturbation that feels much better than usual.

There are many other attractive Dildos besides Realistic dildo.

If you would like to see other dildo, click on the links below.