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Realistic Dildos

Best realistic dildos, suction cup regular dildos online. Cheap female sex toys in India.How to use dildos.

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What is Realistic dildo?

Realistic dildo toy is an adult sex toy which is used by men, woman, gay or lesbian. People used realistic dildo during the sexual activity to experience the real feeling. People used it either for vagina penetration or for anal penetration. And this toy is one of the most popular dildos categories in SEXToys India. Of course there are many vibrator toys and so on (Bullet Vibrators, Egg Vibrators etc) There are kinds. But in India the popularity of dildos is the best.

Most of the people prefer realistic dildo during the masturbation to satisfy their sexual need with real feelings.

Realistic dildo is generally made with the Cyberskin and UR3. Both the materials are the form of latex and look very similar to the real penis. The realistic artificial dildo is very soft and smooth from the outside and firm and stiff on the inside. It is available in the market with different colour, shape, size, and style. It depends on the user which type of realistic dildo they prefer.

Real lifelike sensation.

Realistic dildo is dildo sex toys which provide the real feeling. People purchase realistic dildo to experiment sexually with their partner or alone. These penis shaped dildo toys can help people in bridging the gap between their wild fantasies and reality. This toy provides plenty of orgasms and secret pleasure which user never experience before.

To use the realistic dildo for sexual pleasure people should just clean it with the antibacterial soap and cover it with the condom to avoid the potential infection. Generally, the lesbian couple used this toys to enhance their sexual pleasure. The user also prefers this toy during the masturbation to experience the real feeling of the penis.

Types of realistic dildo

In the market different types of a realistic dildo is available. The different types of realistic dildo provide different sensation during sexual intercourse.

With Suction cup

Now a day, a realistic dildo is also available with the suction cup. People generally prefer the suction cup dildo for anal penetration or during masturbation. In the suction cup dildo, there is a sucker at the end of the realistic dildo toys which users can easily fix in the smooth surface and used it.

In the suction cup realistic dildo, the user does not need to hold the dildo toys with their hands. Suction cup realistic dildo is very easy to use and handle. It is available in the market with different types and style.

With vibrating features

Realistic dildo toys are also available in the market with vibration function. Some of the realistic dildoes have only one vibration function whereas some of the realistic dildo toys have different types of vibration function and speed.

It becomes very easy for many people to change the vibration function and speed during masturbation or sex with the partners. The user can select any combination of vibration function and speed according to their choice. Realistic dildo toys are either battery operated or USB rechargeable.

All gender can use it.

Realistic dildo toys are designed in such a manner that any people can easily use and handle them. Male or gay people used this toy either for anal sex or anal masturbation whereas female or lesbian people used this toys for vagina or anal sex and masturbation. All gender people also use realistic dildo for oral and manual sex.

Realistic dildo is easily used by any of the people who wish to delve into the world of sex toys can rest assured that a realistic dildo is a solid option for them to try out. Now a day, it becomes very easy for many people to purchase it. People can easily purchase it either from the shop or from the online store.

Realistic dildo Usage and Maintenance

If the couple is using the realistic dildo during the sexual activity or masturbation then it is very important for them to use and maintain it in a proper manner. So that people can use it for a long time.

Before sex

Before involving in sexual activity, it is important for many people to choose dildo toys correctly. In the market, varieties of dildo toys are available. The couple should always select the dildo toys according to their need, choice, and budgets.

Choose material?

As you know that dildo toys are made with varieties of material such as rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, realistic, cyber skin etc. Each of this materials provides the unique sensation. most of the dildo toys are made with plastic or rubber. But there are many people who have an allergy with the rubber smell. So they select the dildo toys which is made with the non-rubber material like silicone or glass.

The people who do not have the partner prefer the realistic dildo. Realistic dildo provides the real feeling. The realistic dildo is available in varieties of colour, shape, and size.

Small, Medium or Large?

Realistic dildo is available in the market with different size. It is very important for many people to select the correct size of the realistic dildo. Picking the wrong size dildo can be a costly mistake. For the beginner couple, it is better to select the small size dildo. The beginner couple does not know who much length of dildo toy should be inserted. If they used large size or medium size dildo then there is a possibility that their partner gets hurt.

The people who comfortably experience the feeling of small dildo can try with the medium size dildo. The couple who have lots of experience can easily use the large size dildo toys.

Do you want strap on?

If the couple is using the harness belt then they should select the realistic dildo that easily works with the harness belt. In this case, people should select the dildo toys which easily fix with the harness O ring. Strap on dildo is more popular among the lesbian couple.

The lesbian couple uses the strap on either for vagina penetration or for anal penetration. But a male partner can also use the harness belt and they fix the hollow dildo toys in the O ring. In the hollow dildo, male partner can easily insert their penis and involve in the sexual penetration.

During sex

Once people select the dildo toys, then they can easily involve in sexual activity. With the help of a realistic dildo, the couple can enjoy their anal sex or vaginal sex. People also use the realistic dildo during the masturbation.


While involved in sexual activity with a partner or masturbation, it is necessary for all the people to use the good quality personal lubricant. A user can apply the personal lubricant near the genital area to reduce the friction and also on the surface of the realistic dildo to make the surface of the dildo toys slippery.

If the user wants to involve in the anal sex or anal masturbation then they should select the anal lubricant only. The anal lubricant is different from the other ordinary lubricant. In case, if the couple is using the condom with the realistic dildo then they should also apply the lubricant on the condom.

Slow and little insertion.

Once the user applies the personal lubricant then they should insert the realistic dildo into the anal or vagina. If the couple wants then they can easily use any types of a condom before inserting the realistic dildo toy.

Before involving in the anal or vagina sex, if a couple starts their sexual activity with foreplay then it is beneficial for them. A couple should always insert the dildo toys slowly and smoothly. First, insert the small length of the realistic dildo if the female partner feels comfortable then slowly-slowly insert the full length of the dildo toys so that your partner does not feel pain.

Go forth to climax.

Once the user can insert the full length of the dildo toy then they can easily pull and push the realistic dildo for sexual pleasure. First, start with slow speed and once both the partner feel comfortable then increase the speed to achieve the orgasm. If the couple wants then they can also use other sex toys like vibrating penis ring, clitoris vibrator toys etc. for more unique and enhance pleasure.

After sex

Realistic dildo is a reusable sex toy so the user can easily use it for more than one times. Once a user completes their sexual activity then they should clean and store the realistic dildo toys in a proper manner so they can easily use it in the future.


After completing the sexual activity, it is necessary for the user to clean it in a proper manner. If the realistic dildo toys have a life waterproof specification then the user can easily use water to clean the toys. Along with the water, the user also used toy cleaner, antiseptic liquid etc. to clean the realistic dildo to make it free from germs and bacteria so that it does not make any infection during the sexual intercourse. After washing the realistic dildo, people can also use the dryer to clean the realistic dildo clean.


After cleaning the realistic dildo people should store it in a proper manner. To store the realistic dildo first people should wrap in a clean cloth, towel or tissue paper and then store it is a safe place. Always store the realistic dildo in a safe, cool, dry and hidden places. Always keep away from the children.

What is the attention point of Realistic Dildo?

While using the realistic dildo, the couple should take some precaution also. Always insert the realistic dildo slowly and smoothly for better pleasure. While inserting the realistic dildo into the vagina or anal during sexual penetration make sure that your partner does not get hurt. During penetration, if the user does not feel comfortable or they feel any types of irritation then immediately stop using it. In case, if a user is suffering from any types of anal infection then at that time it is better not to involve in the anal penetration. If a user uses the realistic dildo in a proper manner then only they experience pleasant feelings.

Recommended Pickup Item

If you want to enjoy the real feelings then you are in the right place. Here is some recommended and best realistic dildo toys are available. Let's discuss them.

Michinoku Dildo M size

Michinoku dildo M size is a medium size realistic dildo sex toy. It is one of the most famous dildo toys. This realistic dildo toy has a suction cup so the user can easily fix it on the smooth surface. The user can easily adjust the angle of the dildo toys just by bending it. People can easily use this dildo during the masturbation.

Where I actually used was like this

This is my first dildo toy. When I used it I feel that it is really comfortable. While using it, I feel that tactile sensation is skinny and it is very smooth and good. The angle has changed considerably during use so I am fully satisfied with this toy.

NEW Scramble penis

New scramble penis is a realistic dildo toy. People used this toy for vagina or anal intercourse. The material of the new scramble penis is elasticity and flexible so a user can easily use it. The head of the scramble penis is not painted so people should not worry about the peeling, They can easily use it comfortably.

Where I actually used was like this

When I used the new scramble penis the first time, I am fully satisfied with this. If I fixed it with a sucker and involve in the anal penetration then it provides me with a comfortable feeling. While involving in the vagina penetration with my partner, it is very easy to hit the G spot.