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Realistic Dildos

A variety of realistic dildos, including real penis shapes, with suction cups, double heads and huge real penises, can be purchased cheaply and safely in India. >>Go to Check out the details of category

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Realistic dildo in India

Realistic dildo in India

Real dildos are dildos that look just like real penises. The shape and texture are elaborate reproductions of penises.

Using a real dildo will give you the pleasure of inserting a real penis.

It can be used as a practice for sex, and many people use it for couple sex and gay anal play.

STI offers real dildos that allow you to experience that real penetration at a lower price than anywhere else. Our original dildo, the Indian dick man, is available in seven different sizes and is very popular.

With suction cups, there is no need to move the hand in the same position as for sex.

The above dildos are made to be about the same size as a man's penis, and are very popular among beginners and intermediate users. There are also smaller dildos for beginners and large dildos for advanced users.

If you are interested in the lowest price Indian Dick Man series, please refer to the following.

Why is Realistic Dildo so popular?

Why Realistic Dildo is so popular?

There is a good reason why Realistic dildos are so popular in India.

  • Arousing just by visual
  • Enjoy pseudo threesome
  • Realistic feeling of penetration
  • Practice for sex

There are many types of dildos available, but let's take a look at what makes the Realistic dildo so special.

Arousing just by visual

Excited by appearances

Realistic dildos are designed and made from real penises. The shape of the glans, the way the blood vessels appear when erect, and the testicles are all realistically reproduced.

Many people get excited just by looking at the design. Dildos come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the type you like best.

It is recommended that you choose an item that resembles the penis of your favorite partner. Even if you don't have your partner in front of you, you can enjoy the thrill of imagining your boyfriend's penis.

Enjoy pseudo threesome


Realistic dildo can be used not only for masturbation but also for sex. If you use the dildo during sex, you experience as if you are having a threesome with someone else.

When the person inserting his penis gets tired or is about to ejaculate, he can stop and replace him with the dildo.

Unlike a real penis, the dildo's stamina is unlimited. You can stimulate your partner with the Realistic dildo until he or she achieves orgasm, and then finish with your own penis.

The advantage of this dildo is that you can use it not only for masturbation, but also as an item to enhance your pleasure in sex.

Realistic feeling of penetration

Realistic insertion feeling

As I explained earlier, Realistic dildos are made to replicate the shape and design of a real penis. It even has the same texture and hardness.

You can masturbate to the same penetration sensation as you would during sex. Some dildos come with suction cups, so you can enjoy inserting them while assuming the position you want during sex.

If you masturbate with a dildo that looks just like the real thing from a back or cowgirl position, you can feel the same pleasure as sex.

If you want to experience the feeling of penetration and pleasure of sex while masturbating, Realistic dildo is highly recommended.

Practice for sex

Sex practice

With Realistic dildo, you can learn how to move your hips to make your man feel good during sex and how to increase your own pleasure.

Inserting the dildo and doing vaginal training is great for beginners to vaginal training because you can see for yourself how tight your vagina is.

Many women find it difficult to achieve vaginal orgasms, and masturbating with the Realistic dildo will help you figure out where your vaginal sensory zones are and where you are most comfortable.

If you know where your sexual zones are, you can increase the pleasure of sex with your partner.

You can also practice how to bring a man to orgasm by sucking his cock. Especially for those who have never had sex before, Realistic dildo is a great way to play around with different things beforehand.

Disadvantages of Realistic Dildo

Disadvantages of Realistic Dildo

While the Realistic dildo has a realistic look and feel, it also has some disadvantages.

Because it is a very realistic dildo, if you don't store it properly, your roommate will find out that you are using a sex toy. It looks realistic and very erotic, so if someone else finds it, you're out of luck.

If you are going to buy Realistic dildo, you need to consider such risks.

It is a good idea to have a place to hide the dildo when you are not using it. It is also a good idea to buy a case that can hold the dildo in place.

Also, some men may be jealous of you masturbating with the Realistic dildo.

If you are worried that they will not like it, do not tell them that you are using Realistic dildo, and enjoy masturbating by yourself.

Types of Realistic Dildo

Types of Realistic Dildo

Realistic dildo resembles a real penis, but there are differences in shape, size and function.

Depending on the product you choose, the pleasure you get will be different. First, let's check the merits and features of each.

  • Realistic design and insertion feel
  • Realistic texture and hardness
  • For beginners
With suction cup
  • With a suction cup at the base
  • Can masturbate in sex positions
  • Provides vibrations in the vagina
  • Penis shape
  • Designed to stimulate the G-spot
  • For experiencing Internal Orgasm
Big Size
  • Experience big size penis insertion
  • For advanced users


In the basic type, even the hardness and texture of the penis are realistically reproduced, so you can go from ordinary masturbation to experiencing the pleasure of sex.

Every part of the dildo is elaborately designed, including the blood vessels that appear when the penis is erect, the testicles, and the glans.

This is the most royal item among dildos, and many beginners start with this basic type of dildo.

It is the perfect item for beginners who want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation or experience the pleasure of sex.

The following items are among the most popular of the basic items.

XXX Indian Dick Man 5

If you have never masturbated or had sex before and are not sure if you can insert a sex toy, we recommend you practice with this dildo first.

With a small size of 5 inches, you can insert and expand it without difficulty, and you will be able to enjoy both masturbation and sex in a short period of time

XXX Indian Dick Man 6

This item is another size larger, 6 inches. It is also close to the size of the average Indian male penis, so you can feel the size and penetration equivalent to sex.

It is recommended for those who are used to masturbating and having sex on a regular basis, and you can now masturbate to the same level of pleasure as sex.

You can also give this item to your partner for sex and have a pseudo threesome.

With suction cup

With the Real Dildo with a suction cup, you can masturbate with the dildo standing on the wall or floor.

You can realize the insertion of the penis in a position such as doggy-style or cowgirl as you do in sex by masturbating alone.

With a suction cup, you don't have to move it with your own hands, and you can achieve orgasm in a movement more similar to sex.

Realistic Lovely Penis 6.7 in

This is a dildo with a suction cup that is the same size as the average Indian man's penis. The price is as low as Rs1,890 and even beginners can handle it easily.

It is made of silicone material, which is very comfortable to the skin and allows you to enjoy smooth insertion. You can enjoy stable masturbation without taking it off even if you insert and remove the suction cup strongly.


The Realistic Dildo is also available in an electric version, which can provide stronger vibrations with more ease than the self-moving type.

If you usually use simple dildos but can't stimulate your vaginal senses or can't achieve a good internal orgasm, the vibration type is highly recommended.

Skin Colour Dildo Vibrator

Out Of Stock

This is an electric dildo that resembles a penis in color and design. The body looks just like a penis, but it has a built-in motor to send strong vibrations inside.

The batteries can be replaced from the bottom. The size is about 8 inches, so this is a dildo for advanced users who are experienced in sex and masturbation.

Electric dildos, also known as vibrators, are one of the most popular sex toys in India. If you want to know more about vibrators, please click below!


There are also realistic dildos that are designed to stimulate the Gspot. These dildos have a curved shape. When inserted into the vagina, they are designed to hit the G-spot just right.

These dildos can easily stimulate areas that are hard to reach with regular dildos or fingers, increasing your chances of achieving an internal orgasm.

There is also a type with a suction cup, so you can try inserting it in various positions and find out what works best for you. If you have a short penis, it can be difficult to stimulate the G-spot.

NEW Scramble penis

The shape of the glans, testicles, and other parts of the penis are all realistically reproduced in this dildo.

As you can see from the picture, it has a sloping shape from the base to the tip. This sloping shape from the base to the tip, which precisely stimulates the G-spot and leads you to orgasm.

It can easily stimulate areas that cannot be stimulated by normal masturbation or sex. This is a must have item if you want to develop new sexual zones and increase your pleasure.

Big Size

If you are used to inserting sex toys or larger penises, we recommend using a big size real dildo.

If you usually insert your partner's big penis, you may need to use a rather big size to get enough pleasure from it.

If you want to improve the quality of your masturbation with big size dildos, the following items are recommended. Try to recreate sex with a man who has a big penis.

pink tip-x men

This is a real dildo with a large size of 8.2 inches. The size is too big to hold in one hand and can create a powerful insertion feeling.

It is made of high quality material that is gentle to the skin and allows for smooth insertion.It comes with a suction cup.

The suction cup allows you to enjoy masturbation from various positions. If you attach it to the wall, you can recreate the back penetration, and if you attach it to the floor, you can experience the cowgirl position.

How to choose Realistic Dildo

How to choose Realistic Dildo

The following points are important to consider when choosing a real dildo.

  • Size
  • Most popular items

If the dildo is not the right size for your body, you will not be able to feel enough pleasure.

Also, if you try to force a large dildo into your body, you may damage your vagina or anus.

If you are a beginner who has never masturbated or had sex before, it is recommended that you first masturbate with a dildo that matches the average penis size of Indian men.

A dildo that is between 5 and 6 inches in length will give you a realistic feeling of size and allow you to enjoy insertion without damaging your vagina or anus.

The following items are designed and made based on the average size of Indian men. You can enjoy the realistic insertion feeling without stress.

There are many types of real dildos, so it can be confusing when trying to choose the one that is actually suitable for you.

Choosing products from the most popular items in India will increase your chances of finding a satisfactory item. Below you will find a collection of the most popular real dildos in India.

If you want to choose from the most popular items, please refer to the list below.

Popular Realistic Dildo at STI

Popular Realistic Dildo

Let's take a look at some of the most popular items in India. There are good reasons why they are popular in India, and you can actually get benefits when you use them.

Let's take a look at the benefits and features of each.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6

Many users choose this item as their first dildo, and it is very popular.

It has a realistic design, gives you the feeling of penetration, and comes at a low price of Rs1,280. It is made of skin-friendly silicone material, so even beginners can insert it without damaging the vaginal or anal area.

This item is designed to be realistic, even down to the stripes on the testicles and the back of the penis.

This item is especially recommended for those who want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation with a royal real dildo.

XXX Indian Dick Man 4 [XS-size]

XXX Indian Dick Man 4 [XS-size] is the smallest series of XXX Indian Dick Man. It is a small dildo for beginners.

It fits even the beginner dildo and provides realistic pleasure.

If you are a beginner, this is a good way to practice insertion and enjoy masturbation. It can also be used for anal dilatation and anal play.

XXX Indian Dick Man 9 Long [LL-size]

At 9 inches, this dildo is the largest in the series.

This gives you an experience of penetration and pressure that you cannot experience in normal sex.

This dildo is recommended for those who cannot achieve orgasm even after inserting a man's penis. It will stimulate your vagina and make you come inside.

The suction cup also allows you to insert it in a back or cowgirl position.

Realistic Lovely Penis 6.7 in

You can enjoy stable masturbation without taking it off even if you take it in and out hard.

The dildo looks just like the real thing and can be inserted from various positions.

It is especially recommended for those who have never had sex before and want to practice insertion and check the way their hips move before having sex.


This is a real dildo with a swinging function. When the controller switch is pressed, the tip swings in a circular motion.

It is ideal for stimulating the sexual zones deep inside the vagina.

It will also stimulate the points that you cannot reach with your penis. Achieve orgasms with movements that cannot be created with a real penis.

Maintenance of Realistic Dildo

Realistic Dildo Maintenance

Realistic dildos are used in the vagina and anus, so if you neglect to maintain them after use, there is a risk that bacteria will grow and enter your body the next time you use them, causing an STD.

Please follow the steps below to keep your dildo clean.

  • Rinse the entire dildo with water
  • Wash it with soap
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Wipe off the surface water with a towel
  • Dry
  • Store in a non-woven cloth or a special case

If you maintain your dildo with these steps in mind, you will be able to enjoy masturbation and sex with it safely for a long time.

Do not neglect to maintain your dildo after use for the sake of your own body and your sex partner.

If you want to know more about how to maintain your dildo, please refer to the following article.


We have looked at the benefits of using real dildos and how they are popular in India.

Real dildos not only give you a feeling of penetration similar to that of a penis, but also increase visual excitement.

You can masturbate in an atmosphere that is more similar to sex, and you can even practice having sex.

I have introduced many real dildos, but some of you may have come to the summary without knowing which one to choose.

The following article introduces how to choose a dildo for those who are confused about choosing a product. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.