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How to choose dildos in India and What sex toys to buy with dildos
How to choose the best dildos in India!
How To Use Dildo? Indian Guide to Dildo 2021
Dildos can make your body more pleasurable.
How To Clean Dildo ? The Complete Guide for Indians
How To Clean n Maintenance Dldo?

What is silicone dildo?

What is silicone dildo?

It is not good if the dildo is not silicon! Here is a category of silicon dildo. Because the material is silicon, it features moderate softness. Most use medical grade silicon, so it can be used safely. Here we will tell you how to choose silicone dildo and its kind.

What is silicone dildo?

Silicone is one of the most popular materials of sex toys. I think every sex toy user know this. Silicone dildo is a dildo sex toy which is made with the silicone material. Not only the silicone but now a day most of the sex toys are made with the silicone material. Gradually silicone dildoe or other silicone sex toys become more populat in India and also all overt the world. Silicone dildo toy is the most superior sex toy for many people. It is non-phallic and non-vibrating sex toys made by high-quality silicone material. Silicone dildos are soft and safer in nature. It gives soft and smooth internal and external stimulation to the men and women.

Silicone dildoe comes in many shapes and sizes. People can prefer any size of the silicone dildoes according to their need.. Silicone dildoes is most preferable because this material is flexible and gives real feel and touch to the user as compared to the other dildo material. These dildoes have non-porous property and phthalate-free. It will work for those women who are allergic and have sensitive skin.

Is silicone material is safer to use?

Is silicone material is safer to use?

Yes, silicone material is safer to use in stimulation and penetration of vagina or anus. Because silicone is high grade material and soft in nature.

Silicone material toy gives a soft feel to the body even in the most sensitive parts. Silicone toys are safer for those who have allergies to latex material. Although silicone material is non-porous. A user can clean it easily and bring healthy sexual intercourse in the solo time or with a partner.

Why should go with Silicone Dildo?

Silicone dildo or silicone dildoes is one of the best and highly demandable dildo type sex toys among women and men. Silicone is high graded material and does not harm to any skin type. Vagina and anus is the most sensitive part of the body and it required body safe material.

Silicone is a hard material, you can sterilize it even with boil water for cleaning. Silicone Dildo gives a real feel of a penis and a real feel of pleasure, that why you should go with silicone dildos.

Silicone dildo v/s rubber dildo

Silicone dildo v/s rubber dildo

The choice of shape and size is important,, but the choice of sex toy material is even more important. The material effect the feel, weight, pleasure and sensation. Let's know about the comparison between the silicone dildo or silicone dildoes and rubber dildo.

The Difference in Cost

Silicone is one of expensive raw material. To manufacture any dildo with silicone material is too time-consuming. But silicone material is best sex toy material for manufacturing any dildo or vibrator.

Where rubber material is the cheapest material and its processing is also easier. Rubber dildo is not consuming a lot of time. Rubber dildo is perfect for a good starter. A person who is not aware of their size, they can go with a cheap material dildo instead of spending a lot of money on silicone material. After knowing the suitable size, spending on silicone dildo is worth-full.

The Difference in Feel

Of course, the silicone material is a bit different in feel as compared t the rubber material. Silicone material is soft, dry and smooth in nature.

The silicone dildo is warmer to the skin according to the body temperature. Silicone dildoes are very stroke-able in sexual intercourse. Women and even men get satisfied with it. Where rubber dildo is wet, solid and most important it is porous in nature. It is also soft to the body but not as silicone dildos.

The rubber material is much firmer, denser and heavier than silicone. A user can feel the difference between both materials, by holding in the hands. Silicone dildo gives a more realistic feel than rubber material.

The Difference in Care & Cleaning

Silicone dildo care is very easy. Silicone material is non-porous in nature, so it is really easy to clean. A user can even sterilize it in boil water. Just because of this property, couples can share the same dildoes between them. Women can use silicone dildo in vagina penetration and after sterilizing it is safer to use even in an anus. To wash, use some warm water or boil water and leave dildo for couples of a minute in water. You cannot sterilize rubber dildo in the boiling water. Rubber dildo gets melt in warm water and gets damage with excess heat. The rubber material is porous in nature. It has a tiny hole surface that absorb the fluid. It is impossible to completely clean the rubber dildo.

The Difference in Lube-Choice

Using lube with a dildo is necessary. It enhances sexual experience and pleasure in intercourse. No matter how wet the intercourse, a user should use lubricant.

While using silicone dildo, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Strictly no to the silicone based lubricant with the silicone dildo or any other silicone sex toy. You use any type of lubricant with the rubber dildo. It is safer with every kind of lubricant type. Silicone lube reacts with silicone dildo molecule and harms the dildo and even you. So avoid.

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Types of silicone dildo

Types of silicone dildo

Like every dildo, silicone dildo is also available in many sizes. Different sizes give different level of penetration. Although the size of silicone dildo is depended on user acceptance.

S for beginner

S size silicone dildo is recommended for the beginners. Small dildo can be used for vaginal penetration or anus penetration because it is about 12-15cm in length. It is easy to insert in the penetration hole. A beginner can feel comfortable with this size if you use it in a proper manner with a lot of lubricants. The one who does not use any sex toy ever, he/she will come to the sex world with this small size.

M for intermediate

M size silicone dildo is recommended for the intermediate. When beginner can not satisfied with the S size, then they can switch to the M size. M size silicone dildo is comfortable for everyone who is usually to sexual intercourse. M size is about 16cm to 20 cm in length. This size is most similar to real penis size. It is easy to bear and highly used by men and women.

L, XL for expert

L, XL size silicone dildo is recommended only for the expert. The one who does not get satisfied easily with the real size, they should try large size dildo first. For more, they can go with the XL size. Silicone dildo is famous for L and Xl size. The advanced user can find their desired sizes in the L, XL silicone dildoes. This large silicone dildo is available in about more than 21 cm in length to the over 25cm. Silicone dildo is also available with the suction cup. Silicone dildo suction cup sex toys is most popular because it is very easy to use without involving the hands.

Silicone Usage and Maintenance

Silicone Usage and Maintenance

Most people and couple prefer to use silicone dildo in their quality time. So as a user we should know about the proper use of silicone dildo and how to maintain it for a longer period. Below we will discuss it.

How to use Silicone dildo

A silicone dildo or any other dildo will do, what you make them do. So it required to choose the right dildo for the right play. The choice of a dildo is depended on the size of a penetration hole, not on your excitement or desire. Pick a shape and size that work for you without any hurt to you.

Once you get your dildo, time to lubricant yourself. A water-based lubricant will work to all type of dildo, so go with it. Put your lubricant on your silicone dildo and inside and outside of your body. Instead of directly allow the dildo, it is better to prepare yourself first. Do some masturbation with your own fingers in the penetrative hole, whether vagina or anal.

Make yourself relaxed, penetration gets difficult when you are stressed and feeling awkward. Once you get arouse and ready to accept the silicone dildo allow slow insertion in the vagina or anal. Now, notice how you feel, if you feel okay increase the level of insertion. Gradually do it till you reached your climax. Use lubricant if you feel dry.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean sexual intercourse keeps user away from the sexually transmitted disease and other allergies. Know about what you should follow to make intercourse clean and maintain it for a longer period.

Before sexual intercourse

Before using your suitable dildo for the first time, wash it first and check it carefully. If it has rough edges and broken edges, it is not good to use it.

If your non- porous dildo has porous, return it before using it. Next, it recommended using a condom for allergic-free penetration. Condoms are necessary if you are planning to use any sex toy. Condom makes clean up much easier. To wash your silicone dildo, use only warm water.

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After sexual intercourse

Like washing is necessary before the sexual intercourse, it is important to wash after sexual intercourse too. While storing it, choose a dry and dark Place. Avoid the flammable place and thing to the silicone material. Although silicone is high material, it gets damaged with the flammable thing or excess amount of sunlight.

Do not store all your sex toys or dildo at the same place. Different material can react to each other and damage your dildos. It is recommended to wrap them with tissue or in small bags separately to keep at the same place.

What is the attention point of Silicone Dildo?

What is the attention point of Silicone Dildo?

Silicone dildoes are one of highest demandable sex toys in women. Because it is non-porous in nature. If you find any porous and sharp edges while opening the silicone dildo package, wrap it and send it back. The most important attention point that you should consider is, do not use silicone dildo with silicone based lubricant. Silicone molecules from the dildo and lubes will react to each other and hurt the silicone dildo and maybe to you too. So, t is better to use a water-based lubricant. It will work with every kind of dildo material.

Always store your silicone dildoes seprately. While using, insert it slowly and smoothly so that it does not hurt you. Do not keep it in a direct sunlight. If you are a beginner then first read the insturction and then use it.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here is some recommended silicone dildo that a user should try. Silicone dildo is soft in nature, so can be used by a beginner as well as experts.


AIR DILDO WAVE L size is one of silicone dildo with an inflatable property. The air pump into it to make shaft hard. It is used to penetrate the vagina hole and enjoy the pleasure. The amount of inflated air depends on the hardness of your choice.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought it to surprise, my girlfriend. She wants something new in the sex toy or dildo. So I decided to get AIR DILDO WAVE L size. It is available in a pretty pink colour and has new features. It works on air pumping. It is easy to keep. My girlfriend loved my gift and this amazing AIR DILDO WAVE L size dildo.


Chocolate lily is a flexible silicone dildo that is used to penetrate the vagina and anal. It is a two-layer structure and even approved by the FDA medical. Chocolate lily is absolutely safer to the skin and sensitive zones. A user can use it and enjoy it without any worry.

Where I actually used was like this

Chocolate lily gives me an amazing solo masturbation session. Although it is non-realistic, it fulfils my sexual desires. It is so flexible to insert it in the vagina. Once the husband also tries it in anal play. But it is not good for him because of his beginners. It will work for an expert anal player for sure.