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Small Dildos

Small Dildos are the recommended dildo size for beginners and intermediate players! They are ideal for vaginal stimulation and anal progression. Find your best one in SEXToys India.

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Small dildo

Small dildo??

A small dildo is made smaller than a man's penis and is easy to insert, even for beginners in sex and masturbation.

STI defines a small dildo as a dildo that is 5 inches or smaller. Beginners who have never used a dildo before often start with the smaller sizes of 4 or 5 inches.

Because of their small size, some people use them not only for vaginal penetration but also for anal penetration practice and dilation.

STI offers these small dildoes at the lowest prices available anywhere, including STI's original dildo, the Indian dick man, which comes in seven different sizes and is sold at the lowest prices available.

XXX Indian Dick Man 4 [XS-size]
  • The lowest-priced dildo in India at Rs780
  • 4.3 x 1.3in / 108g
  • You are a beginner and not sure if you can insert it
XXX Indian Dick Man 5 [S-size]
  • Rs990
  • 5 x 1.4 in / 150 g
  • The most popular small dildo

The above small dildo is a limited edition STI product and can only be purchased here, and is available in sizes ranging from 4" to 9", making it a good choice for those who want to gradually increase their size.

If you want to check out the popular small dildo in India as soon as possible, please refer to the following.

What is small dildo?

What is Small dildo?

Here are the sizes of dildos at Sex Toys Iindia. Each size has a different person who should use it.

*Click on product's image to go to the category

  • About Less than 5 inches
  • Beginner dildos
  • Insertion practice
  • About 5 to 6.5 inches
  • Average penis size
  • Used to masturbation
  • Over 6.5 inches
  • For advanced users
  • Enjoy unrealistic size

Sex Toys India defines a small dildo as a dildo that is less than about 5 inches in length. The following are some of the most popular small dildoes in India. Since we design and manufacture our own dildo, you can get it for as low as Rs 990.

Small dildo is made of different materials, so the pleasure you feel will vary depending on the item. The most common is silicone, which is elastic and has a texture like human skin, giving you the pleasure of inserting a real penis.

If you are used to having sex on a regular basis, you should choose a medium size dildo.

If you want to have an orgasm with a big size dildo that your partner doesn't have, or if you can't feel the pleasure you want with a medium size dildo, then a large dildo is recommended.

Why Small dildo is so popular?

Why Small dildo is so popular

Let's review why small dildo is so popular: The advantages of small dildo are as follows

Beginners can enjoy realistic insertion

Beginners can enjoy realistic insertion

There are many different types of sex toys in India, but not many of them offer the same level of penetration and pleasure as the real thing.

There are countless items from small dildo that reproduce the real penis. The shape and texture of the penis are realistically reproduced, so you can enjoy real penetration.

The Indian dick man series, an STI original item, realistically reproduces the texture and shape of a penis. Despite the elaborate design, you can get it at the lowest price in India.

Practice sex

You can practice sex

If you are inexperienced in sex, you will want to practice sex before you have real sex.

You may be worried about whether you can actually insert yourself without feeling pain or whether you can make your partner feel good.

By practicing sex with small dildo, you can get rid of those fears and have sex with the person you like with confidence.

You can master how to insert yourself in various positions and move your hips to find your pleasure points. Knowing the points that feel good will further increase the satisfaction of sex.

Get enough pleasure from it safely

get enough pleasure from it safely

If you use a dildo that is much larger than your vaginal or anal size, you may hurt your genitals.

The small dildo is designed to be smaller than the average penis and will fit most women's vaginas.

The sex lubricant will allow you to smoothly insert the dildo into the vagina or anus. This can greatly reduce the risk of pain or inability to insert it properly.

This sex lubricant is suitable for both vaginal and anal use. Since it is water-soluble, it adapts well to the skin and can be easily inserted by beginners or those who have difficulty wetting their vagina.

If you want to enjoy dildo masturbation safely, use the lotion together with small dildo.

Anal dilation and anal masturbation

Anal dilation and anal masturbation

Many people think that dildos are for use in the vagina, but they can also be used for anal dilatation and anal masturbation.

Since the anal opening is smaller than that of the vagina, it is recommended to use a small dildo to expand the anal opening first.

For masturbation or anal sex using sex toys, you need to dilate it beforehand with a smaller sized item.

In addition to the small dildo, there is also the Butt Plug, which is designed for anal dilation. Even anal beginners can gradually dilate to a size that allows them to enjoy anal sex without straining their anus

Out Of Stock

There are many other anal products that can be enjoyed by anal beginners. If you are interested in anal play, you can find items below.

How to choose small dildo

How to choose small dildo

Here are some points to look out for when purchasing small dildo

  • Size
  • Material
  • Feel the pleasure of sex
  • Function

When choosing a small dildo, first check the size. You can check the length and thickness of the item on the detail page of each product.

If the length is about 5 inches or less and the thickness is less than 1.5 inches, even beginners can easily insert it and it will fit most women.

Most of the dildos in the small dildo category are made of silicone. The silicone material is safe and feels like skin.

Other dildos are made of glass, which provides a more slippery insertion experience. The material used will affect the pleasure you feel, so be careful when choosing a product.

Some small dildoes come with vibrations and suction cups. If you add vibration to the realistic sensation of penetration, you can increase your chances of achieving indide orgasm.

With a dildo with suction cups, you can enjoy masturbating in sex positions. This is a good choice for those who want to feel the real pleasure of riding on the wall or floor, or in the back.

If you want to find out more about how to choose a dildo, please refer to the following article.

Popular small dildo in India

Small dildo is popular in India

Here are some of the most popular small dildos in India. These are all items that are actually chosen by dildo beginners.

*Click on product's image to go to that product

(L: length / D: Diameter)

XXX Indian Dick Man 4 [XS-size]
  • Rs 780
  • L: 4.3 / D: 1.3 inches
  • Lowest Price in India
XXX Indian Dick Man 5 [S-size]
  • Rs990
  • L: 5 / D: 1.4 inches
  • Best Selling Small Dildo
Michinoku Dildo S size
  • Rs 1,587
  • L: 5.7 / D: 1.3 inches
  • Realistic texture and suction cups
Realistic dildo 5in
  • Rs 2,125
  • L: 5.1 / D: 1.2 inches
  • Realistic design and suction cup
Realistic Penis Extension CHINPOKO
  • Rs 882
  • L: 4.3 / D: 1.3 inches
  • Minimum size for beginners

The Michinoku Dildo S size and the Realistic dildo 5in have suction cups, so they are over 5 inches long, but the length you can actually insert them is not that different from the other best items.

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of each of the popular dildos.

XXX Indian Dick Man 4

XXX Indian Dick Man 4 is the smallest dildo in the Indian Dick series. It fits well enough for beginners to enjoy real pleasure.

This is the best item for those who are not sure if they can insert it for the first time. Other sizes are also available, so it is recommended to start with this mini size and gradually increase the size.

The design of the calyx and rod is so realistic that even those who have never had sex before can enjoy the real pleasure. The suction cup at the base allows you to enjoy masturbation in the cowgirl position instead of moving your hand.

XXX Indian Dick Man 5

XXX Indian Dick Man 5 is one of the most popular small dildo in India, and many people start with this dildo.

It is a size that fits most women and allows them to enjoy vaginal penetration without stress. It is recommended for women who want to get used to insertion at their own pace.

Many people use them for anal dilatation, and they also work well as anal goods.

The texture and feel of the penis is very similar to that of a penis, so you can masturbate with it in mind. If you are a beginner, you can use this to get used to penetration.

Michinoku Dildo S size

Out Of Stock

The Michinoku Dildo S size is a dildo with suction cups that was designed to be realistic and easy to insert.

The sticky surface texture and realistic shape will surely enhance the pleasure of insertion. This dildo also features a realistic reproduction of the vein and testicles that appear when a man has an erection.

he price is as low as 1,587 even though it comes with a suction cup, making it highly popular among dildo beginners. It is especially recommended for those who are looking for a palm-sized dildo that pursues realism.

Realistic dildo 5in

Realistic dildo 5in is a mini dildo with suction cups. It is a standard item loved by dildo beginners.

It is often used for anal penetration as well as vaginal penetration because it is a type that gradually gets thicker from the tip to the base and can be inserted at your own pace.

The realistic design can provide pressure and stimulation just like a penis. It comes with a suction cup so you can attach it to the wall or floor and experience insertion in the sex position.

At Rs2,125, it is a little more expensive than other small dildo, but with this one, even beginners can have a realistic experience.

Realistic Penis Extension CHINPOKO

It is the smallest dildo with a total length of 4.3 inches and a thickness of 1.3 inches, so any woman can insert it into her vagina. It can also be used for anal dilation.

It is designed in such a way that even those who have never experienced masturbation before can easily insert it, and at the affordable price of Rs882, beginners can buy it with confidence.

The color is black, which is a far cry from the color of the penis. It is highly recommended for those who want to start masturbating with a dildo in an unrealistic color rather than a realistic color.


STI offers dildos at a lower price than anywhere else, and STI's XXX Indian Dick Man is a limited series, so you can only get it here. It is available in 7 different sizes.

If you want to check each size, please click below. If you want to check the size of each product, please click below.

There are many other types of dildos available at STI, including medium and large dildos.