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Suction Cup Dildos

Here are various types of Suction Cup Dildos that can be fixed to the wall or floor and are popular as sex toys for women in India.

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Suction cup Dildos?

Suction cup Dildos?

Suction cup dildos can be used by both men and women and significantly increases the range of masturbation and sex play.

The suction cups can be attached to a wall or floor while enjoying insertion in a position similar to sex.

Men can perform anal masturbation in a way that more closely resembles anal sex.

Women can also achieve orgasm with the hip movements of sex.

For Men
For Women

Recommended suction cup dildos for different purposes.

Use the above as a reference to choose the right suction cup dildos for you.

Check below for a selection of popular dildos from Sex Toys India.

Apart from suction cup dildos, Sex Toys India also has other popular dildos. If you are interested in those too, click below.

  • Reproduction of penis
  • Insertion experience
  • With vibration
  • Greatest pleasure
  • For lesbian sex
  • Swinging hips

Intended use of Suction cup Dildo

Intended use of Suction cup Dildo

As explained at the beginning, suction cup dildos can be used by both men and women.

They can be used for a variety of purposes and can enhance the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

We will review the best suction cup dildos for each situation and how to use them correctly.

Anal masturbation

These dildos are smaller dildos, about 5" long.

It has a texture similar to a penis and a good hardness to stimulate the anus.

If you are not sure you can insert this size yet, you can use the Butt Plug to gradually extend your anus.

Anal plugs with hard metal surfaces and anal plugs made of skin-friendly silicone are popular.

They are all about 1 inch thick, about the thickness of a thumb, and can be easily inserted into the anus by beginners.

Anal masturbation

It is recommended to use suction cup dildos for anal masturbation.

By inserting them against a wall or the floor, you can recreate actual anal sex.

Anal penetration can be achieved simply by moving the hips and body without having to reach into the anus.

If you attach it to a wall, you can recreate a situation where you are being penetrated backwards by your partner.

Use in sex

Out Of Stock

This dildo comes with vibrations, so even women who don't normally feel much can easily achieve orgasm.

The shape and texture are made to replicate a real penis.

Recommended for those who want to make your partner feel good with realistic insertion and vibrations that cannot be produced by humans.

Use in sex

Using suction cup dildos during sex with your partner can make them more satisfied.

If you are about to ejaculate during penetration, you can stimulate your partner for a longer period of time by inserting a dildo instead of a penis.

It is also recommended to place the dildo on the floor and ask the woman to insert it.

Adjusting the vibrations from a distance is another way of playing to increase arousal.

Gifts for women

This dildo is close to the average penis size of Indian men.

It is ideal for novice masturbators and women who want to increase their pleasure in the vagina.

If you are actually thinking of giving a gift but don't know which one to choose, these popular suction cup dildos are a good choice.

Gifts for women

When you give a woman a dildo as a gift, you can give her a Strap on belt along with it.

If you attach the above dildo to the belt, the woman will give you anal stimulation.

Men who like anal play should also give the belt as a gift.

Women's masturbation

These dildos are made for the xvaverage penis size of Indian men.

The shape and texture are realistically reproduced to give a sex-like experience.

It is recommended for women who want to have a body that can easily achieve orgasm with realistic insertion.

Beginners who have never used a dildo before should start with these suction cup dildos.

Women's masturbation

With suction cup dildos, you can use them on the floor or wall, but you can also hold them in your hand and develop your vagina at your own pace.

Beginning dildo users should use their own hands to carefully search for the most pleasurable parts.

When you get used to it, you can use the suction cups to enjoy realistic simulated sex.

These dildos are also made to replicate the average penis at 6".

There are no suction cups, so they are recommended for women who want to achieve orgasm while moving the dildo with their own hands.

Pseudosexual sex

This dildo is 7.5" big so you can enjoy powerful insertion.

The suction cups are large and have very strong suction.

There is no risk of it coming off the adhering surface even if you pull it in and out vigorously.

It is especially recommended for those who want to achieve inside orgasm with a stable insertion and a firm stimulation deep inside the vagina.

Pseudosexual sex

The suction cups can be adhered to a wall or floor to recreate sex in masturbation.

Attach it to a wall and you can enjoy the pleasurable sensation of penetration from behind.

If you raise the height of the suction cups, you can also experience the sensation of being backed up.

If you attach it to the floor, you can enjoy the pleasurable sensations of the cowgirl position.

You can enjoy realistic simulated sex while shaking your hips without moving your hands.

Sex and insertion practice

The uneven surface increases the pleasure of insertion.

Thin tip allows easy insertion even for beginners.

The surface is soft and the inside is moderately hard and elastic, increasing the pleasure to the vagina.

Recommended for people who are unsure whether they can insert it into the vagina.

It is also reasonably priced at Rs 1,590.

Sex and insertion practice

Try holding the dildo in your own hand without using the suction cups at first to practise slow insertion.

Use a sex lubricant to reduce pain and ensure smooth insertion into the vagina.

Try to find the point where it feels good while inserting at various angles.

Once you are used to insertion and have found the pleasure points, enjoy masturbation with the suction cups on the wall or floor.

SEX Toys India's popular Suction cup Dildo

SEX Toys India's popular Suction cup Dildo

If you are unsure about choosing your first dildo, use a popular dildo that is actually used by many people.

Popular items have their own charms and you can experience their goodness too.

We will check the characteristics of each dildo.

Realistic Lovely Penis 6.7 in

It is designed for the average penis size of Indian men.

It is made of silicone material, which is soft on the surface and elastic on the inside, providing a good amount of pressure during insertion.

Many people start with this dildo to experience simulated sex.

This dildo will definitely give you the best masturbation experience.

Real desire indian dildo Straight 9in

This dildo is recommended for those who are used to insertion through regular masturbation and sex.

With its large 9" size, you can feel good pressure and elasticity.

It is a long type without balls, so you can achieve inside orgasm by stimulating deep inside the vagina.

Michinoku Dildo S [RIAJYU] Pink

Out Of Stock

The pink color of the Michinoku Dildo, one of the most popular dildos on STI.

The item is transparent pink and does not give an obscene impression.

It is made of silicone material and is a small size dildo with elasticity.

If you want to enhance your masturbation mood with a different colour from ordinary dildos, please use it.

XXX Indian Dick Man 9 Long [LL-size]

This dildo is the largest size in the STI range.

This dildo is recommended for those who are used to having sex with men who usually have large penises.

It can stimulate the deep vaginal zone and provide intense pleasure.

The weight and pressure provide unprecedented feelings of pleasure.

If you feel that the pleasure of sex with a partner is not enough, this long dildo is recommended.

Real desire indian dildo 8.3in

The 8.3" big dildo allows you to masturbate with a feeling of weight and pressure.

The suction cups are strong enough to withstand a weight of approximately 380 g, so you can stimulate the vagina in sex positions.

The 1.8" thickness provides a powerful insertion that leads to orgasm.

Especially recommended for women who want to take the pleasure of masturbation to another level.

Notes on suction cup dildo

Notes on suction cup dildo

Simply using the highly functional suction cup dildos is not enough to safely increase the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

Use suction cup dildos with the following precautions in mind

Sex lubricant should be used when using dildos. It helps to ensure smooth insertion while reducing pain.

suction cup dildos may not adhere in some places.

You will not be able to insert the suction cup dildos while swinging your hips, which is one of the strengths of the suction cup dildos.

Make sure you know where you can use suction cup dildos before you buy them. Always wash and clean the dildos after use.

Using dildos in unsanitary conditions can lead to illness. This section outlines how to clean and maintain dildos correctly.


We have looked at recommended suction cup dildos for different purposes of use and the most popular suction cup dildos on STI.

We hope you have found that using suction cup dildos can expand your masturbation and sex play.

They are not only for men who want to increase the pleasure of masturbation, but also for men who want to make their women feel more comfortable during sex.

There are other popular dildos categories besides suction cup dildos. If you're interested, check them out too and enhance your pleasure with the dildo that's right for you.

  • Reproduction of penis
  • Insertion experience
  • With vibration
  • Greatest pleasure
  • For lesbian sex
  • Swinging hips