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Male masturbators

Male Masturbators, popular in India, from small sizes to fleshlights, electric and more, will make your masturbation even more pleasurable.
For more on how to use and choose a Masturbator, Check here for details!

Male masturbators List

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A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
How to choose Fleshlights that will never fail! The Best first pussy toy to choose!
How to choose your first masturbator in india
[Masturbators Maintain] Learn how to wash and storage your masturbator to make it last longer!
[Masturbators Maintain] Learn how to wash and storage your masturbator to make it last longer!

Male Masturbator in India

Male Masturbator in India

Masturbators are sex toys that enhance the pleasure and satisfaction of male masturbation Fleshlight, which is very popular among Indian men, is one of the masturbators.

It is difficult to imagine the pleasure and sensation of masturbation if you have only ever experienced usual masturbation done with your own hands.

If you masturbate using a masturbator, you will surely get the same pleasure as sex or even better.

Even if you masturbate alone, with a masturbator, you can feel as if you are inserting yourself into a woman's vagina during sex

Depending on the type of masturbator you choose and how you use it, you can create even more pleasure than sex. There are many types of masturbators on the market today, including the Fleshlight.

There are masturbators that gently wrap around the entire penis, masturbators that allow you to enjoy insertion while moving your own hips without using your hands, and even electric masturbators. There are a wide variety of masturbators to meet the needs of every man to satisfy their deepest desires.

This article will introduce you to a wide range of masturbators, from different types to how to choose and use them. It is a must-see for men who wish to improve the quality of their masturbation.

If you want to find the most popular masturbators in India right now, click here!

What is a Male Masturbator?

What is a Male Masturbator?

For beginners who have never used an male masturbator before, let's review what an male masturbator is. It's an adult toy that reproduces the vagina so that men can use it when they masturbate.

There are even variations in the shapes in anal or a mouth for different desires and fetishes.

The shape varies from object to object, but by inserting your penis into the hole, you can experience the sensation of being in a woman's vagina. There are also masturbators that are made to resemble a real vagina, down to the realistically sculptured vaginal opening and internal structure.

There are also disposable types that can be used only once, and types that can be used over and over again by washing after use.

The advantages and purposes of using masturbators are as follows.

Since masturbators can be used by injecting lubricant, the sensation is almost the same as sex.

Some masturbators can even provide you with more pleasure than sex

For men who have never had sex before, it is a completely new experience. The most attractive and popular feature of masturbators is that they allow you to pursue your own ideal pleasure without letting anyone interfere.

Some people have a problem with ejaculating right after the start of actual sex with a woman and are unable to satisfy their partner, or conversely, are unable to reach ejaculation. Daily masturbation with a masturbator can help you solve the problem you have while anticipating the real thing.

When using a masturbator, there is no partner, so you can masturbate at your own pace without worry.

Types of masturbator

Types of masturbator

Some men want to improve the quality of their masturbation but don't know what kind of masturbators are available. If you find yourself in a rut of masturbating with your own hands, you may want to look for a masturbator.

As I mentioned earlier, there are countless types of masturbators out there. In this article, I have roughly categorized the different types of masturbators.

If you are interested, please visit the category page to take a closer look at the products in that category.

  • Most popular in India
  • Not easy for roommates to notice
  • The texture is like a woman's skin.
  • Realistic insertion feeling
  • Hand-operated type
  • Gently wraps around the penis
  • Easy to carry in one hand
  • Masturbate without moving your hands
  • Experience
    simulated sex
  • Change positions
  • Practice sex
  • Strong vibration and rotation
  • No need to move your hands
  • Feels like a blow job
  • Reproduce a woman's mouth



Fleshlight is an artificial vagina that is camouflaged as a flashlight. A man can insert his penis into this vagina, which comes in a case that looks just like a flashlight, and enjoy the best masturbation.

Fleshlight was born in the United States, but is now loved by men all over the world. Fleshlight is only one of the many types of masturbator, but it is more well known than any other masturbators. Many men in India also use Fleshlight on a regular basis.

By using Fleshlight, you can experience the pleasure of sex, which you cannot feel by daily masturbation. In other words, even if there is no woman in front of you, you can feel the same feeling as if you were penetrating her vagina.

There are various types of Fleshlight, such as the simple type designed to look like a woman's vagina, the Stamina series designed to improve premature ejaculation, and the Fleshlight Girls series created in collaboration with famous Western porn stars.

The sleeve is placed inside the hard case, which is not found in other masturbator products, so you can enjoy masturbation with stable strokes. a patented material called SuperSkin is used, so you can also experience the texture of a woman's skin.

Most of the Fleshlights are expensive, costing over Rs10,000, but Sex Toys India offers them at low prices, with the simplest design, the Vaginal Male Masturbator, available for only Rs3,500.

Handheld Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators are one of the masturbator categories, and are the most common type that you can move with your hands. You can insert your penis into the masturbator, which has a hole like a vagina, and start stroking to experience the pleasure of sex.

Some Handheld Masturbators allow you to masturbate only once, while others can be used repeatedly by washing them properly.

There is also a non-penetrating type that covers the entire penis and gives the sensation of inserting it into the vagina, and a penetrating type that penetrates to the other side when the penis is inserted. This penetrating type also has the advantage of being easy to wash off after use.

There are many compact-sized masturbators that can be motivated with one hand, and can easily improve the quality of masturbation. Prices range from inexpensive ones that can be purchased for less than Rs 1,000 to ones that cost over Rs 10,000 like a Fleshlight.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear is inexpensive but still gives you the pleasure as if you are having sex.

It is especially recommended for men who want to improve the quality of their masturbation for less than Rs1,000, and is overwhelmingly popular among Indian men for its elasticity and ability to fit any penis.

It has an internal structure that creates just the right amount of friction without being too slippery or slick, giving you a wrap-around feeling of pleasure and security.

There are countless other masturbators available at Handheld Masturbators. If you are looking for your favorite masturbator, please click below.

Hands Free Masturbators

Hands Free Masturbators

Hands Free Masturbators is a masturbator that allows you to masturbate without using your hands. The Fleshlights we have introduced so far allow you to masturbate comfortably by moving the masturbator up and down with your own hands.

Since it is a hands-free masturbator, you can insert your penis while moving your own hips, so you can experience pseudo-sex alone.

The biggest advantage of this masturbator is that you can masturbate while imagining inserting your penis with hip movements and backing up in sex, which you can never achieve with hand job masturbation. Many of them have a suction cup function that allows you to attach the masturbator to the wall or floor, so you can recreate your favorite positions at home.

Not only can you recreate the doggy-syle position on the wall, but you can also achieve the cowgirl position by placing the masturbator face down on the back of a table.

This is especially recommended for men who are bored with hand job masturbation or want to increase the satisfaction of masturbation by creating a feeling and atmosphere more like sex.

Of course, the insertion port and internal structure of the masturbator is similar to that of a vagina, so you can practice having sex.

If there is a position you have yet to experience, simply change the placement and angle of the masturbator. It's a good idea to master how to stimulate a woman and hope for the best.

If you masturbate with your own hands, you cannot avoid the feeling of masturbating alone. This is an essential item to create an atmosphere closer to sex.

Electric Masturbator

Electric Masturbator

The Electric Masturbator allows you to electrically move the masturbator to stimulate your penis.

This masturbator will automatically bring you to orgasm just by inserting your penis, whereas the previously introduced voluntary masturbators require you to move your hand or body.

Electric Masturbator is available in the following types

  • Piston type
  • Rotating type
  • Vibrating type

In the piston type, when you insert your penis, it moves up and down automatically like recieving a hand job and stimulates your penis as if it is wrapped around. The piston type is like a hand job.

With the rotating type, you can enjoy not only the up-and-down movement but also the rotation. There are probably many people who have only experienced up-and-down movements when masturbating in the past.

You can enjoy a higher level of pleasure by pistoning while mixing in this rotation.

The opening of the above item is shaped like a vagina, and when you insert your penis, a number of protrusions stimulate it with a good tightness. Once you press the switch, it will rotate at high speed, and you can have an orgasm with movements that you cannot experience in real sex.

You can also make your penis move up and down while spinning at high speed, which will give you more pleasure than sex. This is a great option for those who want to enhance their masturbation experience with an electric masturbator.

There are also vibrating types of Fleshlight and masturbation holes that have the ability to send vibrations by inserting a vibrator from the bottom. By providing vibrations in addition to a simple hand job, you can feel a pleasure that you cannot experience with normal masturbation.

This vibration type can be purchased relatively cheaply compared to rotating masturbators. It is also possible to purchase a masturbator and a small vibrator as a set.

The above product with vibrator costs less than Rs3500, so it is a good choice for men who are looking for cost effectiveness.

Blow Job type

Types of Blow Job Toys

The difference between a blow job type masturbator and a regular masturbator is the design and shape of the opening.

In the masturbators we have introduced so far, the opening for the penis is mostly vagina-shaped, but in the blow job type, the opening is designed to look like a woman's mouth.

In the blowjob type, the entry is designed to look like a woman's mouth, so you can experience the sensation of having your penis sucked by a woman during sex, which is different from the vagina type.

Some of them have elaborate designs of the mouth, from the front teeth and even the chin, so you can feel the fresh stimulation of being licked by a woman. The feeling of the front teeth hitting each other moderately when inserted creates a realistic atmosphere.

Few people use the blow-job type from the beginning, and many people try the vagina type and then switch to the blowjob type for new stimulation.

This is especially good for those who prefer the sensation of having their penis licked by a woman rather than inserted into a vagina.

The above items are fixed masturbation holes, so you can enjoy a more realistic feeling by placing the masturbation hole around the position of the woman's face while she is sucking your cock. You can also try masturbating while watching a video of a woman giving a blowjob.

How to choose a masturbator

How to choose a masturbator

If you are a man who has not had much experience with masturbators, at least try to understand the following points when choosing a masturbator.

  • Do not choose an expensive masturbator from the start
  • Non-penetrating masturbators are recommended.
  • Choose a masturbator that can be used repeatedly
  • Choose from the most popular ones

If you buy an male masturbator that costs more than Rs5,000 and you don't find a good match, the financial damage is quite large. If you are a beginner, it is safe to choose an male masturbator that does not have a large financial burden and enhances the quality of your masturbation. For a line that is less prone to failure, just the Rs1000-3000 range is recommended.

Also, there are two main types of masturbators, penetrating and non-penetrating, and I recommend the non-penetrating type for more realism and pleasure.

Some masturbators are disposable, while others can be washed and used repeatedly. You can reduce the cost per use by washing them properly and using them over and over again.

Even if you understand these selection points, you may be worried about whether you can actually masturbate to your satisfaction. If you choose one of the best-selling masturbators I'm about to introduce, even beginners are unlikely to make mistakes.

If you want to know more about the points you should pay attention to when choosing an male masturbator, please refer to the following article.

Popular masturbators in India

As I explained earlier, beginners can reduce the risk of failing to choose the right product by buying the most popular items that are actually selling when choosing an male masturbator.

The following are some of the items that are popular among Indian men. If you have any doubts about your choice of products, please refer to the following list.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

Fleshlight is one of the most popular masturbator brands in the world, but the demand is very high in India as well, with some products costing over Rs10,000.

There is a Fleshlight that can be purchased at a low cost despite its high price. That is the Vaginal Male Masturbator.

It is a replica of the Fleshlight, but when you actually use it, you will feel the same pleasure as with the expensive Fleshlight that costs over Rs10,000.

First of all, the texture of the opening of the vagina is similar to human skin, and the way the opening opens when inserted is also very realistically reproduced.

The sleeve is also very tight like a real vagina, so you can enjoy the great pleasure of masturbation as if you were having sex.

Recommended points:

  • Low price Rs3482
  • Realistic vaginal insertion sensation
  • Realistic design
  • Human-like texture
  • Tightness adjustment cap included

Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential

This masturbator is a non-penetrating masturbator with a material that feels like human skin and stimulates the penis as if it were wrapped in it.

The inside of the masturbator is called the "vaginal meat spiral" because the inside of the masturbator is a unique design that maximizes the pleasure of insertion.

The main attraction of this item is that it is priced as low as Rs2575, yet gives you the same realistic vaginal insertion sensation as Fleshlight.

It is recommended for those who can't afford the Fleshlight but want to masturbate while feeling the same pleasure.

Recommended points:

  • The feeling of insertion into the vagina
  • The softness of the material is like skin
  • Made in Japan
  • Low price

The first hidden pussy toy Clear

The first hidden pussy toy Clear is a must-have for men who want to get a masturbator at a low price within Rs1000, which is the lowest price in the masturbator category of Sex Toys India at Rs895.

The material is harder than the Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential and has a good grip to provide stimulation as it sucks on your penis. The material is also very stretchy and can be adjusted to fit any penis.

The material can be easily stretched and retracted, and it can be easily flipped inside out so that you can clean every inch of the masturbator after use.

With other masturbators, it is difficult to completely wash out the dirt deep inside the vagina, but with this item, it is easy to do so.

This is a great masturbator for those who are looking for a low price and excellent durability.

Recommended points:

  • It can be purchased for less than Rs1000
  • Increase the pleasure of masturbation
  • Easy to clean
  • High elasticity and durability

How to use a masturbator

How to use a masturbator

Just because you get a good quality masturbator does not mean you can masturbate safely and comfortably. We've put together a list of processes from the time you get a masturbator to after you use it.

If you are just starting to masturbate using a masturbator, please refer to this page.

Preparations before using a masturbator

The following are the tasks you need to do before you start masturbating with masturbators.

  • Inspect the masturbator
  • Clean the masturbator before use
  • Prepare the environment for masturbation
  • Make your body excited

When you receive a masturbator, the first thing you should do is to inspect the product. Check if there are any holes or cracks in the insertion area.

If you use the product as it is, the powder that prevents it from drying out will stick to your penis, and if you add lubricant, you will have problems with impurities getting mixed in and making it feel bad.

Make it a rule to always clean the product when it arrives before you use it for masturbation.

Before you actually insert your penis into the masturbator, watch pornographic videos to increase your excitement and make your penis erect.

Masturbation Procedure

The basic flow of masturbation is as follows.

  • Put lubricant into the masturbation hole
  • Remove the air from the masturbation hole
  • Reach climax by stroking
  • Clean and dry the masturbator

To use the masturbator as it is, it will not be slippery and will cause great resistance to your penis. If you try to insert it without lubricant, it will get stuck and you will not be able to insert it smoothly.

When adding lubricant, it is important to start with a small amount. If you pour in too much lubricant, it will cause friction and you will not be able to experience the pleasure.

When you use a masturbator, the air will be sucked into the penis like a vacuum. Once you experience this sucking sensation, you will become addicted to it.

Once the above work is done, you can finally start stroking. Find a way that feels good to you while giving a hand job.

After masturbating with the masturbator, you will naturally have to clean the inside of the sleeve.

Even if you release semen outside without letting it out inside, the lubricant usually causes germ infestation inside of the masturbator making it unsafe to use again.

If you are a man who wants to know more about masturbation and how to masturbate more comfortably, please refer to the following article.

How to maintain your masturbator for long term use

How to maintain

When you are done masturbating with your masturbator, always clean it.

  • Remove residue with lukewarm water
  • Wash with hand soap
  • Wipe off the water with a towel
  • Dry it

If you leave the masturbator uncleaned, the bacteria inside the masturbator will grow, and there is a risk that the bacteria will enter your body the next time you use it.

To avoid contracting STDs and to enjoy your masturbator safely, follow the steps above, even though it may be troublesome.

If you want to know more about how to wash and keep your masturbator clean, please refer to the following article.

The key points to keep in mind when storing are moisture and direct sunlight. If you store your masturbator while it is still moist, there is a risk of bacteria growing inside.

Also, the material of masturbators is sensitive to heat. If you expose it to direct sunlight for a long time, the temperature will rise and the masturbator may become deformed. Make sure to dry it well and keep a place to store it away from direct sunlight.


There are so many variations of masturbator which might be difficult to choose the best one for you. If you are a beginner, there is no need to buy expensive items considering the financial burden.

With only around Rs3000, it is more than enough to improve your masturbation life! The popular Fleshlight in India is also available at Sex Toys India for Rs3482.

Choose the right masturbator for you, master the right way to use it, and enjoy a safe and pleasurable masturbation life.

If you want to check again regarding the types of masturbators, please check here.

If you are not very knowledgeable about masturbators and do not know which masturbator is suitable for beginners, choosing items that are popular among Indian men will increase your chances of satisfactory masturbation.

Again, if you want to see which masturbators are popular in India, check here.