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New Product Sex Toys List

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Male masturbators

Male Masturbators, popular for Indian man, from small size cheape one to fleshlights, electric and more!

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How to choose your first masturbator in india
How to choose Masturbator in India
A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
Should know! How to use masturbator!
[Masturbators Maintain] Learn how to wash and storage your masturbator to make it last longer!
Learn how to wash a Masturbators

Male Masturbator in India

Male Masturbator in India

Masturbation with a masturbator gives the pleasure of having sex with a woman.

Many Fleshlgiht items are expensive, costing over Rs 10,000, but there are many masturbators available for less than Rs 1,000.

There are different types of masturbator, with varying degrees of pleasure and functionality to be gained.

It is difficult to know which one to buy when there are so many products on offer.

This article recommends masturbators for different purposes.

Use the above as a reference to find the masturbator that is right for you.

About the Masturbator's appeal

About the Masturbator's appeal

Some beginners may be using masturbator for the first time.

First, let's review the masturbator's appeal.

  • Increased masturbation pleasure
  • Experience simulated sex
  • Sex practice and improvement of problems
  • Low price

The masturbator is made to replicate the female vagina.

There are also masturbators that allow you to experience anal and mouse insertion.

With just one masturbator, you can experience insertion into the vagina and enhance the pleasure of ejaculation.

It can also be used to practice insertion for people who have never had sex before.

It also has the advantage of allowing you to overcome premature ejaculation and enjoy longer sex while gradually getting used to insertion into the vagina.

The masturbator is by far the least expensive sex toy compared to other sex toys, available for Rs 1,000.

It is particularly recommended for men who want to enjoy casual masturbation at home while keeping costs down.

SEXToys India Masturbator

SEXToys India Masturbator

Sex Toys India has a wide range of masturbators.

The sensations and functions vary depending on the product, for example, some are highly stimulating, others have suction cups, and so on.

Let's take a look at what each masturbator has to offer.

Low-cost masturbator

Fleshlight, a well-known masturbator brand in India, often has expensive items costing over Rs 10,000.

However, there are other masturbators that offer the same pleasure but at a lower price.

The design is simple but textures are placed inside to stimulate the entire penis.

Although palm-sized, it is stretchable and wraps around the entire penis, leading to a pleasurable ejaculation.

It is priced as low as Rs 895 and can be used again and again after cleaning. Beginners should definitely use this first.

High quality masturbator

There is also a slightly higher grade masturbator with a case.

The case has the advantage that it is less likely to be identified as a sex toy.

Stable insertion enhances the pleasure of masturbation.

With a plastic hard case, the sleeve enjoys stable insertion without losing its shape.

There is also a cap at the bottom of the case to control the tightness.

The ideal degree of tightness always enhances the pleasure of masturbation.

Highly stimulating masturbator

High-stimulation types are also available, some of which can achieve orgasm while feeling strong stimulation.

The masturbator is recommended for those seeking stronger stimulation.

The five prongs near the insertion opening flexibly wrap around any penis.

Highly stimulates the penis from all directions and leads to ejaculation.

The exquisite spiral structure, which is neither too twisted nor too linear, enhances the pleasure of masturbation.

Use this one if you want to experience a more stimulating masturbation experience than usual.

Masturbator with suction cups

A masturbator with suction cups also exists, which allows masturbation while attached to a wall or floor.

It allows you to recreate sex positions such as cowgirl or bucking without the need to move your hands yourself.

The masturbator comes with a hard case with suction cups.

Inside the case is a built-in sleeve made to replicate the softness and texture of the vagina.

As it is a suction cup type, it can be fixed anywhere in the room for pseudo-sex.

Pseudo sex with porno star

A number of masturbators in collaboration with pornographic actresses are also available.

You can increase your arousal by imagining yourself having sex with a pornographic actress.

You can actually use the masturbator while watching their videos to create a more realistic space.

This product is a masturbator in collaboration with popular porn actress MIA Khalifa.

You can experience realistic simulated sex with her and achieve the best orgasms.

The soft sleeve is built into the hard case, allowing you to enjoy steady strokes.

Recommended for men who want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation through simulated sex with their girlfriend.

SEXToys India's popular masturbator

SEXToys India's popular masturbator

Now that you know there are many different types of masturbator, let's check out some of the most popular items on STI.

At first you may be unsure which masturbator to use.

Choosing a popular one first will increase your chances of finding the right masturbator for you.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear

The first hidden pussy toy Clear is STI's most popular masturbator.

The clear version has a simple design but offers a pleasurable masturbation experience.

The internal texture provides moderate stimulation throughout the penis.

At Rs 895, it can be used many times, making it a popular cosmetic product.

GF Pussy - handy vagina

GF Pussy - handy vagina is made to replicate the texture of a woman's soft skin.

You can feel realistic insertion while feeling the human skin.

With a moderate tightness, it gently wraps the penis and leads to ejaculation.

At a low price of Rs 1,390, you can have a realistic insertion experience.

Flesh Masturbator Clear

Flesh Masturbator Clear is a masturbator with a hard case.

When the cap is closed, the masturbator does not look like a sex toy, so even if people find out you are using a masturbator, they will not know you are using a masturbator.

It has a number of built-in prongs inside, which increase the pleasure as you insert it deeper into the body.

Flesh Masturbator Melty Skin w Fixed sucker

This is a masturbator with a sturdy hard case, allowing you to enjoy steady strokes.

It has suction cups on the bottom, so you can attach it to a wall or the floor to experience simulated sex.

If you attach it to a wall, you can achieve an orgasm while wiggling your hips in the back position.

It is especially recommended for men who are looking for a more sex-like pleasure.

What to buy with Masturbator

What to buy with Masturbator

The following items should be used together when masturbating with the masturbator

  • Sex lubricant
  • Masturbator warmers
  • Dry Stick

The sex lubricant can be used to recreate the vagina of an aroused woman.

Water-soluble types provide smooth insertion and are easy to clean.

Masturbator warmers are used to warm the sleeve before masturbation.

It allows you to get closer to the temperature of the human skin and feel more realistic pleasure.

Dry Stick is used to dry the masturbator after cleaning.

Keeping it dry and clean allows you to masturbate safely.

Other Masturbation Toys

In addition to the masturbator, there are other male sex toys that enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

If you want to masturbate with more weight and better quality, try Fleshlight, and if you want to achieve anal orgasm, try anal toys.

Below you will find a list of sex toys for men other than masturbators.

  • Popular masturbator brand
  • Realistic insertion experience
  • Controlled tightness
Anal Toys
  • Achieve anal orgasm
  • Can also stimulate the prostate gland
  • Dry orgasm
  • Recreate realistic sex
  • Insertion while shaking the hips
  • Sex practice

If there is a sex toy you are interested in, look for it.