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Handheld Masturbators

Male Handheld Masturbators online.Cheap best masturbation toys for men, egg and cup male strokers.

Handheld Masturbators List

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Handheld Masturbators?

What is Handheld Masturbators?

What do you think hand is rough for masturbation?

The one who think no, are at right place. We believe when we have lot of options to embed in regular masturbation, then why doesn’t try it.

Try Handheld Masturbators, a category which is mainstream in masturbator. These popular men’s toys for masturbation are available in many types and textures to add fun in regular masturbation even Fleshlight is also part to it.

All men can use it. The one who want to enhance their masturbation whether they are beginner or expert. Beginner should read the precaution before using this masturbation toy.

What is Handheld Masturbators?

Handheld Masturbators are one of the category in the toys for men. It is a basic male masturbator that is used by hands. The handheld masturbator masturbation is like hand masturbation but with a new texture and new feeling. Hand masturbation is not pleasurable like masturbator masturbation.

When it comes to the masturbation, many men think that their hand is enough. But why comprise when there is so much more available for men. Handheld masturbator gives a better and new side of masturbation. Masturbation toys that are used by hands from small to large are considered in it.

Handheld masturbators come in many sizes, texture, structure and features just to improve the men masturbation session. The practice with handheld masturbator helps men to increase their sexual stamina and control their ejaculation power because it structure like a vagina and feel like a vagina.

Handheld masturbators gives best ever handjob to the men. Men just have to find their suitable one from types of masturbators. It is a little surprising for the user, that you can also use handheld masturbator like the handfree masturbators. But for that, you required a masturbator holder or air sex dolls. They hold the masturbator and make it hand free.

Features of Handheld Masturbators

One of the feature of handheld masturbator is, it gives a best handjob to the men. Except that men can enjoy best pseudo-sex with the artificial pussy masturbator.

Special handjob with toy?

Special hand job w toy

Handheld masturbator is operated by the hands and men can change the pressure and tightness of the masturbator with their hand. It is the advantage of handheld masturbator that they give best ever hand job masturbation to the men with a different texture. A hand masturbation does not have real pleasure of vagina and does not have different types of textures, but handheld masturbators have. Some of our customers also agree that they give satisfied sexual pleasure like real sex.

Structure of Handheld Masturbators

Majorly, handheld masturbators are structured in hand size because it is a handy masturbator. With handy size, the sizes vary with the length, diameter and width. Every man has a different penis size and wants different masturbator size for satisfying masturbation. The internal structure of handheld masturbator are varying from the beginners to the experts means from the rough textures to the straight textures. Handheld masturbators are also available in disposable masturbator, which can use once.

What is Handheld Masturbators for?

Handheld Masturbators are for males to enhance their masturbation session. It is quiet common now among men to use masturbator for sexual satisfaction. With the increase in the technology of handheld masturbator, they deliver better pleasure than the real vagina and hand masturbation.

Good point and bad point of Handheld Masturbators

Good point and bad point of Handheld Masturbators

Let's check the good point and bad points of handheld masturbator.

Good point

Handheld masturbator delivers the real and better masturbation to the men even in the absence of women. Handheld masturbators are available in many structures and many internal textures. It is far better than hand masturbation. The material and texture of masturbator give a different touch to the whole penis and glans. Because of handheld, men can use their hand to tighten and change the pressure of the masturbator for the pleasure to the penis. Most men prefer to use handheld masturbator.

Bad point

Handheld masturbators are not able to give waist swing movement to the men. Well to achieve hand free pleasure, handled masturbator needs a separate male sex dolls that holds it. It can be painful for men to use handheld masturbator for a longer time. Some men get frustrated due to hand pain and an unsatisfied masturbation session. It needs to be wash immediately after the masturbation, well it is compulsory for all type of masturbators to keep it hygienically clean and same always.

Handheld Masturbators Recommended People

Handheld masturbators are recommended for the people, who want to try or experience new pleasure in the hand masturbation even beginner or experienced. These masturbators give intense pleasure to the penis. Even men can change the pleasure by changing the pressure and tighten of masturbator by hand. Handheld masturbators are able to give a mind-blowing handjob session to the men in their solo time.

Handheld masturbators are available in two types, Penetrative and non-penetrative types. The user can try both one and can find their most pleasurable one.

Difference between Handheld Masturbators and hand-free masturbator

Difference between Handheld Masturbators and hand held

Both, handheld masturbator and hand free masturbator are the types of male masturbator. They are completely opposite to each other. Handheld masturbators are used by hand and do not give waist swing movement and pleasure to the men. Where hands-free masturbator is used by without hand efforts. There is no need to hold the hand free masturbator for pleasure. Even they give waist swing pleasure. But men can enjoy hand free pleasure with handheld masturbator with the air sex dolls or pumping ass toys.

Types of Handheld Masturbators

There are many options available for men to choose among the handheld masturbator because they vary with the shape, size and features. Let's know about them.

Shape, size

Different sizes and shapes are easily available in the handheld masturbator. Men should also consider the size and shape of masturbator before purchasing them. It is good to measure the size of the penis first and check the masturbator size. Small masturbator size effect the penis masturbation fun.

Internal texture

Internal texture

Various internal textures you will find in the handheld masturbators. Different textures give different feeling over the penis.

Through type

Through type handheld masturbator is opened from both ends. Men can penetrate the whole penis through it. The glans part remains open in it. The clean of such masturbator is easy. Just run under the water. The maintenance is extremely easy but they are unable to create a vacuum inside.

Straight type

Straight types are non-penetrative type masturbator means they are closed from one side. Men cannot penetrate their penis completely. The internal texture of such masturbator is straight. There are no rough edges inside. It creates a good vacuum inside and delivers good pleasure.

Spiral type

Spiral type masturbator has a spiral structure from the inside. They are no-penetrative types and deliver high pleasure to the user. This spiral type allows the user to enjoy not only the piston movement but also the change in stimulation by rotating the masturbator. It gives new and fresh stimulation to men.

Lined type

Lined type masturbator has lined structure from the inside. The lines of internal textures also varies. The narrow lines gives high pleasure. So, if you want high pleasure, choose narrow lining. With a vacuum effect, men can achieve the real vagina feel. These masturbators need care while washing and cleaning.

Special type

Special type

Special type masturbator has a different type of distortion from the inside. They are able to give dynamic stimulation and a high level of satisfaction to the men. They are unique, unusual and fun to use. But men need to be careful with their internal texture cleaning. The narrow and rough texture holds the dirt easily.

Electric type

Electric type handheld masturbators give rotation, vibration, swing and different piston movement. They are automatic to generate the vibration level, pattern and movements. Many of hand free masturbators are available like that. You can use them by removing the base part. Mean you can use hand free electric masturbator as handheld masturbator too. If you want to experience electric fun.

How to choose Handheld Masturbators

As we know, handheld masturbators are available with many different features. The most important is the size of masturbator and the internal texture of the masturbator. If you are a beginner, you should go with the simple texture masturbator like Fleshlight, My masturbation cup, Bambina 2, etc. Or if you are an expert, they should try these masturbators like Virgin Loop, Banji, Moeten, Tenga Flex, etc.

Simple texture masturbator

More texture masturbator

Check the size of the masturbator with your penis size. It is not pleasurable if your penis size is bigger than the masturbator. Different orifices are also available in handheld masturbator you can choose orifice too with kind of feeling.

How to use Handheld Masturbators

How to use Handheld Masturbators

If you are ready with your suitable handheld masturbator with the correct size, then first apply some drop of lubricant over the penis and inside the hole of the masturbator. If your masturbator is made by silicone, say no to silicone-based lubricant or if you are using a condoms, say no to the oil-based lubricant. Well, it is good to use water-based lubricant always.

Now, start your penetration and can start thrusting movement with hand. If you feel pain then you can take a break. It is good to use a condom with every masturbation session.

Maintenance and storage of Handheld Masturbators

Maintenance of handheld masturbator is important if you really want to use it for a longer time. It is suggested to wash the masturbator immediately after using. The lubricant and semen particle give rise to bacteria growth and start damaging the masturbator's material. So wash it with water or lukewarm water.

A big no to store all the masturbators at one place. Masturbator cause oil bleeding, if you place them together, they bleed and stick to each other. Hence your masturbator gets damage. It is hygienically not good to use in future.

What is the attention point of Handheld Masturbators?

Most of the handheld masturbators are made by soft material like TPR, TPS. Such material causes oil bleeding, so you should take care of it. It is good to store the masturbator in the non-woven bags. Make sure your handheld masturbator get completely dry before storing it. It is recommended and good for masturbator to use baby powder over the material after storing. Baby powder will absorb the oil and keep it smooth for the next play

Keep all the handheld masturbator or any other masturbators away from the direct sunlight and excess amount of heat. It can damage the structure of masturbator and surely affect the internal texture. Always choose the dry place to store the masturbator.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you are looking for masturbator that gives the real pleasure of vagina, then here we are recommending some of the handheld masturbators that you should try.

Virgin loop

Virgin Loop is the most famous Japanese series of masturbator. It gives intense stimulation to the men with their 4 fold of spiral structure from the inside. It is made by extreme soft TPR material that is safer to skin.

Where I actually used was like this

I liked this Japanese masturbator. Its internal texture is so pleasurable for me. I used the masturbator with its free sample lubricant. Thanks for free lubricant. I need it with this masturbator. I liked this masturbators.


Banji, a handheld masturbator for a male. Its internal structure is unique from other masturbators. It has three thread walls with the spiral structure. Men can enjoy the intense stimulation with this masturbator. It is safer for all type of skin.

Where I actually used was like this

I am new to the masturbator and beginners in the sex toy. I found this masturbator little rough but it will work for the experts because internal texture has so many lines. I used this masturbator with a lot of lubricants.