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New Product Sex Toys List

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Find a variety of Fleshlights available for purchase in India at SEX Toys India! You will find the best Fleshlight for you at the lowest prices!

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How to Choose a Fleshlight and Popular Fleshlights in India
How to Choose a Fleshlight in India
How to Use Fleshlight in India and Recommendations for Fleshlight
How to Use Fleshlight in India
How to properly maintain your Fleshlight – Cleaning and Storage
How to maintain your Fleshlight

Fleshlight India

Fleshlight India

Fleshlight is one of the male masturbator brands and is highly popular among Indian men.

Fleshlight's advantages over other masturbators include

What type of fleshlight are you looking for if you are considering buying one?

Fleshlight feels soft and inserted like a woman's vagina, but is more expensive than other masturbators.

If you are unsure about buying Fleshlight because of its price, you may want to compare it with other masturbators at least once.

SEXToys India recommended Fleshlight

SEXToys India recommended Fleshlight

Many people have heard of Fleshlight but do not know what types are actually available.

The following will help you find the right Fleshlight for you.

Low price

Sex Toys India also has replica products available at low prices.

The material is soft like a vagina and gives the sensation of insertion into the vagina.

The low-cost products are introduced below.

Vaginal Male Masturbator is a Fleshlight that gives you a taste of vaginal penetration.

With just one of these, you can experience simulated sex with a woman.

The material is very soft and can be adjusted to your preferred tightness.

You can always recreate your ideal vagina and have the best ejaculation possible.

The Analy Male Masturbator has an anus-shaped insertion opening.

You can feel the pleasure of inserting your penis into the anus.

You can feel a stronger tightness than with the vagina type.

It is especially recommended for those who want to achieve orgasm while feeling more stimulation than with the vagina.

The Mouthy Male Masturbator offers a realistic blowjob experience.

From the insertion opening to the internal structure, the female mouth is elaborately recreated.

This item is recommended for those who want to experience the pleasurable feeling of a blowjob during masturbation.

It is quite popular among men who like blowjob.

There are many different types of low-cost types, offering different pleasurable experiences.

Choose a cheap Fleshlight based on the kind of play you want to experience.

Fleshlight Original

There are a number of items manufactured by Fleshlight head office that cost over Rs 10,000.

Product prices tend to be high as they spend on advertising to increase brand strength and awareness.

However, there is no doubt that the feeling of comfort and satisfaction is worth the price.

This Fleshlight is a premier product manufactured by the head office.

The price is expensive, exceeding Rs 10,000, but the pleasure is worth it.

It is soft like a woman's vagina and provides the best orgasms.

It has a cap at the bottom to control the tightness, allowing you to achieve the ideal insertion at any time.

QUICKSHOT is a penetrating Fleshlight.

It is the most compact size in the Fleshlight range.

The penetrating design stimulates the entire penis and the internal bumps give a pleasant sensation to the glans.

With QuickShot, you can go to the tap for a quick wash and easy drying.

It is especially recommended for men who want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation easily.

We have recommended the original Fleshlight so far.

As expected, the head office Fleshlight is more expensive.

If you would like to check other low-priced masturbators that offer the same level of pleasure, please refer to the following.


Sex Toys India also has a hands-free version of the Fleshlight.

You don't have to move the Fleshlight with your own hands - you can achieve orgasm with a wiggle, just like during sex.

The hands-free version has suction cups.

It can be placed on the floor or wall to recreate cowgirl and back positions.

There are many different types of hands-free types.

Choose the material you like for a pleasurable masturbation experience.

What to buy with Fleshlight

What to buy with Fleshlight

Note that masturbating with Fleshlight alone will not give you the pleasure you are looking for.

Sex lubricant is an essential item for masturbation with Fleshlight.

Without sex lubricant the inside of the Fleshlight will be dry and painful during insertion.

Apply a suitable amount of lubricant before insertion to recreate an excited, touched-up vagina.

Condoms and cock rings are not essential but can be used together to enhance pleasure more safely.

Condoms are always clean for Fleshlight masturbation and can save you the trouble of cleaning them.

Cock rings have the effect of moderately tightening the penis and lengthening the time before ejaculation.

The pleasure of ejaculating with a cock ring is definitely a good feeling.


We have recommended Fleshlight and what you should use with it for masturbation.

There are many different types of Fleshlight, but again, the items made at the company's headquarters are the most expensive products.

There are also low-cost replicas and other masturbators that offer comparable pleasure.

Some masturbators cost less than Rs 1,000 and enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

They can also be used for masturbation as many times as necessary, provided they are cleaned and kept clean.