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Best male masturbators, fleshlights for men from the US. Cheap man strokers, Cyberskin, dick toys online.

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What is Fleshlights?

What is Fleshlights?

Fleshlight is a masturbator sex toy, its kind of sextoys for men, which is used by a male partner. The male partner uses the fleshlight male masturbator toys to satisfy all their genitals needs. Most of the fleshlight has two parts, the inner part and the outer part. The inner part is generally made with soft materials and the outer part is generally made with hard materials.

Fleshlight is a very popular and well-known toy in India among male masturbator toys. So it may be the first to associate with a toy used by men for masturbation. However, many of the expensive items are expensive, so it is quite difficult to proceed with purchasing. Male masturbator toys are manufactured not only from Fleshlight but also from other manufacturers. There is also a male masturbator toys which is said to be more pleasant now than a real woman. Of course, you can understand Fleshlight's pleasure as soon as you look at the review. Realistic texture material and famous pornstar replica vagina are very famous as Fleshlight.

The manufacturer company develop the fleshlight with the concept of preventing premature ejaculation. Sometimes people also called the fleshlight as artificial vagina or artificial anal opening masturbator toys. Some of the fleshlight is designed in such a manner that it looks very similar to the real vagina.

In the market varieties of fleshlight is available. In some of the fleshlight, a user can easily change the inner sleeves. If people purchase the fleshlight for the first time, then they should purchase both parts of the case and the main unit. In case, if people have already the case then they should only purchase the inner sleeves. People can easily purchase the fleshlight either from the shop or from the online store.

Manufacturer of Fleshlights

Manufacturer of Fleshlights

Fleshlight masturbator toys imported from America. The company Fleshlight design the masturbator toys fleshlight. The headquarter of the fleshlight company is situated in Austin, Texas U.S.

Material, medium and case

Fleshlight is made with varieties of material. The outer case of the fleshlight is made with hard materials such as plastic, metal etc. and the inner sleeves are generally made of soft materials. The material which is used to make the fleshlight is either high quality or medical grade, so it is safe for the body and does not make any harm.

The material which is used to make the inner sleeves is very close to the human skin. The Fleshlight masturbator toys are different from other masturbator toys. The inner sleeves of the fleshlight are put in a plastic case. Normally it collapses with its own weight, it does not keep even the stroke, but using a special case solves the problem, realizing melted genitalia that floats in the air where the material and the airspace harmonize well. Exceptional close contact feeling that rubs meat dividers with each other in miniaturized scale units has turned into an item that has just spent a lot of advancement on improvement.

History of Fleshlights

Fleshlight masturbator toys are designed by the Steve Shubin. In the year 1998, he develops a device which is used for discreet sperm collections. This device is marked by Interactive Life Forms.

It is named for the substance like material utilized as a part of its inward sleeve, and additionally the plastic case in which the inner sleeves is a store. The inward sleeve is available with a vulva, rear-end or mouth opening and also in 48 different internal surfaces.

Types of Fleshlights

Types of Fleshlights

As you know that in the market varieties of fleshlight is available. The different types of fleshlight which people used during the masturbation are a standard classic, STU, ST, UT, WW etc. The different types of fleshlight provide the different sensation during the sexual activity. Men can select any of the fleshlight according to their need, choice and budgets.

Entry type

The inner sleeves of the fleshlight are designed in varieties of way. Some of the inner sleeves are designed like a vagina, some of the inner sleeves are designed like an anal, some are designed like a mouth etc. People can purchase the fleshlight according to the entrance design.


Most of the people prefer the lady type fleshlight. The lady type fleshlight is designed in such a manner that it looks very similar to the real vagina. Men can easily use these type of fleshlight. after completing the masturbation, male partner can easily remove the inner sleeves and clean it. This type of fleshlight provides the real feeling.


The people who want to involve in the blow job will prefer the mouse type fleshlight. The mouse type is also made real, and when inserting a penis, the lips are soft and spread, and it is shaped to invite excitement visually. In the market varieties of a blow job, sex toys are available but the mouse type is more popular.


Some of the male partners can also select the anal type fleshlight. Anal type fleshlight is designed in such a manner that its entrance is very similar to the real butt. The visual excitement changes even if the entrance is different.



Build your own fleshlight masturbator toys are available in the different colour of the outer case, the entrance and the texture of the sleeves. People can select any combination of the outer case, inner sleeves textures and the entrance according to their need and choice. If people get bored with one types of entrance then they can easily remove the inner sleeves and fix other entrance inner sleeves of their choice. Build your own fleshlight provides the unique and enhance pleasure when men used it during the masturbation.


Fleshlight Classics is a male masturbator toy which male partner can use during the masturbation. Fleshlight Classics is perfect for the beginner users because its internal structure is very simple and straight. Its inner sleeves are very smooth, so the people who have the sensitive skin can easily use it. People use it for the long-term play and it also helps men to improve their performance. It is available in the market with three different types i.e. vagina lady type, mouse and anal or butt type.


STU stands for stamina training unit. The manufacturer company develop the STU to replicate the intense sensation of intercourse and to increase the men's stamina. It also helps to improve the technique, performance, heighten and intensify orgasm. Beginner couple can easily use it without any difficulty. The internal structure of the STU provides a gentle accent to the penis stimulation. Stamina training unit is available in the market with different types. Male partner can select any types of STU for pleasure feelings.


ST stands for super tight and UT stands for ultra tight. Both types of fleshlight have a straight structure, so many people can easily use it. The internal diameter of the ST fleshlight is 15 mm and the internal diameter of the UT fleshlight is 7 mm. The inner diameter is very small but people do not feel difficult to insert because its inner sleeves are very soft and smooth. The soft wall of the inner sleeves stimulates the penis securely. These fleshlight masturbator toys provide the real insertion feeling.


WW (Wonder Wave) is fleshlight with wave-like structure in the internal gel content. Its inner material as so similar to human skin material and gives a very soft touch. WW is excellent in sense of insertion and a feeling of being wrapped. Men will love to use it. The sense of insertion is getting more pleasure when the penis touches the wave structure. The advantage of WW fleshlight is, it has different stimuli from STU that gives different pleasure. The stimulation is more strong than the real feel with WW.


ICE fleshlight is transparent like ice, that why it named as ice. The internal content and case are so transparent that you can see every rigid way and knobs. The internal structure also has grooves that make it rigid and pleasure for the masturbation session. . It is very obscure to see the transparent penis inserted from the side.


Flight is small version of fleshlight and has been improved in operability. It is enclose in a special case and its internal content is made by resin material so it compact compared with the conventional size according to the case. By closing its one of end makes it look like vagina and feel like vagina with resin material. Even it is term as smaller, there are certain sizes are available in Flight because there is a length of 18 cm.


Go is A new series of compact and lightweight Fleshlights that designed smaller than normal Fleshlights. So it allow easy to handle and easy to use properties. It is about 20 cm in length, it is slightly larger than the previous Fleshlight flight means it is perfect in shape and size. Although its entrance is narrow, but men can use it in semi-erectile position because the case is downsized. Internally arrangement is same like regular in Go Fleshlight like in large folds. Hence it is able to give moderate pleasure to men.


Fleshlight-Girls is one of most popular Fleshlight type in the Fleshlight toy world. Basically, it is imitate of genitals (vagina and anal) of the popular porn star. After know their genital structure, it is model as female genital and anal in the Fleshlight's internal gel content. It is also popular because due to porn star engraved, men can enjoy their favourite porn start genital. Quite a few kinds are sold and it is hard to choose.


Quickshot is newly released product in the Fleshlight toy. It is short and compact in design. It is unique tap of Fleshlight, it has cap on the both end, up and down. If men want to enjoy the penetration, they have to open both caps. It become non-penetrating when only one caps is opened. The internal structure is a groove and processing feeling to stroke. This hole is easily removed from the case, so it is easy to wash and maintain. It is a simple structure, but there is plenty of ejaculation power.

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is new technology Fleshlight jointly developed by Kiiroo and Fleshlights. It is one of best future sex toys. This sex toys is able to give electric strokes, by installing it over penis. It is a high technology sex toy that can also be linked with virtual sex by live chat and movies. Men can also change the speed of strokes and width of stroke by stroking the Fleshlight. Hence men can lead to automatic ejaculation. It gone by famous and exciting toy for the upcoming generations.

How to choose Fleshlights

How to choose Fleshlights

Guide that can help you to choose your Fleshlight for fulfilling your sexual desires. And as well save you some money.

When purchasing for the first time

While purchasing the Fleshlight for the first time, you do not which one is good. Even no one know unless they try using actual preferences. Choose any type of Fleshlight because there is no material change internally in its series. As beginner, the standard type Fleshlight is easy to use and easy to compare at first, later you can change it. I think it is no problem and up to up, if your choose Fleshlights girls of your favorite porn star.

Purchase only contents

Yes it is possible with flashlight. If due to excess use of Fleshlight, it may crack or break in the insert gel of the contents. User can replace this Fleshlight content with another one then whatever content you like. It is possible because Fleshlight has separate contents and case. Likewise, user can save their money and get a new Fleshlight once again by replacing the desire content even in low prices.

How to use Fleshlights

How to use Fleshlights

Fleshlight uses the same way of using toys. Basically just put the lubricant and insert the erect penis. As all Fleshlight it made by same process, so the usage is also same for all Fleshlight series. Here, we will introduce its basic usage.

Step 1

Step 1

First of all, since Fleshlight is in the case, so remove its case. Be careful with the case, it might be tight and of course do not forget its internal gel content is too soft. So required care while uncapping it. Since the type with cap is designed to be removed with a screw, remove it while turning. Let's take off at such a momentum to avoid injuring your fingers.

Step 2

Step 2

Now, apply and eject the lubricant in the Fleshlight. Remember Loosening the bottom lid at this time will permeate the lubricant deeply. While ejecting lubricant, it is important to use the appropriate amount of lubricant. If lubricant is less, it will dry stroking. If it is too much, it will leak from the bottom lid.

In the first case, you may not know the amount of lubricant. At first inject a little, if later insufficient to compensate. Depending on the lubricant used, the stimulus may change. For smooth lubricants, the stimulus is transmitted directly, and in the case of high viscosity lubricants the irritation becomes mild. Let's use it many times and find your preference.

Step 3

Step 3

Now time to penetrate, while inserting please insert with erection. If user is not erected, it cannot able insert, although its internal gel content is made by soft material.

It is also recommended to every Fleshlight user to apply lubricant sufficiently to the penis with erection. When inserting, 100% erection is not necessary, but 50% erection is necessary. Of course, those who erected completely 100% can insert smoothly deeply and get pleasure. and if you want to do creampie(Inside ejaculation), you can do it.

And Condoms can also be used, and maintenance is easy with the use of condoms. If you use cock ring the pleasure of masturbation will further increase.

Step 4

Step 4

Time to enjoy the Fleshlight pleasure. While adjusting the bottom lid, enjoy the vacuum with the internal pressure. Continue the process and strokes to reach to the unforgettable climax. This bottom lid plays an important role. If you want the power of suction, insert deeply and loosen the lid. Then the inside air is discharged outside.

If you raise Fleshlight in that state, Fleshlight sucks on your penis. It can get the same pleasure as suction blow job. If a bite is a lip, you can experience a real blowjob experience. I feel that it is more pleasant than real. In addition, if the bite is a vagina, Fleshlight's soft inner wall plays a role like the inner wall of a vagina, giving your dick gently a stimulation.

Maintenance of Fleshlights

Maintenance of Fleshlights

IT is good to wash the Fleshlight to maintain it for longer.

How to wash

Fleshlight is divided into the outer hard case and the inner soft material. The important thing in cleaning is to wash those that insert the inner penis inside. First, take out the contents of the hard case. In the case of a type of toy that can be flipped over, wipe the sperm and lubricant adhering to inside with a tissue etc.

By doing this it will also be a countermeasure against the smell of drainage ditches. If you do not mind, it is okay to drain directly into the water as it is. Then wash firmly so that slime of lubricant does not remain.

If the lubricant remains here, it will be the origin of breeding bacteria, so wash carefully. It is effective to wash with a disinfectant effective detergent. After washing, wipe off with a kitchen paper etc. If you wipe with a towel or the like, fine lint and the like may be attached. Water supply paper etc is useful.

If it is left in this state it will cause deformation due to drying and so return to its original condition and wipe off moisture carefully on the outside too. And when the contents are completely dry, put it back in the hard case and keep it. If you keep the moisture remaining, bacteria will occur, so let's dry thoroughly.