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Vibrators Male masturbators TOKYO DESIGN made in Japan

Best male masturbators, fleshlights for men from the US. Cheap man strokers, Cyberskin, dick toys online.

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Fleshlight is a male masturbator sex toy, which uses to give massage or erection on men's cock. This male masturbator sex toy is hollow designed in shape of vaginal opening and mouth shape. The vaginal opening and mouth shaped male masturbator sex toy gives sliding and slippery touch at opening which is used to stimulate penis and make masturbate drive much more pleasurable and excited. Fleshlight masturbator toy gives full massage on their cock and makes turn into orgasm.

It is available in various sizes that keeps circular entrance & may look small size but afterward expand from its real shape inside this toy. Fleshlight masturbator gives enlargement of penis through giving massage & makes stiffed cock for giving satisfaction for his own penis. It is soft, stretchy & flexible to fit in any cock.

Fleshlight masturbator is fully water proof & you can use it during shower, bath tub which is also easy to wash. Your climax could be smooth and explosive which you have never experienced before & could be a realistic experience for you. If you are looking for variation & wants to perform better, practice will make you perfect in the bedroom, just get it.


  • Material: Elastomer, rubber, silicon etc.
  • Size: Midium - Large.
  • Type: Mouth, anal, vagina.
  • Accessories: Trail lubricant.
  • Reuse: Almost yes.

Fleshlight is realistic super skin material which is soft & warm to touch with submersible waterproof. Soft & durable sleeve which is easy to use and clean. Discreet design, no latex, safe, non - toxic & phthalate free. Deep canal which gives satisfaction during masturbation. Opened in vagina shape. Available in transparent exterior too where you can enable to see your penis performance inside this masturbator. USB powered warming rod which can warm any sleeve within a minutes. Automatic switched off & power cycling that can stop overheating this masturbator. LED power indicator.Unique design with 3 points of insertion.

How to Use

Apply lubrication on Fleshlight masturbator sex toy & on your cock too at the same time so it will give you ease & provide friction during masturbation. It may be discomfort for you if you don't use lubricants on it. You can use this Fleshlight male masturbator by using condom to keep clean this toy & have amazing experience from it. Condom may give you variation by using this masturbator. If it's your first time of using this Fleshlight masturbator may be it is bit quickly to get discharge but afterward you will find your cock stamina increases. Clean this masturbator with fresh towel or tissue paper & allow dry air on your masturbator to store in a safe place.


When using Fleshlight masturbator it is must to know how to use or remove the toy first. If men do all the time masturbate with Fleshlight masturbator it may damage his cock tissues or may give some pain too. It may affect his cock for sexual needs or may swelling onto penis, so use it for a particular time. After using this masturbator, you need to wash it. By keeping it clean your Fleshlight masturbator toy will keep last longer & will work better. Finally, keep it secure into a dry place.

Our Views

Fleshlight masturbator is incredible to have fun & oral sex, it gives really an unforgettable experience for the amateur people who having intercourse first in their life time. It is compatible for older couple also who never tried it before in their sex life. We must suggest to use Fleshlight masturbator once in your life time to get enticing & tempting masturbation.

It will be awesome always by men who wants excitement, sensuousness & stiffness in their hard cock during masturbation. It will definitely give you a real sex experience if you are alone or not having your sex partner, it will play a mesmerizing role in solo sex or masturbating just for you to get steamy orgasm.