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New Product Sex Toys List

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Male masturbators

Male Masturbators, popular for Indian man, from small size cheape one to fleshlights, electric and more!

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How to choose your first masturbator in india
How to choose Masturbator in India
A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
Should know! How to use masturbator!
[Masturbators Maintain] Learn how to wash and storage your masturbator to make it last longer!
Learn how to wash a Masturbators

Male Masturbator in India

Male Masturbator in India

Male Masturbator is a sex toy that makes male masturbation even more pleasurable.

It is an artificial vagina made of soft material that gently wraps your penis and gives you pleasure.


Since each product feels completely different, many people use more than one type of product.

So, how much do you know about this fascinating Masturbator?

This article is for beginners who are planning buying a Masturbator.

We will introduce various information about masturbators, such as their attractiveness, types, popular products, and so on.


If you are already thinking about buying a masturbator, check out our popular products here.

Advantages of Masturbators

Advantages of Masturbation

Masturbator is a common sex toy product.


Here are some of the reasons why it has become so popular

What man wouldn't be interested in hearing that it feels better than the masturbation he usually does?

use masturbator

And you can enjoy that pleasure over and over again.

That is why the Masturbator has gained the support of so many men.


And we at SEXToys India carry a large number of inexpensive, high-quality original Masturbators.

If you are considering purchasing a Masturbator, SEXToys India is the right place to store it.

How to use the masturbator

How to use the masturbator

Make sure you know how to use Masturbator well in advance.


First of all, Sex Lubricant is required for use. Don't forget to prepare it.

If you want to use it as Masturbator, this is the best choice.

The procedure for using Masturbator is as follows

how to use masturbator
  • Inject Sex lubricant into Masturbator
  • Apply Sex Lubricant all over the area
  • Air out of Masturbator
  • Inserting the penis

The process of airing out is very important.


By doing this, the penis and masturbator are in close contact, increasing pleasure.

*Fleshlight has the same effect by closing the cap at the bottom.

All that remains is to enjoy Masturbator to the fullest.


For detailed instructions on how to use it, check out this blog post.

How to use masturbators even more pleasantly

Even with the above-mentioned usage, you can enjoy masturbator comfortably enough.

However, there is actually a way to use it even more comfortable.

Here are two such methods.


The first is to heat the inside of the masturbator.

Warming the inside of the Masturbator can bring the sensation of penis insertion closer to that of the vagina.

Although soaking it in hot water to warm it up is often used, this USB warmer is the easiest to use.


The second method is to attach a cock ring to the penis.

The Cock ring increases the pleasure of ejaculation.

Furthermore, it also delays ejaculation, so you can enjoy the pleasure of the masturbator for a longer period of time.

use masturbator with cock ring

There are many other techniques to use a masturbator comfortably.

If you want to know them all, check out this article.

Types of masturbators

Types of masturbators

Did you understand the basic usage of a masturbator?

Next, we will introduce in detail the features of the different types of masturbators handled by SEXToys India.


When you find a product you are interested in, click on it for more information.



The famous Fleshlight is also included in the Masturbator.

It is a large Masturbator in a case suitable for both storage and camouflage.


It is large enough to wrap the penis all the way to the base, allowing for highly satisfying masturbation.

SEXToys India carries many replica Fleshlights.

We recommend it to those who want to experience Fleshlight at a reasonable price.

Handheld Masturbator

handheld masturbator

This is a small to medium-sized masturbator that can be handled with one hand.

Because they are inexpensive, they are popular among first-time masturbator buyers.


It is small, inexpensive, and has sufficient practicality and durability.

SEXToys India is the only place where you can get a Masturbator for less than Rs1000.

If price is important to you, choose a handheld masturbator.

Hands Free Masturbator

handheld masturbator

Equipped with a suction cup, the Masturbator can be placed on a table or wall and fixed in place to enjoy masturbation with a swing of the hips.

The angle of the suction cup can be adjusted, allowing for insertion in a variety of positions.


Obviously, the type of pleasure is different from masturbating with the hand.

The Masturbator is ideal for those who want to enjoy masturbation with unusual stimulation.

Large Masturbator

handheld masturbator

Weighing nearly 1 kg, this is a large masturbator.

Like the Hands-Free Masturbator, it is suitable for use on a table or floor with a hip swing.


The greater the size and weight of the masturbator, the greater the pleasure it gives the penis.

The fact that it can be inserted both vaginally and anally is also attractive.

You can enjoy different stimulation with each.

Electric Masturbator

Male Masturbator in India

The Masturbator is equipped with a vibration function by vibrator.

The fine vibrations stimulate the glans of the penis, further increasing the pleasure.


You do not have to move your penis to feel pleasure.

The stimulation-sensitive glans and the vibrator are a perfect match.

Many users are satisfied with the special pleasure that they can never experience in ordinary masturbation.

Sex Doll

sex doll

This sex doll is a realistic reproduction of a real woman.

They look and feel just like real women, giving you a realistic sex experience.


Face, hair, height, and body shape can all be made to your liking.

Like humans, they have joints, so they can enjoy sex in any position they like.

If you would like to see other Sex Dolls, click here.

This life-size Masturbator is a life-size reproduction of a real woman.

They look and feel just like real women, giving you sex and Excitement to rethink.

They are all very expensive, but well worth it.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to enjoy sex every day with a beautiful woman, in the position of your choice?

SEXToys India's popular masturbators x 3

SEXToys India's popular masturbators

After reading this far, are you starting to think that you would like to use a masturbator yourself?

However, it is not easy to choose one from so many different types.


If you are having trouble choosing, you can select from SEXToys India's popular masturbators that we are about to introduce.


You may also find this blog post on criteria for selecting a masturbator helpful.

The first hidden pussy toy Long Soft Pink

The first hidden pussy toy Long Soft Pink

This is SEXToys India's most popular Masturbator.

It is famous for its low price of less than Rs1000 and the softness of its material, which replicates a woman's vagina.


It is close to the vagina, and the gentle stimulation is pleasant.

We recommend Masturbator for first-time buyers because of its size and inexpensive price, which allows it to be used even with large penises.

The first hidden pussy toy Long is available in four different hardnesses.

Choose a soft one if you want to enjoy masturbation slowly, or a hard one if you value pleasure.

FLESHLINE PUSSY TOY Soft Pink w Sucker Vibe

FLESHLINE PUSSY TOY Soft Pink w Sucker Vibe

Hands Free Masturbator with suction cups and vibrator.

It can be used by hand or by swinging your hips, and the vibrator can be used to increase the stimulation.


The stimulation of the vibrator, in particular, can only be enjoyed with sex toys.

Although more expensive than the two products above, they are gaining popularity because of the variety of stimulation one can enjoy.

Masturbator Maintenance

How to maintain the masturbator

Masturbator is a very delicate sex toy.

After use, it should be carefully cleaned and kept clean.


If the masturbator is left in an unsanitary condition, bacteria may grow inside.

The procedure for cleaning the Masturbator is very simple.

  • Wash off semen and sex lubricant with water
  • Clean inside with soap
  • Wipe off internal moisture
  • Dry in a well-ventilated place

It is very important to dry the masturbator thoroughly after cleaning because bacteria can grow if moisture is left inside.

With this tool, the inside of the masturbator can be dried quickly without hurting it.

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You can also get a set with the USB warmer and Sex Lubricant as described in the How to Use section.

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Masturbator is a very meaningful sex toy that makes male masturbation even more pleasurable.


Even if you have never used it before, once you do, you will be addicted to its pleasant feeling.

SEXToys India carries masturbators in a wide variety of sizes, prices, and functions.

If you have read this far and want one, I recommend that you give it a try.