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Blow Job Toys

Male masturbators that recreate realistic blow jobs, fixed and handheld models to make your masturbation even more pleasurable!

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Blowjob Toy in India

Blowjob toy in India

Blowjob toys allow you to experience the pleasure of receiving a blow job.

Some women feel hesitant toward giving blowjobs, and also depending on their technique, you may not be able to get the satisfying pleasure of having your penis licked.

Of course, there are women who like to lick your penis and make you feel good, but the reality is that some women find the act of fellatio unhygienic.

There are so many men who love blowjobs, and it's one of the most popular topics on porn, but if your partner has a negative image of blowjobs, or if you just want a blowjob experience, this Blowjob toy is for you!

The hole of a blowjob toy is made to look like a woman's mouth, so you can experience the pleasure of having your partner lick your penis. Of course, there are some toys that don't look like women, so this category is also for gay blowjob lovers!

Let's take a look at the benefits of Blowjob toys and the items that are popular in India.

What is a blowjob toy?

What is a blowjob toy?

Some of you may not know much about blowjob toys. First of all, let's see what kind of design it has and what are its advantages.

Realistic design

Realistic design

Blowjob toy is classified as a masturbator, but what makes it different from other masturbators is the design of the penis insertion hole and the internal structure.

While most masturbation toys are made to resemble the look of a vagina, Blowjob toys are made to resemble a woman's mouth.

Some Blowjob toys are so realistic that even the teeth are elaborately reproduced. You can even taste the sensation of your penis hitting the teeth when you put it in the woman's mouth.

There is also an item with a woman's face designed as the entire outside, so you can enjoy not only the pleasure to the penis but also the visual excitement.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Some Indian women prefer to suck your penis. However, some of your sexual partners may not be willing to give you a blowjob.

If you have a partner who is not open to oral sex, then the blowjob toy is the perfect item for you.

Even if you don't have a partner who is willing to suck your cock in front of you, you can still experience a good blowjob through masturbation.

It is also a good choice for men who have partners willing to give a blowjob but are not satisfied with their technique.

If you have never experienced a blowjob, it may be difficult to grasp the image, but the pleasure of a blowjob is very special.

This is because, unlike the hand or vagina, the lips, teeth, and tongue of a blowjob can provide a variety of stimulation....

Blowjob toy is designed to give you a professional grade blowjob experience. If you want to experience the finest blowjob, you should use blowjob toy.

Popular products at STI

Popular products at STI

Now let's see what blowjob toys are actually available in India. We have prepared a list of popular blowjob toys in India below.

By choosing from the most popular items, you will have a better chance of finding a blowjob toy that suits you.

Piston Master LIPS TYPE

Out Of Stock

This is a blowjob toy made by reproducing a woman's mouth for the penis insertion opening.

When the penis is inserted, the mouth opens wide and the blowjob experience begins at once. The inside of the mouth is made to look exactly like a human mouth.

Not only can you experience a realistic blowjob, but because it is a type that can be mounted on places, you can experience it from various positions.

If you place it on the wall and turn it towards you, you can experience the pleasure of being licked by a woman during sex.

Recommended points:

  • Fixed type
  • Realistic blowjob experience
  • No need to move it with your hands
  • Realistic mouth shaped masturbator

LIP Doll

Out Of Stock

This item is realistically reproduced from inside to outside of the mouth, including lips, throat uvula and tongue. You can experience a blowjob from a woman the moment you insert your penis.

Although it is compact in size, the material is soft and stretchy, and it blends in with your penis as if it were sucking on it. It is especially recommended for those who want to experience a blowjob with a vacuum.

It is also available at a low price of Rs1290.

Recommended points:

  • Vacuum blowjob
  • The price is as low as Rs1290
  • Realistic mouth shape
  • Soft and stretchy material

More LIP Doll

Out Of Stock

The insertion surface has a mouth and nose painted on it, so you can enjoy blowjob as if you were inserting it into a woman's mouth.

There is a tongue inside, so you can enjoy the pleasure of having a woman lick your penis with her tongue while you move the masturbator.

If you wet the inside with lubricant, you can recreate a more realistic blowjob.

Recommended points:

  • Realistic mouth, nose, and tongue
  • Woman’s mouth reproduced
  • The best blowjob experience!

How to have the most realistic experience?

How to have the most realistic experience

The blowjob toy, like any other masturbator, is painful when you try to insert your penis straight into it. It is not slippery and gets stuck around the entrance, making it impossible to masturbate satisfactorily.

Before using a blowjob masturbator, inject the right amount of lubricant through the insertion hole. It is also a good idea to apply some lubricant to the surface of your penis as well.

This will not only ensure a smooth insertion, but also replicate the inside of a woman's mouth. This will give you the pleasure of a more realistic blowjob.

It is recommended that you use a water-based lubricant that is smooth and easily absorbed into the skin to recreate a woman's mouth.

Water-based lubricants are easy to wash off and maintain after use.

It is very reasonably priced at Rs499. It is especially recommended for those who want to have a blowjob experience while recreating a turgid female mouth.

Difference with other masturbators

Difference with other masturbators

Blowjob toys are different from vagina masturbators in design and the pleasure they provide. Blowjob toys are made with a female face as the insertion opening, while a standard masturbator has a vagina-shaped insertion opening.

If you want to feel the pleasure of having your penis inserted into a vagina, you should choose the vagina type.

If you want a woman to give you a blowjob but your partner is not comfortable with it, you should masturbate with a blowjob toy.

Everyone has their own preference and it depends on the kind of play they want to experience. In India, there are more types of vagia-type masturbators available in the market than blowjob toys.

This item is the lowest priced Fleshlight in India. It has a vagina type insertion port that allows you to feel the sensation of being inserted into a woman.

A soft sleeve is built into the hard case, so you can experience masturbation in steady strokes. The internal structure is also made to replicate the inside of a vagina.

It is recommended for those who want to enjoy insertion into the vagina rather than blowjobs. The Freshlite usually costs close to Rs10,000, but you can get this item for Rs3482.

Recommended points:

  • The lowest price in India for Fleshlight
  • RS3482
  • Realistic vagina insertion feeling
  • Stable strokes


Having a Blowjob toy is a great way to have a superb blowjob experience.

If your partner is resistant to blowjobs and refuses to give you a blowjob, we recommend using the Blowjob toy.

If you have never had a blowjob before, you can still experience the pleasure of having your penis licked by a woman with just one masturbator.

If you have never had a blowjob before, you can still enjoy the pleasure of having your penis licked by a woman with just one masturbator, which is different from a vagina masturbator.

If you want to enjoy the sensation of being inserted into a vagina rather than a blowjob, try looking for a general masturbator.

There are countless products available for vagina-shaped masturbation holes, so you can achieve the ideal masturbation experience of your choice.