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Electric Masturbator

This is the online purchase page for Electric Masturbator, the latest masturbation toy for men. Cheap and safe SEXToys India sells.

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How to choose your first masturbator in india
How to choose Masturbator in India
A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
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Electric Masturbator?

Electric Masturbator?

In recent years, male masturbation continues to evolve day by day. Electric Masturbator is a sex toy for men that can be said to be the crystal of its evolution. In India, Masturbator for men is very popular, such as FLESH LIGHT, but of course everyone wants to improve their masturbation.

Electric Masturbator will satisfy your desire and give you more pleasure. Here we will introduce the details and details. I hope you find the best for you.

What is Electric Masturbator?

Electric Masturbator is a new technology that is introduced in male sex toys. It is a type of masturbator that moves and creates stimulation with electricity or any source of electricity.

Electric masturbator performs automatic stimulation and movement like vibration, position, rotation, etc. An electric masturbator is not limited to one kind of stimulation. There are various types of stimuli and functions are available in it but overall it is designed to enjoy the real pleasure that it not even possible with the women or your own hands.

The Electric masturbator is high in pleasure and gets so popular in India. Such masturbator creates a passion in the men to have the fun that is quick, more and totally different than you ever had.

Features and types of Electric Masturbator

Features and types of Electric Masturbator

Electric masturbators are classified according to several types based on stimulation and driving pattern. Our three classifications are there. All three types have completely different pleasure, the strength of stimulation. Know about the movement of these electric masturbators here.

Piston (thrusting) Type

Piston electric masturbator that generate piston movement for the penis. Piston movement means that create up and down movement. The inside hole body of electric masturbator moves up and down very similar to the sensation of the penis and the pleasure of handjob most similar like real sex.

Piston type electric masturbator is especially for the one how want to feel real sex through masturbation. It gives a pleasure of best ever handjob.

Rotation Type

Rotation electric masturbator that generate rotates movement. The inside hole will rotate in the clockwise direction or anti-clockwise direction to give a totally different feel to the men. Men can get confused at first it will be better than normal sex and handjob masturbation.

The pleasure is achieved by it is much more higher than the real one. It is a completely new stimulus that your penis has never felt before.

It is super demand in masturbator now a day because rotation movement can’t even possible with the real women and own your hand.

Vibration Type

Vibration electric masturbator that generates vibration for penis to stimulate it. Vibration electric masturbator is like a vibrator for women. When men enter in the masturbator, vibration start and help men to feel erotic and lead to orgasm. For vibration, there is built-in a motor is available in masturbator for fine vibration.

It is popular for unusual vibration and provides a unique stimulus that is different from both piston type and rotating type. Such masturbator is also not compatible with real sex and hand masturbation. Vibrating stimulation is not possible with real things.

Who is Electric Masturbator suitable for?

Who is Electric Masturbator suitable for?

An electric masturbator is advance masturbator and suitable for advance user only. Intermediate user can also try it and use it effectively. As electric masturbator has different function and strong features it is a bit difficult for first time user to feel comfortable.

Electric Masturbator Good point and bad point

While going for an electric masturbator, you should know about its good and points so that you can use it effectively and correctly.

Good point

Electric masturbators give better pleasure than a human girl. That is not possible to enjoy with own hand and real women, that pleasure is delivered by electric masturbator. The vibrating, automatic up and down movement, rotation movement, etc in various speed and strength will be fun for all men. Mind-Blowing masturbation with orgasm is the result of using electric masturbator.

Rotation Type

An electric masturbator is highly recommended for the expert user only. Men who are new in the masturbator, you get hurt with it. Beginner men should experience first the simple and ordinary masturbator and later come to electric masturbator.

Expect that, the electric masturbator is noisy than normal masturbator. They have a motor inside that work to generate different movement in it. The sound of the motor can varies but they definitely have motor sound.

How rabbit cock ring is pleasurable for female

Alike rabbit vibrator, rabbit cock rings is pleasurable for women. Rabbit vibrator has two or more ears with rotor that stimulate the clitoris while women enjoy penetration. Same with rabbit cock rings. While men penetrating her, women can feel the vibration and stimulation over the clitoris. Rabbit cock rings make possible for women to enjoy internal as well as external stimulation at the same time. Women feel arouse with different level of vibration. In foreplay act, couples can also use it over the chestnuts, breasts, neck, etc sensitive places.

What about the cheap Electric Masturbator?

What about the cheap Electric Masturbator?

Electric masturbator is a machine mechanism masturbator that is not comparable to what you do with your own hands. So many kinds of electric masturbator are available.

Among all, there is misconception among user that cheap electric masturbator or masturbator is not good. Sometime the cheap electric masturbator gives better satisfaction than the expensive one.

Expensive electric masturbator is comfortable enough and has many features, but cheap masturbator is affordable then the features might decrease.

Difference between Electric Masturbator and normal Masturbator

Electric masturbator is an advance technique in normal masturbator. A normal masturbator is used to match the fun of a real vagina and a real pleasure. But electric masturbator is designed to deliver better pleasure than the real vagina and a real pleasure.

With the use of normal masturbator, user can enjoy only one type of insertion feeling where electric masturbator gives dozen of types of stimulation with a single masturbator. The pleasure of electric masturbator is totally different and higher than normal masturbator. It can be set on various speeds and stimulation patterns.

With the use of electric masturbator, men can enjoy a lot of stimulation every day without getting bored with just one masturbator in their life.

How to choose Electric Masturbator

How to choose Electric Masturbator

An electric masturbator is a modern masturbator. Definitely, they are not cheap. It is important to choose it carefully.

You should start to finally your type of movement, which types of movement by want and then go with them for the above types. An electric masturbator is not for beginners. Expert men know what type of pleasure is good for them.

Size of the masturbator is little consideration, but you should check it. The size of electric masturbator will fit for your penis or not. Size is most important for the masturbation with any of masturbator.

Now you should check the price and strength. The strength of the movement and vibrating can be fixed or varies with a different product. The multiple types of strength are good to try and find you, comfortable electric masturbator.

How to use Electric Masturbator

If you are decoded and ready with your electric masturbator, then at first. You have to check it how it works without inserting the penis. Check all the buttons carefully.

When you are ready to insert the penis. First, apply some lubricant over the penis and inside the masturbator. Set the electric masturbator on the lower setting. If you feel comfortable gradually increase the strength and movement of it. An electric masturbator is high in stimulation. You can feel about to ejaculate just after some minutes, so be prepared for me in advance. Most of the electric masturbator is not washable completely, so it is good to use a condom over the penis always.

Maintenance and storage of Electric Masturbator

Maintenance of Electric masturbator is also must if you want to keep it as it is and want to use it for a longer time. Most important is to clean it carefully. Clean the inside sleeves with water if is removable otherwise wipe it. Electric masturbators also have soft sleeves and it also causes bleeding. If you do not do something about bleeding, then it will affect your motor mechanism. Apply baby powder to stop bleeding.

To store the electric masturbator always choose a dry place. A wet place can spoil your motor and can disturb its features. Remove the batteries after use and place it back only when you are using it.

What are Electric Masturbator precautions?

What are Electric Masturbator precautions?

As electric masturbator is not an ordinary masturbator. It works on electricity and the source of electricity. There are some points that you should keep in mind as a precaution while using electric masturbators.

Keep Clean

Electric masturbator is a thing where you will insert your delicate part called a penis. So be hygiene and clean it after and before use. You should keep it in routine although it is difficult to clean electric masturbator. But it is essential.

Be careful of batteries

Electric, masturbator needs batteries whether rechargeable, direct cord through or dry batteries. Types of batter depending on the type of your masturbator. So be careful with the batteries, turn off the power or remove the batteries after using it.

Can be loud

Many electric masturbators are very loud due to special functions. If you are staying with someone or worried about a neighbour, you need to be aware of it. Be aware not to feel uncomfortable in any way whole masturbation.


An electric masturbator is the best masturbation object that said to a dream for men. An automatic stimulation over the penis is all men want when it is from women or masturbator. Electric masturbators can deliver the hand-free pleasure that is super high in the stimulation of real sex.

Electric masturbator gives movement, stimulation and pleasurable that is not even possible to achieve by women. It is important to choose the correct and best electric masturbator for you.

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