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Handheld Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators with real vagina insertion stimulation. Fild best pussy toy, Hand job toys and masturbation toy in here !

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How to choose your first masturbator in india
How to choose Masturbator in India
A complete guide to how to use masturbators for indian beginners men!
Should know! How to use masturbator!
[Masturbators Maintain] Learn how to wash and storage your masturbator to make it last longer!
Learn how to wash a Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators?

Handheld Masturbators?

Handheld Masturbators are palm-sized sex toys used for male masturbation, also known as hand job toys.

There are many other names for them, such as masturbators, stroker toys, masturbation toys, etc., but here we will refer to them as Handheld Masturbators, as they are in the palm-sized category.

By using these, you can recreate the pleasure of inserting yourself into a realistic female organ and enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

  • Want to feel more like sex
  • Feel the sensation of having their penis wrapped
  • Increase masturbation satisfaction at a low price
  • Masturbate with a compact and light item

Handheld Masturbators are highly recommended for the men mentioned above, and they can easily and cosmetically improve the quality of their masturbation.

There is a wide variety of Handheld Masturbators among sex toys, so it may be difficult to choose the right one for you.

If you are having trouble deciding which item is right for you, we recommend you look for a product from the following list.

First, please continue reading to learn more about what Handheld Masturbators are, the difference between them and Fleshlight, which is the most well-known and popular in India, and the different types of Handheld Masturbators.

What is Handheld Masturbators?

What is Handheld Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators are made of a material that is both soft and textured like a woman's skin.

Most of them are small enough to be held in one hand and have a tubular shape that allows you to insert your penis through a hole in the center.

Since Fleshlight is popular in India, some people may not know about the difference between them.

Next, let's check out the differences between Handheld Masturbators and Fleshlight and the advantages of hand job toys.

Difference from Fleshlight

Difference from Fleshlight
  • Low price
  • Compact and highly stimulating
  • Attractive appearance
  • For beginners
  • Overwhelming recognition and brand power
  • Easy to store with a case
  • There is also a collaboration with a porno star

Fleshlight has a strong brand name and is very costly to manufacture, so the prices sold in the market are also high.

Most of the Fleshlight items cost over Rs5,000, but many of the Handheld Masturbators we sell at SEXToys India can be purchased for less than Rs1,000.

They are more compact and easier to operate than Fleshlight and are designed to give you a realistic vaginal penetration experience.

Most of them do not come with a hard case like the Fleshlight, and you insert the sleeve into your penis.

With or without a hard case is the main difference between Handheld Masturbators and Fleshlight.

If you are looking for a masturbator with a hard case to give a steady hand job and adjust the tightness, Fleshlight is the one for you.

Types of hand job toys

Types of hand job toys

Handheld Masturbators offer a wide variety of masturbators, and you can choose your favorite item from a variety of sizes.

The sizes range from small to large, so it is recommended that you choose the one that best fits your penis size.

Out Of Stock

This masturbator is small enough to fit in one hand. It is made to replicate a young woman's vagina hand.

You can achieve orgasm with the right amount of tightness and enveloping stimulation.

At Rs1,290, it is much cheaper than Fleshlight.

This item is a relatively large masturbator that allows you to achieve orgasms while covering your entire penis.

The inside is a spiral structure, and the raised vaginal flesh on the inner surface stimulates the penis with a good amount of rubbing.

This masturbator is a more stimulating item than the others. Even those who masturbate a lot and are accustomed to stimulation will be satisfied.

There are many other Handheld Masturbators available in various shapes and sizes. You can find the masturbator that embodies your ideal feeling below.

How to choose your first hand job toy

How to choose your first hand job toy

There are many different types and sizes of hand job toys, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Although the criteria for choosing one may differ from person to person, if you choose a masturbator based on the following points of view, you will have a better chance of finding your favorite item.

  • Can it be used repeatedly?
  • Is the price reasonable?
  • Is it popular in India?

Can be used repeatedly

Can be used repeatedly

There are two types of masturbators: those that can be used repeatedly and those that are disposable and can only be used once.

If you want to choose a masturbator with good cost performance, choose the type that can be washed and used repeatedly.

The immediate cost may be high, but in the long run, you will save a lot of money. Even a small masturbator can be used 20 to 30 times in a row.

Choose one that is easy to clean by flipping the sleeve over, so you can easily clean it and use it for a long time.

Low price

Low price

Naturally, price is a consideration when purchasing. There are items that are less expensive but still provide a realistic insertion sensation and enhance the quality of masturbation.

Some hand job toys are less expensive than Fleshlight and can be had for less than Rs1,000.

Just because it is expensive and made of good materials does not mean that you can masturbate to your satisfaction.

If you are going to choose a masturbator, we recommend that you first buy one at a price that will not put a financial burden on you.

Select from Popular Products

Select from Popular Products

If you are not sure which item to choose, we recommend that you choose one by referring to popular items and rankings.

Products that are popular have their own appeal, and you can masturbate while feeling their benefits.

If you are not sure if a product is right for you, choose one by looking at rankings and reviews, and you will quickly increase your chances of enhancing the pleasure of masturbation.

Next, let's check out some of the most popular hand job toys in India.

STI's popular hand job toy

STI's popular hand job toy

Popular Handheld Masturbators in India are as follows.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear
Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential
My mouth sucking masturbator
Jumbo Cup Pussy Male Masturbator
Bambina 2

No.1-The first hidden pussy toy Clear

This item is priced as low as Rs895, yet it can stimulate your penis to suck and achieve orgasm.

The material is as soft as a woman's skin and can fit any penis. The multiple grips on the inner surface enhance the stimulation of the penis.

It is the most compact and the least obscene looking, which is another reason why it is so popular to purchase.

No.2-Top Quality Preppy Girl Potential

It is made of a very soft material, like a woman's skin, which gives you the pleasure of inserting it into your vagina.

There are five vaginal meats near the insertion opening that enhance the pleasure and stimulate the penis with moderate rubbing.

It also has a spiral structure inside that wraps around the entire penis to stimulate it.

It has the strongest stimulation among all the products in the ranking, so even men who masturbate a lot on a regular basis will be satisfied.

No.3-My mouth sucking masturbator

This item is a masturbator with a hard case and a mouse-shaped insertion opening. You can enjoy the pleasure of being sucked by a woman.

You can add the right amount of sex lubricant to create the smoothness of a woman's mouth.

It is especially recommended for men who want to ejaculate with a realistic blowjob experience.

No.4-Jumbo Cup Pussy Male Masturbator

The Masturbator reproduces a realistic vagina insertion opening. A soft sleeve is embedded in the hard case.

After use, the sleeve can be removed from the case and washed. You can actually feel the pleasure of having sex with a woman.

You can have a realistic penetration experience with steady strokes like Fleshlight. This product is highly popular among Indian men because it offers the same pleasure as Fleshlight at a lower price.

No.5-Bambina 2

This item is a disposable masturbator, available at prices as low as Rs995.

The wetness of the vagina is the same as when a woman is aroused during sex, so you can have a realistic penetration experience and ejaculation.

The material is also very soft and stimulates the penis as it wraps around it. There is a hole at the bottom that allows you to change the vacuum.

If you plug the hole, the inside will be sealed and you will have the best vacuum experience.

How to use Hand job toys

How to use Hand job toys

Even if you get your favorite masturbator, if you do not use it correctly, you will not be able to experience real pleasure.

If it is a masturbator that can be used repeatedly, you will still be wasting your money on a disposable type.

The steps of masturbator are as follows

  1. Cleaning the masturbator
  2. Insert sex lubricant
  3. Remove the air
  4. Insert penis
  5. Start hand job

A sex lubricant is necessary when using a masturbator. It works to make insertion smoother.

If you don't use sex lubricant, it will cause pain in your penis and reduce the durability of the masturbator.

It is a water-soluble sex lube that provides a good natural glide and can be easily washed off when cleaning.

It is an essential item if you want to achieve a smooth insertion feeling like a woman's love juices.

If you want to know more about how to use masturbators properly, please refer to the following article.

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We have checked the merits of Handheld Masturbators, the differences between them and Fleshlight, and the popular items in India.

Many people useFleshlight, but there are many masturbators that are cheaper and provide a realistic penetration experience.

If you are still undecided about which one to choose, you can improve your masturbation experience by choosing one of the most popular ones.

In addition to Handheld Masturbators, there are many other types of masturbators available at Sex Toys India. Please check them out and find the right item for you.

Sex dolls also allow you to masturbate with hip movements similar to sex. If you want to experience hip-fluttering masturbation that is not your usual masturbation, check out sex dolls.