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New Product Sex Toys List

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Penis Enhancement Toys

It is a category of toys for men to enhance the penis. Here is a penis pump for those who want to enlarge the penis.

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Penis Enhancement Toy?

What is penis enhancement Toy?

Boys, be honest. Do you wish you had a bigger penis?

Apparently the answer is yes for all the men. The big penis is the yearning of all humanity whether the men or women. Believe or not, men's muscularity is linked with the penis size. Women think so, Bigger penis Bigger performance.

Do not feel anxiety in sex due to your penis size, you just need penis enlargement pump in India. Penis enhancement is little tricky, until you don't know how it works. There are two types of penis enhancement toy are worked for penis. If you don't want to try penis extension toys can try our penis enhancement training. And There is also a method, that is Penis sleeves if you want to easily n quick strengthen & enlargement.

What is Penis Enhancement Toy?

Have you ever heard about Penis Enhancement Toy? The toys that are developed to make a big penis for men is called Penis Enhancement Toy. Any man can fall in love with a big penis. SEXToys India introduces safe and secure Penis Enhancement Toy especially for men. We believe only on high-quality toys made in Japan so men can use our penis pumps with confidence. They are sex toy for men. It is part of Male Masturbator. But it is not masturbation toy, it is a training toy for penis.

It is not great to have a large penis. But the size of the penis that still bothers me, is the common issue heard by men. Let' s understand the concept of growing penis length.

How penis enhancement work and penis size grow?

Penis is made with two erectile tissue known as corpus cavernosum. Corpora cavernosa is one who contains most of the blood in the penis at the time of erection. It is soft and spongy tissues that hold the blood in the penis and causes penis to grow. Now how it works. When men feel aroused whether during sex or masturbation. The brain sends signals to nerves and blood flow start in the penis. At that time, these soft erectile tissues hold the blood inside them and lead to penis growth.

Well, the mechanism is here. But you required a proper method to use it. We will help you, first know types of penis enhancement toys and check its way of use it.

If you do not feel comfortable to try penis enhancement toys, then we still have solution. You can try our penis enhancement training

Features of Penis Enhancement Toys

Features of penis enhancement toys

Basically, the main feature of the Penis Enhancement Toy is to apply physical stimulation to the penis by pulling or vacuuming. It is said that the length and thickness of the penis effectively depend on the method of stimulation.

There are also many easy-to-made ways for this type of toy. So you may be able to make it yourself, but we cannot recommend a toy made by yourself. Because the penis is a sensitive part, it is easy to be in trouble.

Good point and bad point of penis enhancement toys

Good point and bad point of penis enhancement toys

Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Penis Enhancement Toy.

Good point

The biggest attraction of Penis Enhancement Toy is, it increases the size of the penis. There are many men who have an issue with their penis size, isn't it merit to solve such trouble? Find you Penis Enhancement Toy from types with a length size and a weight size, which will solve your troubles.

Bad point

Penis Enhancement Toy is cheap to expensive. Those that can actually be expected to be effective or those that are not effective at all. There are so many different types. And first, the state of the individual's penis is further subdivided, so it becomes a perfect compatibility issue. Also, although the effect is natural among individuals, finding a Penis Enhancement Toy that matches yourself is the key to failure. It is important to collect information at reviews and other sites.

Penis Enhancement Toys Recommended People

If you are troubled with penis size, this toy may be helpful. If the penis is a little longer, ..., if the penis is a little more fat ..., have you ever thought so??

Of course, if the size of your penis changes, the pleasure in the next sex will change, which will lead to confidence. Big dick is a sex symbol.

Please think about it. How does the size of the vagina feel if the penis entering the vagina is only a few millimetres thick? If you can push the vagina with a little difference, your pleasure will increase and your partner will also be a pleasure.

These toys are recommended for people who have a small in size.

Types of Penis Enhancement Toys

Types of penis enhancement toys

Here we are introducing basic two types of Penis Enhancement Toys. The method of processing for length and thickness for penis is different. Both work to increase the penis but way of pressure is different. As we talk above pressure on penis affect the penis size.

Traction type

The first is a traction type toy also known as penis extenders. This is a toy but it is a toy of how to pull and extend a penis. The effect is to activate cells formation in gap in the penis by cell division and prolong it. Word traction is to stretching and pulling something. Now it gets clear for you

And more than that, you can expect to pull out the part buried in the body by pulling the penis. Of course, it is also possible with hands and fingers, but it is a hassle to be mitigated by using this Penis Extenders. It is very easy because there is no need to do anything after installation. There is also way of training to stretch the penis for better result.

How to use Traction type toys

Basically, how to use is different because it depends on the toy, but speaking of the common part, the principle is to extend. Attach the appliance to the glans head and adjust the length, stretching force etc with adjusters. And spend time for a while.

It aims at a physical size up by repeating it for several months.

Pump type

The following is the pump type. Speaking of Penis Enhancement Toy, there may be many who think about this pump, too? The world's most popular penis pump is also one of the Penis Enhancement Toys. And this pump type is used to thicken the penis with air pressure. It is an image that pulls the blood into the penis by putting the penis in the cylinder and applying a vacuum. It work on sucking mechanism.

It is an image that expands rather than being large.

Moreover, pump type toy has various types, such as a simple type, an electric type, and a type with pressure memory. Prices range from cheap to expensive.

Basically, it is a pump toy whose size is varies. If you want to size up the thickness, it is best that the size of the glans head cylinder is about +8 mm. If you choose a cylinder or socket that is too large, the skin may stretch more and the form of the penis may not be cool.

In addition, in the case of size up of length, + 3mm of penis size will be good. It can be expected to grow more vertically than the thickness.

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How to use Pump type toys

Once the pump toy is prepared, use lubricant and insert it into the cylinder. There are different ways to deflate air depending on the toy, but after deflate and leave for a while. Because there is a strong vacuum, it is better to use it so as not to over-suction. It is recommended to check the air vent valve in advance.

How to choose penis enhancement toys

How to choose penis enhancement toys

As a tip of how to choose, it is a toy that is sensitive and has individual differences in effects, so it is better to be careful about the penis size of your own, the penis size of people you are reviewing, etc. And is the purpose long? Is it weight? By choosing according to you will find penis enhancement toys that match you.

It is also considerable that which types of method you want for penis extension, penis pump or penis extender.

Maintenance and storage of penis enhancement toys

Maintenance and storage of penis enhancement toys

Basically, penis enhancement toys are toys based on the idea of training equipment for a penis, so they are designed to be used daily. Therefore it is important to wash and dry well after use.

What is the attention point of penis enhancement toys?

Basically, penis enhancement toys are toys that give physical stimulation. Therefore, if you feel pain, please stop using it immediately. It is important to use it with care not to injure the penis or cause inflammation.

Therefore, please be careful about hygiene. In the case of long-term use, in the case of a pump, there is a risk of internal haemorrhage, or care should be taken because the skin may become swollen.

Please be sure to check the manufacturer's usage and precautions before using.

Natural method of penis enhancement

So far we have talked about penis enhancement with toys, but here we will show you how to increase the penis without toys and instruments.

Enhancement in penis training

Penis training is a method of training and sizing penis according to its name. Here are two ways to do that. The training is suitable for length and weight, but it is important to continue for a while until you get used to it. However, be careful because excessive training is a burden on the penis.


Jelqing is a training method that is effective for the length of the penis. At first, make the penis a little bit erect. Then apply a lubricant. Since the lubricant may be used several times, so keep cap opened.

It would be better to do it in the bathroom, considering that it will be washed away later. Of course, you can do it in your own room.

  • First apply lubricant to the penis and hold the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger a little stronger.
  • If you hold it, slowly move it to the glans as you squeeze it towards the tip.
  • Then do the same with the reverse hand.
  • Repeat this 10 times. Do this 3 sets a day.
  • If it hurts or is erected completely on the way, stops.

There are options of shampoos and body soaps instead of lubricants, but please use suitable lubricants to avoid the inflammation in the penis. Also, be aware that if a person has phimosis, the skin may grow and the penis may get worse.


Other method of penis enhancement

The method of Milking is almost the same as Jelqing. But be careful with the direction.

  • First apply lubricant to the penis and hold the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger a little stronger.
  • If you hold it correctly, collect the blood on the tip of the penis and hold in the order of middle finger, ring finger and little finger
  • Then do the same with the reverse hand.
  • Repeat this 10 times. Do this 3 sets a day.
  • If it hurts or is erected completely on the way, stops.

This method is similar to the way of milking cows, so it is named Milking. Because blood is concentrated on the glans, there is an effect of resizing the glans. And neither of these methods of training can be effective immediately. Daily training will gradually strengthen the penis.



Supplements are also available for penis enhancement. Although many ingredients that contain in erection effect supplement can be expected to increase the penis size as well. But since it is a medicine, the effect appear for short internal of time. If you want to keep it for longer, then types of penis enhancement toys are recommended.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Here are some recommended toys from SEXToys India!

Mega Via Pump RX

Mega Via Pump RX, a penis enhancement toy with three kinds of sockets, you can choose according to penis size. A vacuum is created in the cylinder to pump blood flow to the penis to increase the effect. It comes with a pump that removes air manually, and it is a cheap and very popular item.

Where I actually used was like this

We recommend this product as a representative of cheap penis pump manually. Simple structure, easy to use and hard to break the penis pump. There is no immediate effect, but it is very popular as a training instrument for penis.

Via powered pump

Via powered pump, a very easy to use the pump part, it is a penis pump that can be easily put in a vacuum because it is easy to put in pressure. In addition, with the measure of air pressure, you can see at a glans how much pressure is applied.

Where I actually used was like this

How much pressure is best if you are training daily? You may lose track of it. However, this penis pump has a memory. And above all the pump is very easy to use. You can easily remove the air in the sense of pulling.