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Buy Massager female sex toys online.Cheap magic wand vibrator, plug-in vibrator, personal wand rechargeable online.

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Massagers and Magic Wand of adult toys?

Massagers and Magic Wand of adult toys?

A massager is an electronic object that used to stimulate the body, whether to arouse the sensitive part or relive the stress body part. The magic wand is one of them and used as massager by people widely to take jangling sensation over their very sensitive genitals and all over body parts. Females use the magic wand to stroke it over their clitoris to turn on themselves before having a sexual encounter. In recent years massager toys are popular as women's sex toys.

This is one of the most preferable sex toys by females for their solo sessions and foreplay sessions with a partner. Use of massager is not restricted to the female, the male can also use it over the erogenous zones and stress affected sensitive zones. It provides a new experience of erotic massage to users. Magic wand keeps the power on/off button to operate. It can operate at various speeds.

The magic wand is very easy to use on and around clitoris, nipple, vagina, penis, neck, etc body part. For the sexual satisfaction, you need to hold head part of the massager and try to transmit vibration through your fingers which you insert inside anal or vagina. Two fingers like index finger and middle finger are enough to insert that will hit precisely g-spot and will also provide vibrating effects. Fairy, fairy mini, handy massager and denma ready are some massagers which are hugely used by females.

Main features of Massagers and Magic Wand

Main features of Massagers and Magic Wand

Massagers and magic wand is an electric massage device that provides massaging effects nicely into the whole body. Despite being used as an adult toy and being cognizant, it exists as ordinary health equipment. It operates on various speeds and modes. There are very high power adult toys are available in the market like different kinds of vibration, but Massagers and magic wand is quite different in the adult world. Massager and magic wand is stress reliever with a sex toy.

History of Massager

History of massager was started between eighteen to the nineteenth century when Christianity was widespread in the world. It was severe to teach women that time and purity was sought from them. Later stress and hysteria spread. Woman consult with a doctor and stimulation therapy was used as treatment. That time clitoris stimulation was not considered as sex act and females feel refresh without having any guilt. Doctors used an electric vibrating massage machine for penetration.

Vibrator is a medical instrument

In earlier times, Females consult to doctors for clitoris stimulation therapy and they feel refresh without feeling guilty. Vibrators now use for blood circulation, congestion, anti-ageing, fatigue etc. as a medical instrument. Vibrators nicely provide massage into the whole body. Now physiotherapists have mostly used vibrators for giving treatment to their patients.

Magic Wand ?

Magic Wand ?

The magic wand is an electric vibrator that is good in durability so users may use it for a long time. It has a smooth head for flexible massage experience. The magic wand is one of the most popular massagers among users because it is handy in use, powerful product and reaches users well to orgasm. The user uses this vibrator during solo play but may also use this in foreplay sessions along with opposite partner. A magic wand is a massager with good portability that can bring anywhere.

What is HITACHI Magic Wand?

HITACHI is a very popular company in Japan which manufactures electric and electronic appliances for household purpose. But in India and other countries, HITACHI is known as magic wand massager. A magic wand is the king of Vibrator and formerly known as HITACHI magic wand.

Adult toy HITACHI Magic Wand

HITACHI magic wand is an adult toy which is widely used by females to stimulate their sensitive clitoris or anal. HITACHI magic wand is the world famous sex toy which was appeared in 1970 and has been famous now in the porn industry. It keeps the very powerful speed of 6000 rpm that produce erotic temptation into users.

Now for "HITACHI Magic Wand"

The production of the magic wand was closed by HITACHI Company. Magic wand brand has been sold to Vibratex Company which manufactures adult products. Now it is sold as magic wand massager to people and HITACHI has been hiding from there. But people still call it as HITACHI magic wand.

Why pleasure? The reason why Magic Wand Massagers feel easy feeling.

Why pleasure? Reason why Magic Wand Massagers feel easy feeling.

The magic wand is handy in use. It keeps 6000 rpm speed that is enough to provide pleasure on genitals. It has a sleek head that creates an amazing jangling sensation when putting it on genitals. It is very easy to hold in fingers and user-friendly too. Every person feels free to use the magic wand and easily get pleasure.

Structure of pleasure

Pleasure varies from person to person. It depends on mood, situation and physical condition for people. Some people like intense, strong, striking or spanking vibration but on the other side some people like caressing with feathers and brushes. Resonance occurs in the entire body when having a vibration in the sensitive zone. Stimulation transmits into the pleasure of brain and you find nice rapture in your entire body.

When you stroke vibrator on your sensitive zone that time friction produce there and make you feel real tempting experience. Opposite partner may also support you to providing pleasure by using some adult toys.

How pleasure works

Magic wand is used as massager by women to get pleasure. It produces vibration which is almost compatible for human body. Clitoris gets stimulated by vibrator when stroke in proper frequency. Magic wand precisely hits point of stimulation and resonate women in easy way. Massage will be awesome on erogenous points that lead to satisfaction at end. It feels great when body is in unconscious mode but abruptly turn on users with strong vibrating effects.

Pleasure will be incredible and works well in solo play for females. Resonance comes to brain from erogenous point of women by massager and that becomes real pleasure in whole body.

Who do you recommend?

Who do you recommend?

Massager and magic wand are the most exciting sex toys and unable to give better experience than the any kind of vibrators because user can use massager without any resistance. Massager and magic wand are recommended for those who do not experience and ever reach to the orgasm. Massager and magic wand might help with any resistance and to pleasure with powerful vibration.

These electric massagers are recommended for those who are do not experienced orgasm and strong arousal feeling ever. Massager gives strong stimulus at maximum vibration than egg vibe, you can use less resistance than dildo vibe. It is self-polishing goods with the intensity of stimulation and vibration.

Types and characteristics of massager

Types and characteristics of massager

There are many types of massages available for users to play with in solo or in love times with partner. Rotating type, vibrating type, hitting type etc. are some types of massagers which can be used by anyone. These are some key features for massagers which users like when they are playing with.


Although magic wands are available in various sizes but most users like to use this size of magic wand. The head of magic wand is around 2 inches. The length is around 7.5 inches and width is around 2.5 inches. There is charging cable available for charging this electric massager. This is ideal size of massager that is also easy to grip on fingers.

Power type

Power supply type is classified with three types. Power supply from AC power supply is a very high power with no power outage. But it may interfere in sex. Then batteries are the power type which can be charged with USB cable but it is expensive medium.


Attachments are for penis, vagina and anal and also for different areas of body. By installation of magic wand, vibration performance may get. Beginners need to careful because there will be intense stimulus. It may occur pain on body or genitals when strong vibration produces of electric waves. So use it on weak stimulus.

Categorizing our site

Let look up the massager and magic wand differently. Because magic wand are category that included in massager category.


Massagers are used to give sensation into body and genitals. It creates sensation into whole body and makes ready users for intercourse session with partner. Massagers are widely used in foreplay sessions by couples. Massagers provide relaxation in body or it helps to release stress of individuals.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand was formerly known as HITACHI vibrator. It is very popular sex toy or vibrator for females especially. Pleasure becomes incredible with this vibrator. It's a torch shaped vibrator which is widely used by females during solo sessions. Its head part is sleek and soft that provides best experience to females as vibrator or massager.

How to choose the right massager, tips

How to choose the right massager, tips

Choosing the right massager is not difficult. First you need to think that why you want to choose this massager. Are you looking vibrator for masturbating or sex purpose? Magic wand is good massager for taking stimulation. It massages nicely. If you feel pain body you may stroke it on your body for better relaxation. If you decided to buy a sex toy for self satisfaction, I introduce the points of how to choose for Magic Wand beginners.

1: Power supply system

1: Power supply system

Power supply system is divided into two parts; one is plugging plug and cordless type. Cordless type is of two types like rechargeable type and using dry batteries. Females will get strong vibrating pleasure. Extension code is needed for using plugging type massager. It is comfortable when you have a plug slot near the use. The solution is solved by the rechargeable type. User need to recharge it completely before going for use.

The battery should be charged fully if want to use for a long time. The battery operated type is most suitable. Battery is inferior type for vibration but it keeps compactness. Use dry battery. It is easy to carry so anywhere can use it.

2: Size

2: Size

The size of head or vibrating part of massager or magic wand is consider from 2.5 cm to 6 cm. You may stimulate your nipple and clitoris with pinpoint. Small size massager is fine if you want to insert into vagina or anal. Pubic bone may also get stimulate by using larger massagers. Lager massager is ideal when you want to stimulate the pubic bone with vagina. Length may be 7.5 cm and width may be around 2.5 cm.

3:Whether it is waterproof function

3: Whether it is waterproof function

It is delicate product but cleaning is also needed. You may clean it with water but be careful while washing. Use water for cleaning is not ideal because it is an expensive product. If you have waterproof product, then you can wash it with water. It is waterproof in some special conditions not all the time.

4:Vibration number & vibration pattern

4: Vibration number & vibration pattern

The number of revolutions that generate vibration of the head represents the strength of the stimulus. And these vibration patterns are three as low, medium and high. Recent market product have speed range from 5000 rpm to 16000 rpm. Users may choose as per their requirement of vibration. Users may take pleasure of strong vibration. Users may change its frequency at various stages. You will start this product on low speed then will raise its speed.

5: Attachment


Various attachment is available that will attach to head part of electric brush and you may enjoy it like a vibe in a vagina and anal. Some vibes are able to rotate their tips that provide enough stimulation with vibrating effects while inserting in the vagina and anus. As a warming, there are things that can be used depending on the size of the head and some things that cannot be used. So people should choose their products after proper investigation.

How to use correct massager and notes

How to use correct massager and notes

Massager is easy to use. Wrap towel or cloth around head of product or you may put a cloth over your cloth. Then you may start massager for taking pleasure.

Use for masturbation (common to men and women)

You may use it for masturbation purpose but if you are facing issues of weak mucous membranes then it is better to avoid of using because it may lead to inflammation or may hurt you by friction.

Women's Masturbation

Women's Masturbation

Women may take pleasure of masturbation. Women takes this product for breast and massage stimulus purpose. Many times women use finger and tongue to caress but they may try some vibrating flavors for a new experience. They may feel erotic stimulation which they cannot forget ever. Females may also take sensation of vibrating effects around their sensitive nipples before having intercourse with a partner or may also use for a solo purpose.

They should start vibration with weak intensity then raise vibrating modes for advance sensation. Women may use this around their clitoris to get orgasmic end. It is best product for solo play. The pleasure will be erotic for women. Beginners may easily use this product for massaging pleasure. Vibration for experienced women should be set high for advance pleasure. Opposite partner may also support you for stimulation even it is better that will give you more delightful experience.

This is expensive product but widely chosen by women for their personal sexual life and also for improving their sex life. Strong vibration creates deep sensation in genitals and whole body so females like to add this sex toy in their life.

Masturbation of men

Masturbation of men

Magic wand as a vibrator may use for the masturbation purpose. It became masturbator Although magic wand is a vibrator that is used for massaging purpose but males may use it during masturbating session. Magic wand provides blissful sensation on penis. It may be painful but it is something more than pleasure. Males may use vibrators when they are in pant. They will stroke on their penis but they may put some cloth or towel also over penis to take vibrating sensation.

But it is also important to put tissue around penis or put condom on penis for vibration. Magic wand is enough to provide stimulus on penis. Magic wand is a high power vibrator that provides intense vibrating stimulation but avoid to use frequently or for long term. It is comfortable in use so inexperienced males may also use this vibrator. Its head is soft so penis will feel more intense stimulation.

Basic usage (common to men and women)

Basic usage (common to men and women)

When using with opposite partner, take precaution first like you should know about its strength. It is only for general usage purpose. Here is some basic usage that might help to do on opponent partner. It is common for male and female opponent partner.

Step 1

This seem like masturbation and give pleasure like masturbation. It nicely stimulates clitoris, nipples and penis. You may wrap this product with towel or cloth and start to take us. Wrap the cloth until you or your partner get used to vibration mode. Use it for your own purpose.

Step 2

Transmit vibration through finger into genitals after holding head part of magic wand through hand. Try to insert index finger and middle finger slowly. Meanwhile you will pinch clitoris and then you reach to g-spot. Vibration may also transmit to the nipples. But be careful and use for the short time period else hands may get numb.

Step 3

Dildos, vibes may insert towards clitoris or vagina by little bit pushing affords. Pleasure improves with intense effects of vibration. It is also possible to transmit vibration through penis which provides more extra feelings. Anal stimulation with vaginal stimulation is also possible and fine for advanced people.

Use during sex

Use during sex

It is massager that is pleasant in use during sex. I'll talk here in practical terms based on the basic usage step by step.


Let's use Magic wand in sex at the first time as a beginner. Sex needs someone, it get easier if your partner also want to use massager in the act, Otherwise it get embarrassing to say from himself, but you have courage to share by opponent partner. The extreme pleasure will left till you gather the courage. First do little research regarding product and how to use. The level of pleasure is depend on the strength by the magic wand.

Find your level of strength that is good for you and make you sex feel enjoy. Begin with the shoulder massage and move towards to the lower body side. Shoulders, waist, butt and bottom are staggered while keeping your body in close contact with you, it makes you feel horny with magic wand vibrations.

foreplay part

When magic wand for foreplay, instead of insertion in sex. It is recommended because it is good for sex and make you feel comfortable to insert after a successful foreplay session with a magic wand. Stimulate the nipple over the clothes with magic wand and gradually do to get used to it. Let attack the clitoris after stimulate the nearby clitoris areas. Later gradually shift the clothe and allow direct vibration on skin.

It might give different feeling and pleasure to do yourself or done by partner. It is exciting and better to receive stimulation by partner. If you want to do more nasty foreplay you may want your partner to have Magic Wand and have your hips moved from yourself. Soon both will feel more comfort and more sensation. You can also adjust how to apply to your own pleasant places, and I think, you can do much better Magic Wand sex so it's a good idea to keep a little embarrassing feeling down.


After getting used to the magic wand in the foreplay. Try to use magic wand during insertion. Now point is how to use magic wand even in insertion that it does not affect the foreplay. It is too difficult to insert in clitoris, so i suggested to apply it on the nipple and clitoris. Nipple hitting with magic wand might be easy, but clitoris hitting is depend on in what position you are.

When you hit the clitoris with famous posture, the recommended position is missionary, cowgirl, doggy style. Among them doggy position in masochistic play is most suitable to hit the nipple and clitoris. Doggie style is a posture where you feel a sense of being dominated by your opponent. Women can welcome most erotic orgasm in this position with the stimulation on nipple and clitoris with magic wand.

Advanced level

This is quite an advanced person especially men that get pleasant orgasm by magic wand and ready to follow the things of world of pornography. It seems exciting but it is not usual for the women. It is embarrassing for women to ask and the way I do it is more embarrassing. Women take care of the atmosphere and feelings. They want proper foreplay. The suggested position is M letters and hit Magic Wand. It is one of advance position because women extend their legs and crotch for more and better experience.

How to enjoy using a massager

How to enjoy using a massager

You may enjoy a massager in various aspects to gain the pleasure. Here I introduce other uses and aspect to make the sexual life more pleasant and pleasant.

Stimulate from the end of the body, unraveling the tension

If you are nervous for the sex due to long gap, and enable to feel the pleasure that you aspect. In that case, you required whole body massage with an exclusive Magic wand massager. The best way to arise the correct feel is start pushing and massaging from the feet to the center of the body. Fell the every vibration and hence the tension of your heart will be relaxed and the door of pleasure will be opened.

Relaxed mind is key of comfort and sex. Heal the tiredness of your body with magic wand, and relax yourself mentally and physically, and that leads to erotic moods for sex.

Men are also comfortable! Stimulate his anal

The use of magic wand is not restrict to women and do not follow male to female pattern. It is also pleasurable for the men. Men can try it like soft SM play where women stimulate their partner. If a women attacks, first ask men that they want stimulation on his anal? Do they agree to get in doggie style?. Push the magic wand between the anal and testicle and stimulate his anal are and both testicles.

Fixed your hand and stimulate his whole body with magic wand massager. You might have the capacity to open new ground for sex with joy you have never tasted only by magic wand.

Recommended Pickup Item

In the market varieties of massager toys are available. Couple can select any of the massager toys according to their need, choice and budgets.

Recommended Pickup Item

Fairy mini vibrator

Fairy mini vibrator is a small size personal massager. This massager is made with medical grade material and body safe plastic. People use these massager to stimulate the nipple or any other sensitive part of the body. It comes with the USB rechargeable.

Where I actually used was like this

When I use the fairy mini vibrator first time, I do not feel any kinds of comfortable. I have used the fairy mini vibrator to the different part of my body and I feel that it provides me the enhance pleasure. I can easily change the speed of the fairy mini vibrator without turning it off and on. This toys exceeds my expectations.


Kurodenma3 is one of the most popular Japanese toys. People use the Kurodenma3 massager to stimulate the sensitive part of the body. It has different types of vibration pattern and speed which people can easily change. It is a battery operated vibrator.

Where I actually used was like this

When I use the Kurodenma3, I feel that it is a fantastic toys. When I used it I feel the enhance pleasure. I have also used personal lubricant with the Kurodenma3 massager. While using this products I used the AA battery. I am fully satisfied with this products.

MARO Kawaii Wand Cerise

MARO Kawaii Wand Cerise is a rechargeable massager vibrator which is design in a little curve manner and its head is rounded. It is made with high grade silicone material. Women can use it to stimulate the sensitive part of the body such as clitoris, G spot etc.

Where I actually used was like this

I used MARO Kawaii Wand Cerise to stimulate the sensitive body part. I also use the personal lubricant with MARO Kawaii Wand Cerise. I think that it is perfect for the women because it help to stimulate the G spot. I have continues use this toys for 2 hours.

Minimamini white

People use the minimamini white massager for relaxation and stimulation. It is made with safe plastic and silk rubber. This massager has varieties of vibration function and speed. It is a battery operated massager.

Where I actually used was like this

I think that minimamini white massager is one of the best massager available now a day in the market. I used this massager for relax the sour muscles and also to stimulate the sensitive part of the body. I am fully satisfied with minimamini white massager.