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Magic Wand Vibrators

Best Magic Magic Wand Vibrators. Cheap best female ladies toys, vibrators online. How to use vibes.

Magic Wand Vibrators List

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Magic Wand Vibrators?

What is Magic Wand Vibrators?

Speaking of Magic Wand Vibrators, it is already very famous as an adult toy. It features powerful vibration such as battery type and power supply type. HITACHI Magic Wand is famous in India, but the sale of the original HITACHI Magic Wand has been discontinued. However, various Magic Wands are also sold in Japan, and their size, frequency, and ease of use have significantly improved. Here we will introduce how to use Magic Wand, how to choose, and the differences.

What is Magic Wand Vibrators?

Magic wand vibrator is one of the famous categories in the women for sex toy. It is not new in the market, but it has been using from 30 years ago. Magic wand vibrator is commonly used to stimulate the erogenous zones. It is only used for external stimulation. Men and women can use it to cover the nipples, clitoris, penis, testicles, etc.

Magic wand massager also used as a body massager. It helps to relax the muscle pain. A magic wand vibrator gives a strong and powerful vibration to stimulate the muscle and erogenous zones. It helps couples to increase the intense arousal and reach orgasm rapidly. It is the best sex toys for one who faces difficulty to never have an orgasm.

Features of Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrator has strong vibration features. It gives powerful vibrator than any other vibrators. As it is only for the external stimulation but you can use it for internal stimulation with some kind of extension. Yes, there are numerous attachments available for the magic wand vibrators. Clitoris extension, G-Spot extension, dual penetration extension, etc are there. Men or women can find their one and take advantage of Magic wand vibrator. These extensions can be available in various sizes and structure too. So don't feel disappointed if you are a beginner or an expert.

Structure of Magic Wand Vibrators

A magic wand vibrator has a long stick or rod-like structure with a rounded head. The stick or rod-like structure is handled to hold it easily to allow the vibration over the correct spot. Its rounded head is so long that it covers the whole erogenous part to gives vibration at the large volume. The head part of the magic wand vibrator is rotating and vibrating for clitoral stimulation. Magic wand vibrator is known for its serious power. Magic wand vibrator can be cordless or battery operated. Cordless magic wand batteries are highly famous because they are the most powerful.

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Why do you use Magic Wand Vibrators?

Why do you use Magic Wand Vibrators?

People use magic wand vibrator for their own purposes. It can be used for muscles relaxation whether sexual or generally. But it highly used for a sexual purpose. Let know about the sexual purpose deeply.

Use for Masturbation?

During masturbation or in solo play, it is common with the magic wand vibrator. Men and women use it for self-satisfying sex. It feels good to allow the direct vibration over the clitoris, penis, etc. The masturbation with magic wand vibrator help the user to active nerve ends and reaches to the orgasm.

Use for Sex?

Using magic wand massager in bed with a partner makes you a better lover. As during sex, the clit and cock are exposed. Sexual play gone wild by pressing the magic wand vibrator over clitoris and cock. It is going by fun for both partners. Couples can use it for penetration too with some attachments.

Good point and bad point of Magic Wand Vibrators

Good point and bad point of Magic Wand Vibrators

If you have a magic wand or thinking to buy a one, then you should know about their good points and bad points. It helps you to understand your toy better.

Good point

Magic wand vibrators are bigger than any other vibrator and they usually have more power. It offers deep vibration even on the lower frequency. This vibration is enough for the clitoris stimulation and nipple stimulation or can be good for all over the pleasure. As magic wand has a wide and big head, it can cover the vulva at once and get better play. With sexual relaxation, people can also use magic wand for muscle relaxation.

Bad point

The magic wand vibrator is not perfect for the peoples. Its vibration and stimulation are too strong for some peoples. Magic wand vibrator required a little attention while using the magic wand or pleasuring themselves. It is obvious that strong vibration generates noisy too. It is not quite. Magic wand won't be a secret for a long time if you are using it.

Magic Wand Vibrators Recommended People

A massage with magic wand vibrator away the tension in everyday life whether it is sexual or for muscles. Magic wand massager gives a perfect stimulation to the correct spot. It helps women to get arouse and reach orgasm. Women can use and feel pleasure by hitting the clitoris, nipple, breasts.

Remember magic wands are not just for women. It can be used by men for the penis to get the same arouse an orgasm. It is pleasurable over the penis and testicles.

Difference between Magic Wand Vibrators and Vibrators

Both Magic Wand Vibrator and Vibrator are made to stimulate the women's erogenous parts by allowing vibration. With this point, both are similar tools to satisfy the women, but in reality, there is a huge difference.

Magic wand vibrators are big in size as compare to the vibrators. Magic wands Vibrator are developed as massagers to unravel the stiffness of the shoulder and neck. Its vibration and strength are strong to cover the wide range. It has large surface areas to cover wide whole erogenous part or body parts. Where vibrator is concerned with the size. It needs to be put on the place where a user feels pleasure. The vibration is small and a surface area is also small.

Another difference is that magic wand vibrator is used only for the external stimulation where vibrator can be used internally or externally. The user just has to find their correct size. Magic wand vibrator required some extra attachment to use it for the internal stimulation.

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Types of Magic Wand Vibrators

Types of Magic Wand Vibrators

Like vibrator, magic and vibrator also have types. Various type of magic wand vibrator gives kinds of pleasure to the women and even men. Let's see here.


Magic wand vibrators are available in the different sizes, so a user can decide their suitable one. The size of the head and size of a shaft can vary. The sizes of head that give vibration are considered in the 2cm to 6cm. The 2 cm head part is comfortable to allow even penetration. Minimamini white is one. The length of vibrator or handle can available in 5cm to 15cm. The length of vibrator makes easy to hold the vibrator for throughout the stimulation process.

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Magic wand vibrator is not a product, it is a category. There are kinds of magic wand vibrator and different vibrator has a different function. Waterproof, rechargeable, intense, vibration speed, vibration patterns etc are the function that varies in magic wand vibrators. Peoples have their own desire and needs, so preference is also their own. Among all, rechargeable magic wand vibrators are highly famous.

Attachment etc.

Attachments extend the feature of magic wand vibrators. Attachments are available for the penis, anus, G-Spot and for the clitoris. Yes, the user can use attachments to the strong vibration of magic wand vibrator in the vagina too. The G-Spot and anus attachment is shaft type that comfortably allows insertion. There are different types of sleeves available for the head of the vibrator. Different sleeves have a different texture and give different pleasure over the nipple, vaginal walls and on the penis.

How to choose Magic Wand Vibrators

How to choose Magic Wand Vibrators

When pleasure comes to intensity, most people prefer to choose the magic wand vibrators. There is no match to this vibrator, but picking out your first magic wand vibrator is difficult. While choosing the magic wand vibrator, you should go with the multiple vibration mode ones only. It is obvious, you are not picking magic wand for the softer vibration. But if what, it gets strong. So best to go with multiple vibration vibrator. You can change the intensity of vibration.

Select your power source, battery operated, rechargeable, direct plug outlet are the options. Battery operated, rechargeable is easy to use, anywhere and anytime. The price of vibrator varies with a different power source.

If you want vibrator just for the stimulation then magic wand vibrator is enough. But if you want to use in the penetration, you required attachments. Transform your magic wand in the best G-Spot, dual stimulator and even male masturbator with correct attachments.

How to use Magic Wand Vibrators

How to use Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrator has merit to give an electric strong stimulation, but the user gets hurt if they misunderstood the use of it. Here we are explaining the use of magic wand vibrator that user should know.

Hit a toy from the top of the cloth

The vibration of magic wand vibrator is strong, so it is not good to use the vibrator nakedly or direct to the penis or vagina. It is also proved by a number of women that they feel pain with direct stimulation. The purpose of using the magic wand is to make it pleasant for the women. Do not forget this. Since the electric stimulation is strong, first try to stimulate over the underwear, bra, and cloth. It gives you indirect stimulation without affecting the vibration effect on the body. Do not hurry with the direct stimulation, if you want to take advantage of the magic wand, you should do that. You can also use a towel for the indirect stimulation if you do not feel comfortable with the undergarments.

From weak strength to strong

The vibration function of the vibrator is very intense. Therefore, it is more pleasurable than the human hand. But it is not good to use the strong vibrator at first. Let's avoid the strong vibration mode at the beginning whether you are new or regular with the electrical stimulation. To make it comfortable, apply weak vibration mode at the first. The user can gradually increase strengthen when they want more. If women are unfamiliar with the electric stimulation or vibration, they should first try to hit the stomach, thigh, etc to experience the vibration things and go for the erogenous stimulation.

Soft Touch

Do you notice the women while touching her stomach or chest with the fingertip? It is pleasurable for women. In the same way, do not push the electric stimulation. Keep it soft. Allow gentle touch with touching and not touching with a magic wand vibrator. Even without the high strengthen vibration, then it will be enough for women to feel aroused. Follow the partner's expression and gestures, if the level of stimulation is not satisfying for her you can move up your step. The most important is to hit the genitalia of men or women gently. Do not force it too strongly and suddenly. Keep the thing smooth going and comfortable for both.

Maintenance and storage of Magic Wand Vibrators

Maintenance and storage of Magic Wand Vibrators

To maintain the magic wand vibrator, it is essential to clean it always after use. Magic Wand vibrator has a motor and runs over the electricity or battery which means you must avoid it from submerging in the water. Instead of an excess amount of water, the user can use wet tissues or towel to clean it properly. To clean the wand's head, you need a mixture of water and soap. Head can have sexual fluid, so clean it with soap. The user should always store the magic wand vibrator after dry. A little moisture can damage the vibrator.

What is the attention point of Magic Wand Vibrators?

As magic wand vibrator is one of electric vibrator. So you should aware of their attention point before going to the play.

The user of magic wand vibrator should aware of their toys. How to start vibrator? How it works, How to turn it off? , etc. It is a safe thing for you and makes your play smooth going.

Whether magic wand vibrator is used for the external stimulation, but it is good to use protection means cover over it. It creates a barrier to transmit the bacteria fusion or prevent the user from the sexually transmitted disease.

It is good to buy electric magic wand vibrator from the trusted company. They use high-quality material and wires in manufacturing, It decreases the loss of vibrator and increases the safety for you.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

Try these recommended magic wand vibrator for the masturbation and foreplay. It is used by some of the customers. Here we are sharing their reviews too. It makes easy for you to choose the perfect one.

Fairy mini vibrator

Fairy mini vibrator is a famous magic wand massager among women. It has a powerful strong vibration for the clitoris, nipple, penis, and other body muscles. Yes, fairy mini magic wand vibrator can use over the erogenous zone as well as over the other body parts.

Where I actually used was like this

It is one of best sex toy that ever found. Although I can use it in the clitoris stimulation. It gives vibration in the overall clitoris. I liked to being stimulated by this amazing magic wand vibrator. It also works for me in the back pain and muscle pain. I use this massager with the partner for better foreplay during sex.


Kurodenma 3 is codeless magic wand massager for women. Men can also use it in the foreplay to get aroused. Kurodenma3 gives 10 multiple functions in the vibration to make it more interesting. It is made with safe plastic and in an attractive black colour.

Where I actually used was like this

Kurodenma3 is not the first massager for me. I tried fairy mini vibrator previously, But I wanted some codeless. Kurodenma3 is codeless and I liked it. Its multiple functions give me best ever stimulation in solo play and dual play with a partner. I used this vibrator over my partner's penis and testicles.