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New Product Sex Toys List

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[STIToys] product are the lowest priced Sextoys private brand in India, developed in-house by SEXToys India. Find your best toy w us!

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Why STIToys are so popular and What STIToys we recommend


Some products say STITOYS, but what is this?

STI Girl

What is the appeal of STIToys brand sex toys?


STIToys are original products only available at STI, and we will explain the appeal of STIToys.

STIToys is Sex Toys India's original private brand, offering each product at a lower price than any other website or store.

The design is also focused on safety and quality, and is designed to fit well even for beginners in sex toys.

Even sex toy novices will definitely enjoy masturbation and sex with STIToys sex toys.

This article will review the appeal of these STIToys and what original products they offer.

What is STIToys brand?

Sex Toys India sells many [STIToys] brand products that are not available at other sites or stores.

Even if you want sex toys, there are so many products that you may have a hard time deciding which one to choose.

You don't want to regret after purchasing an expensive product, do you?

At STI, we aim to develop products so that such sex toy beginners will not make mistakes in selecting products.

With STIToys brand sex toys, even beginners can safely enjoy masturbation and sex.

By being involved in the development of our products in-house, we are able to reduce extra costs, which we pass on to our customers in terms of the selling price.

If you are having trouble choosing a sex toy, why not start with a sex toy that bears the STIToys mark?

Why is STIToys cheaper than anywhere else?

STIToys brand products are sold directly to manufacturers, not through wholesalers.

This allows us to purchase products at a lower price, and our customers can obtain high quality STIToys at a lower price.

We also consult directly with manufacturers on product development and strive to develop products that fit the Indian body.

STI's products are very popular among beginners because they are low-cost and safe for masturbation and sex.

Dildos cost Rs2000 to Rs3000 at the cheapest, but you can buy dildos for less than Rs1000 at STI.

Fleshlight also costs a hefty Rs10,000 or more if you try to order it from the head office, but with STI's Masturbator you can buy it in the Rs2000 range.

Why STIToys is high quality

Sex Toys India aims to be the best quality sex toy shop in India.

We design our products to fit safely to the human body, and we carefully select and sell only those products that have passed all the various tests.

The finished products are checked by a large number of employees to ensure that only products of guaranteed quality are released to the market.

There is a wide range of sizes available, from small sizes recommended for beginners to big sizes for advanced users.

The ability to choose according to the size of your penis and vagina is one of the attractions of STIToys.

STIToys brand types

STIToys has a variety of sex toys to meet the needs of men and women.

Category Features
  • Enhance the pleasure
  • Stimulates the vagina
  • For anal play
  • Realistic sensation
  • Experience sex
  • Fleshlight at low prices
Anal Toys
  • Practice anal insertion
  • Enjoy anal play
  • Achieve dry orgasm
  • Expand the range of sex
  • Enjoy long-time insertion
  • For anal play
  • Increase pleasure
  • Smooth insertion
  • Reduces pain

Each of these items can be obtained at the lowest price in India.

If you are interested in any of these items, please try them.

They are all designed so that even beginners can handle them easily.

Let's check each of them.


STI has two types of STIToys brand dildos: with and without suction cups.

Dildos with suction cups allow you to masturbate on the wall or floor for sex production.

Using a dildo with suction cups for sex also broadens the scope of play to a whole new level.

You can even play with a dildo attached to a wall and inserted backward while watching a woman sucking on it.


The woman can experience as if she is having sex with two men.

The Dick Man series is STI's popular suckerless dildo.

The price is lower because of the lack of suction cups, and the cheapest model costs less than Rs1000.

STI Girl

The suction cup won't get in the way during insertion. Recommended for those who prefer manual insertion.


There are many original masturbators available only at STI.

Fleshlight, popular among Indian men, is also available at extremely low prices.

Hidden pussy toy is India's lowest priced mastorbator.

The low price of less than Rs1000 is the strength of STI, which is directly developed with the manufacturer.

It is as soft as a woman's skin and has excellent elasticity, so it stimulates any penis as if it were wrapped around the penis.


It is recommended for men who want to improve the quality of their masturbation at a low price anyway.

The GF Pussy series is made of high-quality materials for a high-quality masturbation experience.

The insertion opening and interior also reproduce a woman's vagina.

We recommend this product to those who want a high-quality matorbator that pursues realistic pleasure.


The heavier the masturbator, the more pleasant it is.

Fleshlight has a sleeve embedded in the hard case that is as soft as a woman's skin.

The bottom has a cap to control the tightness, allowing you to recreate the ideal tightness for your penis.

The suction cups allow you to recreate sex positions. There is also a fleshlgiht with an anal or mouse-shaped insertion opening.


Please choose a fleshlight that can recreate the sex play you want to try.

Anal Toys

Many men may want to start anal play for a dry orgasm.

If you have never tried anal play before, it is too painful to try inserting a dildo or vibrator.

For those who want to practice anal dilation and insertion without difficulty, anal plugs are recommended.

Available in three sizes to fit your anal size.

The tip is thin and gradually thickens toward the center.

You can extend your anus at your own pace, and that feeling of opening and closing your anus is very pleasurable.

Once you are able to insert about the thickness of Indian anal fucker plug 3, you can enjoy anal play with other anal dildos.


This is the smallest STI dildo. Many men use it for anal masturbation, and it is popular as an anal toy.


The strap-on is a belt with a dildo and can be worn by both men and women.

It can be used for female-on-female sex or couple sex.

Even men who always ejaculate quickly can insert it for a long time and make women feel good.

Sex between women, which used to end with just caressing, can bring their partners to orgasm with hip wiggling.


The belt can be bought separately and can be replaced with a dildo of your choice.

Sex Lubricant

Sex lubricant has a smoothing effect on sex toys and penis insertion.

Without Sex lubricant, masturbation with a masturbator or dildo masturbation cannot be fully enjoyed.

It is difficult to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of sex when the vagina is not wet.

For regular masturbation and sex, this water-soluble type is a good choice.

It can be wetted just like an aroused woman's vagina for smooth penetration.

Anal play requires a higher viscosity lubricant.

Be sure to use lube for anal play because the anus is very sensitive and vulnerable.

STIToys Best-selling Ranking

Here are some popular STIToys.

If you are wondering which one to choose, we recommend you to choose from the most popular ones.

Please check the charm of each STIToy and find the one that suits you best.

Realistic Desi penis dildo [M-size]

This dildo is designed for the standard size penis of Indian men.

It comes with suction cups that allow you to recreate sex positions while attaching it to the wall or floor.

It is especially recommended for those who wish to recreate doggy style or cowgirl insertion.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

It comes with a hard case, and if you put the lid on it, it will not look like a sex toy, so it will not give an indecent impression even if you put it in your room.

It is soft like human skin and stimulates the penis as if it were wrapped around it.

There is a cap on the bottom to adjust the tightness, so you can always achieve the ideal insertion!

The cap is adjustable at the bottom for ideal insertion at any time.

FLESHLINE PUSSY TOY Melty Skin w Fixed sucker

This Fleshlight is a type that allows you to install a suction cup on the bottom.

You can put it on the wall or floor and enjoy masturbation whileswinging your hips.

The sleeve inside is soft and stretchable, so it fits any penis.

Of course, you can also remove the suction cups for handjob masturbation.

It is lightweight and compact, so you can stimulate your penis without feeling fatigue in your hand.

Indian anal fucker plug 1

This anal plug is especially recommended for beginners who are just starting out in anal play.

The silicone material and narrow tip of this anal plug make it easy for beginners to extend their anus.

As they gradually become accustomed to anal penetration, they will be able to achieve dry orgasms with anal dildos and vibrators.

If you want to start anal masturbation for new pleasure, please refer to the following article.

The first hidden pussy toy Soft Pink

Rs889 is India's lowest priced masturbator.

It is low-priced, but it is made of high-quality soft material that gently envelops the penis.

It is chunky and elastic, so it provides a good fit for any penis size.

It is especially recommended for men who want to improve the quality of their masturbation at a low price to start with.

Strapon penis belt 6.5in M-size

The standard-size dildo is sturdily secured with a ring for stable insertion even with vigorous hip wiggling.

Even men with premature ejaculation can insert it for a long time and stimulate the woman as much as they want until she achieves orgasm.

Recommended for men who ejaculate before the woman has achieved orgasm and are worried about whether they are making their partner feel good.


STI develops products to meet the needs of our customers and sells only the best quality items through repeated various tests.

The STIToys introduced here are limited items that cannot be found on other websites, and are offered at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Each STIToys comes in a variety of sizes, so you can start with a smaller size and gradually work your way up.

In addition to STIToys, there are many other sex toys that will enhance the pleasure of your sex and masturbation.

Please look for the item that suits you in the category you are interested in.

Category Features
  • Enhance the pleasure
  • Stimulates the vagina
  • For anal play
  • Realistic sensation
  • Experience sex
  • Fleshlight at low prices
Anal Toys
  • Practice anal insertion
  • Enjoy anal play
  • Achieve dry orgasm
  • Expand the range of sex
  • Enjoy long-time insertion
  • For anal play
  • Increase pleasure
  • Smooth insertion
  • Reduces pain