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Sex Doll

Various types of sex dolls for even more realistic masturbation at the best prices! Click here to see our popular Air Sex Doll Toys and Realistic Sex Doll Toys.

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Sex Doll in India?

Sex Doll in India?

STI is the cheapest place to buy a Sex Doll in India.

The cheapest price is Rs2645, as mentioned in the recommended sex doll ranking below.

We're sure you've looked at a lot of online stores to get to STI, but here's the Sex Doll you want.

New Dolls
  • Rs3450
  • Lowest price in India for life-size
  • Can have sex in a variety of positions
Horny lower bod
  • Rs2645
  • Lowest price
  • Compact and easy to store
5 feet Doll
  • Rs7500
  • More realistic sex is possible
  • Realistic texture on limbs and face
Sex Doll-In Position
  • Rs8000
  • Stimulation by vibrator
  • Voice function
3 Feet Silicone Sex Doll
  • Rs48000
  • Realistic female texture
  • Sex in both vagina and anus

The article also answers some of the most common questions asked by men who are purchasing Sex Doll for the first time.

This article will answer all of your questions about buying a Sex Doll. If you want to see the recommended Sex Doll ranking right away, click here.

Frequently asked questions about sex dolls

Frequently asked questions about sex dolls

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, STI is the cheapest online store to buy Sex Doll in India.

However, there are many men who are thinking of buying Sex Doll and are worried about other points besides the price. In this section, we will try to solve them.

How do you store it?

Do you think that you can't buy a Sex Doll because you don't have enough space to store it?

It is true that you will need a large space when you consider the case of a large silicone sex doll.

However, that problem can be solved by choosing an air sex doll that can be stored compactly.

Once all the air is removed from the inside, it can be reduced to the size of a tablet, making it easy to store.

Can I buy it without my family finding out?

This is the most common problem that most men have to worry about. But there is no need to worry at all.

STI makes sure that the package is carefully packed so that the contents are not revealed.

You can also specify your own delivery date, which minimizes the risk of being found.

Especially with Air sex dolls, which I will introduce later, the box is small enough that you don't have to worry about people getting suspicious.

The word "sex toy" will not appear on your credit card statement, so you can buy with confidence.

What should I do when I throw them away?

When disposing of a Sex Doll, just chop it into small pieces and blend it in with the rest of your garbage.

In the case of large Sex Doll or silicone Sex Doll, it is better to dispose of them in several times to reduce the risk.

How do I choose?

If you are worried about purchasing your first Sex Doll, it is wise to choose from the rankings of popular products described below.

Do you know what all Sex Doll users are looking for in a Sex Doll? It's price and practicality.

The rankings described below introduce only sex dolls that satisfy both of these factors, so you can be sure that you will not make a mistake if you choose from them.

Types of sex doll

Types of sex doll

This section briefly introduces the different types of sex dolls and their characteristics. If you don't have enough knowledge about buying a sex doll, be sure to read through this section.

  • Light and easy to store
  • Easy to change position
  • Highest cost performance
  • Excited by appearance
  • Closest to the feeling of sex
  • A little difficult to store
  • Lifelike texture
  • tits job masturbation
  • Cannot be inserted
  • Very elaborate design
  • Can be used for more than sex
  • Very expensive

Air Sex Doll Toys

Air Sex Doll Toys type

The Air Sex Doll is a sex doll that you inflate with air.

It is reasonably priced and easy to store by removing the air when not in use, so it is very easy to handle.

You can enjoy masturbation while changing positions freely because it is lightweight as well as hands-free.

It is the most cost effective and most popular type of sex doll available at STI.

Ass Toys

Ass Toys

Ass Toys is a sex doll that reproduces only the lower half of a woman's body.

Many of them are shaped like a protruding buttocks, and even just looking at them gives you a sense of excitement.

The material is similar to that of Fleshlight, but Ass Toys is thicker and more pleasurable.

Unlike the Air Sex doll, it is a little difficult to store and is expensive, but we recommend it to those who focus on the feeling of masturbation.

Titty Toys

Titty Toys

Titty Toys is a special sex doll that only reproduces a woman's breasts.

You can't insert your penis directly into the doll, so its purpose is different from other sex dolls. The main purpose of this doll is to enjoy rubbing and tits job.

You may feel less satisfied with it. However, its texture is just like the real thing, and just touching it is soothing and exciting.

This is a sex toy that men with a longing for large breasts should definitely have.

Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Realistic Sex Doll Toys

The Realistic Sex Doll is a sex doll with an elaborate design that can be mistaken for a real beauty.

When you hear the word "sex doll," this Realistic Sex Doll is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Not only does it look real, but it also has a realistic texture, so it is popular to use it like a real girlfriend to heal your body.

However, it is not practical to buy one because it is a luxury item that costs about Rs200,000 even for a small type and is difficult to take care of.

Out Of Stock

STI's popular sex doll

How to choose sex doll toys

From here on, we will introduce five types of Sex Doll that are selling well at STI in order.

If you are having trouble finding the right sex doll to buy, this ranking is the right place to start.

New Dolls Series

The New Dolls series is an air sex doll made in Japan.

It has two holes to set the masturbator that comes with it, so you can enjoy simulated sex in a variety of positions as you please.

The best thing about this doll is its price.

You can't get an Air Sex Doll of this size for Rs3450.

STI is the only place where you can buy an Air Sex Doll at this price.

The number of sex toys made in Japan is limited, so early purchase is recommended.

Horny lower body series

The Horny lower body series is another Air Sex Doll made in Japan.

It is a lower body only type, but if you don't need a face on your sex doll, the Horny lower body will be more practical for you.

The price starts at Rs2645, the lowest price available at STI.

It is about half the size of the New Dolls, which makes it more convenient to store and less annoying to change positions.

If you are looking for a sex doll that is cheap and easy to use, the Horny lower body is a good choice.

Also, this one is made in Japan, so there is a limited number of them.

5 feet Doll

The 5 feet Doll is an Air Sex Doll just like the New Dolls, but it has parts that are closer to real women.

Hair, hands, feet, face, and breasts are all made of different materials in parts.

The appeal of this doll is that it an even more realistic sex experience than the full-body vinyl Sex Doll.

However, they are a little difficult to store, and when they are delivered to you, the package will be large, so if you live with your family, you need to be careful not to be discovered.

Sex Doll-In Position

Out Of Stock

ex Doll-In Position is another Air Sex Doll that is easy to store.

Unlike the New Dolls, the Sex Doll-In Position features a real woman's face printed on it.

It also has a vibration function that other sex dolls don't have, as well as the ability to produce a female moaning sound.

It is a bit more expensive than others, but if you are looking for a more stimulating and realistic sex experience, Sex Doll-In Position is a great choice.

3Feet Silicone Sex Doll

The 3Feet Silicone Sex Doll is the only Realistic Sex Doll in the ranking.

It is relatively inexpensive among the Realistic Sex Dolls that usually cost over Rs100000, and can be purchased for Rs48000.

Also, since it is fixed in a supine position, it is much easier to store than a regular Realistic Sex Doll.

If you have the money and space, the 3Feet Silicone Sex Doll is a good choice to experience real sex.

Things to buy along with sex doll

Things to buy along with sex doll

Have you decided which sex doll to buy?

If you haven't decided yet, you may want to read this article to learn how to choose.

Once you have chosen a Sex Doll, you can order a Sex Lubricant and a condom to go with it.

In particular, it is essential to purchase Sex Lubricant, without which you will not be able to insert your penis.

Condoms are not mandatory, but if you have them available, you can easily clean your Sex Doll.

Once you have completed the purchase of the necessary items, click here to learn how to use your Sex doll before the product arrives.


If you've read this far and didn't find a Sex Doll you like, then I'm really sorry about that.

What is the reason why you didn't want a Sex Doll?

If that's the price, then STI suggests you check out the Masturbator category.

The Masturbator is not a sex toy that allows you to experience simulated sex, but it is a popular sex toy that can help you achieve a more pleasurable masturbation experience.

Masturbator can be purchased for as low as Rs699, even cheaper than Sex Doll.

we are sure you will find something you like.