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Sex Doll

A sex doll toy with real masturbation like sex. Real sex toys, inflatable sex dolls, boobs, butt toys are here

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Sex Doll toys?

What is sex doll toys?

Sex Dolls are helpful to fulfil sexual desire as well as help men to gain confidence in the bedroom. The sex doll helps men to gain sexual confidence by their own for future intercourse. All men need to indulge in the sex activity to achieve sexual desires, for relief stress or just for practice. So we introduce sex doll in India with brief description form various kinds of sex dolls to How to use, How to choose, notes and many more.

What is Sex Doll toys?

What is Sex Doll toys?

Sex Doll Toy is a kind of sextoys for man, but in recent years it has made amazing evolution. Speaking of male masturbators, Fleshlights and other hand-held types are mainstream, but this sex doll toy can ejaculate in a state closer to sex than hand masturbation. Of course, there are ways to fix male masturbator with a desk or a bed and move the waist, but you can feel a feeling more close to sexual visual and sensual with sex doll India.

Male ejaculation is often mentally dominated. It is a very popular category because you can perform more satisfying ejaculation by making masturbation with these Sex Doll for men like sex doll realistic, titty toys, ass toys, etc.

Yes, there are also toys of half size and micro size, only ass shape, only boobs shape and various dolls with real size of 160 cm, and SEXToys India deals with this category.

Of course, the large ones are expensive in many cases, but it worth with the qualities etc. because they are just those that make you feel real women. Insert it whenever you like, touch as much as you want, enjoy it, even you can sleep together like cosplay with a partner.

Sex doll like titty sex doll and ass toys are also make you feel real pleasure of women but only a single part of women. The costs of such sex dolls are relatively lower than full body sex doll. The size of sex doll decrease hence price also decrease. Men can make selection among these specific sex dolls with air sex doll according to their budget and wants. There are different kinds of sex doll are available as male sex toys.

The modern evolved sex doll toy is wonderful. Basically, we are collecting more high-quality Japanese products and selling them here. We hope you will find your favourite sex doll in India easily with us. Sex doll to buy through online store is most convenient way. Through Sex Doll online, you can check multiple sex dolls toys structure and sex doll prices.

What's Sex Doll for indian boy?

Do you imagine Sex Doll Toy as a plastic air sex doll? It have been evolved so long ago. However, the current Sex Doll Toy is also called Love doll, but many are using realistic materials that are made in a precision craft and are also used with silicon and TPE male masturbators. And the modelling is exactly like a real woman, it has many body lines, glamorous style. If you do a hug, it will give you the illusion that a real woman is there.

Men are excited only by sexual parts such as tits, ass, pussy. This is because women body line is unique. A woman's body line is a visual stimulus that appeals to the desire of male instinct.

Artifical Sex Doll Toy (Love doll) which can reproduce it perfectly in structure can be said the ultimate sex toy for men.

Differences in masturbation using sex dolls

Differences in masturbation using sex dolls

The main feature of the Sex Dolls India is pseudo-sex. It means that you can make masturbation like sex.

Masturbation position and sex position are often very different. Would you also move your waist? It also makes a big difference. Of course, hand male masturbators are almost done with hand strokes. The stimulation is transmitted to the penis. But the feeling that eventually remains is masturbation. It is because I move my hands.

At this point for male sex doll, you have to move your waist. Insert it like to handle a real woman, move your waist and pleasure the penis. I think that it feels a bit strange to say this way, but here is a big difference. It is also masturbation, but likewise you can be psychologically satisfied by moving like sex.

Of course, even by wearing clothes visually or attaching underwear, the realism further increases, and you can ejaculate with a higher degree of satisfaction while hugging. Price of sex doll toy of the highest class quite expensive, but this is true that it is more glamorous than real women, the material is also wonderful, better than real women.

Sex doll developed for more comfortable masturbation, so we can say that it holds the top position in the modern sex toy.

Evolved Sex Dolls

Evolved sex dolls

In India, the impression of Air Sex Doll is very low in terms of quality. It is also a fact that there are many things printed like faces and tits on swim tube materials. It does not seem real. But in the modern science male masturbators evolved further, toys sold as pseudo-vagina. And it is evolving as a very convenient one with stimulation more than real.

Of course, this is also the case with Sex Doll Toy, the material and structure evolve further, the comfort is very comfortable and the feminine body line reproducibility is also very high. If you have life-like sex doll toy, then you can also use clothes and underwear on it, so that further touching will be achieved by doing so.

And of course, Air Sex Doll Toy (inflatable Sex Doll) is also evolving. The plastic material is the same, but inserting male masturbators in the hole of the vagina and the stimulation to the penis is very real. However, in recent years there are many realistic shapes, but they are not in high quality so far.

Features of sex doll toys

Can sex doll toy have pseudo sex characteristics? It is a point.

Structure of sex doll toys

Structure of sex doll toys

As the main structure of sex doll for boys, there are many types that are fleshed with silicone, TPE (elastomer) material, etc. on the framework. Also, vagina and anal are carefully processed, and many other types are integrated. And depending on the type of sex doll toy, there are many types of joints that give possible turn in structure. There are such dolls too that can take the same position and pose as a real human being. It corresponds to various positions etc.

There are also types of sex doll that has head part and can replace with other heads. So men can fix their favourite girl head for better imagination.

Good point and bad point of sex doll toys

Here we will introduce Sex Doll toy's good point and bad point

Good point

If speaking of sex doll toy's biggest merit, then you can experience a fake simulation anytime and as much as you like. In order to have sex, you must need a partner. Masturbation is not necessary for partner, but most of people masturbate while imagining sex. In recent years, sex dolls has been made quite realistically, so you can enjoy your own sex.

It is also one way of enjoying to do what you want to do with a sleeping woman. It gives a special excitement and I think that it is a type of excitement that you cannot feel in regular sex.

Many men think that masturbation and sex are different things, but SEXToys India thinks that it is sex doll in the middle.

Another benefit of using sex doll is, not only sex, masturbation but also sleeping with the real sense of size and structure gives a sense of security and healing, so the number of people who use such ways is increasing.

Bad point

Basically for pseudo-sex, sex dolls does not work. There are things like vibration and suction functions, but in terms of no reaction, it would be a disadvantage.

And the biggest disadvantage is, its size. In the case of dolls with the same size as human beings, men face trouble to find a suitable place to hide it. If you are living alone, there is nothing to worry. But when you live with a friend or family, it cannot be hidden. Also, in this case, Air Sex Doll(inflatable doll) is possible to hide easily by escaping the air.

Sex doll toys Recommended People

Sex doll toys Recommended People

If you are single, there is no girlfriend. There is no partner. But if you want to enjoy the sex without spending money on sex by calling call girls, then Sex Doll will be best for you.

Of course, it will be a kind of masturbation. But in recent years, sex dolls are pretty real and give sex like feel. Body shaping and breasts, fine parts of the vagina are made quite preciously. In reality, it is difficult to have sex with such a glamorous woman, even if you think so, that is possible with sex doll toy.

Once you experience it may be addictive? We do not think so.

Types of sex doll toys

Types of sex doll toys

Here we will introduce the types of Sex Doll Toy we deal in SEXToys India.

Air Sex Doll Toys type

First of all, it is an introduction of Air Sex Doll Toys which inflates with air.

This toy existed in a category of sex doll toy from long ago, but now the modelling is approaching real. In addition, stimulation at the time of insertion is improved by using a hand male masturbator etc. in the vagina hole.

Among sex doll toys, it is relatively inexpensive, the quality is also proportional to the price. There are various types such as the whole body, upper body only, lower body only, etc. Sex doll toy is a very difficult toy to keep with family and with partners. But this air type is easy to hide. SexToys India thinks that it is the best sex doll type for beginners.

Pillow type

This is sex doll toy whose shape is like a pillow. There is absolutely no female body line. However, it has a hole in which male masturbators can be inserted. It becomes a fixture for male masturbators. Of course, this is sex doll lacking in reality, but it is a toy we would like to recommend to those who are tired of being unable to be satisfied with regular masturbation. In this masturbation process, men can enjoy while moving the waist.

Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Speaking of true sex doll toy, it is Realistic Sex Doll Toys. Prices range from quite expensive Rs 100k to a cheap one. Many real materials are used to made realistic sex doll in India such as silicon and TPE (elastomer). The shape is various from head to tail full body type, only upper type, lower body only. Although the price is expensive. In recent years it is a category of a toy which is quite popular.

Titty Toys

Are you male that do not like boobs? I like it. Every men like it.

It is not a sex doll, but it is specialized toys in the shape boobs for men. If you have a desire of titty job (put a penis in your breasts), then this toy perfect for you. To do a Titty job with real boobs you need bigger tits. It is difficult to start meeting women who have big boobs. But this toy can avail for you anytime with bigger tits as you like.

The feeling of use titty toys is pretty real.

Ass Toys

Do you like ass and ass fucking? I also like ass.

Ass Toys is a real toy only for the ass lovers. Sex Doll Toy is expensive as it is structured in the whole body. But the one who want to have pseudo sex! At least the butt!! It is a toy that fulfilled the desire of such peoples. In fact, you can do pseudo sex if you have only buttocks. It is a kind of male masturbators. I can use it completely on the floor or table. Because the size is as it is, you can move your waist consistently.

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

How to choose sex doll toys

How to choose sex doll toys

This is how to choose sex doll toy which SexToys India thinks.

How far do you want toys? Types of sex doll changes with your prefer. First of all, you should decide on the category.

Naturally, if storage and maintenance are the most important, it will be Air Sex Doll Toys type or Pillow type. Air Sex Doll Toys type is recommended if it is more realistic.

Otherwise, if you want to enjoy realistic shaping and feeling, it would be Realistic Sex Doll Toys, ass toys, tity toys. We think that you can simply decide with the price. Because quality and size are proportional to price.

If you want full pseudo sex it will be the highest-class super expensive Realistic Sex Doll Toys.

But otherwise, for less expensive Realistic Sex Doll Toys. To have fun of boobs and ass, then can go with Titty toys and Ass toys.

How to use sex doll toys

Sex doll usage is basically the same as male masturbators. Simply inject and insert the lubricant.

People enjoy it, but if you carefully deal like genuine ladies, it will be a pleasantly pleasant & spiritual experience.

And for large ones, maintenance is easy by using condoms etc. It is because it is very difficult for a large sex doll toy to be washed entirely when sperm is released inside.

Maintenance and storage of sex doll toys

Maintenance and storage of sex doll toys

Depending on the material of sex doll toy, TPE (elastomer), TPR (rubber), which is highly used material in sex doll in recent years, is a material containing oil, so that microfiber towels, baby powder are needed to maintenance after cleaning.

As the characteristic of the material, it is easy to adsorb dust etc. It is easy to get sticky so it needs to be treated with baby powder. It is also vulnerable to heat, so it is good to keep it away from sunlight and place it in the cool place.

What is the attention point of sex doll toys?

Dear user, who reading this article so far. We appreciate it. Many people think that they want to buy it. I always think that I also want to use it personally on my own. However, we will inform you here as there are things you have to be aware of before purchasing and after using it.

When purchasing Sex Doll Toy, be sure to secure a storage area. Especially when you live with your family, maintenance is serious. If it gets dirty, there are things you have to carry the dolls and wash them all. If you do not do so, it will damage the sex doll material and may harm your health too when you use it.

Please confirm firmly on the official website, and check the storage place, how to maintain, etc.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

We will introduce the recommended toys among the items deal with on our site.

Horny lower body (AYAKA)

This toy is an air Sex Doll Toy type toy. It is only Sex Doll Toy of inflatable type. Making is very simple. But it is round type that you can enjoy your style freely. Since it is a set of panties and handy masturbators, they can play immediately. It is an inexpensive toy so it is recommended for the first timer of air Sex Doll Toy.

Where I actually used it was like this

Is it an inflatable tube? At first I thought, it would be mistaken to inflate and set up the panty and the attached masturbator. It makes a suddenly sexy impression. Move the panty sideways and insert it from the gap. This is very funny. Because it is not necessary to purchase panties yourself, it is very advantageous in a set.

Glamorous Mini Body MONA

It is a very sexy and realistic Sex Doll Toy with a glamorous body as its name. By using ultra soft material, it reproducing feminine lines and feel.

Where I actually used it was like this

Although it is realistic modelling, it is a little lacking in realness because it is the size of a miniature. But its tender breasts, vagina, anal reproducibility is high. You can feel different stimulus in both strongly stimulated rib processing.

A little horny Miki's busty tits

It is a real toy of boobs. The combination of ultra pink and white skin is exciting. No one will not be excited to see this boob. It is a real boob with a super weight of 2.5 kilos. You can massage as much as you want and suck as much as you want and play. If you like big tits, this toy is for you.

Where I actually used it was like this

Since there is size, there are some peculiar smells at the beginning. However, it will not be an odour as it gets used, so it's okay. I feel this weight more than that. It's amazing big tits. And a pink nipple. I want to touch it all the time. Recommended is to wear T-shirts or silk clothes. It is very real when you touch it from above the clothes!! This is really recommended.

Titty Job is easy as well.