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Realistic Sex Doll Toys

It is a category page of real sex doll specialized for pseudo sex. We deal with various sex dolls including full body to body only.

Realistic Sex Doll Toys List

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Realistic Sex Doll Toys in India?

What is Realistic Sex Doll Toys?

What is Realistic Sex Doll Toys? How is it different from ordinary sex doll toys? What's Real? We will tell you how to use, the type, and how to make the current evolution of Realistic Sex Doll Toys.

What is Realistic Sex Doll Toys?

Realistic Sex Dolls Toys are one of the best sex doll categories for a male. They look like a real female and beautiful in structure. Many of sex doll lover loves to use only realistic sex doll because it feels real and give real pleasure by their material. Realistic Sex Dolls Toys are also known as Love dolls. It is one of the famous sex toys for man.

What's Realistic Sex Doll?

Realistic Sex Doll male is humanlike and beautiful love dolls for the male. They are made of high-quality material like Silicone, TPR and TPS, Rubber, etc. Realistic Sex Doll silicone are the most expensive type of sex toys because it looks like a real woman and gives real like feel to the male. The structure of realistic sex dolls for men has women body line with a deep featured. It has deep patterning and decoration like women.

Realistic Sex Dolls are available in any size and features. You can find from blond to brunette, tall to short, light-skinned, or with a tan. The choice to find the real women dummy is depend on the men. Men can have fun with their desire women. Realistic sex dolls are penetrative, they are not like air sex dolls. They do not hold the masturbator. They itself masturbator means they can have vagina, anus, boobs, etc. The features of a realistic sex doll are varying with the kind of sex dolls. And realistic sex doll price varying with the features of sex doll.

As realistic sex dolls are made of high-quality material, they are expensive in cost. Everyone cannot afford to purchase realistic sex dolls. Realistic sex toys also have this feature that men can customize their desire sex doll by their choice. But it gets more expensive. It is good to buy the available sex doll from the site.

Realistic sex dolls are available to give hand free masturbation to the men because it has their own penetration hole and is large in size. Now, men can enjoy the hand free masturbation like women.

Differences in masturbation using Realistic sex dolls

Differences in masturbation using Realistic sex dolls

Masturbation with the realistic sex doll is most similar like having sex with your women partner. The manual masturbation with hands and masturbator need to be the use of the hand for thrust and there is no waist swing movement. But, the realistic Indian sex dolls have. They can give you hand free masturbation with the waist swing movement. Like another Indian sex doll, realistic sex doll looks like real women. It gives real pleasure to the men by their real structure of vagina, anus and even boobs.

Difference between Realistic Sex Doll Toys and other masturbators toy

The masturbator like handheld masturbator, handsfree masturbator, fleshlight and air sex dolls etc are used by men for masturbation. But they are not like real in structure and pleasure. Other masturbators except realistic sex toys are body line of women. But realistic sex toys are a body like women. It is real in colour, real in shape, and real in pleasure. Men can use it as replacement of women. Because realistic sex dolls fulfil the absence of women by their structure.

Recent Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic Sex Dolls are famous in Indian men. But they are not easily available in India. If it is famous in India, Indian men also want to buy it and use it. As in India, talk and using sex toy is consider as taboo. But We SexToys-India helps those people to know about and use it in their solo time.

Features of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Features of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

With the latest technology, realistic sex dolls are continuously improving themselves. Improving in terms of looks, structure, and more realistic. With more taste and preference by men, they are available in more design with a realistic feel. Whether you want blonde, blue eyes, redhead, short & long, various sizes in boobs and butts, etc are available as options. With an increase in the more realistic feel, the prices of realistic sex dolls are also increased. They all are available online. By sex doll India with us easily. We provide Indian sex dolls at reasonable price.

Structure of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Due to high prices, realistic sex dolls have various type like full body, lower body, etc. The structure of the sex doll is various with the women body structure. Men can choose their desired structure and can customize their india sex doll by their choice. All the structures of realistic sex doll are able to deliver the realistic feel to the women whether it is full body, half body or lower body.

What is Realistic Sex Doll Toys for?

Realistic Sex Dolls is one of the famous male masturbator options that are available only for males. Like Dildo, a dummy of the penis and look like a real penis in the same way realistic sex dolls are a dummy of women with vagina. Realistic Sex Dolls have a complete structure of women from boobs to waist. It is not only about the vagina and orgasm. It gives total satisfaction to the men in their solo time.

Good point and bad point of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Good point and bad point of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Let's know about the good point and bad point of realistic sex doll toys if you have it or thinking to to buy a sex doll.

Good point

Realistic sex dolls keep you away from necessarily cheating or risking deadly Sexually Transmitted Infections with the real presence of women. It is one of the best and safer alternatives to women. Except for the real feel, realistic sex dolls are able to deliver the virgin feel to the men. Sex dolls are virgins and remain untouched until you ultimately purchase them. This alternative is a safer way to fulfil all your desire because they are available in many sizes and shapes. You just know how to use sex doll.

Bad point

Although realistic sex dolls are a replica of women, they do not react like a woman. It just gives pseudo sex to the men. For some men, masturbation is not just about the intercourse, they want an equal reaction from the opposite partner to call it a successful play. If you are the one, then it is not suitable for you. Another bad point of realistic sex doll is it is too expensive. Due to its realistic structure and high-grade material, they are extremely high in prices. An ordinary man cannot afford to purchase it.

Realistic Sex Doll Toys Recommended People

Realistic sex toys are recommended for the expert user who wants to experience a real pleasure. As realistic sex dolls for men are made by high-grade material and large in size, so it is heavy in weight. These sex dolls are also for the one who wants to experience the virgin penetration. Sex Doll remains untouched untill you purchase it and use it. It is suitable to replace it with your regular handheld masturbator if you are tried to using it. Realistic sex dolls give you better pleasure even without hurting your hands. There is no need to move your masturbator anymore, just move your back with it for thrust and pleasure. They can enjoy the fun of men sex with sex doll.

Types of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Types of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Realistic sex dolls are available in various types with their structure. Check different types of sex doll male masturbator for men here.

Hole Body Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Hole Body Realistic Sex Doll Toys are available in full women body structure from head to toe. Men use and enjoys the full presence of women in the absence of another partner. The length or height of full body sex dolls are vary, men can choose one by their height and by their budget. The price of sex doll increase by increasing in the size.

Half body Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Half body realistic sex doll toys are available in upper half body structure. Men can enjoy the boobs, vagina hole and anus hole fun with such pleasure dolls. This is not full in structure, still, it gives a cosplay and foreplay to the men. Men can hug and sleep beside it like a real woman.

Lower body Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Lower body realistic sex doll toys are available in lower half body structure. Men can enjoy the butt, vagina hole and anus hole fun with such sex dolls. The different butt sizes are available. The length of the lower part like legs can be full or half. Such toys are used to experience a different sex position.

Ass Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Ass realistic sex doll toys are available in the women ass body structure only. It only includes the butt and anus hole. Sometimes, the vagina hole is also available in this type of sex dolls. Different lengths of ass are available in the market. Men can choose desire size of butt in these sex dolls. Some the men are fantasies with the female's butt and anal play, this type is for them.

How to choose Realistic Sex Doll Toys

How to choose Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Realistic sex doll toys are expensive in price, so first you need to set up your mind about the prices. How much you are willing to spend on the sex doll. After that came to how your dream girl look like? Does she have curves or not? Does she is brunette or not?, etc There are very types of realistic sex dolls are available. If you want ass fuck, they can go with the ass toys realistic sex doll other can go with any of types. Consider your size and doll size, size of breast cup like titty toys and choose her body measurement if you want your dream girl in sex toys.

How to use Realistic Sex Doll Toys

How to use Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Realistic Sex Doll is a type of masturbator. You just have to lubricate it and use it.

Let's start with preparation. It is good to start with the foreplay. Foreplay help you to feel arouse and allow insertion. Although realistic sex doll looks like women, still it is unable to produce a lubricant. You need to use lubricant with sex doll always. Apply some lubricant over the sex doll's vagina or anus as well as on your penis. Gradually allow insertion with a slow and steady process. It is good for you to use a condoms with it. Condom makes the insertion safer and easy to clean for you.

Maintenance and storage of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

It is recommended to wash the realistic sex doll just after the intercourse. As it is realistic and quite expensive, it is not easy to clean dirt and oil marks easily from realistic material. You should wash it immediately. It is good to use water-based lubricant with all type of realistic sex toys. You never know which type of material is used for manufacturing of sex doll.

You should always take care of your masturbator. Keep them away from the flammable things and also away from the direct sunlight.

What is the attention point of Realistic Sex Doll Toys?

It is important to take care of your realistic sex doll because you spend a lot of money on it. The attention point is if your realistic sex doll is made by silicone material, say strictly no to the silicone-based lubricant. It can harm your sex doll and you too. To keep your doll's pleasure always same, you need to wipe it out after wash. You can use soft tissues or a microfiber towel to wipe it out. It is good to keep it in the air for sometime after washing and wiping.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

If you are searching for realistic sex dolls at a reasonable price, you are at the right website. Here I am recommending some of the best realistic sex dolls for you.

Glamorous Mini Body MONA

Glamorous Mini Body MONA is realistic sex dolls with vagina, anus and boobs structure. It is a large masturbator for men and able to give the best pleasure. The interior texture of the vagina and anus is rough and intense stimulation.

Where I actually used was like this

After checking so many websites, I found these sex dolls. It is a reasonable at this cost because it is large in size. I previously brought a sex doll at the same price but this was just 15-20cm in size. I liked its structure with big tits.


ONNANOKO KAITAISINSYO is high-quality sex doll for men. It is soft to use. It is 2500g in weight and 350mm in size. It is easy to use and can experience real women pleasure with it.

Where I actually used was like this

I brought my first sex doll from you. Because it seems high-quality material. It is quite expensive but completely worthful for me. It is easy to use and easy to clean after masturbation. I used wet tissues to clean it. I loved this sex doll.