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Sex Lubricants

Personal Lubricant includes water-based, oil, gel silicone Lubes, warming & tingling lube online.

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About Lubricant

Lubricants are greases jelly substance which is usually used to reduce friction. There are many uses of lubricants in different aspects, people use personal lubricants to increase sexual satisfaction during intercourse to add flavour to their sexual life. There are different types of personal lubricants like silicon lubricants, water based lubricant, oil based lubes etc. Sex lubricants also popularly known as lubes.

Lubes decrease the friction and enhance the pleasure during sex. It totally decreases the discomfort that occurs in sex due to dryness in erogenous area. Lubricant can be used by females i.e. female lubricant, as well as males during foreplay act or intercourse, also used for masturbation too. Our erogenous area is most sensitive area, so to prevent rashes and soreness lovers prefer to use lubricants. Lube is best for one who wants more pleasure or smooth going sex. Sex Lubes can also be used by any type of adult toys or sex toys like vibrators, sex massagers. It is also safe to use with condoms at the time of penetration. Latest lubricants are also formulated with skin moisturizer that nourishes your pubic skin.

Type of lubricants and their characteristics

Personal lubricants are available in many flavors. Different people have different choices and taste, so they prefer different personal lubricants. To stimulate or enhance the pleasure, there are varieties of personal lubricants are available.

Multipurpose type

This type of lubricant is very convenient as anything . Replacement of love juice and masturbation, toys, anal. This lubricant is active in various scenes. It's very popular as you can do anything if you have one.

Anal Lubes

Anal is very absorbing moisture. For that reason it is easy to dry and it will dry as soon as it is a normal lubricant, so you need to add it. Lubricant dedicated to anal contains long-lasting lubricants because it contains ingredients that are difficult to dry. It is an essential item for anal sex.

Flavoured Lubes

Currently there are various flavors such as various fruit scents and sweet smell of cake. Although I do not taste, I can produce very much just by having a smell, leading to good sex. With ordinary lubricants it is popular among ladies who are unsatisfactory and women who like sweet things.

Lubes for lady

It is a lubricant for ladies who blended moisturizing ingredients, anti-aging, organic ingredients, etc. and firmly thought about the skin. Of course it can be used by men.

Lubes for Men

Lubricant containing ingredients that make men sexually vigorous. I will be active when I want to be more excited than usual.

Lubricant Applicators

Although it is good to take out the lubricant directly from the container when using it, using an applicator makes it possible to inject it far more easily. It is active in various scenes such as large toys and anal.

Silicone Lubes

Silicon based lubes are not water soluble. These lubes are well worked in showers, bathtubs, and Jacuzzis. These are also safe to use with latex condoms, without a leaving a stain. Silicone lubes can be used with sex toys- vibrators or massager, but make sure toys are not be made of silicone. Silicone lube is harmful to use with silicon toys.

Warming & Tingling Lubes

The lubricant may be a little cold, there may be such an image, but there are also warm lubricants. If you use it in masturbation it will make you feel more realistic. If you use sex, you will not feel uncomfortable. Provide warm pleasure with warm lubricant.

Water-based lubricant

Water based lubes are water soluble and can wash off easily. It is totally safe with latex condoms. Water lubes make your moment smoother without leaving a single stain on your clothes. These lubes dry up quickly, so require reapplication during prolonged sex.

Oil-based lubricant

Oil based lubes have thicker consistency. These are mostly used in anal intercourse. It decreases the troublesome faces in anal sex and provides smooth anal sex experience.

Hybrid lubricant

Hybrid lubricants provide you long lasting intercourse. It is made up mix of water based lube and silicon based lubes. They are also washing out easily.

Usage and Note

Personal Lubricants are best way to overcome the discomfort in sex and add foreplay in intimacy.Best way to use personal lube is - Firstly take a drop of liquid on your hand. Rub and then apply on you and your partner intimate area or to your sex toy. Also put some drop of flavoured lube on the tip of your condom. It helps to feel more comfortable during intercourse with condoms. As result you get smooth satisfied pleasurable sex.Lubes are safer to use with any sex toys. It is compatible to vibratos as well as massagers. But always keep in mind, don't use silicone based lube with silicone toys. It must be harmful for you.

Our Views

Lubricants are essential to get a satisfied pleasure sex. So I personally recommended all my visitors and readers place your order according to their taste and want and make your life wilder.