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Sex Lubricants

Personal Lubricant includes water-based, oil, gel silicone Lubes, warming & tingling lube online.

Sex Lubricants List

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What is sex lubricant?

What is sex lubricant?

Sex Lubricants are used to enhance the performance of masturbation and sex. Applying Lubricant can reduce friction and pain to provide smooth penetration.

It can increase the sensitivity of masturbation for both men and women, and eliminates the possibility of a dry and painful vagina or inability to insert the penis during sex.

It is recommended to use Lubricant, especially if your partner's vagina is not wet. This will not only increase the pleasure of penetration during sex, but will also improve the relationship between the couple.

Lubricant is also essential when masturbating, having sex, or using other sex toys, dildos, vibrators, masterbators, etc.

Lubricant is also essential for anal play. The anal area is very delicate and vulnerable, so it is best to use Lubricant while gently inserting yourself.

In India, you can buy Lubricant at medical shops, pharmacies, Dokan, Bazar. etc., but it is cheaper to buy online.

If you buy online, you can choose your favorite item without worrying about what others think.

So let's check out the best Lubricants for different purposes.

Purposes of Lubricant and suitable types

The purpose of using Lubricants

There are many different types of Lubricants that can be used depending on the type of play. Depending on the material they are made of, the pleasure you feel and the viscosity varies.

The following is a summary of the purpose of using Lubricant and the best Lubricant to use.

Purpose Suitable Sex lubricant
Variety in Masturbation Smooth and very pleasurable!
Change up Sex Makes regular sex even more fun!
Reduce Pain A must for anyone who wants to focus on sex! Sex without pain is only pleasure.
With Sex Toys Always use them! Condoms are also recommended if you have them.
Enjoy Anal Sex Absolutely essential for anal sex.

Water-Based Lubricants can be used for basically any play except anal and will maximize the performance of our play.

If you use Lubricants in various situations such as sex and masturbation, Water-Based Lubes are recommended for all occasions.

The following Water-Based Lubes are quite popular in India. They provide smoothness during play and can be easily washed off after use.

Variety in Masturbation

Variety in Masturbation

First of all, lube improves the quality of masturbation that you normally do. It can be used by both men and women for masturbation.

If you keep doing the same masturbation routine, you will get bored and the pleasure you get will decrease. If you want to achieve a different and stimulating masturbation experience, using Lubricant is a good idea.

The biggest advantage of masturbating with Lubricant is that it improves the sliding and the feeling of pleasure.

Men can embody smoother strokes by reducing friction between the palm of their hand and the penis to as close to zero as possible.

Women can also use Lubricant to wet the vaginal area to reduce friction and stimulate their sex zones without stress.

By using a warming & tingling type of Lubricant, you can feel the warmth of a woman's vagina as you ejaculate.

Of course, women can also masturbate to feel the warmth of human skin when they insert their penis.

This Lubricant is recommended for men and women who want to feel a smoother penetration and the warmth of human skin.

Recommended Points:

  • Smooth insertion
  • Warming Type
  • Warmth of human skin

Change up Sex

Change up Sex

Lubricants not only enhance the pleasure of masturbation, but they also make sex more pleasurable.

You may have experienced that the woman's vagina is not wet due to her physical condition or tiredness that day, and you both feel pain when you insert your penis.

A Lubricant will always give you a smooth penetration regardless of the conditions. If you want to enjoy sex with smooth penetration, it is recommended that you always have Lubricant with you.

Scented Lubricants are very popular in India, and they drown out the smell of rubbery condoms.

In fact, scented condoms are also available, so if you want to enjoy sex with a nice scent, you might want to have both scented condoms and Lubricant on hand.

This item is a Lubricant with a blueberry scent.

The moment you open the lid, the refreshing blueberry scent will spread softly through the room.

You can achieve a more gorgeous atmosphere for your love time. It eliminates unnecessary things such as rubberiness and allows you to concentrate on enjoying sex.

It is a water-soluble Lubricant, so you can use it not only for regular sex, but also for anal sex and masturbation without any problems.

Recommended Points:

  • Smooth insertion
  • Refreshing scent
  • Enhance the atmosphere of sex

Reduce Pain

Reduce Pain

Lubricant reduces friction during penile penetration. The wetness of the vagina varies depending on the condition of your body.

Using Lubricant during sex can help you achieve a consistent and smooth penetration. You can enjoy pain-free penetration without being affected by your body condition.

If you feel any discomfort at all during sex, it will bother you and make it difficult to wet your vagina. Having a Lubricant on hand during sex can be a great source of reassurance.

You can concentrate on having sex, knowing that even if you don't get wet, you can use the Lubricant.

This Lubricant is the lowest price in India. It is a water soluble Lubricant that provides smooth penetration at a low price.

If you have one of these, you can enjoy sex with your partner in peace. If your vagina does not get wet due to tension or anxiety and you feel pain during penetration, use this item to wet your vagina.

It comes in a small amount of 30ml, but it is convenient to carry around and keep in your pouch. It's easy to carry and can be stored in a pouch.

Recommended Points:

  • Compact size
  • Lowest price in India
  • Water-Based Lubes
  • Easy to wash off

With Sex Toys

With Sex Toys

Lubricants are also useful for masturbation and sex with sex toys. When masturbating with a male masturbator, Lubricant can be used to create a more realistic vaginal wetness.

It also enhances the pleasure when a woman masturbates with an insertion-type vibrator or dildo. Just apply Lubricant to the surface of the sex toy when you insert it, and it will smoothly enter the vagina and lead you to orgasm.

There is a clear difference in sensitivity between using Lubricant and not using Lubricant. Using a sex toy in a slippery environment will increase the feeling and give you a close sensation to sex.

This item is less viscous and has a natural texture similar to body fluids. It dissolves quickly in water, so it's convenient to wash it off quickly.

This type of Lubricant is also recommended for people who don't like to clean up after themselves, and is popular among both men and women because the texture is not unnatural. Many Lubricant beginners also start with water-soluble Lubricants.

It is highly recommended for men and women who want to make masturbation with sex toys such as masturbators and vibrators more comfortable.

Recommended Points:

  • Lubricant similar to body fluid
  • Easy to wash off
  • Lubricant for beginners
  • Enhance sexual pleasure

Enjoy Anal Sex

Enjoy Anal Sex

Lubricant is an essential part of anal sex. The area around the anus is one of the most delicate parts of the body, and trying to force penetration without Lubricant can damage it.

Using Lubricant can help you avoid this risk, and it can also help you achieve a smooth anal orgasm.

Anal orgasms are characterized by the fact that the inside of the anus tends to absorb moisture. Even if you are using a Lubricant for penetration, the inside of the anus can dry out and cause pain without you noticing.

It is recommended to use a special Lubricant for anal play that is as viscous as possible and has excellent staying power. This will keep the lube sticky for a long time and give you a smooth penetration.

Out Of Stock

The plant-based lubricating ingredients used in this product are gentle on the skin and can be used for long hours of anal sex without drying out.

While most anal Lubricants have the disadvantage of being too viscous and difficult to wash off, this item is viscous yet easy to wash off.

This Lubricant is both highly viscous and easy to rinse off. If you're just getting started with anal play, this is a good place to start.

Recommended Points:

  • High viscosity
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Ideal for anal play
  • Long-lasting

It is very difficult to get Lubricant into the anus. Anal is a small hole, so it is very difficult to pour the right amount of Lubricant into it with your fingers.

If you try to put it in with your fingers, you will not be able to inject it into the anus, and it will stain the area around the anus. The following items will allow you to inject the right amount of Lubricant without spilling it.

It is highly recommended for those who want to start anal sex without stress, and you can have your partner inject it for you.

Types of Sex Lubricant

Types of Lubricants

So far we have introduced you to different types of Lubricants for different purposes. We will now discuss the different types of Lubricants in more detail.

If there is a Lubricant you are interested in, make sure you understand its benefits and features before purchasing.

  • Similar to body fluids
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Easy to wash off
  • All-rounder
  • Scented Lubricant
  • Relieve stress during sex
  • Eliminates the smell of condoms and sex toys
  • Warm type
  • Increases pleasure
  • Strong stickiness
  • Long lasting
  • Hard to rinse off
  • For anal use only
  • High viscosity
  • Hard to dry

Water-Based Lubes

Water-Based Lubes

Many beginners who have never used Lubricants before start with water-based Lubricants.

The biggest advantage of water-soluble Lubricants is that their texture resembles body fluids and is easily absorbed into the skin. You can recreate the realistic feeling of penetration and the pleasure of sex when using it during masturbation.

Men can always adjust the inside of the masturbator to the wetness of a vagina by putting Lubricant on it.

Women can also wet their vagina with Lubricant during masturbation to ensure smooth sex toy insertion.

Even when a woman's vagina does not get wet during sex due to anxiety or nervousness, a water-soluble Lubricant can help.

You can enjoy sex with your partner without feeling uncomfortable because you can reproduce the usual wetness even when it is not wet.

Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured Lubes

Scented Lubricants not only enhance pleasure, but they also help to relieve tension and increase excitement during sex.

Using scented Lubricants also helps to alleviate the unique smell of sex toys and condoms. Many people have had the experience of smelling rubber during sex.

There are many types of Lubricants, from fruity scents like blueberry and cherry to refreshing scents like mint.

These Lubricants are recommended for those who want to masturbate and have sex in a refreshing scented space. You can find a variety of smelling Lubricants below.

Warming & Tingling Lubes

Warming & Tingling Lubes

Warming type Lubricants allow you to feel the warmth during masturbation and sex.

This can faithfully reproduce the inside of a woman's vagina, increase the feeling of pleasure to its peak, and help maintain and strengthen erections.

Men can use warm type Lubricant when masturbating with masturbators to enjoy masturbation while feeling the realistic sensation of vaginal penetration.

The warm type works well with sex and increases the sensitivity of the whole body.

Warm Lubricants are so popular that some people go to the trouble of warming up ordinary Lubricants to improve the sensation.

If you buy a warming type Lubricant from the start, you won't have to heat it up.

Silicone Lubes

Silicone Lubes

Silicone-based Lubricants have the advantage of not drying out and can be used for a long time, but they also have the disadvantage of remaining in the vagina.

Silicone is highly viscous and can provide a smooth insertion sensation, but it can be quite difficult to clean after use. It is quite difficult to wash off the Lubricant from your hair in the shower.

It is also compatible with anal sex and anal masturbation, and can maintain its viscosity for a long time even in the anus, where it easily absorbs moisture.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a stronger slippery feeling than water soluble, or who is looking for a Lubricant that can be used in anal play.

Anal Lubes

Anal Lubes

The material of the lube made for anal play is made of oil or silicone, which provides a silicone film for better sliding. They do not dry out easily and have good staying power.

If you don't use a Lubricant that can maintain its viscosity for a long time during anal sex or masturbation, you may find that it dries out and becomes painful while inserting your sex toy or penis into the anus.

By using anal Lubricant, you can achieve orgasms in the anus by constantly moisturizing the area in and around the anus during penetration.

Anal Lubricant is very sticky and persistent, so it can be difficult to wash off. Anal Lubricant is very sticky and persistent, so it can be difficult to wash off. Removing anal Lubricant from your body or hair can be a challenge.

It is best to use anal lube only for anal play and not for applying it to the entire body.

Other Lubricants

In addition to the Lubricants mentioned above, there are other Lubricant products such as Lubes for Lady and Lubes for Men.

There are also Lubricant Applicators that are used to inject Lubricant into the anus or vagina without spilling.

If you want to know more about Lubricant products, please refer to the following.

Lubes for Lady

Lubes for Lady

Some Lubricants are made with women in mind.

Lubricant for women is not only effective in smoothing out sex toys and finger insertion. They contain many moisturizing and cosmetic ingredients, so you don't have to worry about damaging your skin when using them for masturbation or sex.

If you want to use Lubricants to enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation, but are worried about the effects on your skin after using Lubricants, I recommend choosing Lubricants made for women.

Lubes for Men

Lubes for Men

There are also Lubricants that are made from a male perspective.

There are Lubricants for men that contain ingredients that enhance the erection of the penis.

These ingredients have no effect on the human body and improve the staying power of the penis so that you can enjoy sex for a long time.

It is highly recommended for those who want to increase their erection power and enhance the pleasure for women as well as make insertion smoother.

Lubricant Applicators

Lubricant Applicators

Lubricant Applicators allow you to inject as much Lubricant as you want, in the right place. The advantage of this item is that you can start playing with Lubricant without contaminating your hands or the environment around you.

Injecting Lubricant into the anus or other parts of the body with your fingers can be difficult because you can't get a good grasp of where the anus is.

With these Lubricant Applicators, once you are sure that you are inserted into the anus, all you have to do is start injecting the Lubricant.

This is a good option for those who want to use an injector to send Lubricant into the vagina or anus instead of using their fingers. It allows you to inject the right amount into the right place.

5 popular sex lubricants in India

5 Popular Lubricants in India

We will now check out the most popular Lubricants in India.

Water soluble Lubricants and flavoured Lubricants are relatively popular in India. Here is a detailed explanation of the benefits and features of each.

If there is a product that you think is right for you, please try it out.

Nururun Lube - Nururun - 100ml

This Lubricant is water based and easily absorbed into the skin. It is versatile for sex and masturbation with sex toys.

The smoothness is close to that of a woman's vaginal love fluid, and this Lubricant can always be used to replicate the wetness of a woman when she is aroused.

Even when a man masturbates using a masturbator, he can experience the sensation of insertion just like sex. Of course, it can also be used for female masturbation, and can smooth the insertion of fingers and sex toys.

Recommended Points:

  • Water soluble Lubricant
  • Smoothness similar to vaginal secretion
  • Easy to wash off
  • Low price of Rs499

Jam Lubricant natural fruit flavour blueberry 100g

This item is a Lubricant with the fresh and faint scent of blueberry. It is a water-soluble type, smooth and easily absorbed into the human skin.

The fruity scent wafts in the air during sex and masturbation, further increasing your excitement. It also drowns out the distinctive smell of condoms and sex toys, allowing you to concentrate on your play.

This is especially good for those who want to have sex with their partner while being surrounded by a refreshing scent.

Recommended Points:

  • Blueberry scent
  • Water soluble type
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to wash off

Jam Lubricant natural fruit flavour melon 100g

This Lubricant is also scented, allowing you to enjoy sex and masturbation in the clean smell of melon.

It is a water-soluble Lubricant that can reproduce the moisture of a woman's vaginal love juices. Even if a woman's vagina is not wet during sex, this item will promote moisture.

When you masturbate, you can wet your masturbator and fingers with the Lubricant before inserting it to expect even more pleasurable sensations.

Recommended Points:

  • Melon scent
  • Water based
  • It can be used for many purposes
  • The texture is similar to vaginal secretion

Jam Lubricant cherry hot felling 100g

Out Of Stock

A warm Lubricant with a cherry scent. The refreshing fruity scent will increase your excitement during sex and masturbation.

You can enjoy sex and masturbation while feeling the warmth of the Lubricant as soon as you apply it to your vagina.

You and your partner will be able to enjoy the pleasure that you have never experienced in sex before. It is highly recommended for those who want to smooth the insertion into the vagina and enjoy the scented and hot sensation.

Recommended Points:

  • Warming type
  • Cherry scent
  • Water based
  • Can be used in many purposes
  • The texture is similar to vaginal secretion

Nururun Lube - Nururun - 30ml

This Lubricant is a water soluble Lubricant with a capacity of 30㎖ and can be purchased for Rs199.

The viscosity of this Nurun series is not that high, but it is very smooth and easily absorbed by human skin. It is versatile for sex and masturbation with sex toys.

It comes in a small amount of 30ml, so I recommend this Lubricant for people who don't use Lubricant every time, but want to keep it handy just in case their vagina doesn't get wet during sex.

It brings moisture to a vagina that is not wet due to anxiety or physical condition, and helps you achieve smooth penetration at any time. This is a great product to have on hand.

Recommended Points:

  • 30ml small quantity type
  • Water-based
  • Can be used in many purposes
  • Promotes vaginal moisture
  • Lowest price in India at Rs199

How to Use Lubricant

How to Use Lubricant

Lubricant has a wide range of uses and can be used for masturbation and sex. Some people may use Lubricant to further enhance the pleasure of sex toys.

Lubricant is also essential for anal sex and anal masturbation. The anal area is quite vulnerable to damage, so it's a good idea to use more Lubricant than you would during regular masturbation.

This section will review how men and women use Lubricant during masturbation and sex.

How to use it during masturbation

How to use it in masturbation

When masturbating, it is recommended to use Lubricant in a place where you don't mind getting dirty.

Use a towel underneath to save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after masturbation. If you masturbate with Lubricant in the shower room, you will only need to wash it off quickly afterwards.

Male masturbation

If men are going to do hand job masturbation, they should apply Lubricant to their hands and penis and then masturbate as usual.

When using a masturbator, wet the entrance and inside of the masturbator as well as the penis. If you apply too much at the beginning, you will lose friction and the pleasure will decrease.

Apply a little at a time and gradually add more Lubricant if it seems insufficient. Once you are able to replicate the vaginal wetness with Lubricant, you can then stroke freely.

Women's masturbation

The basic way to use Lubricant on a woman is to first apply it to her nipples and clitoris.

Apply the Lubricant to your sexual zones to increase sensitivity while relaxing your entire body.

When a woman masturbates, she should not start with a large amount of Lubricant, but start with a small amount and gradually add more.

Once the sensitivity is increased, apply Lubricant to the opening and the inside to make it easier to insert a finger or sex toy.

Gently stimulate the vagina with your finger or sex toy so that the Lubricant is spread all over. When you get used to that insertion feeling, start stimulating your sex points in small increments.

How to use it for sex

How to use it for sex

Using Lubricant during sex can help you have even better sex.

The most typical way to use Lubricant in sex is to apply it to your penis and insert it.

This will make the penetration of the penis smoother and give both couples a strong sense of pleasure.

There is also a sex play where couples rub Lubricant on each other's body to increase excitement and pleasure.

Lubricant is also essential for anal sex, as it allows even beginners to begin anal penetration without feeling any discomfort.

Precautions on using Lubricant

Points to note when using Lubricants

While Lubricants can enhance the pleasure of your sex and masturbation, there are a few things you should be aware of. Before you actually use Lubricant, make sure you understand the following cautions.

Using a lot of Lubricant will conversely decrease your pleasure

Using a large amount of Lubricant

Be careful about using a large amount of Lubricant at one time just because you got it. Using a large amount of Lubricant does not mean that the pleasure will be enhanced.

If you apply too much Lubricant, it will reduce the friction between you and your penis. Make sure to apply just the right amount of Lubricant to maintain the perfect amount of friction between your penis and masturbator, and between your penis and vagina.

Instead of applying a large amount of Lubricant at the beginning, apply a small amount of Lubricant and gradually add more if you feel discomfort.

Compatibility of materials

Material compatibility

When using Lubricants, it is important to pay attention to material compatibility. In particular, be careful about sticking to items made of silicone materials.

If you use a silicone-based Lubricant and a sex toy made of silicon together, it may melt the goods.

There is no problem if it sticks for a short time during sex, but there is a risk of melting the goods if left uncleaned for a long time.

Please be careful when using the product. Do not forget to rinse off the Lubricant immediately after use.

Use by date

Usage Period

Pay attention to the usage period of your Lubricant. Basically, you should use up all the Lubricant inside within six months of opening the package.

If you are not sure when you started using the Lubricant, you can always ask your doctor.

If you don't know when you started using the Lubricant and are worried about whether it will harm your skin or health, don't hesitate to get rid of it and use a new one.

Heating Precautions

warmth warning

To make lube play more comfortable, some people try to heat common Lubricants in a pot or microwave.

This is actually not recommended and can result in an explosion. Even if you succeed in heating it up, there is a risk of misjudging the temperature and burning your penis or body.

In order to avoid this risk, I recommend using the warm type from the beginning instead of heating it. You can save yourself the trouble of heating it up, and you can enjoy the warmth of a woman's vagina as you insert it.


We have introduced the benefits of Lubricants and the most popular Lubricants in India. Lubricant can be used in many situations and can enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation.

If you have never used Lubricant before, I recommend starting with a water-soluble Lubricant that does not feel sticky and is easily absorbed by the human skin.

It can be used in a wide range of situations, including sex and masturbation. If you want to masturbate with sex toys or improve the quality of sex with your partner, this is the first thing you should have.

Also, if you don't need it every time, but want to have a Lubricant for emergencies such as not being able to wet your vagina or feeling uncomfortable during penetration, I recommend the 30ml small quantity type.