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Water-Based Lubricants?

Water-Based Lubricants?

There are various lubricants, but basically Water-Based Lubricants are safe and compatible with anything. Here we will introduce you how to use Water-Based Lubricants, how to choose, notes, etc.

What is Water-Based Lubricants (Lubes)

What is a water-based lubricant and how it is different from the other sex lubricant? What are the benefits of using water-based lubricant? If you have also such queries or doubt in your mind then it is necessary for you to clear it. Let's start with what is water based lube?

Water-based lubricant is a personal lubricant which most of the user used during the sexual activity. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of the water-based lubricant are water, so it is safe for all types of body and skin. Along with the water, glycerin and food additives are also included in the water-based lubricant. Water-based lubricant is safe for the intercourses.

Water-based lubricant is one of the most popular personal lubricants. Any user can easily use the water-based lubricant. Water-based lube is not only used for the sexual intercourse. if you want then you can also use it as a moisturizer.

Water based lubricant available in India easily. It is one of the best sex lubricants. You can purchase water-based lubricants in India either through the shop or through online store.

Characteristics of Water-Based Lubes

If you prefer the water-based lubricants then you can easily use it for the various purpose. Most of the user prefers the water-based lubricant during the sexual activity to reduce the friction. If you also want to make your penetration easier and smooth then you should use the best sex lube. You can also use a water-based lubricant in your daily life as a moisturizer.

Water-based lubricant is compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms. The textures of the water-based lubricant are generally smooth and close to body fluids, so female or women used it to reduce sexual pain. It is the best lubricant for women. If you want then they can also use some drops of water in the water based sex lubricant to change its viscosity.

The main disadvantage of using the water-based lubricant is that it can easily dissolve. Its price is also a little bit expensive when compared to other types of sex lubricant, so if you prefer water-based lubricant for sex then you should often use it only at the time of insertion.

Texture of Water-Based Lubes

Texture of Water-Based Lubes

The viscosity of the water-based lubricant is low. The textures of the water-based lubricant are smooth but not as smooth as oil and silicone based lubricant. Some of the users feel that the viscosity of the water-based lubricant is unsatisfactory when compared to other types of personal or sex lubricant. But it is not a big problem. You can easily adjust the viscosity of the water-based lubricant by adding some drop of water in it.

A water-based lube can easily absorb into the skin. It has a tendency to dry out during the sexual activity or use, so it is important for the user to reapply it again if needed. Now a day, some of the water-based lube is made with the natural ingredients, so it is safe for the sensitive body skin and does not make any harm.

What is suitable for Water-Based Lubes?

As you know that the water-based lube is compatible with all types of sex toys like dildo or vibrator and a condom. Water-based lube provides less burden on the body. You can also use water based lube with male masturbator toys. After completing the sexual activity, you can easily clean it by using the warm water and antiseptic soap.

Water-based lubricant is familiar with all types of skin and approaches mucous membrane gently. Water-based lube does not easily get a drip. It is better for the couple to use the water based lube just before inserting. The user can easily inject the water-based lube in the vagina or anal. The women can easily apply it near the vagina and clitoris or entrance of the vagina. It is the best lubricant for the women.

Water-Based Lubes Recommended People

Water-Based Lubes Recommended People

Water-based lubricant is recommended for the user who feels pain and dryness during sexual activity. Some of the women can feel pain during their intercourse because there is not enough moisture. Water-based lube is perfect for this.

If you have sensitive skin then water-based lubricant is the best option for you. The women who have the problem of vaginal dryness can prefer the water-based lubricant for daily use to overcome this problem. Water-based lube is very easy to use and handle. Water-based lube is used by any of the gender user either experience or beginner.

Summary of Water-Based Lubes

Water-based lube is one of the most common and best sex lubricants which is used by most of the user. The viscosity of the water-based lubricant is low. It is safe for skin and body because it does not contain the chemical substance. User can easily use it with different types of sex toys like dildo, vibrator etc. and condoms. The user can easily clean the water-based lubricant only with water. Water-based lubricant is also available with varieties of flavour.

What is Vaginal lubrication?

What is Vaginal lubrication?

Have you heard about the vaginal lubricant? Do you have any knowledge about it? No. Okay... Without waisting the time, let's start. The personal lubricant which is specially manufactured for vagina sex is called the vagina lubricant. It is made with the natural products which lubricate the women's vagina. Most of the vagina lubricant is water based. Wetting of the vagina is important for women during the vagina intercourse. If the vagina does not get wet enough then there is a possibility that women feel pain. So it is important for women to use the vagina lubricant during the vagina sex.

Role of Vaginal lubrication

While involving in the vagina sex, it is important for women to get wet. If women get wet with secretion fluid it means that her body is prepared for sex and she gets excited. If women do not get wet they feel pain during intercourse or rubbing. The women who do not easily get wet can use the vagina lubricant to make their intercourse smooth and painless.

Vagina lubricant help to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery, so that women do not feel pain during intercourse. Some of the vagina lubricants also provide a unique sensation which helps women to get excited and wet them. While using the vagina lubricant, women can enjoy their sexual intercourse with a more pleasant feeling.

How long is it normal for a vagina to get wet?

How long is it normal for a vagina to get wet?

During sexual activity, the male partner enters his penis into the vagina. Male partner should enter the penis slowly and smoothly so that the female partner does not feel pain. Before involving in sexual activity, both the partner male and female should get relax and comfortable. It helps them to get wet. A wet condition is also called a normal secretion amount. While rubbing the genital area at the very beginning, the amount of secretion is insufficient so female partner feels pain.

It is a little difficult for women to notice how long she get wet. During the sexual activity, sometimes inside the vagina get wet whereas the entrance of the vagina is dry. In this case, a male partner should know better how long his partner get wet.

There are many women who feel shy while getting wet but there is no need to get embarrassing if she gets wet in large quantities. If women can easily get wet during the vagina sex then they can enjoy their sexual activity with enhancing pleasure and satisfaction.

Is the vagina dry? What is the cause?

Is the vagina dry? What is the cause?

In all over the world, there are many women who have the problem of vagina dry. There are many reasons for the vagina dry. Here we are going to discuss the causes of vagina dry.

Hormonal balance disorder

The main reason for vagina dry in women is hormonal balance disorder. As you know that the female body is very sensitive, so it is important for them to maintain the hormones. Menstruation in the vagina may be reduced due to the increase and decrease of female hormones. Menstruation and menopause, after childbirth, lactation period etc. is the reason for a hormonal balance disorder. Along with that, if women are suffering from cancer and she is taking a cancer treatment then also it causes the hormonal disorder.

To overcome this problem, women should use the water-based lubricant in their daily life. Water-based lube does not contain the chemical substance so it is safe if women used it in their daily life.

Side effects of drugs

Side effects of drugs

If women are regularly taking some special type of medicine such as antihistamine, cold medicine, asthma etc. then it causes the hormonal disorder or vagina dry. In this case, women should consult the doctor for another medicine or they should take herbs medicine. The women should also use a water-based lubricant during the sexual activity to reduce the vagina dry.

Mental and physical

Men and women both have different feelings of pleasure. Women vagina get wet by sexual excited. It is important for both the partner to make their body and mind relax during sexual activity. If women are in tension then it is a little difficult to get wet or excited. Once women get excited they she easily gets wet.

Anxious to sex

Anxious to sex

Some of the women feel guilty or they feel embarrassed during the sexual activity. In this case, women do not get excited and suffer from vagina dry. It is important for this type of women to consult the doctor or therapist. Once women realize that their mind is wrong then they can easily overcome this problem.

Stress excess

If the women are in tension or stress then it is a little difficult for them to enjoy their sexual activity. None of the women wants sex with no feelings. It is important for both the partner to understand each other at the time of sex. Before involving in sexual activity, it is important for couples to spend some time with each other, so they can get relax. Once women can get relax then they can easily enjoy their sexual activity with more enhance pleasure.

External factor

External factor

A hormonal balance disorder is not only caused by the internal factor but it also due to the external factor. Many women use antiseptic soap or body soap to wash the vagina. If women regularly use the soap then it causes the dryness and roughness. Not only the soap but detergents, hygiene articles, strains, perfume chemicals also cause the vagina dryness and roughness.

If women do not use the good quality undergarments and allergy attaches to the towels then it causes the vagina dry. If a personal lubricant does not fit in the body then also it causes the vagina dryness and roughness. So people should always select the good quality personal lubricant.

Partner Technique

Sometimes the cause of the vagina wetness is depended on the partner technique. If the male partner is not able to satisfy their female partner or if he is not able to make their female partner excited then the vagina does not get wet. It is important for the male partner to make a female partner feel comfortable so that both the partner can enjoy their sex.

Types of Water-Based Lubes

Types of Water-Based Lubes

In the market varieties of water-based lubricant or water based sex lube is available. A couple can select any of the water-based lubricants according to their need, choice, and budgets.

Difference in shape

As you know that there are varieties of water-based lubricant is available. Some of the water-based lube is designed like tampons which user used to directly inject into the vagina. Water-based lube is also available in bottle and tube. All the water-based lubricant are made with different ingredients and have different textures. But all the water-based lube is smooth like jelly. The different types of water-based lubricant provide a different sensation. The water-based lubricant also acts as a moisturizer which supports the moisture of women.

How to use Water-Based Lubes

Most of the user prefers the water-based lube during the vagina sex. Women can apply the lubricant near the vagina or genital area. If a couple is using any types of sex toys like a dildo or vibrator or a condom then they should apply the lubricant on the surface of the sex toys or condom.

Water-based lubricant is also used for direct inject. The couple can easily use the injection or lubricant applicator to apply the personal lubricant inside the vagina. It helps to reduce the sexual plain. Water-based lubricant provides the warming sensation in the vagina, so the feeling approaches quiet real.

Maintenance and storage of Water-Based Lubes

If the couple uses the water-based lubricant during the sexual activity, then it becomes very easy for them to clean it after the sexual activity. Once the user open the seal of the lubricant bottle then they should finish it as soon as possible. If the user opens the seal of the water-based lube and leaves it for a long time then there is a possibility that the bacteria will grow, which is harmful to the skin. If the colour and odour of the water-based lubricant are changed then avoid using it.

The couple should always store the water-based lube or any other personal lubricant in a safe, cool, and dry place. Avoid storing the personal lubricant in a direct sunlight.

What is the attention point of Water-Based Lubes?

While using the water-based lubricant it is important for the user to take some precaution. Before using the water-based lube, it is necessary to check the expiration date of the lube. Water-based lube is perfect for the vagina sex but the user should avoid using it during anal sex. The couple does not use the water-based lube in the pool or during underwater sex. The water-based lubricant has a tendency to get dry during the sexual activity, so the user should reapply it.

Recommended Pickup Item

Recommended Pickup Item

As you know that there are many water-based lubricants is available. Here we are going to discuss some of the water-based lube.

Pepe Blue Cap

Pepe blue cap lubricant is a water-based lubricant which is slightly acidic. This personal lubricant is ideal for women who do not easily get wet. This lubricant provides a comfortable and mild feeling without any stickiness. Any user can easily use this lubricant but it is most convenient to use for women. The couple uses Pepe blue cap lubricant for multipurpose.

Where I actually used was like this

When I used the Pepe blue cap lubricant, I feel that its viscosity is just right. As Pepe blue cap is a water-based lube so I used it as much as I need and feel secure. I can enjoy it without any hurt. I think that it is perfect for people who use personal lubricant for the first time. I do not feel any unpleasant smell and stickiness while using it. I am fully satisfied with this water-based lubricant.

Nururun Lube 20ml

It becomes an easy-to-use Water-Based Lubricants with STI (SEXToys India) original lubricant. Basically, it can be used for any material of toys, it is a very convenient lubricant that can be used for multi. It makes it smoother from the moment you use it, and it is convenient even if you put it in a bag or desk because it comes with a convenient tube for carrying.

Where I actually used was like this

This lubricant is very smooth and comes out of a small hole in the tube. The surface is also very smooth so it will not hurt toys and skin. However, because it has only 20 ml capacity, it is not suitable for use on the whole body. We recommend using the pinpoint. If you masturbate with toys it is about two times.