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New Product Sex Toys List
New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex Doll

Various types of sex dolls for even more realistic masturbation at the best prices! Check here to see our popular Air Sex Doll Toys and Realistic Sex Doll Toys!

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How to Choose a Sex Doll and Popular Items in India
How to Choose a Sex Doll in India
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare for pseudo-sex
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare

Sex Doll in India?

Sex Doll in India?


Sex doll is a sex toy that gives you a simulated sex experience and mental healing.

Sex dolls are one of the most popular categories in SEXToys India, as many men would like to use them at least once.

SEXToys India offers a wide range of sex dolls, from low-priced sex dolls that are ideal for first-time buyers to expensive but super high quality sex dolls.

This article introduces important information on selecting a sex doll, including the features and attractions of each type of sex doll.

There are three main types of Sex dolls introduced in this article.


I would also recommend a small, inexpensive masturbator to start with. If it has a suction cup, you can enjoy hands-free masturbation as well as Sex doll.

Air sex doll

Air sex doll

Air Sex dolls, as the name suggests, are vinyl sex dolls that are inflated with air.

Sex dolls are relatively inexpensive, even among the many expensive ones, and can be purchased at SEXToys India for Rs3000 to Rs7000.

Thus, inexpensiveness and ease of handling are major attractions.


In particular, the ability to easily change positions is the most important aspect of enjoying simulated sex.
Air sex doll

And SEXToys India's air sex dolls have a special charm that you won't find in other stores.

That is the fact that they come with the original large Masturbator.

The larger the size of the masturbator, the more pleasurable it is.

Usually, the masturbators that come with air sex dolls are small, and never quite as satisfying.


We decided that this was not the way to go and decided to add a large masturbator.

Why don't you experience a sense of satisfaction that you won't find in any other store?

Realistic Sex doll

Realistic Sex doll

Realistic Sex dolls are very high quality sex dolls that look just like real women.

You can experience realistic sex with a beautiful and stylish woman, but they are very expensive, many of them costing more than Rs200,000.

The main attraction is that they are just beautiful.

Once you purchase one, you can enjoy sex with a woman who has an ideal appearance.

In addition, since the doll is articulated, you can make it assume any pose you like.


Don't you get excited at the thought of having sex with such a beautiful woman in any position you want, as many times as you want, every day?
Air sex doll

They are very expensive and are by no means easy to purchase.

However, with Realistic Sex doll, your life will change a lot.

First of all, this beautiful girl will never refuse your request for sex.


Furthermore, when you return home, you will find an ideal beautiful woman waiting for you, which will greatly relieve your daily fatigue and stress.

Find the perfect woman for you.

Mini size Realistic Sex doll

Mini size Realistic Sex doll

Mini Realistic Sex dolls are small sex dolls that reproduce only a part of a woman's body.

Although small, it has a very realistic appearance.

While having the features of Realistic sex dolls, many of them are priced below Rs10000, making them easy to purchase.

It is the easiest to care for among the Sex dolls we have introduced, so we recommend it for first-time buyers of Sex dolls.

It is also characterized by its ample size, which gives a very strong stimulation to the penis.


Another major attraction is that they are small but realistic in appearance, so that excitement can be derived from their appearance.
Air sex doll

Thus, changing positions is easy. You can enjoy realistic sex in various positions without stress.

Furthermore, it can be inserted both vaginally and anally.

You can enjoy different stimulation in each position, so you can enjoy it as many times as you like without getting bored.


We recommend this Sex doll for its appearance, ease of use, and price, all of which are well balanced.

What to buy with Sex doll

What to buy with Sex doll

To use Sex Doll comfortably, there are a few other tools you should prepare.


Some of these items are mandatory, so be sure to check this content!

Sex Lubricant is a must.

Without it, the penis cannot be inserted, so it is recommended to prepare more.

The USB warmer provides warmth to the sex doll's vagina.

By warming it, the warmth is transmitted to the penis, making sex with the sex doll more realistic.

Sex dolls, unlike the smaller Masturbators, are very difficult to clean.

The Dry Stick dries the vaginal moisture of the sex doll quickly and effectively, prolonging the life of the sex doll and keeping it clean.

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These items, when purchased as a set, are nearly Rs700 cheaper than when purchased individually.
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Have you found the Sex Doll of your choice?

Sex Doll will not only provide you with a good sex, but also with peace of mind.


Depending on the size and material, their durability and usage vary greatly. We recommend that you consider the information presented so far and choose carefully.

Sex doll is not the only product that can provide you with a pleasurable masturbation experience.

Masturbator, which is less expensive than Sex doll, is also a popular product among men. If you are interested in this product, check out the Masturbator category.