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New Product Sex Toys List
New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex Doll

Various types of sex dolls for even more realistic masturbation at the best prices! Click here to see our popular Air Sex Doll Toys and Realistic Sex Doll Toys.

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How to Choose a Sex Doll and Popular Items in India
How to Choose a Sex Doll in India
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare for pseudo-sex
How to use a sex doll and What to prepare

Sex Doll in India?

Sex Doll in India?

SEXToys India is the cheapest online store to buy Sex Doll in India.

While most of the online stores charge around Rs 6000, SEXToys India offers sex dolls from Rs 2100.

Some of the products are only available at SEXToys India, so it is the best place to buy your first sex doll.

In this article, we will be answering some of the most popular questions that our customers have had when buying a Sex Doll and some of the most popular products in SEXToys India.

By reading this article, you will be able to choose the best Sex Doll for your needs and get rid of all your worries and doubts.

Click here to see the most popular products right away

If you're interested in a cheaper masturbation sex toy than the Sex Doll, check out our Masturbator category.

Sex Doll in India?

Frequently asked questions about sex dolls

Frequently asked questions about sex dolls

As we said at the beginning, SEXToys India is the cheapest online store to buy Sex Doll in India.

However, there are many men who are thinking of buying a Sex Doll and are worried about other things than the price.

For example, the following three points.

  • How will it be stored?
  • Will your family notice?
  • How will you dispose of it?

Here are some answers to these questions.

How do you store it?

How do you store it?

Do you think you can't buy a Sex Doll because you don't have enough space?

It is true that you will need a lot of space for a large silicone sex doll.

However, this problem can be solved by choosing an Air Sex Doll that can be stored compactly.

Once all the air is out of the doll, it can be reduced to the size of a tablet, making it easy to store.

Will my family find out?

Will my family find out?

This is the problem that most men are worried about.

But there's no need to worry.

At STI we take great care to pack your order carefully so that its contents are not revealed.

You can also choose your own delivery date to minimise the risk of detection.

Especially with the Air sex doll, you don't have to worry about being noticed because the box is small enough.

The word "sex toy" will not appear on your credit card statement, so you can buy with confidence.

How do we dispose of it?

How do we dispose of it?

When disposing of your Sex Doll, just chop it up and mix it in with the rest of your rubbish.

In the case of large sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, it is better to dispose of them in several times to reduce the risk of finding them.

If you have read all this and decided that buying a Sex Doll is not for you, why not try the Masturbator as an alternative?

SEXToys India's most popular Sex Doll

SEXToys India's most popular Sex Doll

Here we are going to introduce two series of Sex Doll which are actually selling well in SEXToys India.

If you are confused about the choice of Sex Doll, you can choose either of the two series that we are going to introduce.

Horny lower body series

Horny lower body is a compact sex doll made in Japan that only reproduces the lower part of a woman's body.

It does not have a face or breasts, but it is easy to use and store, which is not the case with large sex dolls.

You can enjoy simulated sex in any position you want without the hassle of changing positions.

It takes only 1/3 of the time to inflate a large sex doll. And all three types are less than Rs3000.

If you value ease of use and cheapness, Horny lower body is the best choice for you.

New Dolls Series

Unlike Horny lower body, New Dolls is a full body type large sex doll.

The New Dolls have a face and breasts, so you can enjoy realistic simulated sex.

Each of the dolls is suitable for normal, cowgirl and back positions, but they also have two holes to attach the masturbator, so you can enjoy a variety of positions.

And at Rs3450 for this size, it's a steal! In other online stores, the price is usually around Rs6000.

If you want to buy a large sex doll at a reasonable price, you can choose from New Dolls.

What to buy with Sex Doll

What to buy with Sex Doll

Have you decided which sex doll to buy?

If you haven't decided yet, you might want to read this article to help you choose.

Once you have chosen your Sex Doll, you will need to order a Sex Lubricant and a condom.

The Sex Lubricant is essential, without it you will not be able to insert your penis.

Condoms are not essential, but if you have them available you can easily clean your Sex Doll.

Once you have purchased what you need, click here to find out how to use the Sex doll before you receive your product.


Have you found the Sex Doll you want?

The Sex Doll is a very useful sex toy that will give you the pleasure of sex.

However, if you find it difficult to buy one because you are worried about something, we recommend you to use Masturbator instead.

More compact and cheaper than Sex Doll, you'll be sure to find something you like.

Sex Doll in India?